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    • That's a tough one.  You don't seem to have a formal diagnosis, but you have seen doctors, including a neurologist.  So there are records of you having been seen.  That means you might have to disclose it on any application depending on how they word things.   For sure you'll want to get insurance sorted out before you get any diagnosis if at all possible.  Even with the protections for pre-existing conditions built into current law there's still not that much to keep you covered affordably.   Can't give you too much more guidance than that though as I've always had employer provided insurance (except for a couple years long before I got diagnosed).  I don't know your employment situation, but if you or your husband can get a job at a large employer with full benefits there's often no exclusion for pre-existing conditions, or at most a limitation (usually no more than a year, often as little as 1-3 months) on denial of coverage for pre-existing conditions.   Once you retire (assuming 65+) you qualify for Medicare.  Though that is 8 years away for you, and even when you do get there the so-called Medi-gap policies are a necessity from what I've heard as regular Medicare coverage leaves a heck of a lot to be desired.
    • Hi Everyone,   I am 57 and have not officially been diagnosed with pd.  I saw my primary care doc two years ago because I was concerned about tremor in my right hand and the fact that my handwriting had changed dramatically!  After further evaluation she referred me to neurologist who sent me for MRI to rule things out.  Her evaluation of slowed movements in my right hand, arm swing difference and balance issues in addition to my handwriting and tremors led her to order a DATscan.  I scheduled it and then missed it because of a cancelled airline flight   I have not rescheduled it.  My symptoms have progressed I think.  When I look in the mirror I look different.  My voice has changed.  My neck aches like crazy.  etc etc.  I am insured through Kaiser in Colorado.  We have a very high deductible plan and I would like to get better insurance during this open enrollment period.  I would appreciate any input I can get!  Id like to go to a center of excellence for a complete work up. My husband and I want to be able to live in Arizona for part of the year when we retire ( maybe sooner than I thought!)  We have 16 year old triplets plus 2 older daughters and 4 grandkids.  My life is exhausting but wonderful.  I am praying that I can continue to live fiercely but am really scared about how this will go.   Thanks in advance for the wisdom you all have.  God Bless.
    • You can try it.  I tried that medication but had a bad reaction to it.  I can detail that for you if you'd like.  Point being is any drug will cause bad reactions in certain people, so just be aware of what can happen and be cautious if you do start taking it.     The data supporting the ability of any drug, including rasagiline (aka Azilect), to slow progression is mixed at best.  Same goes for herbal remedies like ashwaghanda and whatever else waruna likes to promote.  However, if you feel better for taking any particular drug or herbal supplement then it might be worth the expense for you.   The only thus far proven to actually help slow progression is exercise.  Unless you're already a competitive athlete in your age class you can probably increase your level of exercise and obtain some benefit.     As far as take it or wait, that's a decision you'll have to base on the cost for the medication vs the potential benefits.  Rasagiline is, last I heard, only available through 1 drug company as a generic, so cash price isn't tremendously lower than brand name Azilect.  Not all insurance plans will cover it.  But Teva (the maker of Azilect brand rasagiline) might have a patient assistance program where, depending on your income level, you might be able to get it at a significant discount, or at no charge at all.  Worth checking into if you decide to go for it.   Personally, and this is just IMHO, and based on my own situation, if I were you I would either decline all drugs, or look into a low dose of carbidopa/levodopa to see if that gives you the relief you want.  For me at least I got excellent motor symptom control from that, and some benefit to non-motor symptoms too.  The latest research is showing that starting that early vs later does not influence if/when you'd start to develop the main bad side effect of dyskinesia.   Meantime I would be talking to my insurance company to see how they cover rasagiline (if they cover it at all), and also calling the drug companies to see what they can do to help cover the cost.  Then, if between insurance and drug company discounts/coupons/assistance, rasagiline is affordable I'd start on a trial of that.    In any case, getting on an exercise program (anything that you will actually stick with is fine - if you don't know where to start look up cardio based programs like running, bicycling, swimming, etc.)
    • noah, you might find this article helpful.  I simply Googled marriage and Parkinson's. https://byrslf.co/what-happens-to-a-marriage-after-parkinsons-5e28f44e2afc Best wishes, Dianne
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