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    I finally have some good news to share. I met the Interventional Radiologist today who will be inserting a G-j tube on Friday, April 21. I will begin using Duopa the next day. Today is World Parkinson's Day 2017. I wore my special t-shirt to raise awareness. Dianne
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    Welcome! Here are a couple of things that help me come to grips with Parkinson's. You may not find them comforting or helpful so please disregard if that is so. The day after I received my diagnosis I reminded myself that I don't have anything that I didn't have the day before and the day before that, I just didn't know what it was. If I could handle yesterday then it is most likely I can handle today and tomorrow. Don't cross that bridge before you come to it. It is so easy to dwell on all the possible and often frightening things about this disease. But, remember no one knows what tomorrow will bring. Yes, I might develop a new symptom but I might also get in a car accident, get killed and consequently never develop any other symptoms. There might also be new treatments. Life is a crap shoot. We just don't know what will happen. We might want to plan for some of the possible negative things, but there is no point in dwelling on something that may not even happen. Sometimes those around us are very concerned and mourn some of the losses they see in our health and wellbeing. It is also tempting to feel sorry for ourselves and start thinking that no one else has problems. No one gets through this life alive! We all must face mortality. Hubby, don't worry so much about me as I might not be the first one to go. Let's make the most of today - no premature mourning, there is enough time to mourn tomorrow. Start making a bucket list and fill it with both the bold and daring as well as the simple. Go on that once in a lifetime trip but there is also a lot of satisfaction in some of the more simple things, such as attending a grandson's ballgame or attending a granddaughter's graduation. It is good to reflect upon the number of things that have been checked off the list and contemplate new things to add. In other words don't forget to keep living. It is hard if not impossible to always feel positive - so don't try. It's ok to take a break and vent, scream, cuss, have a good old tantrum and cry. Just be sure not to hurt the innocent while indulging yourself. Remember you are dealing with the loss of dopamine which not only affects our movement but emotions as well. Feeling down is not a sign of weakness but a symptom of the disease itself. See your doctor often and don't be afraid to be your own advocate or ask a loved one to assist in this regard. Life goes on. All we can really do is make the best with what we've got.
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    I went shopping. In my mind I'm repeating eggs, whipping cream, baking powder. Just three things, I should have written them down, but just three things so I got it. Park the car at the far end of the parking lot, place was packed. Three things, that is all I have to remember. Truck backed out suddenly, startle reaction, fell over (remembered to tuck my head in). Got back into the store and came back with Ice Cream, coffee, and baking soda. My wife now writes out the shopping list.
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    Yesterday I got a chance to meet Beau's Mom. I was heading to my wife's aunt and uncle's to stay the night so I was closer to Evergreen for a neuropsychological exam this morning. Got to visit with Dianne for about an hour. It was certainly nice to meet someone in real life from here. Edit to add: I'm on my phone, so I'll write more when I have a real keyboard to type with.
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    Hello, Gulfvet -- Here is my contribution. It was when I was playing the piano that I first suspected I had a neurological problem. By the time I got my diagnosis, I could barely play at all because of my lack of manual coordination. Having studied classical piano for more than ten years, I was sad to lose that beautiful and rewarding pastime. With medication started and some improvement observable, I tried practicing again. It was pretty discouraging at first. But as the medications grew more and more effective in fighting symptoms, I practiced more often. Today I could never play on a concert stage, to be sure, but I can enjoy playing pieces of music that I never expected to play again! (A few examples are Chopin's "Fantaisie Impromptu in C# minor," two Rachmaninov preludes, Mendelssohn's "Rondo Capriccioso," and Chopin's "Berceuse.")
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    Hi, everyone. Am back from my unplanned and long hiatus. There was no ban (neither on me nor the thread), FYI. Just a series of mainly health issues I was dealing with, like life sometimes sends us all. I was without a laptop for most of that time, and it's good to now have a new one up and running.
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    Hope everyone had a good day...I follow another online PD site ... this is the for me!
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    Thnking about our new member, The Count, I will change my format this morning. 1. Good morning to every one. 2. It takes two Levadopa to get me awake in the morning. One for each eye 3. A third hand may be helpful some days. Ah, who needs three shaky hands. 4. Four--ward I trudge, hauling myself along this mysterious trail called Life 5. favourite 5 sandwiches-BLT, roast beef, egg salad, ham and cheese and Peanut Butter with Honey 6. the big 6 -0 is Looming within a year and I plan to...... 7. I baked cookies yesterday and today I will eat seven of them. I did get a jump on this topic, only 3 more to go . 8. I went to the local Chinese buffet last nite with a buddy. I 8 a lot. 9. At age 9, I went to a one room country school, grades 1-3 with no running water. 10. Despite some challenges, maybe about 10 of them, and in my tenth year of Parkinsons, It is a good life I have even if I have to take 10 Levadopa pills a day.
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    Hi Gulfvet I agree that PD dx does not mean a drastic change in life. I have been dx'd for 4 years and DH (dear husband) has been dx'd one year. I recently drove our Harley trike with DH sitting behind for two hours. The next week, DH and I went kayaking separate boats..for two hours We are now planning a 7,000 mile road trip with boats and trike in a trailer...AND fulfilling our bucket list. On our list is a hot air balloon ride, a wood carving seminar, a pontoon plane ride, deep sea fishing charter, 10 days on waterfront of Vancouver Island, BC, a kayak trip up Cowlitz river to dam...only a partial list. I will be 70 soon, DH will be 72. Of course, we are spending our children's inheritance...but intend to make memories for a lifetime. 😉 Each day we accept...adapt...and laugh..... try to serve others...and thank our creator for the many blessings we have. NN
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    You would certainly THINK that each one of us fighting Parkinson's has enough on their own plate to concern themselves with, that they wouldn't feel the need to interfere with how someone else is coping with, and/or fighting PD in their own way. But alas, there's always that obnoxious 10% of ANY population....whether it's the diseased, sports stars, celebrities, police officers, politicians, etc., that feel a sick compulsion to tear down someone else's castle. History shows, however, that these type people usually self-destruct on their own. So, let them wallow in their own bitterness and nastiness....they CERTAINLY aren't helping themselves do any better with their own PD. (Personally, I hope it ramps up their symptoms). Linda, just start a new thread. If it also ends up shut down, start another.
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    The Caregiver’s Reminders There’s sixty hours of chores, To complete in twenty-four. There is never enough time, To rid the bathtub of its grime. There’s tons and tons of weight to lift. Does this need washing? It passed the sniff. And If I have to make one more call, I’ll smash my head against the wall! I’m pretty sure sometime today a shower was to be taken, But my problem is I’m not sure whose, I think it’s mine- am I mistaken? There’s a clock on the wall that says it’s five past eleven, It can’t possibly be? The last time that I glanced at it, it wasn’t even seven! There are questions that I have to ask my higher power. I’ll demand answers at the church. Perhaps God’s hiding in the tower? Where are you God? I want to know when it is 4 am, If this is something meant to be I can not see the plan. “Where am I?” God smiles back “I’m in every act of love,” “In laundry, in a visit, or when you help them find a glove”. I have entrusted you my child with TWO of my beloved kids, To care for you, yourself and another one. Yes I did! To be my hands, and to hold theirs until their time is ended, And then to let them go knowing where they are headed is simply splendid. I’ve given you an honor that’s so hard to recognize, But if you take a moment to look in your loved ones eyes… You’ll see the bitty baby that came to save us all, For when you serve the least of these, you serve me as well. Sooner than you think, this season will be in the past, And you’ll be separated from them, until I call you home at last. Still, child I know you’re weary, you’re stressed, I know it’s true, And at times it feels like I have completely forgotten you. So when you speak to me, you’re welcome to yell, to scream, toSHOUT! Just be sure to take a moment remembering what this lifetimes all about… …the love that I showed you when I hung upon a tree… …Kid you learned that lesson well, as I can surely see. March, 6th 2017
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    Excellent question, great responses. I like it when people, especially ones I know, ask detailed questions, either about PD in general, or my PD specifically. I really don't mind answering questions as I'm happy to educate people. Sometimes, things are hard to explain, but it's still ok because I figure the challenge is good for maintaining my cognitive function. Not many people ask, though. Perhaps they think I don't want to talk about it. It amuses me when people comment about my relative youth. My best response is, "Disease knows no boundaries. I have a friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer at 33." What I wish others knew: Routine tasks are anything but. They require more effort than they could imagine, but they won't hear me complain because I don't want pity. Everybody has problems. Mine aren't necessarily worse than someone else's, just less common & less understood.
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    Linda, I'm glad to have you as a friend. As to a few others, well Mom said it best "If you don't have anything polite to say, don't say anything at all". I miss Mom, very wise women. I finally rearranged my home office. Still working, grateful for the gifts I have, but at times realize there is a whole world out there and I need to step away from my computer. Oh, today is the anniversary of my parents 70th wedding. I still count my lucky stars to have had such wonder parents. Of the six of us kids, five are doing well. One is bitter about life in general and feels he had the worst childhood ever. My only thought is what we focus on brings out the best, or the worst, in all of us. Always amazed that some people can be in a lush garden, and yet just focus on the weeds. Meanwhile I'm up early, all three dogs camped out in the office with me. I've had my morning espresso and looking forward to a nice sunrise. Life is good.
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    Yeah!!! This is who we need on our side, fighting for a solution.
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    That statement would only make sense if someone asked for your opinion right? Looks like BIg Brother is watching very closely now.
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    Good Morning Everyone, I hope that everyone had a good weekend. I am happy to say that I finished with the maple syrup boiling on Saturday. Now the cleanup!!! So Ella, I have become the MC, you made me chuckle. I just write stuff and try to engage people to come forward and say hi. A long time ago, I realised that a lot of the topics on the forum were complex and I felt that I never had enough knowledge to offer a comment on it. But me being me, I couldn`t just read and not say anything. That is how Good Morning`` got started. No topic really. Just a place to say hi! Or whatever you want. Like a never closed coffee shop where we can all sit down and chat and come and go. Make a comment, or just a nod, I know some of you just walk up and peek in the window, perhaps you are shy to come in and pull up a chair and that is fine too. Just know that everyone is welcome to join in with a comment if you wish. There is lots of room for everyone to join in. And Ella, If I get to be the MC, and a strand of this thread, and I can be so bold to say; it is only through the dedicated postings and readings of all of you that have taken all of these strands and created a good and strong strong thread that with passing time has become a strong rope. With a strength of history, a purpose of the present, and hopes of the future the rope grows stronger. Well, I didn`t sit down intending to spout off about all this. Maybe LAD it was triggered by your comment a couple days back when you said we all ``seem to know each other so well``. Good days to all, jb
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    Tom, Glad you posted.. I relate so much. Results of diminishing cognitive/psych exams tell the story. However, it doesn't reflect the impact I'm experiencing. Yeah, I dont match colored cards...ok...that does not equate to the slaps I feel ...not just the embarrassment...but losing confidence. Lately, when asked a question, my response is followed with, "Are you sure?" Beau's Mom, Diane, often speaks of the "grief process" with each change in symptoms...denial, anger, acceptance. She is correct. I posted before that cognitive skills are the hardest...cuz one feels alone...hiding deficits...while one hands you a crutch when ya fall. Tom, I think I'm in acceptance phase now. I no longer help DH in finding locations in the car..(smile)...not only do I dont know where I am .....DH doesn't listen to I worked for a lot of letters after my name...and now it means nothing.....can't do simple math, can't follow directions from automated phone "people".... the list is long. I'm ok with it. I've posted before, but bares repeating: I'm no longer a professional, no longer a mom, I seldom leave the house...I am a shadow of myself....I've pondered...why am I here....knowing I face a long good bye.... I prayed...prayed for weeks... to know my purpose. Finally, I received an answer.....just to me...I am to be the best daughter of God I can be. Period.: Life is not about comparison, competition, or living up to expectations of others...especially those from me. It was like a catharsis..a cleansing of a life time pressure I created and carried....I no longer need to convince anyone of my worth....I am worthy. I wish this for everyone...I am at peace with PD...and I've peace in my heart. Each day I give thanks for knowing my purpose....and it is not limited to our time here.....I believe there is good ahead for each of us. I've again made a long post....Tom, I understand. Let's both hope there are some lurkers out there who can relate. love the ones you love, NN
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    It's super rainy in Seattle today but we have magical nesting hummingbirds sitting on eggs in our backyard!
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    Check these exercises for hands
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    Discussing religions for the purpose of comfort is one thing. Pushing a religion for the purpose of conversion is another. Ninety percent of the content here was generated by Linda in her effort to convert the so called lost souls to the glory of her god. The recent post that bothered me most was the one she posted regarding the scientific documentation that supports her position that LGBT community persons actions are a choice rather than a natural condition of their birth. What has this to do with PWP? IMHO again this forum is no place for this anti LGBT propaganda.
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    Bill, this is why my avatar (photo next to my name) has my Golden Retriever. I tell everyone he is my dedicated smiler. My wife for years would ask "are you mad at me?" "Are you upset?" As I concentrate on anything, I forget to smile! It is just the muscle memory isn't there any more, it is still in our hearts, but not "automatic smile" on my face. Worst part is I'll be tired, and sit down for a while. Not only not smiling, but mouth drops open and suddenly I realize I've been drooling. Oh my! There is a wonderful cartoon by Peter Shohls-Dunlap that sums up "the parkie face" -- works great when buying a new car. Drives salesmen crazy as they can not "read" your expression.
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    No I don't have the button but I loved what it said ! Have a good weekend everyone!
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    Well nearly a year later (well..not quite) I have a update. I have spent a lot of time with him over the months and things are going much better for us. He is happy to have me in his life again and I am glad to be there for him (as cheesy as that sounds). Being uncomfortable over symptoms of a disease was a child-like behavior I am glad to have left behind, I am learning to grow up a bit more emotionally and so on. I will continue to support him and try to learn more to help in regards to his health.
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    Everything in life involves trade offs. Meds for PD are no exception. Ive been taking carbidopa/levodopa since my Dx 19 months ago. Only side effect since then was daytime sleepiness. So I switched from the regular instant release (often called Sinemet) to an extended release version (Rytary). Same medication, just different rate of release. I feel like I did 5 years ago as a result. However I know that the trade off is a high probability of dyskenisia (bad movements) at some point in the future. However, the latest research shows that you probably aren't saving yourself much if anything by delaying those meds. It is the total dose of levodopa that causes that side effect more so than duration of taking it. There are other meds you can try too. Primarily the dopamine agonists like Requip and Mirapex. However those have their own risks, including impulse control disorders, and sleep attacks (suddenly falling asleep when that is inappropriate like while at work or driving). Some on here choose to not medicate at first. For them exercise is a key part of fighting the disease, as it really should be even if you are taking meds. It will boil down to whether the symptoms are more bothersome for you than the risks of the side effects. But the meds are not something to fear, just something to consider with deliberation.
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    I wouldn't call it consise or informative but this is what I posted on my blog April 1st: Happy Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Month April is national Parkinson’s disease awareness month, and since I have Parkinsonism I was planning on doing a big post. A post talking about things like the early warning signs (like changes in handwriting), as well as some of its lesser known symptoms (such as trouble swallowing, losing your sense of smell, and constipation; Parkinsonism is the gift that keeps on giving), then end the post with the fact that yes you can develop Parkinsonism at 32 (your drs are just going to diagnosis you with migraines, myasthenia gravis, an aneurysm, strokes, and seizures before they get around to giving you a pill that makes you vomit twice a day; but hey, at least it takes away your tremors). So I was planning on doing a fairly long post, but then my body went and decided to develop a large ovarian cyst (what can I say, my body does weird stuff; but at least I get great parking). In place of the post I had planned, I will leave you with what I would call my Parkinson’s disease charity, were I to start one: Cure Rotten Awful Parkinsonism Michael J Fox totally wishes he’d thought of that acronym first!
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    Oh boy. I have nothing but sympathy and warmth to send. I have cared for 2 parents at this stage of life, and it was wrenching. I have watched and helped my friend with PSP go through this. Hang on. Take walks. Ask people to come in and sit for 20 minutes so you can run and get a cup of coffee somewhere OUT of the house. Talk to the hospice people. If he is in pain, can they up his pain medication to make him more comfortable? There are risks to that (depressed breathing, addiction) but it may be worth exploring. Meditation for you may help. Classical music playing softly in the background can also keep your spirit calmer as you go through this. Reaching out to friends, I hope you know you can pm me at any time, and I will respond with warmth, sympathy and respect. Deep breaths, this must be the hardest loss of all. Certainly my experience is a very pallid reflection of what you are going through. We're all here to help in whatever way we can.
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    Hi Linda, Thank you for finding this. I really want to respond respectfully. Here it is : EEK! EEK! EEK! Okay, on a serious level, The PC discussion is good, but this Donald Frost is a shill for other interesting ideas. Specifically, did you know that Barney Frank and Barack Obama were responsible for the financial crash of 2007? Or that the Bundys are non violent patriots? So let's step back and just look at some of what the article suggests. "Political correctness is very appealing to many people, in large part, because it demands--not requests--kindness from others." Well, yes, except for the 'demands'. In my way of life, PC requests that if we have a discussion on an issue, belittling the other person is not helpful, and therefore should be avoided. If someone says something I think is non "PC" I have a right to respectfully ask that person to clarify their statement, as it makes me uncomfortable for X, Y reasons. If they respnd, great! We can have a discussion, and both will learn about the others viewpoint. If the discussion is refused, well, that is the refuser's loss. We cannot learn, unless we all consider other people's point of views that make us uncomfortable. Frost here is using a nifty logic trick, take "requests"t and turn it into unreasonable "demands", and then label the whole concept as a tool of "the ultra-liberal hierarchy for the purpose of achieving power." I do indulge in PC speak. I ask that people do not make personal attacks in my presence, consider other people's viewspoints as valid and not belittle those viewpoints, and treat everyone as fellow human beings. Pretty radical, huh? And no, I do not believe I am "an elevated human." I just try (and hopefully occasionally succeed) at being a decent member of the human race. I am not sure that I can say the same of Donald Frost, who writes a lot of letters to the editor which point out grievous faults in others, but never solutions or compassion.
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    Substituted in a classroom today. I had the kids doing my coordination exercises. They cracked up! They asked me why I needed them and I said I have Parkinson's. They were like "ok so....what's next? " it was poor you puppy dog eyes ...just get on with the brain teasers Mrs. D! Gotta love kids!
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    And it's dark out. And getting darker. But no matter how dark it gets it is worth it to stand in line for the famous JB maple syrup. Someone else in line is singing a beautiful song while I cook pan cakes on the griddle. The griddle is on a table with wheels. So I cook as I roll. And I yell out, "Who has number 300,000." Someone in line throws up his hand and I flip that stack directly into his palm. Just in time to also get his maple syrup also. Some people had waited in line since yesterday and slept in line in a sleeping bag. Some people are here so long that I give them little chores to do. Hey, you want the maple syrup so badly that chores does not phase you. You'd much rather he had the extra time to make that syrup. Except the season is over but JB saw ahead and made much and selling it now cause these people know their syrup. A number of Parkies are in line too. When we get to the next in line we say, "Oh I forgot something." and run back to the end of the line tugging the griddle behind me. It was so much fun that I decided to stay in line. That has to be a record. Then I float and something stopped the train of thought and open my eyes and realize it was a dream. And if you believe that one I have a swamp I could sell you. Or is it the London Bridge. I think they both are not available.
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    Well that says volumes about you, that you took my post in a negative manner. I could have said LOL because I agreed with you and thought your post was funny. On the other hand, I could have said LOL because I thought it was total hypocrisy on your part for polluting a thread about health insurance with your personal ideology. Either way, you polluted a thread. Not far in the past, you started a thread on Christian Faith that was polluted by a few non-believers. You didn't take it well, and I didn't think it was necessary either. What does impeaching Trump have to do with Healthcare questions? CNN, MSNBC, Fox and many others have political threads. Let your frustrations out there. Here's a hint: Nobodies minds will ever be changed. And yes, our political situation is in dire straits, but I didn't think this board was where I would have to encounter the endless blabber I see everywhere else! If you want to start a personal, political dialog, feel free to message me so it stays off this board. If you want to start a Christian dialog about judging others or casting the first stone, I'd also be happy to entertain you.....Keep it fair and civil regarding the intent of the thread. Is that so hard to ask?
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    I am extremely disappointed that you the entire thread started by linda. I am a christian and have enjoyed a number of posts on that thread. My faith is the only way I am able to cope with this awful illness. Now I understand that not everyone has the faith that I do and thats fine, if they dont believe then they should just not read the thread!! Its as simple as that. They have a choice to make : 1. Dont bother to read the thread b/c it doesnt purtain to you 2. Or read thread and try to make trouble. That thread provided alot of encouragement to many people. Isnt that what this web site is for?? To encourage one and another. By removing the entire thread you are taking away some source of comfort for many of members of this group. Now I dont call that supporting one another Do you???
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    Thanks. The one thing that went well was the programming. I got programmed the day before I went to the hospital and it worked great! So, at least I got a taste of how well it can work for me before I decide to risk it again
  35. 3 likes
    Welcome back Linda. I'm sorry about Madi. I'm glad you and Dusty have each other. Lenamegan-I watch the hummingbird migration site so that I make sure their food is out and ready for them when they get to my state. jb-count me in on the party. Give me plenty of notice because I'd like to go on horseback. LOL. Me and my Max would be lucky to make it to the mailbox at the end of the drive! On an old thread I think I remember reading that you drank tonic water for dystonia. Do I remember that correctly? If so, how much did it take for symptom relief? LAD-I love your attitude. Bard, Marcia, TexasTom, ellaangel-It's good to "see" you. em45-Nice to meet you. Dianne-I hope you're getting along well.
  36. 3 likes
    I appreciate that this forum is offered to those of us with PD. Its the only place some of us have to turn to where we are free to speak about our condition and receive support. However, by locking the Christian thread the Admin have rewarded certain malicious individuals while punishing many others undeserving of punishment. Instead of stopping the bullies they have encouraged them and in doing so actually propagate the unacceptable behavior. That thread gave some a fighting chance against apathy and depression. Am I wrong that I assumed Admin were NPF employed so therefore knowledgeable about PD? That thread was taken from people who already lose too much each day. I post this with all due respect and ask that the Admin reopen the Christian thread and block the combative individuals from posting on it.
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    This ongoing post has been closed. Please refer to the Forum Terms and Rules located here: If the abuse continues users will be banned. Thank you.
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    I am a talker and I definitely inherited that from my mother. I'll talk to anyone about anything . If I see someone looking at me funny because of something I've done or how slowly I'm moving i'll just say "I have Parkinson's". I've never gotten a negative response sometimes people ask me questions sometimes they don't. If they ask questions I'll always give them a truthful answer. One day One of my husbands coworkers caught her spouse asking me questions about PD. She chided him and told don't ask her questions about her medical condition again . And here I was thinking it was great that now he knew more about my condition because we frequently travel with them so it's been very helpful that he understands more about what I'm going through. Truthfully I think my coworkers spouse knows more about my PD than my own spouse. So really I just want people to ask anything that They don't know or understand. Delta
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    FYI: I just discovered the "My Parkinson's Story" videos produced by the VA. I thought they were great.
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    Patriot, you may be right. I don't know. I know with my DH with Parkinson's, we have not overused the system. We are on Medicare and not Medicaid. He has had home health care and he is now on hospice, but managing without it would have been extremely difficult to impossible. I rarely see a doctor even with no co-pay with Medicare and a supplement. In fact, I probably wait too long to see a doctor which creates its own set of problems. I don't know people who overuse the system. There are likely some, but how many, who, and why, I don't know. There are trained researchers who can compile this information. My son is a Ph.D Medical Bioinformaticist working for a hospital. His job is to research whatever the hospital needs in regards to patient care and costs. We operate on personal observation and assumed information and neither may be accurate. When we get serious about quality healthcare for all and compile provable information on which to base decisions and policy, we will be much closer to a workable solution.
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    One of the keys to saving Medicaid is to make every recipient pay some sort of co-pay. When people pay nothing, they have no incentive to conserve. When I go to the doctor, I know that I'm going to pay 20%. If the doctor charges $200, then I pay $40. I do not go to the doctor unless I really need to. Many people on Medicaid go to the doctor or ER for very minor things because it costs them nothing (I'm paying for it).
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    I'm sure glad we can all agree on this, as I for one don't come here to read a bunch of political claptrap.
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    I started to get some dandruff flakes so I started using a dandruff shampoo. The flaking actually got worse and the shampoo darkened the hair around my scalp and made it feel coated and look bad. So, I put a couple drops of tea tree oil in my regular shampoo, put it on the crown of my head and left it there for about 10-15 minutes then washed my hair. The dandruff is gone (it's been a month and still no flakes) and it also completely took off the build up on my hair from the dandruff shampoo.
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    I agree with Dianne! The first step should be an evaluation by an ENT specialist. He may perform -if needed- a flexible laryngoscopy- to watch you swallow solids and liquids and evaluate your condition (flexible laryngoscopy is a very simple and well tolerated procedure, nothing to worry about). The next step is a speech and swallowing therapist (not necessarily a MD) with expertise in functional/neurological dysphagia !! Based on the evaluation of the ENT, and under the guidance of your neurologist, the therapist will inform you on all your options, give you valuable tips that will help you swallow safely and start you on specific exercises for muscles involved in swallowing. Expiratory muscle strength training is an example of physiotherapy which has shown excellent results in improving swallowing difficulties. Other much simpler exercises, such as chewing gum, may also help!!! My dad -who also has Parkinson's- has significant swallowing difficulties. We have just finished the first step -the ENT evaluation- and are now looking for a therapist so that he starts therapy as soon as possible. Swallowing is a very important function and you should follow "aggressive" treatment to preserve it. Good luck and keep us posted!
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    Glad to hea rthis.i had stage 3 this past Mon and my next event is 5/11. the turn on UpdateStage III STAGE III REDO I am happy to say this past Monday I had another successful Stage III surgery. I say this with extreme caution because of what happened last time with an infection looming just under my skin, waiting to come out. Stage II and III went just like last time, but I seemed to take more of it in. I didn’t remember so much of my surroundings the first time, and I acted like I was still under the happy juice for a good while the second time around. When I came around in recovery after my phase 2 surgery wanting a pizza, I did everything I could think of to get one. The poor girl transporting me didn’t know what to think. I tried to get her to stop on the second floor at the cafeteria. I even offered to buy lunch for everyone! They were happy to get me to a room I’m sure. I continued to have fun though. My room nurse came in at a shift change to ask the usual questions, you know, "What’s your pain level? Where does it hurt?" Well, I answered about a 2 or so and then busted out laughing as I pointed to the baseball stitches across my head, as if to say "Where do you THINK it hurts?!". It just struck me as funny, and I cried I was laughing so hard. The nurse finally got it and cracked a smile. My current status has me at home taking it easy, waiting for the turn on day. To refresh your memory, that was the day they found the infection and removed all the hardware last time. That’s not going to happen this time. I feel better overall. One concerning side-effect has been some confusion. Docs say that it’s not uncommon to experience some confusion during fist couple weeks after surgery. We’re keeping an eye on that for certain. With that, I’ll fade back into cyber space while I heal up until I have any more news.
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    Genden, I hope you are able to take a nap. Next time you contact a hospice nurse, ask for advice. Ask for help with this temperature, or an explanation of its possible origin. It may not be the catheter. Sometimes, if someone is very ill and weak, their temperature control can go off. Was he in pain at that time? Or just fidgety? His comfort (and your ability to rest!) is paramount. A respectful hospice nurse should be able to help with those questions if you ask them. Don't feel pushy if you ask for one nurse over another if you are more comfortable. Also don't feel embarrassed about talking to them that you felt left alone and let down by their lack of response. Ask them what is a reasonable call back time when you need help. Keep on keeping on, and deep breaths. We are holding you in our thoughts.
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    New Normal, I have been hiring since 2014 for my husband who has PD. I currently find my caregivers off of The site has a company that handles the deductions for social security, etc. My best advice is just take care of the current need. The needs change and then you find another person to fill that need. One day at a time. Also, too, find a caring and loving person who has experience in what you need for the current situation. The average time each person has stayed is 5 - 10 months. I did hire a man who stayed 5 months. He had been a football player and did a good job. The men are out there. The cost of a single room in a nursing home in Memphis, TN, very basic is $7,200. Just try to keep your costs below what it would take to pay for a facility and you will be ahead of the game. Also, do as much as you can for as long as you can. When you see yourself breaking down in one way or another, it is time for increased help/assistance. God bless you!
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    Tex, I'm so touched by your post, and I just want you to know that the feeling is mutual. I've always admired you--very much--and am glad we can count each other as friends. Thank you. And yes, moms are surely very wise, I agree. I often think of how hard my mother worked for our family of five, cooking or preparing three meals a day (in those days it was rare to go out to eat--and when we did, it was to go to Howard Johnson's, as there weren't as many choices then). She ensured we waited for my dad to get home from work at the end of the day, so that we ate together as a family each evening at supper. This after cleaning, doing laundry, ironing (yes, that used to be done!), gardening, practicing the piano, and so faithfully volunteering in many ways inside and outside the church. She had so much love and so much commitment. She was a quiet person and we enjoyed just sitting with her, often without even talking--just being close felt so comfortable and secure. Your mom sure had her work cut out for her with six(!) kids! I seem to recall a lot (or all?) of those were sons? I'm so sorry about the one who is bitter. Hopefully with time and life experiences he may be able to work through that. And my goodness--70 years of marriage for your parents!! Are they both still living? Isn't it unusual (and very touching) in this day and age to hear of that long a marriage. I miss so much the days when that was pretty much the norm for many, and families were so much closer. Give those 3 sweet dogs a scratch for me. Is that cardinal still upset about the one he sees in the mirror? LOL!!! That really is just so funny.
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    This too shall pass. I always have to remind myself of this. Drama happens when we react to things rather than let it go. So many people have come and gone from this forum since I joined. Yesterday's confrontations are now a distant memory.
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