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    • Need some help from those more enlightened than myself on this topic.  Trying to reduce my costs of living in the cable department.  I am on Cox Cable but would like to trim back cable expenses.    Does anyone use Roku, Slingbox?, Apple TV etc.  There is a wide array of equipment no doubt.   We watch movies and content on some of the premium channels as well as Netflix and Amazon.  My wife like her programming on the regular channels but also likes to save programs to DVR while we are traveling so that has become a hardcore  "requirement".    Anyone care to share their battle with the cable cord? If you use one of the streaming devices please share the positives and negatives as well. Thanks in advance! DB
    • I am in the transition from Sinemet to Rytary so we will see how it impacts  sleep patterns in the next few weeks.   For the most part to date I wake up stiff on the side I sleep on-- CPAP allows me to sleep well with little movement.  I have gotten some leg jitters from time to time before sleep if I watch TV in bed (Myclonic?).   Linda, my avatar is temporarily  a tribute to the venerable F-4 Phantom II  I had the pleasure of flying early in career #1.   
    • Thanks Oto, This has been a really difficult time since last week. I'm almost wishing my wife didn't nag me into getting the stupid tremor checked out. I only went because I started dropping things and my signature started looking crazily on some days.  Now I'm beginning to realize why men stop going to doctors' visits. Maybe not knowing is better. I don't really believe that it's just frustration. Don't worry, I'mhanging in there. -s
    • Hi, pdman.  I'm sorry to hear you have that odd restless leg all-over issue, too.  It's awful, isn't it.  I try to not take more than 4 doses a day, and I try to space them so that my last dose is between 11:00pm and midnight.  Sometimes that will take me through a good night's sleep.  Those times when it doesn't, I may take another dose at around 4:00 or 5:00 am and then can go to sleep again for a few hours.  Depending on when I get up, I may consider that 4:00 or 5:00 dose as the first dose of that new day, and take my regular first dose at a later time in the morning, thus planning my whole day's dosages on that new start time. I don't know if that is clear or not.  I'm not sure it's even clear to me. Some days my dosing schedule works perfectly for me, but other times I can forget to take the dose after turning off the timer and resetting it for the next dose.  This has been happening a lot lately, as my mind is trying to go in too many directions, and I can't successfully multi-task like I used to.   So, in answer to your question, I'm flying by the seat of my pants, so to speak!  Each day is an adventure in Medicine Land.     There are some days I take five doses, and there are some days I wake up and find that there are one or two doses that I didn't take and didn't realize it.  So some days I may have had only three or so doses.  I just do the best I can at this point, which obviously is pretty scatter-brained...  I think I may not be as affected as some are when extra time happens between doses.  I can feel the effects, but not enough that it causes huge problems...
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