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Going the natural route


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#1 Danti1968



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Posted 20 November 2013 - 10:54 AM

My PD was just confirmed by my neurologist within the last couple of weeks. I had been having noticeable symptoms for at least the last 6 months. I'm fairly young (45) and I've been doing extensive research on PD drugs. The side effects all seem pretty scary to me especially since I have a long way to go in dealing with this disease. I decided to do a 180 with my lifestyle and have started exercising regularly, eating better, and have also added supplements. Especially after I added the supplements my symptoms improved quite a bit. I'm taking B6, Vitamin E, and L-Phenylalanie. I've been so consumed with researching PD I've found there seems to be so many potential new drugs and treatments that seem to be right around the corner. Anything I can do to slow down the progression I am trying. Time is obviously not my friend but my thought is to tough it out for as long as I can without the PD drugs.

I would love to hear your opinions and experiences and also from people who have tried a similar route.
Thank you
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#2 lu states

lu states

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Posted 20 November 2013 - 11:27 AM

well, such a personal choice.  i was already on mirapex for another issue ( related i think ), so they just upped my dose and strength.  it made me sleepy at first, but no longer.  this helps with the milder things.  if i keep bent over at the waist a bit, and keep tripping, i will get another med.  when you are bent over already ( not a lot, but headed forward ), when you trip, you tend to start falling by running forward before eating it.  that is the next place i'm going to have to go.  however, i have to get to the point that my falling issue is more chronic, before i decide to add in another drug.  will happen eventually.      seems to me, that if diet,, exercise, and vitamins help your symptoms enough that you are okay with it, great for you !  no reason to take drugs til that doesn't work for you any more.   drugs don't cure, won't slow down the disease, so there is no advantage to starting them before you need to.      my opinion  :)   lu

#3 lu states

lu states

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Posted 20 November 2013 - 11:31 AM

.....oh, the meds can help with the symptoms a lot, but like i said, YOU will get to where you want to stop a symptom that your healthy lifestyle isn't fixing, and then, only then, do you need to deal with it.   just stay aware...:)

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#4 PatriotM


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Posted 20 November 2013 - 12:40 PM

Hi Danti and welcome to the forum!

I was diagnosed with PD a couple of months ago and I'm in a similar situation to you. I am riding my bicycle regularly, taking supplements, and not taking PD meds. I was taking the supplements before being diagnosed with PD because I also have late stage Lyme Disease, which has basically destroyed my immune system. The doctor I see for that is both a Naturopathic Doctor (ND) and a MD, and was previously a chemical engineer (very smart).

One of the things I started taking recently is Protandim, which is a NRF2 synergizer. Basically, it reduces oxidative stress on a cellular level. My Lyme ND/MD originally had me taking it to help rebuild my immune system, but interestingly oxidative stress is suspected by many experts as being the underlying cause of PD and many other neurological diseases. My ND/MD is hoping that it will improve or cure the PD, but I haven't had any positive results after being on Protandim for about 2 months. I guess after something takes literally years to develop, it may not get fixed in 2 months. LOL! Interestingly, the Michael J. Fox Foundation is funding research on another NRF2 synergizer.

Diagnosed 9/2013

Not taking any PD meds (stopped taking Mirapex due to fatigue)

Using exercise to battle PD

Walk minimum of 12,000 steps a day which improves rigidity,balance, etc (everything but tremor)

#5 Danti1968



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Posted 20 November 2013 - 01:03 PM

Thank you Patriot and Lu. I appreciate your comments. Very helpful.

#6 Natasha


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Posted 05 January 2014 - 02:11 PM

U can check ketgenic diet and medical cannabis
diagnosed Oct 2010
Azilect , Amantadine 100 mg x 1, Requip Modutab 8 mg x 1 ,Levadopa/Carb 250/25 1/4*4 (= 1 tablet a day)
Yoga , Tai Chi

#7 deborah


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Posted 05 January 2014 - 04:06 PM

Danti,  I was 61 when diagnosed and I think you are doing the right thing.  Your being 45 I would think makes it even more important that the consumption of real meds be held off as long as possible.  I would also suggest asking the Nutritionist on this site - she is very, very knowledgeable.  I think she is phenomenal!!!  


Another supplement you might want to look into especially since you are not taking Levdopa is L-Tryosin or called Tryosin.  Supposedly it is a nautral dopamine (I think).  I was using Cretin monohydrate powder but it was pulled from trials because of lack of success as well as CoQ10 was found not effective.  All supplements are expensive so . . .


I go on another support group for pd - called Daily Strength.com and there are a few there that do not take any meds at all but use supplements and health diet.  Many suggest the mitochondria diet.  Dr. Terry Wahls has books out on how it helped her Multiple Scleroses but she shares her diet on the internet and youtube.  


Also Tai Chi for some reason is very good for the PD.  Before taking Levadopa I had terrible pain from rigidity in my arm and especially fingers and I found that Tai Chi relieved the pain for a couple of days at a time.  Once I retire (maybe this year hopefully next year) I plan on trying to cut my sinemet by doing more exercise.  The weights seem to be very helpful and relaxing if you ever start to get the rigidity.  The amount you lift is not important (I have read that less is actually better for the pd muscles) but the amount of sets and range of motion you get with the weight machines are very good.  The range of motion is very important because PD will try to cut your range of motion.  Good luck!  Also they have lots of trials out now for supplements.  I am joining a trial in January for a supplement.  I have been in 3 trials since being diagnosed.  Being in a trial really helps to find a cure.  Join a trial finder - this site or Michael J. Fox.  They especially like people who are not taking meds yet!!!!  You don't have to try anything that is too risky - there are more that are not risky than are risky.  Maybe when I get older I'll go for the riskier ones.  lol  It can be a fun and healthy trip!.  

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:razz:  66

DX:  4/2010 confirmed 7/2010



  • Azilect since November 2010 (1 mg per day)
  • Carbo/levodopa since September 2011 (25/100 5x day)
  • Neupro patch since July 2013 (4 mg per day)
  • Clonazepan .since June 2014 (.125 mg 1 tab if didn't sleep the night before)

I participate in as many PD trials as I can participate.  Interested?  Follow sites below.  





#8 Hope



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Posted 21 February 2014 - 11:37 PM

My psychiatrist recommends Magnesium (500 mg twice a day); Bioavailable Folate; Vitamin D drops and Coq=10.  So far its been too many pills for me to take in addition to my prescription drugs, but I do believe in the Magnesium, which also has a mild anti-anxiety effect.  Eventually I will try them all, it's just hard to take so many pills (along with Mirapex, lipitor, anti depressant, BP medicine). 

#9 afroney


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Posted 22 February 2014 - 09:45 AM

The natural route might be helpful in early stages, but I have my doubts that you could get away with supplements, special diets., or medical MJ use as monotherapy as PD advances.

My PD is fairly advanced. I'll freeze in a chair or in bed and the only thing that will get me out is Sinemet and Requip.

#10 hercules957


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Posted 30 April 2014 - 09:05 PM

I have had symptoms for 3 yrs and a PD diagnosis one yr ago.  Lots of exercise, excellent nutrition, no meds yet, supplements of folic acid, magnesium, K-2, b-6, Coq10, krill oil are in my inventory.  But, it (PD) is progressing and frustrating me.  I am seeing the neurologist next week and I will try sinemet.  The problem with going at it outside the formal medical authorities is that there are a lot of outfits out there without scruples looking to make $.  It is a matter of chance  to find something helpful. All I know is that the dopamine insufficiency makes me miserable physically and psychologically.  i will try conventional medicine, hoping the side effects will not outweigh the benefits.  It is great to be able to share on this forum.

Norman Dx 04/2013 at Age 56, No meds for 1yr. Used Sinemet 100/25 5 t/d 1 1/2 tab at 6:00, 1 tab at 11:00, 1 1/2 at 16:00, and 1 tab close to midnight. After 1 yr on Sinemet my neurologist put me on 10 mg of Selegiline. Another good move on his part, I feel better overall. Main symptoms: Left side tremors, bradykinesia, fine motor skills problems, apathy, anxiety, swallowing problems. Sinemet lifted the gloom and reduced all my symptoms, small tremors persist. Intolerance to stress persists.<p>After one yr on Sinemet, dyskinesia started in the form of head bobbing and squirming. Stopped Sinemet and Selegiline on May 18th 2016 to begin treatment with Mucuna Pruriens. Dyskinesia disappeared 4 days, found optimum level to be 13.5g of Mucuna a day.

#11 SherryKnuth


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Posted 01 May 2014 - 09:12 AM

I was dx in January with YOPD and I am 53 years old.  I struggled with taking meds but the rigidity & tremors were getting the best of me.  I opted to go on a low dose of Pramipexole and Azilect. Initially the side effects were horrible but most have eased up.   I have always been consistent with exercise so it is helping with the stiffness and helps me feel better mentally.  You have to do what is best for YOU.      

#12 Didi


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Posted 01 May 2014 - 07:19 PM

Do they call it YOPD when you are in your 50's. My husband was just diagnosed this year and is 50. I though it was under 40 or 45? Just wondering?

#13 Annikin


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Posted 01 May 2014 - 07:23 PM

Depends on who you ask. I have seen 50 and also 60.

#14 Delta


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Posted 07 May 2014 - 09:50 AM

When the symptoms are bad enough you'll know and then you will start meds. I've been on meds 3 Years and have no side effects. So I'm really not sure about the horrible side effects.

I would tell you not to delay meds if you really need them though. There is no guarantee how long or how well the meds will work for you. Wouldn't it suck to delAy meds and live with a low quality of life now while you're young because you're hoping for some unknown possible benefit in the future that never pans out.

For me I take what's available now and I pray for medical advances in PD to handle my future problems. I think everyone with a chronic/progressive medical condition needs to be an optimist. Some days it's the only thing that gets me through.

#15 christie


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Posted 07 May 2014 - 10:10 AM



"The term YOPD refers to patients with a PD onset between the ages of 21 and 40, although subjects younger than 50 years might be considered as having early onset PD"

-English is not my first language !

-Aged 40. Diagnosed at 35.

-Currently on madopar (levodopa and benserazide, 600mg daily) and Azilect (1mg daily).

#16 Gardener


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Posted 07 May 2014 - 05:29 PM

I was diagnosed 3 yrs. ago - tried Amantadine, Mirapex first with intolerable side effects., but have been on Sinemet only for about two years with no side effects and very good results.  I don't see any down side to trying Sinemet at a low dose.

Gardener, female, 61, diagnosed at 55, 900mg Sinemet divided into 6 doses, plus 50/200 Sinemet ER at bedtime

#17 ntustjason



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Posted 08 May 2014 - 06:14 AM

I have 7 years to go till retirement. I was diagnosed 4 years ago and did not start taking PD meds until 2 years ago. Last winter, I was given L-Dopa when I was hospitalized due to pneumonia, but I stop taking it and switched to another neuro's meds. This neuro told me not to take L-Dopa until other meds cannot get me to move, because the side effects of L-Dopa (no matter what you call it) are going to be far more difficult to deal with which can jeopardise my career. I am suffering from tremers, slow movment, poor balancng, hunch back, and slow movement, This is  how I fight PD using the natural way:

1. Exercising: riding the spin bike (warm up below 80 RPM for 10 mins-->80 to 90 RPM for 40 mins --> cool down below 80 RPM for 10 mins). Working out different muscle groups after a 48 hour intervals and streching as far as possible using the lightest weights;

2. Becoming a flexgetarisn: Eating fish and vegetables.

3. Drinking red wine (cheap but made in USA).My neuro said cheap red wine is just as good as expensive wine for PD.

4. Taking calcium and megnisium to improve sleeping.

5. Listening to my favorite classic music.

6. Meditation.

7. Drinking a spoonful of coconut oil + a big jar of cold water first thing in the  morning to take care of constipation.

8. Listen to TED talks, and identify unfamiliar expressions, to keep track of brain cell deaths due to PD.

9. Swimming with a kickboard and doing dolphin kicks; this is suposed to train your back muscles.



I am open minded and would like to listen to you talking about what new natural methods you use that work for you.

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