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    • What a fishy post!   LOL!!!   Good thoughts in it, too, Scoop.  Thanks for posting!
    • Thought for today: Whether you give a man a fish or teach him how to fish, your job hasn’t changed. Your job is fish. It is not to make value judgments about whether the person is deserving of fish. It is not to criticize the person for not knowing how to fish already. And it is certainly not your job to stand around and debate the relative efficacy of fish charity vs. fish education while the person in front of you goes hungry. This person is your fellow human. Your job is fish.  —author unknown. 
    • Good Morning Everyone,  It is Saturday morning.   1, Saturday used to be such a special day. Cartoons.  It was the only day of the week you could get them on a country tv with  a very basic attenae.  It was something to look forward to.  Now satelite channels flood the screens 24/7 with poorly written cartoons and I don't think kids are interested in them because  they have become too common. 2. Movie theatres bring such great box office hits to the big screen.  Price of admission is not too bad but the big money maker is the food.  If you take three kids to the theatre and get them in for say 5 bucks a head, it will cost you 10 bucks a stomach for popcorn, a drink and skittles. Or you can be a grumpy grandpa and tell them that they should of eaten their lunch up. 3.  Walt Disney was a heaven sent TV program on a Sunday evening that you loved to watch with your family. Households now with 4 tvs and 5 cell phones, 3 tablets and a huge x box setup, whatever that is, is often a household of bored people in different rooms throughout the 2800 sq. ft. house, surfing around looking for something to watch and it isn't "Poor Benji" 4. I am watching FIFA football on tv, Live from Russia.  Pretty cool. They are great athletes almost as skilled as Canadian hockey players but here is one thing I hate.  Falling down, acting wounded and stopping the play.  I saw one player here today scream in pain and fall down demanding a penalty before he even was bumped by another football player.  But I have developed a liking for the game and they certainly are very athletic and skilled players.  just damn poor Actors.  5. We have 5 birdfeeders. We watched a red headed woodpecker stick its tongue into the hummingbird feeder and suck up the sugar water.  Never saw that before.  We have lots of cats this year and before there is an international trade tarriff placed on them, I could ship one to anyone needing a good barn cat.  They like to sit under the bird feeders and make the birds nervous.  Meanwhile the cats are afraid of our dog who keeps the cats excercised.  And the dog is ever watchful of the cats who are as big as he is and outnumber the poor little fella. The birds fly away in fear of the cats , who haunt the dog .Why don't I keep the cats out of the yard, Cause they keep down the number of chipmunkeys that cleanout the birdfeeders every chance they get.  And it has been proven that the chipmunkeys are smarter than me when it comes to trying to keep them out of the sunflower seeds. 6. Soon I will have waited 6 weeks patiently , like a young boy watching his grandpa slowly carry an ice cream cone to him,  for the swelling to  go down and the dbs to startup.  Soon Grasshopper, Soon it will be time for you to go,  Go to Toronto and get powered  up.  Is not it more noble to wait patiently Grasshopper for the cure to be held back and you learn how to be grateful for the heat of the sun and the pull of the moon and the grains of sand upon the beach, whose numbers pale in the light opf the number of stars in the heavens above.  Now Grasshopper, quickly as you can, snatch the pebbles from my hand.  Ah, I win again.  It is good to be the  master.  Go wait a bit more Grasshopper and reflect upon all of this.  (and who did not like to watch Kung Fu back in the day.?) 7.  The yellow team just scored.   They do a little victory dance, they jump up into the air together and collide, banging hips together and thier arms entwine the 4 men together, but one man is bumped a bit hard.  As they fall to the ground he screams foul, you fowl.  He rolls and buries his face to the ground and the officials wonder if that is a yellow card or a free kick in seeing as all persons involved are on the same team. 8.  I am not being whiny and poor me but my shoulders are still sore with rotator cuff issues.  I get them working good, free and easy through the daylight hours but most mornings I awaken with them frozen and I have to slowly get them rotating again.  9. Our Prime minister got the bills passed through the Senate to legalize pot,  or rather decriminalize pot in Canada.  Medicinal pot already was ok.  But now anyone can have 4 plants at home in your herb patch,  there is no roadside test for it if you are driving higher than a kite,  and I think Mr.Treaudeau will rue the day this got done.  10.   We watched "Awakenings" on tv one night this week.  With Robin Williiams and Robert DeNero.  Good movie.  Doctor Sacks (true story) realizes that a new chemical known as L -Dopa could help his patients. That movie could be about us, well it was.  I felt it inside my soul. Ok. Gotta go,  Saturday morning cartoons, you know... Be strong everybody.  PD is not for wimps.  And keep that fist to the sky! jb.            
    • It is not common to increase voltage as the battery runs out.....it is possible but you have to be careful after replacement to set the parameters back to the lower level. Rather than do this we like to replace the battery before symptoms recur. Hope that helps.
    • It's what I need.  It's supposed to be equivalent to 1.5 tabs of regular Sinemet per dose.  What are on is like half a tab of regular Sinemet.  So more like you're on a very low dose than me being on a high dose.     Some people need more than others for good symptom control.  I know, because I did an experiment, that less than 3 capsules at 4x a day just doesn't give adequate control.  If you do get adequate control, for now, with 1 at 3x a day, stick with it.  Over time you'll begin to need more.   And yes, my Azilect experience was pretty bad.
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