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    My reflections from a truly inspiring weekend spent with scientists and researchers, only together will we ever be able to rid the world of PD.... https://tmrwedition.com/2018/09/16/notes-from-the-synuclein-conference/
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    When I commented that I could add to that Tom, I meant add to that tome, which means story I think. I can't say that I have ever used the word tome before. A new 4 letter word for me. The power of Mother nature is on display this weekend. The super typhoon Manghut that is hitting SE Asia, which is an even bigger storm than Florence which is bathing the Carolinas with water has to remind us that we are mere residents of this planet. Maybe She just found out about the collection of plastic floating through the oceans of the world and she is about to cash in our security deposit and kick us all off of this planet. Life on this lovely planet, the best planet that I know of, comes with a responsibility In my opinion. If you had free rent in someone's guest house, you wouldn't be trashing it like we have the land, air and oceans of our spinning rock we call Earth. I'm not saying that the people being flooded by rain, and blown about by wind this weekend are at fault, they only happen to be where She has perhaps pushed back. now a nature story. My neighbour showed me a cell phone picture of a coyote that she saw on a local golf course . In the rough, she saw it find and catch a chipmunk. My friend wondered what was up when the coyote set the dead rodent on the fairway's edge and settled back into the underbrush nearby. Within a few minutes, a seagull circled the inert chipper and descended on the easy meal, only to fall victim to a lightning flash of fur and snapping teeth as the coyote launched itself back onto the course and nailed the bird. The coyote then gathered up the seagull and chipmunk and headed off to have its lunch. Take note wiley e. coyote in your quest for capturing the animated roadrunner,: no falling anvils, roller skates and fans, or dynamite were used to catch this seagull. Good days to everyone, jb
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    After 11 days in India I'll head to the Netherlands and between work and play will be there for another 6 days.
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    We are off to Boston...India sounds a bit more adventurous! LAD
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    A woman from my church returned yesterday from India and Nepal. Enjoy! Dianne
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    Hey RobP., Welcome aboard. Come right this way. You can drop your bags off and join everyone in the lounge for a meet and greet! Welcome to the PD Club at Hotel California. You can't check out and you can't leave either...! But you can exercise, take your meds, stay hopeful and live your life. That seems like what people are doing on this forum. Everyone is asking questions and supporting each other through the tough times. Sharing resources and frustrations and just trying to make it another day. I have the brain fog sometimes, but the Carbidopa Levadopa seems to have cleared that up mostly,. Sometimes I cant remember people's names or recall the name of objects. I still have terrible short-term memory and seem to forget stuff all over the place. My wife has been helping by asking me questions and making sure I have numeric cues. For example think 4 before leaving the house. Do I have the four things I need most? .. car keys, glasses, wallet and phone? If I start having apathy, she knows to ask me - what is your plan for fixing this thing? rather than just nagging me with - can you please just do this, what's taking so long, nag nag nag? It's a work in progress. But it's working and I'm making progress. -S
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    Pathfinder, hectic is an understatement! I will be thinking of you and your husband and sending healing energy your way. Dianne
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    Yes LADy, I can see where the presence of alligators could spike the excitement level. Good days to everyone out there, and has anyone heard from Mrs. Pathfinder. be safe and strong and fist to the sky, jb
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    Glad to hear from you Violinda. Water, water, everywhere, hope you all are safe down there, we need a super hero, how bout it SheRa of the Carolinas. One of my favourite books ever was Chesapeake by Michener. You could add a chapter to that tom and tie yourself into that family tree. That war of 1812, sorry bout that. We really didn't need to whup you so bad. You guys just caught Great Britian with time and soldiers on hand. Be careful in all that water down there. Be careful of electricity in the water. Fists to the sky in Paper Bag Princess defiance to whatever bugs us . jb
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    Dear Friends, It has been a long time since I have posted. Tackling PD alone isn't fun, but felt like I needed some insight from this community. I am finding that my tremors worsen, or become more noticeable, when I venture out of my home. Of course, they are always present, but I notice they spike when I leave. Consequently, I am the first one to leave a party and come home early or, more often than not, I just choose not to attend social gatherings. Does anyone else struggle with this form of anxiety and Parkinsons? Curious in Central California
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    Thanks for thinking of us and for the encouragement, jb. The hurricane has slowed to 5 mph, a good thing except for the fact that it will mean a lot of flooding--and over a very large area. I keep watching the reports to see if it's sneaking up to the Chesapeake Bay which goes right up the middle of our tiny little squinched state (which doesn't seem so little except looking at it on a map where it can hardly even be seen). BUT...farther up the Bay, in what is now the Baltimore Harbor, is where our National Anthem was penned by Frances Scott Key while a prisoner on a ship just off shore when he looked out and saw our flag raised the next morning signaling our victory.* So I guess sometimes good things come in small packages. We're small, but we count.** *204 years ago this evening, on Sep. 13, 1814, at the "twilight's last gleaming" at Fort McHenry, Francis Scott Key proudly hailed the star spangled banner. It was famously still waving the next morning. It still waves--and the republic for which it stands still stands--today.* (Bill Kristol) The War of 1812 was a conflict fought between the United States, the United Kingdom, and their respective allies from June 1812 to February 1815. Historians in Britain often see it as a minor theatre of the Napoleonic Wars; in the United States and Canada, it is seen as a war in its own right. (Wikipedia) **Besides, which, the Maryland countryside is just beautiful (and horse country), and the crab cakes at little crab shacks and places of fine dining around the areas of the harbor and bay are especially scrumptious! Interestingly, too, the northern part of Maryland was Union, and the Southern part was Southern. Those traits and traditions still seem to hold even today in many ways.
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    Zero, you are honestly more hypochondriac than I. I mean I get you, I know what it's like when medical doctors give you late/wrong diagnosis for years, then you get paranoid about anything that can go wrong. It kind of shattered my psyche when all my health issues started because I realized how fragile it all is and how little we know in science in regards to neuro stuff. But lets look at the facts: You're on multiple neuroleptic meds and your symptoms are relatively minor. People can randomly develop neuro stuff alone. Ataxia, dystonia, akathisia, so on and so forth. Many of the above are also part of an umbrella of symptoms for stuff like PD and ALS or MS. But you don't showcase any of the classic signs if either. Go to the ALS message board and ask. Your tremors don't resemble PDs at all. And ALS starts with muscle weakness, like you can't pick up a pitcher of water, you drop your glass of water type muscle weakness. All the symptoms you are displaying are also symptoms that can be caused both by and from tolerance/interdose withdrawals of benzos/ADs. Further there's literally no concrete tests for diagnosis most all this stuff. So doctors will go off the symptoms most of the time, and you don't showcase them enough. Is it possible you are in the very early stages of PD where it's not advanced enough to showcase the classic signs? Possibly. But there's literally 1) no way to tell until such a time and 2) nothing you can do about it regardless. So I would suggest you stop fixating and being obsessive compulsive because no answer is going to be satisfactory to you. Just take care of your health, increase your D by sun exposure or supplements. Do at least some light exercise everyday, and avoid a lot of sugar. These things are helpful for everyone, and especially so for people with things like PD, so just cover your bases. maybe try to get off your meds, and be content to know that's all you can do right now, and that's all you can know right now. I've accepted my muscle tensions at some form of dystonia/extreme RLS for now, because there's literally nothing I can do about it except takes meds which I don't want to. I've gotten my remeron usage almost gone, and after an initial stage of super anxiety and paranoia, I feel better about it. My sleep is still shit, but some nights are increasing towards tolerable. You can just take it one day at a time, but obsessing and fixating to your level isn't going to help you better, nor is knowing. Also the fact that you said some stuff come and went, makes me think even more it's the meds. I had the same thing with benzos and remeron. Coming off benzos I hate all kinds of crazy shit, neuro, stomach, sleep, etc. Remeron was different but also bad.
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    https://ladpdjourney2.wordpress.com/ new post if anyone's interested LAD
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    While it's true that many who have Parkinson's have lost their sense of smell, it is not a reliable indicator for the presence of the disease. You can have Parkinson's and still have your sense of smell. I do.
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    Update on baby Liam....all is well. He was born on October 18th, a couple weeks early, but healthy! I did end up back in the hospital with a blood clot, but am home now enjoying my kiddos, and loving our new addition <3