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  2. Good morning!!

    Another good one ..."if you can't be kind, be quiet."
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  4. Lyme induced parkinsonism

    As I understand it and I am certainly not a physician but if you responded to PD medication it may be likely it is not Lyme induced parkinsonism.
  5. Lyme induced parkinsonism

    Yes. In addition, the symptoms of PD and Lyme Disease are significantly different.
  6. Lyme induced parkinsonism

    Have you responded to PD medications?
  7. Doctor says symptoms 'consistent with' PD

    Hi Paul, Glad to see another Ohioan here! I am near Cleveland. I was diagnosed 16 years ago at the age of 33. I have never had a problem with tremors, but I do have issues with the other hallmarks of PD...bradykinesia (poverty of movement) and rigidity. Slowness on the left side and lack of arm swing were my initial symptoms. Currently, in addition to a host of "normal" PD symptoms, I am also dealing with alot of dyskinesia from being on PD meds for so long. PD is experienced very differently from person to person, but thankfully, it is a manageable disease overall. Sorry you have had to join the group, but you've found a very supportive and knowledgeable resource in these forums. Hang in there and feel free to ask as many questions as you need. Chances are, someone here will have an answer, a thought, or (at a minimum) will know someone else who does! Peace and blessings, Mihai (Michael)
  8. Good morning!!

    Be kind to yourself
  9. Good morning!!

    Good morning to all of my Parky forum friends, I let too much time go between postings. I am sorry for that. My days are longer even though I accomplish less each day. My evenings are a crash on the couch into a tired poor quality sleep that I wake from, do what needs to be done, put wood on the stove and the dog out for a whiz, and then off to bed thinking I will gety caught up on correspondence tomorrow. Caught up becomes elusive. I need to revise my goals to match my capabilities I sometimes think, But with my muleheaded stubborness I continue to push on. The sap has run really well this year. The woods are free from snow and gathering has been the easiest ever. But it has tested my body. I have had times this season where I have had to walk away from situations where I can't do a task. My brothers and neighbours who have helped in the past, now shoulder more of the work although I give up shares of the responsibilities with reluctance. So my thinking has evolved some with those surrenders. I need to make the process easier and so I made a double snatch pulley to lift up pails of sap 4feet to dump into the boiling pan. That saved a lot of shoulder and back strain. I realize that I am now living within a 60 year old body that has been pretty physical and the joints are getting worn and muscles strained. I don't pin all of my limitations on Parkinsons, I know some of it is due to regular aging. Im not complaining, sorry, I guess I am. It is pretty hard to stand there at the end odf the day and have to ask your brother to help you get your coat pulled onto your shoulders. But then, 11 yearss into this crappy disease, I am happy to be able to do what I can do. I have, correction, we have bottled 67 litres oif maple syrup. And Happy St. Patricks day to Em and Sean in Ireland and all of the other Irish folk. Enjoy your big day. Nice to hear from you Peace. Hello Dianne, Linda and Marcia who may be still looking for some good snow to make as snowman. Be safe, be strong, be kind to others and ................. I sit here pondering that last phrase. What do you think it should finish with. Good days to all. Be safe, be strong, be kind to others and .................
  10. Summer adventure season starting

    I'm going to raise a batch of meat chickens partly because of that book. They're supposed to arrive Thursday next week as 2 day old chicks. Trip to freezer camp set for mid-June.
  11. Young onset PD testing

    I appreciate the responses more than you know. In talking to the MDS, he is using the Levodopa challenge as a test of exclusion. He did say that some of the symptoms should have improved after 5 weeks, but they have not. Unlike most diseases, this beast has no simple conclusive testing to identify its presences. Patience is a virtue that hasn’t graced me yet at 45 yo. Continuing the chase for answers. Thank you all for the feedback.
  12. Doctor says symptoms 'consistent with' PD

    My symptoms started on my left side and the constant tension in my leg was frustrating. I started worrying that I'd never be able to fully relax my body again. It's one of those things you take for granted until you can't do it. Luckily levodopa gives me relief and now when I relax I take mental note and fully appreciate the feeling.
  13. Do any of you here sleep - I get little or none

    BigRingGrinder-I've tried most of what you mentioned in your great post and have found they all help to some extent. I was very interested that you mentioned eating because that helps me a lot but I didn't know why.
  14. levodopa long release

    Cool! More options for extended/controlled/long release meds is always a good thing.
  15. Summer adventure season starting

    I don't want to hijack this thread from its original intent but I wanted to let stump know that I enjoyed Michael Pollan's book "Omnivore's Dilemma" so much that I also read his next book titled "In Defense of Food". I was amazed how Pollan managed to make the subject of food so interesting. Fascinating reads. "In Defense of Food" has changed my way of thinking about grocery shopping and what is called "food" today compared to in previous generations.
  16. Young onset PD testing

    Agree with the above responses. I'll add that not responding to levodopa doesn't rule out PD. Some significant percentage (20% IIRC) of tremor dominant PD patients never do.
  17. Sinemet Question

    benderet makes a good point. In my understanding a person titrates up until the maximum benefit is found (or passed) then titrates back down and stops at the lowest dosage that gives the best symptom coverage. As for me, when the dosage made me feel worse then I knew to titrate back down. It's a dialing in process.
  18. Good morning!!

    Happy Birthday jb! We share the same birthday month. I've been in kind of a funk lately. I feel myself coming out of it but the process has been slow. She-ra, I hope you're feeling better also. Sorry your son missed the finals LAD. It was a joy to watch the video you posted. Take care everyone.
  19. Lyme induced parkinsonism

    Yes, that's correct. One neurologist and one MDS both have diagnosed me with PD. I would be surprised if either one of them know anything about Lyme induced parkinsonism.
  20. Lyme induced parkinsonism

    Diagnosed with PD not Lyme induced parkinsonism. Is that correct?
  21. Lyme induced parkinsonism

    I had late stage, neuro Lyme for many years before being diagnosed with PD. My neuro thought that the Lyme Disease may have caused the PD. However, since no one really knows what causes PD, it's all just speculation.
  22. Are these laws being enforced effectively?If they are,there would be decrease in the numbers of people being diagnosed with idiopathic diseases every year.Only God can save us.
  23. Last week
  24. Lyme induced parkinsonism

    Hi Linda, I was unable to copy and paste the article. But if you do a keyword search Subacute parkinsonism as a complication of Lyme Disease by Daniel J Cameron MD the study will come up. Additionally, I have posted a question concerning how this diagnosis is reached as separate from idiopathic PD. When he replies to this message I will share it with you. Additionally if you message him would you please share his response with me? I've tried other sites but the doctors either did not respond or were not familiar with this particular condition. Since I'm in Hawaii I'm not entirely confident it's a neurologist here will have familiarity either. Thank you for posting a reply.
  25. I have read on line that whatever it is that the planes are depositing in our skies, leading to what look like clouds, are suspected to have fibers as well as minuscule-sized aluminum particles that settle down all around us, including in our sources of water. Also, many cosmetics and meds contain microbeads. Google: cosmetics and meds containing microbeads, and you will find several sites that state that laws have been made regarding this.
  26. Lyme induced parkinsonism

    Hmmmm....... I've never heard of this before and am interested to hear more and where you heard about it and whether you may have it? I have a Lyme-related illness and asked my MDS one time if it could have contributed to my having Parkinson's (not Parkinsonism), and as best I can remember, he does not believe in the connection. I have wondered still about it, though, especially because there is so much about Lyme and its related conditions that are unknown. I've also read articles that would seem to imply that the two can possible be connected somehow, as well as people who seem to suffer from both conditions. Would love to hear more on this if you have the time! Thanks.
  27. Lyme induced parkinsonism

    What does anyone have Lyme induced Subacute/acute parkinsonism? If so, how did your physician arrived at this diagnosis as separate and distinct from idiopathic PD?
  28. Nuplazid

    something to definitely ask the doc; Nuplazid or clozapine?
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