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  1. Today
  2. Had fun in the sun today with one of our sons, his son, my wife, her sister…..and other family. Lucky day! Finished off by a nice cookout by our son. Feeling very thankful.
  3. Every time there is a big change in the political arena there is the sky is falling mentality . People work themselves up into a frenzy go into panic mode for about 6 months to a year . It happens with the republican sector when the democrats are in charge and It happens to the democrats when the republicans gain control . The reason the human species can't stand change ! Change happens everyday ,some call it progress some condemn change . What happens in politics is the change happens, people panic , change gets ingrained , no one notices the change when it finally goes full circle , then back to complacinsy until the next election ! Dan
  4. Love that! Don't you wish you can repeat today over and over again or at least find out the reason why he's so awake today and keep doing it?? I do believe the more they sleep the less their brain functions from lack of stimulation. My mom was also pretty awake today. I increased her Stalevo slightly with the afternoon dose and it seems to be helping a little. Only time will tell if it keeps up.
  5. Thought of you....LAD
  6. Have a good day tomorrow!!!
  7. Yesterday
  8. Hectic Sunday for us. Lots of errands, we shall cookout tomorrow. On another awesome note, hubby hasn't slept as much today! I love it when he is awake and spends time with me. I am so fearful that this will harm his ability to walk in the future, sleeping all day so much of the time. But, today was awesome!😋
  9. Such a sad story. But, how is one to know if this is real or a scam. What I've learned in my 73 years is not to trust anyone unless it can be verified. Anyway, I checked his gofundme page and found $4,256 of $7,500 goal has already been met. Fred
  10. While I cannot help financially, I will suggest that you can find a good deal of experience, strength, and hope in these forums. Whatever your challenges, some of us have faced many of them. Welcome to the club none of us wanted to join. Dianne
  11. One thing/symptom I failed to express earlier: the suspicion that my two middle lower level teeth have shifted up and in, and/due to the pressure exercised by my jaws when my lips are tightening or "collappsing". I have a dentist appointment next week to double check on this very recent observation. And to go back to one of my original questions, is it fair to think that Sinemet is the med mostly associated mouth, tongue and lips movements for PwP? I really appreciate all the comments I have seen on this topic, even those from 2011. Grand merci!
  12. Dear miracle seeker: first of all, you are too hard on yourself! You were not the cause of your mother's teeth falling out---you provided her relief from her dyskinesia symptoms, which I am sure she needed badly. How were you to know that she needed to brush after the almonds? I have similar mouth chewing issues as a form of dyskinesia, and have struggled to find relief. I have tried all sorts of things and have come to the conclusion that this is the price I must pay for control of my PD symptoms. Fwiw I admire your dedication to your mothers care. She is blessed indeed to have you!
  13. Thanks genden69 for your words. Have had few people around me telling the same thing and somewhere my brain screams that I can't do much more but the daughter in me finds it real hard to watch my mother go through this. Thanks Miracleseeker and very glad you are getting the Ultrasound. Do not worry ahead of time about what may happen and stress out before the tests.Wish you the very best and take care. Thanks Pathfinder you all give me the courage to move forward and face the music as they say because many a day I feel like am desperately swimming with no life jacket.Specially now as am about leave my Mother for a few months and head back to the states for my husbands tests which I hope will be okay.
  14. Last Christmas my son sent us a picture of his wife and him. He had a sweater on with Darth Vader and candy canes! How does that mix? The nephews son saw the picture and he instantly said, "I want that." He told me that Darth Vader turned into a good guy. Yes, but he wore normal clothes when he was in after life . His old self was scared from battle and he needed the suit to breathe. I say all this cause everyone has seen the movie. My son hates it when someone gives away the ending before he has seen the movie. DH is very sick. It's a cold but really nasty. It settled in his lungs so had to go to the doctor and get meds .They can't give you anything for a cold but when it's in his lungs, he needs it. We canceled everything and just staying home. Trying not to spread it. Everyone else is going to the lake. But we got stuff here to do and maybe I'll get that spot in front weeded. I always get stuff after the DH.
  15. Thanks for the kind words! I did speak but I did not have as long as I thought so it worked out. I was much better at working the room. Our fitness program has officially launched. You can see it on Facebook under Parkinson wellness recovery York. Let me know if that works - this social media marketing thing is new to me. My son called me and told me to changes my bio link because it went to some trainers website - a real big dude - not a little YOPD girl😀 He had to send me a picture of where to find it to change it. I had no idea. I'm learning! I'm guessing my fainting issues are a low BP issue as well. I now carry potato chips - they make everything better...not the most healthy choice but whatever works! Happy weekend! LAD
  16. Maybe you could get your old MDS to call the current MDS you like the most to explain the diagnosis and why it was reached. Probably hard to get a doctor to do this, or may have the old doctor write a thorough letter. Just thinking of a way to avoid a third opinion, as this could go on forever. I think many specialists simply don't care to accept a diagnosis reached by another doctor, particularly one they don't know. Good luck.
  17. Good Sunday Morning Everyone, It is a beautiful day here today, someone unzippered the grey sky that we have been living under, peeled it back and lo and behold, a blue sky with a big yellow globe of sunshine spilled forward. I hope it dries up my garden some so that I can get my garden planted. I have had tomato plants and onion sets waiting for the chance to send roots down into the soil. What magic is this: a green plant stuck into the dirt, blossoms and forms big red fruit, that when ripe you can stand in the garden and eat like an apple and feel the warm earthy fruit fill your taste buds or slice it and lay it onto your best sandwich and making it a much better sandwich. I got some catching up to do. Pathfinder, yes, I don't like the faint feeling that comes with low blood pressure. If I kneel down to do something like tie up my boots and then stand up too fast my head can really spin. LAD, did you talk at a Breakfast meeting? How did that go. Em, thank you for your kind words. I am glad that I can lift up your spirits when you are down. You, like Marcia were posting before me on the old YOPD forum. I guess we have known each other for quite awhile now and old friends should comfort each other. Dianne, good to see you on the board giving laughter instructions. Bless you.! LAD , you can vent here as much as you want. I love that Zachism. Give him a high five from me for that one. And finally Green Marcia, It is good if kids know good guys from bad guys. Mr .Rogers was a gentle soul on TV. Yes, there is a lot of senseless violence on TV. Need more comedy shows. Okay. good days to everyone. jb
  18. It is with strong mixed emotions that I have been diagnosed with advanced Parkinson's disease. This is something I have been dealing with for a few years now, with each day getting worse. Shortly after accomplishing my lifelong dream of becoming a home owner I began getting symptoms similar to Parkinson's. Over time, not only did it get confirmed as Parkinson's, but it has also developed at a lightning speed and every passing day things get more and more difficult. I currently take 2 tablets of the Sinemet 25/250 4X day for a total of 8 tablets per day. Not only has it rendered me unable to work (I was a police officer) and preform many daily tasks that you take for granted until you're unable to do them (brushing teeth, tying shoes, buttoning buttons on both shirts and pants......and even the most simplest tasks like putting tooth paste on television brush), it has forced my dad to move in with me do to not being able to work and after everything that has taken place, we are now living paycheck to paycheck from his job while my SSI disability claim continues to be processed (average time is a minimum of 2-3 years I've heard from others who have applied). I have never in my life asked for help from anyone and have always taken the joy of being the one able to help whoever else was in need. In fact, making this page has taken a lot of hard thinking and courage, but I'm now at a point where I have now spent my entire life savings without ever saying one negative thing in terms of the disease, thtreatment, ability to work, or even my SSI claim being processed and being completely broke until it's accepted. I know you were all total strangeness, but Any kind of help you can provide will be greatly appreciated and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. THANK YOU very very much!!! Best Regards, Matt San Diego,CA
  19. That is one of the reasons Rytary doesn't work for me. It also can sneak up on me and boom! All of a sudden I'm over medicated. I just feel off when I take it. Must be the fillers in it.
  20. It's official...certified and ready to go!
  21. I tremor if I do a hard workout. I do PWR ( Ultimately I have a better day overall. I firmly believe that exercise slows progression. Find what works for you. Keep fighring! LAD
  22. Thank you both...I do breathing exercises- I'd be a crazy lady without them...I actually have little stickers posted around the house to remind me to breathe..but the one you mentioned is new to me 😊
  23. Oh yeah. It happens to her when the meds are at the full concentration mode. When she had her real teeth it was so bad and a lot fell out as a result. It was painful to listen. At one point I would give her almonds to chew on so it would lessen the itch so to speak. It worked but I neglected to brush her teeth afterwards so it was my fault that her teeth were ruined.
  24. Thanks Genden but I feel fine. I told my doctor it's just one of those things that people get that is harmless but yes I have scheduled the ultrasound for next Friday. it's weird but I feel better now then before I was my mom's CG. I just don't have time to think about every little aches and pain that comes up and wonder what is wrong with me. It's probably a good thing that I don't have time to analyze so I can concentrate on work and my mom.
  25. Silent55: I have been told that if I don't take care of myself, I can't take care of someone else. It is hard to do. Don't feel guilty for taking care of your needs and your husband's needs. We have to prioritize because we aren't capable of doing everything. I am sorry you are feeling so exhausted. Do the best you can and don't beat yourself up over what you can't do. Sounds to me like you are doing everything you can for your mother. Miracleseeker: I am so sorry you are having health issues. Get the ultrasound. Don't cross any bridges before you need to. You may not need surgery, so no need to worry unnecessarily. I wish you the very best. Please take care of yourself.
  26. Last week
  27. My hubby takes Tradazone at a specific time, about fifteen minutes before bed. He had gone through so many sleep prescriptions, trying to find one that was a good fit it was so frustrating. Tradazone doesn't leave him groggy, and he has no other side effect from it. His FP writes the script for up to two tabs daily, he has never had to take but one tab. hopefully you will find a solution that works as well for you!
  28. Wow Miracleseeker! Thanks for verifying my theory! Hubby doesn't even know he does it either.
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