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New symptom...is it just me?

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#1 New normal

New normal

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Posted 15 July 2014 - 11:40 PM

Hi guys....

PD is always a surprise....most of u know I was in the hospital 6 days...and they still did not know why I had such a dramatic GI episode...and are considering it may be PD related.

I have been trying to stay positive and find diversions to the bizarre symptoms that come and go..

But this one has me a little concerned.....my throat cramps...it comes on without notice and it feels like someone literally squeezing my throat...I even joked with my DH there may be a poltergeist with us ...and he doesn't like me very much...could be me talking all the time....hahah

During the cramp, swallowing is more difficult...the the cramp is painful...I also have an area in my throat that is painful whenever I swallow...

So, maybe I am getting a sore throat....my husband has looked and sees nothing unusual...the cramping comes and goes...

And, please, if you truly believe it is psychogenic ...or I am overly stressed because of my '13 taxes...just please don't respond...just sayin'....

Any of you experience this?
Dx'd 6/13. Age: 67 mono therapy carbidopa/l dopa 50/200 4x daily
Normal DaT scan, normal MRI

#2 graflexmaster


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Posted 16 July 2014 - 01:46 AM


Am thinking this is NOT your normal "sore throat". I am thinking that this would be a very good time ASAP to  be calling your neurologist/MDS.....  as this sounds like PD related dystonia. Like other types of dystonia/cramps, you need to see if this is something suitable for a Botox injection.

You might also ask about speech therapy, as a good speech therapist (SLP) also deals with swallowing issues. In fact, re-post your concern/question in the "Talk to a speech clinician" forum, and see what Dr. Mahler has to say..............




Current age= 54

Symptom Onset- 1991 (31)


Current meds

Sinemet 6X/day (700mg L-Dopa) 

Azilect 1mg 1X/day



To quote Cowboy, (a former regular forum member)..........Parkinson's brings us all together. With our many differences and emotions. We have something in common here. It is progressive, dangerous and has adversely affected our lives. We come together here looking for knowledge and comfort from one another.

-- Thank you Cowboy-- wherever you may be......................


<Remember, Reality is still optional>


<Love shared, Is Love increased........ Pain shared, is Pain decreased.>

#3 New normal

New normal

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Posted 16 July 2014 - 02:15 AM

Thanks, guy..

No not a sore throat..definitely a gripping cramping type...but, hey, my DH is really taking a hit from all of this..my BP dropped to 70/40 whn they admitted me...he worries so much I don't want to make it an issue...and I am not SICK sick...like u imagine stage 3 or 4...so unless it worsens I'll wait til I go to new neuro on July 29...who I just discovered actually works as an associate with my old neuro....awkward!

I wonder if I increased my l dopa...they dropped me 2/3 @ hospital.

This is such a bizarre condition...I still think a doc will suggest it is psychogenic .

Thanks for the input...
Dx'd 6/13. Age: 67 mono therapy carbidopa/l dopa 50/200 4x daily
Normal DaT scan, normal MRI

#4 PatriotM


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Posted 16 July 2014 - 05:53 AM

New normal,


I have little doubt that it is PD related as I have the same symptom myself.  In fact, before I was diagnosed with PD, I went to my GP at least a couple of times because of the sore throat, difficulty swallowing, hoarseness.  Of course, the GP dismissed it and couldn't find anything wrong (sigh of disgust).


Ironically, your comment about people not responding if they think it's your taxes may be pointing to the cause of this PD symptom rearing its ugly head.  In my experience, stress makes PD worse and doing taxes can certainly be stressful, if for no other reason than the total waste of time that is involved.


I think you're on the right track.  Mention your throat issue to your neuro at your next scheduled visit and try to get used to having an occasional sore throat and difficulty swallowing.

#5 TeresaJ


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Posted 16 July 2014 - 06:58 AM

I know this is coming out of left field and you don't have MS, but have you ever heard of THE MS HUG. It usually happens to ms patients, but other neuro patients too and it most likely happens on the rib cage, but it can happen in the chest and neck too.
I only mention it because it is rare, and it sounds like thry are ruling everything else out so why not this; besides at this point you are used to strange. Good luck!

#6 New normal

New normal

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Posted 16 July 2014 - 08:34 AM

Thanks Patriot...I needed a good reason to stop doing my taxes,,,just kidding,,your comments helped validate the strange symptom..

Teresa...for years I thought I had MS..and specialists called me "probable MS"... I have had the MS hug...I have had that tight squeezing ...and one time it extended down into my lower back and legs...how weird for u to suggest it, but the feeling is very much like that...but in my throat...and the last few times it has extended down my esophagus and I get a major reflux action, pain , and heartburn. But I did not correlate the two together.

"Expletive"....that big old bully PD is messing with my mind again!!! The hospital neuro dramatically decreased my dosage from 50/200 Sinemet 4x a day to 10/100 3x a day...it has been 2 weeks..and I can feel PD symptoms returning ...ones I had forgotten about...like full body pain...muscles and joints...major weakness....I know the symptoms are returning but am hanging on til my 7/29 appt. With new neuro.

I posted since this was so new I wondered if it actually cd be dangerous....as it is happening, I have that thought that I wd not like it to get worse...but then try to relax, divert my attn..and eventually it goes away...

Sooooo, I am wondering if I shd increase my meds..if I call my current neuro who had suggested me to increase the big dosage to FIVE times a day ...which I ignored..he may not be too happy I reduced my dosage so much....no other doctor would understand....

Hmmmmmm, guess I need to give this some thought...

Appreciate all the input........maybe I shd call my NEW neuro...like is this that important ? Or is it like the MS hug...major scary, but tolerable?
Dx'd 6/13. Age: 67 mono therapy carbidopa/l dopa 50/200 4x daily
Normal DaT scan, normal MRI

#7 old+slow


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Posted 16 July 2014 - 01:14 PM


I would call your current neuro and run this by him. Actually you didn't lower your dosage, the hospital did. I honestly thought that you might be taking to much Sinemet myself. But as you know, we are all different and if your symptoms are slowly coming back, maybe that wasn't the problem after all :sad:


I always thought it was weird how we all require a different med, or a different dosage of the same meds. Sinemet seems to be the number 1 choice these days, but maybe it's not for you? Or perhaps you need a little something extra on top of the Sinemet. Heck I don't know lol


What I do know is that if it were me I wouldn't wait to long to look into this. You don't want to wind up setting yourself back if you can help it. I made the mistake of stopping my Sinemet all together, and had one hell of a setback. Had to start back at square one all over again.

I hope you can get this resolved and start feeling better soon.



So what were we talking about?

#8 SoCalGal



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Posted 16 July 2014 - 06:46 PM

I have a cramp or two in my throat whenever I am tense or anxious. Have had this for years. Definitely check it out

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