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Not For The Bashful

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#21 Beau's Mom

Beau's Mom

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Posted 19 November 2013 - 11:02 PM

Jenette, I laughed out loud! Especially the "one size fits most"! I got excited when I saw you could pick your color because I would want one in purple, but then the only color offered was white. So I guess I won't spend the extra money after all!  :grin: 


I am not a human being trying to have a spiritual experience; I am a spiritual being having a (sometimes difficult) human experience.

#22 sarahjo


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Posted 19 November 2013 - 11:37 PM

not at this point and not looking forward to that time, along with the other things that are before me.


i am taking norco and flexiril for pain and muscle pain, norco during day and flexiril for night time along with gabapentin. 

Marcia I was thinking the same thing about trying to cut back on med and i also remember what it was like before and its still very fresh in my mind, i just had meds uped and its frustrating at time but i am thankful i have an open line with neuro dr and his office.


i also agree its nice to be able to come on here and see and share with one another, you all have all be such a blessing to me, it helps me day to day.

Bless you all. my newest issue is forgetfulness, word searching in conversations, etc. this will also be addressed on the 25th of this month.

Thanks to all,


#23 Daven


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Posted 19 November 2013 - 11:42 PM



When your editing your message the toolbar has an icon that looks like a green tv screen.  If you click on it, you can add a url to a image, like the one you were indicating.






#24 chelle


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Posted 20 November 2013 - 09:51 AM

I have yet to have this problem but congrats to all of u for bring it up. Crap has never bothered me I come from a long line of plumbers.... great grandpa, grandpa, dad, and my husband... yes he is also a plumber. Its funny to hear people talkin about farts. Growing up if we were at the store with my grandma she literally would lift her leg, grab her vutt cheek and blame us. So embarrassing. Also being in a home with all males and all their friends we talk about everything. Literally from farts to whose sleeping around at school and what things are... nothing seems off limits in our home.

#25 Jlc


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Posted 20 November 2013 - 10:24 AM


My house was never like that growing up. I have friends who I hang out with very often and their father and uncle are always around. They curse, talk about women and all that good stuff. I always wished I had that kind of relationship with my family. You've got a good thing going there.


#26 Rebecca2z


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Posted 24 November 2013 - 12:10 PM

I looked into this problem just in case my father is having issues ~

here is what I found











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