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Parkinsons treatment 10 secrets to a happier life

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#1 joyfulnoise


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Posted 05 April 2013 - 10:22 AM

This a wonderful book! As a registered nurse and a wife of a young Pd patient, well I can say I wish Dr Okun could inservice every medical student!

Thank you Dr Okun for your powerful words! If it wouldn't be for this forum, i think my husband would be unemployed now. I kind of think he wouldn't of had to step down to an easier job if we would of had a neurologist and movement disorder specialist that would of been available and worked with us until my husband could move better. We have seen a movement order specialist but it wasn't very helpful. We have to keep looking.

I have talked many times about how a Dr needs to be empathetic, its just as important if not more than the medication he prescribes.

I remember the first appointment with the neurologist, he introduced himself with a hand shake and them sat down and said,' i wanted to be out of the office by 3pm today but someone thought this was life threatening and looked right at me ( I am the wife and he also smiled and said ha you think your husband has PD,)! We said nothing but after the appointment never wanted to go back again.

No it wasn't life threatening but very life altering. It was a miscommunication with our GP and neurologist office. All I did was call and ask if we have to wait 2months to see the neurologist can we order the labs and MRI while we were waiting that they suggested to r/t other conditions. By the time we went to the GP I had finally put the pieces together and had been reading and was pretty sure my husband at age 52 had PD and then all the puzzles of the past 10+ years started making sense.

I have often talked with my husband and said the whole family is effected and especially with young onset we are dealing with a lot, trying to keep jobs dealing with raising children. The Dr really needs to treat the whole person which includes the family.

I encourage everyone with PD or effected by PD to get this book. I got it on amazon for only $5. It is very encouraging to keep the fight and not give up and realize there are things you can do. To keep looking for a Dr that will be empathetic and validating that really is an ok thing to want.

I highly recommend the book!!!!

Thank you Dr Okun for practicing medicine as a calling not just another job! I would love to work in an office with the same philosophy.

#2 Drummergirl


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Posted 06 April 2013 - 05:56 PM

After my diagnosis of PD at age 35, my husband thought we should go talk to our PCP and see if he thought I should seek a second opinion given my young age at the time. We didn't have an appointment, but were willing to wait, even though the office was empty that day. He rolled in and his body language was a give away. ( very hurried) He asked, " what's up guys?" My husband told him of our shocking news and he looked at my husband and said. " This is what you wanted to see me for?" Then he looked at me and said, " Karen, it could be worse, it could have been MS".
I think I walked out of there having all I could do not to smack him! What a ass.

Finding a compassionate Doc can be difficult. When you do, they either move or retire.. :-/


Dx in 95' at 35- Resting tremor- right foot, leg tremors. RX- 1/2, 25/100 Carb/ levodopa-x5 day, Rytary 23.75 x4 day, 1mg- Azilect.

#3 vipowitz


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Posted 06 April 2013 - 08:02 PM

I think drs. have been schooled to not get personally involved with patients, and a few take this to the extreme of being just plain cold.

#4 carruthers209


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Posted 16 April 2013 - 06:15 PM

Dr. Okun's book is wonderful. I purchased 10 copies for our Parkinson's Support Group. We have new members show up every month and their anxiety is terrible. This is the book I will be giving them to read because it will give them comfort and hope. Dr. Okun's kindness and love for his patients shines through from the very beginning of the first page. I think I want to read the first paragraphs out loud for our next meeting-I found them wonderfully touching. The new research he discusses along with the DBS options are very interesting and valuable. You want this book! Thank you Dr. Okun!
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