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      Línea de Ayuda 1-800-473-4636   ¿Qué es la línea de ayuda 1-800-4PD-INFO (473-4636) de la Fundación Nacional de Parkinson? Es un número de teléfono gratuito que ayuda a las personas con la enfermedad de Parkinson, sus familiares, amigos y profesionales de salud, a solucionar diferentes inquietudes.   La línea de ayuda ofrece: Información actualizada Apoyo emocional Referidos a profesionales de salud Recursos comunitarios Amplia variedad de publicaciones gratis    

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  2. Anyone know of any recommendation for people with pd my daughter had a temporedic anyone have one of those
  3. Thanks Linda,I got some useful information.Keep doing the good work.
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  5. I've found the Beauty Rest mid-priced mattresses really good--comfortable, with good back support. The best thing to do is go someplace where you can take all the time you need to lay (lie?) down on various mattresses and try them out. Also helpful to go on line to see ratings and reviews of various brands and kinds of mattresses. You might check out sites that give tips and warnings about buying mattresses.
  6. Posted 7/21/17-Davis Phinney Foundation This issue is chock full of all kinds of helpful information on various topics re: PD:
  7. I am going to get a new mattress does anyone have any suggestions in addition to pd I have s bad hip anyone have any suggestion
  8. Hello,Oto. This just came in from the Phinney Foundation, and I don't know if it will help you or not since it is not directly addressing a heavy work-load situation, but perhaps it may contain something else that may be of help:
  9. Hi, I would welcome more insights from anyone.Thanks.
  10. Give credit to the turtle! But I agree with him! And you are spot on...choose to be happy! My son was amazed at my neuro evaluation-my DR uses the UPDRS. My "score " was the same as last year so I'm holding steady! I made an iMovie of our dance moves and my DR loved it especially since he was the DR who suggested dance lessons. I'll post it sometime. But I was a very proud mama - my DR talked to me and Adam. He was as he says "adulting" Happy Friday!!! LAD
  11. For Texas Tom: Though I think all will enjoy this sweet video, I thought Tex might especially, since his dogs are retrievers, too.
  12. Thanks Dancing Bear,I am not near retirement age yet,just in my early fifties.I work in the rehab settings,job involves,lots of driving,standing,bending,lifting.I am considering starting own business,,but not sure if It will sustain my economy,especially when it is a new career.My job is highly specialised and my boss would not even think of considering a less demanding position ,which I am not qualified for.Will figure a way out eventually.I just want to joggle opinions on this forum,before I make a decision.
  13. Good Friday Morning Everyone. I hope that all are well and ready for a nice weekend. LAD-Y, I meant to tell you that I had a good chuckle over your Mom's solution to your Dad's laundry problem solved with the old underwear. Hi Em, pretty quiet from Ireland. How are you doing? Dianne, what is up this weekend? Texas Tom, Papa Jack, Dianne, Marcia, Linda, Peace, Pathfinder, Ella and everyone else. :Be safe , be happy. Watch out for those that need our help.
  14. Sorry you are in such a predicament. Without knowing your age, what type of work you are doing, how close you are to retiring etc I can only contribute initial thoughts. I am in the boat of having PD and close to retirement. - If you have difficulty doing current job is there a less demanding position in same company to move internally? -Avoid being fired for so many reasons. Would rather leave with a letter of recommendation. -Do you have inclination and resources to start your own small business? -cognitive decline has steered me away from school as well but could probably handle short term education like real estate agent certification / licensing etc. Not sure this helps but may spur ideas. DB
  15. Hi, anyone/everyone who has a physically demanding job with PD,please give your insights as regards how you are managIng to cope.on the job.My temporary disability insurance is running out,and I have not been assured of any type of accommodation on my job,when I informed my manager about my PD status.In fact,my boss doubted how I will be able to cope,while dealing with PD symptoms.I have not been fired either.I have always been a conscientious worker before my diagnosis.My other thought is switching to a less demanding job,but,that will mean a reduction in my income.Might consider switching career,but that would mean going back to school.And future cognitive decline is unpredictable.Please share your experiences,if any.How easy is it,applying for a new job/career,when you have PD?Do you have to inform your new employer about your PD status? I will appreciate your contributions.To some extent my symptoms are controlled by medication and exercise and don't want to retire early yet.
  16. Thank you for sharing. I have a much milder (but still really annoying) distonia. I will keep this in mind.
  17. IMHO and from personal experience there is benefit from THC. I know the high is an issue for some but after all we are using it as medicine. To me its like taking half the mdicine when THC is left out. The only reason THC is left out is because of the antiquated legal and cultural symbolism. Ignorance and inexperience is keeping this valuable medicine from those that need it most.
  18. I have used CBD oil drops (without THC) successfully for my dyskinesia. Although marijuana is legal in my state, I do not like the effects of THC. Dianne
  19. Yesterday
  20. I have been reading so much about CBD oil. Mostly good. I want to try it for my Dyskinesia and cramping. I don't have tremors. There are so many choices out there. Not sure whats the best kind for PD and where is the best place to purchase it. Anybody got some suggestions?
  21. It is good that you are trying to understand and help him. I just used my examples to hopefully help. No need to apologize. There are lots of options and help available. That is the good part. Have you called NPF? They helped us understand a few things... for free. I recommend calling together. I am sorry to hear of your struggles. PD can affect many things. Since he is a pilot, I suggest having a plan to figure out what is next when it is adversely affecting his job. I know pilots hate to be grounded, but PD has a way of forcing us to make new plans. I hope things go well.
  22. Yes, I thought it sounded like that song and that is why I left the "a" in. But as jb said the "a" belongs to Canadians. I think you are right that with cats no mice. I still keep my eyes open for them. We need to seal all openings. More later. m
  23. Murray - I'm so sorry. I feel bad even asking on the forum, because he really isn't bad yet. He's still bicycling and flying (plane). But this isn't the guy I married, and so I thought I'd ask. Glad you sought help. Hang in.
  24. Ashwaghanda isn't necessarily safe for me. I had some of those things you mention. Definitely agree that his PD meds should be well balanced. Also, I have found some meds, like Cymbalta, actually help me and PD. I never had a Psych before, but I do now. She prescribed a mood stabilizing medicine which has also helped. In my case, I felt like I was letting my family down and they expected too much. Just negative thinking really, but I now understand that was PD and me (pre-diagnosis) trying to handle life without knowing how. It is really a viscous cycle. PD is causing more stress and the added stress of trying to deal with PD while the stress is actually fueling the PD.
  25. Food, their phone/ipad and sleep...that's a 17 year old boys mind...unless there is a girl involved then it's a bit different. My 17 year old eats 2 dinners at dinner and one again when he gets home from his rehearsal at 10pm. Food is most definely on their minds:) LAD
  26. Get her into a PD specific exercise's one of the best things she can do. There are lots out there. I do a program called PWR! can get info about it at love it and it's training for your body and your mind...and definitely easily modified for any fitness level. I'm not sure where your mom is located but the website has a place to search for instructors/therapists in your area. Good luck... LAD
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