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      Línea de Ayuda 1-800-473-4636   ¿Qué es la línea de ayuda 1-800-4PD-INFO (473-4636) de la Fundación Nacional de Parkinson? Es un número de teléfono gratuito que ayuda a las personas con la enfermedad de Parkinson, sus familiares, amigos y profesionales de salud, a solucionar diferentes inquietudes.   La línea de ayuda ofrece: Información actualizada Apoyo emocional Referidos a profesionales de salud Recursos comunitarios Amplia variedad de publicaciones gratis    


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    • I was on SSD for about 8 years before hitting my full retirement age, and it really helped. Did I truly need it, no. Did it really help, yes. I can see making sure that the law is followed in making the initial disability decision, but arbitrary cutting the budget for SSD makes no sense, since that would mean that some people who qualify and need it will end up being denied. My view is that they should give SSD the money needed to fund the program, then require them to have good judges and such to insure that non-disabled people don't get disability. If there ends up being money left over in the budget, then just add it the next year's appropriation. If you go for a number of years with surplus, then maybe consider reducing the budget, but not to the point that SSD fails of its essential purpose. Yes, it sure looks like Trump's budget intends to cut not only meat, but bone, and I don't like that one dang bit.
    • Shakes, That must be so difficult to have those cognitive issues at your age. I'm not much older than you, so I can imagine how frustrating it is for you.  I only have mild brain fog, so although I can't understand or give you advice, I do empathize with you.   While I have no dx, except that my issues are in my head, I understand what it's like to have your body feel like it's betraying you and getting annoyed, frustrated or sad because of the changes. I am sorry you came here to vent, and you were told you're a fool, moron and that you need to be nicer to your wife all because of a joke.  Yet I can see how the first two may not have known it was a joke, and Dave could have posted his reply as you did.  Plus, I know sometimes context can be misconstrued online.   But I have read your post a few times and see NO reason to assume you don't appreciate your wife or already treat her nice.  I don't normally respond to posts because I am in limbo, and I'm probably not wanted here.  Yet I hope you realize this is a wonderful forum with lots of helpful people.  
    • Ask for:  Referral to a PD-specific exercise program (like this one - Referral to a Registered Dietitian Nutiritionist with experience in PD
    • Be afraid, very afraid . . . la-fi-hiltzik-trump-disabled-20170522-story.html Hope NPF and others come out with strong positions on this one.  SS Disability is a benefit we pay for through our payroll taxes and a lifesaver for many with Parkinson's disease and other debilitating conditions. "Disability insurance is an inextricable part of Social Security. It’s a core part of the program, just like retirement benefits. It was created as an add-on to Social Security in 1956, under President Eisenhower. It’s financed by the payroll tax, and the reserve funds that cover both aspects of the program are more entwined than ever, thanks to a reform measure passed by Congress in 2015."
    • Un estudio reciente con 423 pacientes recien diagnosticados demostró que la presencia de los siguientes factores predecian deterioro cognitivo: 1. deficiencia de dopamina por DAT scan 2. disminución del volumen cortical 3. comorbilidad con patología tipo Alzheimer 4. Genes COMT y BDNF Esta servirá para manejar mejor la enfermedad pero mayormente para realizar estudios clínicos.   Saludos, DMR
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