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    Isn't it interesting how our perspectives differ? Unfortunately our health care is directly influenced by politics. Wouldn't it be wonderful if all of those in positions of power would sit down together, pull together the best information from those who deliver healthcare, those who receive healthcare, those who research healthcare, costs, outcomes, etc.. with the ultimate goal in mind of delivering good healthcare to everyone and come up with a solution, taking politics and self interest from all sectors out of it. If this happened, most of us would accept, agree, and be happy.
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    Sigh. No one ever did on any thread I was on. Why does draconian cuts to the poor and ill among us bring the president to mind? The issue remains: What type of country do you want to live in? I choose tolerance, compassion for others, and open minded discussion.
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    Both make valid points. Religion and politics often bring on heated discussions. Everyone thinks they are right and no one ever backs down gently. Let's all focus on what this forum is about. We are here to support, offer suggestions, and learn about PD. Life is hard enough without adding more unnecessary stress.
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    Patriot, you may be right. I don't know. I know with my DH with Parkinson's, we have not overused the system. We are on Medicare and not Medicaid. He has had home health care and he is now on hospice, but managing without it would have been extremely difficult to impossible. I rarely see a doctor even with no co-pay with Medicare and a supplement. In fact, I probably wait too long to see a doctor which creates its own set of problems. I don't know people who overuse the system. There are likely some, but how many, who, and why, I don't know. There are trained researchers who can compile this information. My son is a Ph.D Medical Bioinformaticist working for a hospital. His job is to research whatever the hospital needs in regards to patient care and costs. We operate on personal observation and assumed information and neither may be accurate. When we get serious about quality healthcare for all and compile provable information on which to base decisions and policy, we will be much closer to a workable solution.
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    The issue is actually Medicaid. A $880 billion permanent cut to short term nursing home care (after hospitalization), long term nursing home care, respite care, physical therapy, home health care aides, hospice and respite services, hoyer lifts and hospital beds for the home, wheelchairs, drugs. That's just for the PD population. If you want further info for addiction services, psychiatric treatment, children's coverage, pregnancy, homeless vet care, go to https://www.medicaid.gov/ The issue is the deep cuts to the elderly, sick, very young, and disabled among us.
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    The issue here is whether a person can wait until they're seriously sick to obtain insurance. Can a person wait until their house is on fire to obtain fire insurance and then expect someone else to pay for it?
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    There has been no discouragement of discussion relevant to Parkinson's disease. Health care and insurance is obviously relevant and, in my view, therefore, welcome.
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    This forum isnt an open or religious forum. The interest is Parkinsons for the benefit of PWP and their support group. Why this thread has been allowed to continue is beyond me. It has nothing to do with my belief system. Christians can always justify inclusion in any group for the pure opportunity of soul harvesting. I know i dont have to read it if i dont like it. That isnt the point at all and you know it. If there was a thread on here for the pure opportunity of supporting the LGBT community you would be the first to complain. Maybe some of the PWP fit into this group. You dont know. I see no difference.