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    • no one was hurt at all.  He must of been almost stopped. I usually check my mirror before I stop.  Oh, I did, no one there.  I remember that now.  There was a bit of a hill that he would of been behind.   I sat there for the full cycle of red light.  During that time he would of come into view in my mirror and eventually roll into my back bumper.  But what difference would it of made any ways.  ..?   LAD, kids are very savvy and resourceful.  Just think about having fun! Avoiding the hurricanes Linda? Good days to all.  jb
    • Ella-do the happy dance and do what works for you! I do have anxiety- it's my primary trigger for tremors! And it is very real with PD. And often overlooked. I exercise when I'm having a bad day! It helps me to manage it. So....PD or not ... Keep moving!!   LAD
    • You have to be within a couple of feet to establish a connection. I had my SCS upgraded this past summer to a Bluetooth model. The generators only work with apple products and to be more specific, an IPod. Kinda bugs me, because I would prefer to control it with my phone rather than still having to carry a second device. I'm sure the DBS folks have the same issue. Keep us posted on your progress YLopez56. Dave
    • Hi guys, Just checking in here after two hours of testing this morning. I had a nerve conduction test - ouch but thankfully brief - on both arms, done by a technician, and an EMG test of my muscles in both arms, done by the neurologist. Also had the Transcranial Doppler/ultrasound test on the vessels in my brain, eye and throat, done by a tech.  The good news,he said, is that i passed the first two tests. However, I  didn't get results from the third. The neuro said I dont have carpal tunnel syndrome and something else that had a long complicated name, possibly ALS. He did say that the nerves on the left side of my neck were not working correctly - i dont remember the word he used - might have been damaged. Also, that I have pretty significant weakness in my right muscle, as evidence by my inability to push his finger in different directions even  though I was using all the strength I could muster..  He said my cervical fusion was not totally successful and that I was still suffering/impacted/from the fusion which wasn't totally healed. I had the cervical fusion in 2004, so this was news to me. He said the nerves around the fusion were about 80 percent recovered, and that the nerve had rejoined the muscle, just not all the way. The Transcranial Doppler ultrasound test was uneventful for the most part, except for when she examined the back right underside of my head. My right hand, the one with the tremor, started bouncing all over the table like I was playing drums. That was too odd. She said it's possible she was examining a vessel in my brain that caused the reaction. That was too odd. I didn't talk to the neuro after that, but the tech didnt find anything that warranted bringing the doctor in for an immediate discussion. Oh one other thing: was my foot supposed to be cramping when i was getting the nerve test. Super odd. Next week, I get another nerve conduction test of my legs and the EEG test, which he said was like a sleep apnea test, but only with about 20 leads to test brainwave or electrical activity. I did discuss my ongoing sleep apnea with the neuro and also the vivid dreaming and apathy..He just listened and asked a few follow up questions. Maybe after next week's visit he will be able to give me an idea of what's going on. I hope so. ..  
    • Niacin made a huge difference for my fatigue.  I take 1gram 3x daily of regular niacin (full flush) .  If you use it look up info on niacin flushes which you will go through while your body adjusts.  Flush free niacin is not safe to take at high dose
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