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    Hi guys. Discussion has obviously been discouraged, but this is important. You may or may not care about the 14 million losing their insurance next year, (and yes, I will be one as I am in the open market and am in my 50s with a pre-existing condition), but the following year, 2020 is vital. That is when the 880 billion permanent cut occurs of Medicaid (corrected, see below) funding, and coincidentally, the same year an 880 billion tax break is given to the extremely wealthy. Nursing homes will suffer. No more opiod addiction treatment. No more PT, except for immediate gain (broken leg, post surgery). Read the CBO report. It is interesting. Good luck. ETA--sorry, sorry, sorry. I spent so much time working out the correct figures, that I wrote "medicare" not MEDICAID. I've corrected the post. My apologies.
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    I'm sure glad we can all agree on this, as I for one don't come here to read a bunch of political claptrap.
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    I think I deserve brownie points for even seeing this post. Yes it's very confusing to me as well. I think it's too... busy.
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    Both make valid points. Religion and politics often bring on heated discussions. Everyone thinks they are right and no one ever backs down gently. Let's all focus on what this forum is about. We are here to support, offer suggestions, and learn about PD. Life is hard enough without adding more unnecessary stress.
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    Thanks pdmanaz. I understand your opinion on this. Electronic forums in general are a poor medium for discussing/debating some topics/issues. I have learned alot from this forum on PD related subjects. Have a good one! DB
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    Interesting this was brought up. Last night I was watching Fixer Upper on HGTV and I told my sister that there was some controversy with the show being that they never had a gay couple as clients. My sister who is a die hard Christian said so what? It's their show. If people don't like it then they don't have to watch it. It is sad to be so closed minded and her refusal to see how other people live their lives. Christians are always trying to "encourage" people to go with their way of thinking but I've never been tempted. To each it's own.
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    This forum isnt an open or religious forum. The interest is Parkinsons for the benefit of PWP and their support group. Why this thread has been allowed to continue is beyond me. It has nothing to do with my belief system. Christians can always justify inclusion in any group for the pure opportunity of soul harvesting. I know i dont have to read it if i dont like it. That isnt the point at all and you know it. If there was a thread on here for the pure opportunity of supporting the LGBT community you would be the first to complain. Maybe some of the PWP fit into this group. You dont know. I see no difference.
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    This was Linda's thread and her "mission statement" upfront was IMO clear. Over 44,000 hits is a testament to the interest (or critique) of topics related to Christianity. There have been some who have questioned why the entire thread is on a PD forum and they are certainly entitled to their opinion. I encouraged Linda to stay on track when she was discouraged over a year ago and I am glad she stayed with it. At the same time I support the right of atheists, agnostics, humanists, and other belief systems to start their own thread on this forum. Everyone has the freedom to chose what they read or don't read if they find the topic objectionable on the "Open" Forum.
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    RE: ‘Sexuality and Gender: Findings from the Biological, Psychological, and Social Sciences’ By: Matt Barber I personally find this subject offensive on this website supporting persons with Parkinson's Disease. What in the world does this have to do with PD? I know I'm going to get grief from some of you for this but - hey! That's the way it goes. Most every group, every religion, every social structure is always questioning the personal habits or beliefs of someone else. We can't just allow people to be human and pursue their own brand of happiness without constant ridicule and derision from so called persons of faith and perfection. Everything we as humans do to survive is apparently the target of some other group that always thinks they have the answer for everyone else. I know "Love the sinner but not the sin". I've heard that crap all my life. It's not enough to love someone but you want to change them as well to met your or your Gods definition of right and wrong. Enough already - IMHO this forum isn't the place to proselytize against the LGBT community or evangelize for your certain religious beliefs. Very offensive.
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    I find the new forum quite confusing too! It's much more difficult to find new content/follow topics now. Not parkie-friendly...and, for some reason, I also find it kind of "uninviting", especially for new members. could be just me of course. Stephen is a very dear friend of mine, a sensitive, intelligent, amazing man, an excellent diagnostician/pathologist and a very talented artist (painter and writer). It would be a real gift to patients if he started practicing medicine again.
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    By the way, this new site is very confusing to use. Anybody else feel the same?
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    I could see why you would want to decrease some of your medications. Many of us with PD take so many medications that every once in a while we may want to see if our symptoms have decreased over time so we may try to cut back on a certain medication. Eventually, more sooner than later, we realize the important role that medication plays in our life. As far as you reducing the Requip, I think now you can see that the Requip has improved your quality of life. If you continue decreasing the amount of Requip you take, I am sure that your quality of life will diminish more. My suggestion is to stay on the Requip so you can sustain a better quality of life. The symptoms that the Requip is taking care of are not symptoms that will decrease on their own over time. They will, more than likely, only proceed to get worse. I would also like to address the supplements you are taking. No matter what the supplement is, I usually recommend that you sepperate the supplement from your PD medications by taking them at least an hour before taking your PD medications or two hours after taking your PD medication. This way we know that there is no interaction with your PD medication and any supplements. I hope this helps and please keep me posted.
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    I read something this morning that has given me pause, and I thought it might interest people on this thread. (Including you, Linda. I hope, as do so many others, that this is a technical problem only) This is a quote from Leonardo Boff, which was put forth on "Inward/outward" this morning: "Falling Down Falling is not just a physical accident. Falling means recognizing freely and sincerely the limits of our strength in the face of situations that are beyond us and force us to submit. Falling shows our human frailty. It reveals the fragile clay of which we are made, showing us that we are neither omnipotent nor invulnerable. Confronted with such a fall, we may nurture a spirit of revolt...Or we may nurture a spirit of resignation...There is a third possibility, however: We can nurture the spirit of humility. While calmly accepting our fall, we may still trust in God, whose strength comes to reinvigorate our weakness, and get up again with renewed courage." I have thought about this all day. I hope I can have a spirit of humility the next time I fall with my PD.