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  2. New guy here - a journey I'd like to avoid

    Superdcooper, Most of the time I have a very fine tremor in my index finger and thumb. My tremor actually started with my right foot. Drove my family nuts when watching TV. Of course we never thought anything of thinking it was just a habit I developed. I didn't seek a diagnosis until it was so difficult moving in the morning. My muscles are super tight, which probably also contributes to my back problems. Dave
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  4. New guy here - a journey I'd like to avoid

    My tremor was pretty obvious. It's not just a finger that slightly tremors. It's more like a wrist tremor as my whole hand tremors in a motion that is rolling about the axis of my forearm. Sometimes my foot will also tremor but that is far less common. Not sure about muscle stiffness being a symptom, though I do tend to have more of that on my left (affected) side than my right (dominant) side. Joint rigidity however is a symptom. Mostly seen in wrists, elbows and knees on the affected side. Though I suppose any joint can be affected.
  5. Anxiety/Tremor Help

    Maybe switch to de-caf. PD or not if you're that sensitive to caffeine probably a good idea to cut it out.
  6. My non dominant side will tremor sometimes depends on situation or position. It's not a regular occurrence. LAD
  7. Yesterday
  8. Anxiety/Tremor Help

    I don't want PD, actually it's one of the last things I want, but anytime I research my symptoms it is always the first thing that comes up. I can't explain the changes that are going on in my body and I understand the disease affects others differently. Is it not possible for PWP to feel tremors on both sides of the body within the first couple of months of noticing symptoms? It was the first week of August that I noticed finger twitching in my left ring finger (also one of the first symptoms Michael J. Fox had) and left thumb. Since then, I've had the same involuntary rhythmic movements in that finger every single day and I feel sensations in my thumb. There are also some light tremors from time to time at rest in the left arm. The left side leg has a more pronounced tremor/trembling, especially in the evenings. I get a similar feeling in my right leg, but it's less pronounced. My right hand is pretty normal, but have an occasional tremor. Two things I noticed that had crazy effects on my body where I would constantly shake and have an increased level of anxiety: 1. After exercising for 90 minutes playing baseball 2. Drinking a cup of coffee These two things have routinely been parts of my life for at least the last 10 years. I'm going to talk with the neurologist about the continued symptoms and go from there.
  9. Undiagnosed but looking for advice

    My best recommendation is to find a Movement Disorder Specialist (neurologist specialized in Parkinson's Disease). Your health is too important to ignore.
  10. I'm new here.I am completely undiagnosed. I am a Type A personality and even more Type A after losing my father to Parkinson/dementia a month ago. I'm 42 and also had cancer a few 6 years ago and I am still waiting to become life insurance eligible in about 2 years. If I get a PD diagnosis on my medical file, I have no chance of getting additional life insurance at any point going forward. I haven't told my mom or my family I think i have PD. I have a sister not have any issues, but I haven't asked as she might ask me. The symptoms of small penmanship, chronic constipation (till I learned about fiber pills), always been spoken, sex drive disappeared over past year, low testosterone, slight trembling it left had fingers. I see stiffing/aching as a symptom, but I've always had that too. Anxiety and depression doesn't count as a symptoms since that could be anything. Sleep has usually good but I do have bad nights where i am restless thru the night. So I have to tough it out for another 2 years before I can be eligible. I been taking co2-10, green tea and Omega-3. I see other people recommend solid exercise program even when they don't feel like lit. What do I do?
  11. Summer adventure season starting

    Have a wonderful trip!
  12. New guy here - a journey I'd like to avoid

    thanks, for that answer. helpful. Another two questions... I had not been paying attention to my hand tremor, except for when I noticed that I had dropped something or had to hold onto something extra tight. Now, that i'm paying closer attention, I see a fine tremor in both my right thumb and first finger. If I rest my hand on my desk or on my mouse, or use the keyboard, I can see my fingers trembling and my index finger is definitely jumping around. I was determined to ignore that when my wife asked me about it so I never paid attention. Now I cant miss it. When you were diagnosed was it a very obvious tremor or something very small and fine? When I get a massage, the therapists have all said something like - 'what are you doing to you hamstrings and back. They're like concrete.' My orthropedic surgeon who gave me an injection in my lumbar spine also remarked, your muscles are super dense. It's difficult getting the needle in here. (I'm not doing anything. I swim some, and spend a lot of time walking, standing and sitting.) Of course, I paid no attention to that - because I just didn't think anything of it. Just trying to stay out of pain because of problems with my spine. Is muscle stiffness like this a symptom of PD and should I bring it up with my neurologist? -s
  13. Tremor-dominant subtype

    I am only commenting on Parkinson patients with tremor. Literature suggests that if you have tremor that 20% or more of cases will have an incomplete or no response to dopamine (only the tremor feature as the other features like rigidity usually respond). I am so sorry if I confused you!
  14. Stalevo and falling

    I accidentally approved this post for Mark's forum but if you allow me I will weigh in with an opinion. I have seen cases where Stalevo or higher doses of levodopa actually result in on freezing. When I encounter this I switch to regular release sinemet plus or minus an agonist and titrate to the dose that gives the best relief without precipitating freezing. Michael Okun, MD; my apologies to Mark for weighing in on his excellent forum.
  15. why turmeric is used for most of health issues ?

    Tumeric has been suggested by many people to have numerous health benefits. Since this is a PD forum I can only comment on PD and to date the data is not convincing for PD.
  16. Help with questionable diagnosis

    Thanks for the question. Based on many of your symptoms this could definitely be PD and you may want to get a second opinion from another neurologist or a DAT scan. If you get another opinion it may be useful to go to the appointment off dopamine medications overnight. Hope that helps. The description of fasciculations doesn't fit and maybe he/she can examine that and if these are not true electrophysiological fascics then it may all be PD.
  17. Paradoxical reaction to Sinemet

    Thanks for the question. Sometimes a paradoxical or no response to levodopa (dopamine) may be a clue to parkinsonism and not to PD-- but not always. In reading this post I am struck by the super low and then super high doses given (quickly). I would take a different approachand start at 1/2 tablet three time and a day and slowly titrate up and check back in regularly with the doctor for an examination to document benefits and potential worsening. Also important to document a baseline examination with the eye movement and walking. Occassionally at high dose levodopa can result in freezing/gait issues and also eye issues (oculogyric-like or eye dyskinesia). Hope that helps.
  18. I was diagnosed with early onset PD a few months ago. Always, my tremor has been left side only and that's also where the MDS notes rigidity and bradykenisia. I am only on amantadine. I've noted my right foot tremoring a few time but usually it was after exercise so haven't thought much of it. Today on my way to work,while driving, my right foot was quaking on the gas pedal and I couldn't get it to stop without moving my whole leg away. I really hope this is coincidence and not progression. In my left side, my hand is most affected, so is it even normal to "skip" to another limb when it does start to progress?
  19. gimme a detailed explanation for why turmeric powder is used for more health issues
  20. Anxiety/Tremor Help

    Your symptoms don't sound like PD. PD normally starts on one side and progresses slowly. Your symptoms are on both sides and have progressed at lightning speed. I can't quite understand why you want PD so badly. You can have mine, I can't say that I'm enjoying it. Be careful what you wish for!
  21. Anxiety/Tremor Help

    I suggest you to try with CBD drops (Cannabidiol).. It helps for anxiety, panic attacks, depression,... Try to search for anxiety support group on facebook, there is a lot of good advices that people share..
  22. Summer adventure season starting

    Excellent! Never been to Europe. Been to New Zealand 3 times, but not the UK. Have a great trip!
  23. Not Diagnosed, However Need Advise

    Actually Doubleup, it's me; "EllaAngel" that came to the conclusion that I don't have PD. The reason is: my symptoms started 8 years ago, none were visible, so of course, no diagnosis. Out of the blue I started getting odd electrical type sensations all over my body, started to happen about every 4-5 minutes, then became even more frequent, about every 30 sec to 1 min. They stopped when I was sleeping. To say this stressed me out is an understatement. A neuro gave me every test imaginable, even a spinal tap.........all tests were ok. Within a month or so, I developed an internal tremor in the calf of only one leg, it was not visible, but I felt it everyday, mostly upon awakening in the morning. So.....I was absolutely convinced I had PD. I went to 3 different MDS doctors, of course no diagnosis, no symptoms could be seen. I had no slowness of movement and passed all tests related to that over a course of 2-3 years of repeat MDS visits. I was put on Gabapentin, which was excellent for me, wiped out about 80% of these sensations, but not the tremor. I was on Gab. for about 2 years, doctor said to wean off to see where I stood with the symptoms, well, lo and behold, they were 90% gone even without the Gab. Tremor took much long to go away, maybe another year. So, finally, after 8 years and no progression, and actually a decrease in symptoms, it really can't be PD. As far as "mind over matter," I must disagree; that is not accurate in my case. I was not anxious or stressed when symptoms started, as a matter of fact I was in a very good place in my life, retired, free of stress and having a relaxing day at the zoo when I got my first "bee sting" sensation. As symptoms increased to every 30-60 seconds, around the clock, (until I was put on Gabapentin,) and I got no diagnosis, yes, my anxiety went through the roof. Therefore, my symptoms stopped before my anxiety stopped. My anxiety then stopped, after symptoms stopped. To this day, I have no explanation to what caused these very odd and disturbing symptoms, and of course no explanation to why they stopped. So once I saw that symptoms had subsided so drastically without the Gabapentin, and so much time had passed, I knew I didn't have PD and yes, I feel much better mentally now. I will never forget that period in my life, I will never be the same person I was before all this started. I say that for the good and the bad. I have learned so much about PD and gained so much respect for people with PD. I have learned to be grateful for all the tests that showed "normal." Dr. thought I might have had MS. I have also learned that once one goes deep in the "well" of depression & anxiety, it is very hard to come out, very hard. So, I have much empathy for depression and anxiety. I have also learned who my friends are, my real friends, some didn't make it through with me, but that's ok, this proves, they were never my "real" friends anyway. I have also learned how vulnerable the human body is, we are basically "sitting ducks," for just about anything. I will never take my body for granted again, it is nothing short of miraculous how intricate the body is.
  24. Summer adventure season starting

    Nice! It's t-minus 1 for our family trip to London. Stay tuned! LAD
  25. Anxiety/Tremor Help

    Try some breathing techniques- there are lots out there. Also, relaxing music/ meditation helps me relax at night....put on a sleep timer. http://www.anxieties.com/57/panic-step4#.WcMs5-v3arU one site with breathing techniques LAD
  26. Diagnosed 6 months ago at the age of 52

    It's a process. Life will be different but it can still be great. It is overwhelming and scary at first but you will be ok. I did a journal early in my diagnosis-it helps to just write it down, type or voice record. Looking back at my journal I have come a long way since my DX 3 years ago. You will get there. As Dave said... Exercise... Find something you love to do. If you & your husband like to dance, I highly recommend it. Keep moving and dance like no one is watching! Peace- LAD
  27. New guy here - a journey I'd like to avoid

    'Tis a process. You might get answers now, or you might not. Depends on what the tests showed, what else your doc sees that gives more questions, and how conservative (s)he is with diagnosing. Sorry for the non-answer, but that is the reality.
  28. New guy here - a journey I'd like to avoid

    Another question: Should I Be expecting an answer to what's going on after the next round of tests or are there other things the neurologist might try to rule out before giving me an answer?
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