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#1 Gardener


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Posted 11 February 2014 - 06:54 PM

I had an appt. with my MDS today and she suggested adding Azilect to my Sinemet to help even out my on/off episodes.  I have read that many of you are already taking Azilect.  I have private insurance (i.e., I don't have group/employer coverage, I pay for my own policy) and the drug is in the formulary so I looked up the cost on the internet this evening and found that it costs about $510.00 per month!  I'm curious about how others afford this drug.  I also would like to know if anyone thinks it is so beneficial that it would be worth $510/month.  Thanks for your help.

Gardener, female, 61, diagnosed at 55, 900mg Sinemet divided into 6 doses, plus 50/200 Sinemet ER at bedtime

#2 young_dad


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Posted 11 February 2014 - 07:31 PM

I take it. Have taken it since 2006 when I was in the original drug study.  I would not pay $510 per month for it.  Currently, my insurance through my job has formulary drugs via mail order for $60 for a three month supply.

#3 MrFritz


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Posted 11 February 2014 - 08:03 PM

When I was first diagnosed with PD, my Neuro wanted me to start taking Sinemet. But, I didn't want to start taking "heavy" drugs. So I was prescribed Azilect. Like you, with my Medicare Part D plan, it would have been super expensive. Fortunately, since I'm a Vet, I can get a 90 day supply for $27 from the VA.


My experience with Azilect (prior to starting Sinemet) was that it did not offer me any reduction of my tremors. After 3 months, I went on Sinemet. The only reasons why I still continue to take Azilect is 1) For me, it's cheap and 2) My Nuero thinks I should stay on it (no harm no foul).



72 years old; dx'ed 2012; 1000mg Vitamin D3; 100mg LOSARTAN + 5 mg AMLODIPINE for High Blood Pressure; 6 tabs 25/100 CARBIDOPA/LEVODOPA + 1 mg RASAGILINE for PD + Started UDCA (Ursodiol) on October 16, 2013. Currently on 300mg 4x/day for a total of 1200mg. Started NAC on June 18, 2016. Currently on 600mg 4x/day for a total of 2400mg.

#4 Golden01


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Posted 11 February 2014 - 08:41 PM

For my husband, we pay $50 for a three month supply through our insurance, it is what they call a "Tier 3 Drug". Once the insurance company made a mistake and removed my  husband from our coverage (was supposed to be our son who got a job with insurance!). We went to pick up the Azilect and it was going to be $1,400 for a three month supply. We waited a few days until the insurance company could get his coverage straightened out before getting the prescription. I don't think we could pay the $510 a month. 

Husband diagnosed in 2005-Medicines: Azilect, Artane, and Amantadine, Levodopa (1X/Day); Sister and Best Friend from Childhood also have PD

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