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    Hi, everyone. Am back from my unplanned and long hiatus. There was no ban (neither on me nor the thread), FYI. Just a series of mainly health issues I was dealing with, like life sometimes sends us all. I was without a laptop for most of that time, and it's good to now have a new one up and running.
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    I can't resist posting to this very long-standing thread. I am of Christian faith, so I decided to "open it" to see what it had to offer. If I followed Islam, Judaism, or any other religion (or non-religion), I wouldn't have bothered to read the post. If I read a sign on the door of a business that said "Only those who are atheists are allowed", I wouldn't enter. The title of the post tells you where you are headed "A thread for anyone interested in topics of Christian faith--all invited." What is so flippin hard to understand and complain about? If you find comfort in your religion to help with PD, then great. If you have no religion, great. Then post another topic expressing as such. Don't pollute a legitimate thread on a free, non-moderated forum. I'm always amused how non-believers always complain, and it never goes in reverse. My temperament tells me it may be time for my meds. Carry on....
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    BTW, swamper...you are right...I thought we had PD just up to a few weeks ago. So I was on the side that DaT scans were not always correct. I am kinda confused now, because PWP with negative scans are numerous...and it would be unusual for them all to have MSA or PD+. As I said earlier...epilepsy at one time was dx of numerous seizure disorders that now can be categorized. Mental illness is now a term for many dimensions. .With research, maybe PD will have additional subsets... which leads us to more definitive avenues for a cure. ?? Hugs to u, Swamper. NN
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    Tai chi is one of the most recommended programs for Parkinson's members and having your wife along will benefit her also. My husband has attended his senior center's tai chi class for many years and he thinks it saved his life from a much faster progression of Parkinson's. He has better balance and coordination. There are several Parkinson's members in his class-and we always recommend this program to our support group. One enthusiastic member even gave up his cane and feels like a new person. Plus attending a tai chi class gives you a great social group-which is another huge benefit for the Parkinson's community. As the disease progresses it becomes more socially isolating for the individuals which tends to make the disease progress faster. This is a great long term activity that you should be able to enjoy and find great benefit.
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    Great info to post, Lethe! Thank you. BillBRNC, yes, tai chi does provide real exercise if it is done correctly. It also leads the body to develop muscle memory that frees the mind and aids in relaxation. It does not lessen the need for cardiovascular exercise, though. And, yes, it is an ideal pursuit for couples. In every tai chi class in which I have participated, there was at least one married couple enrolled. It is an activity in which men and women seem to have equal ability.
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    Glad you are doing better, Linda! Luke, I like your tone. When I first saw this thread on the forum, I had no idea it would turn into one of the most entertaining of all! In state-run organizations (such as the high schools in which I once taught) I was unyielding in observing a strict separation of religions and general education. But this forum is not state-run and its threads not mandatory reading for pwp. Although I do not label myself "Christian," those who find Christianity helpful in their self-treatment are welcome to their own thread as far as I am concerned. They are not proselytizing if I am not reading. Like Luke, I say . . . carry on!
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    As always, NN, thank you for your very kind and supportive words. Much appreciated. I know you and your DH are going through especially challenging times right now and big decisions that have to be made, and yet you continue to reach out to others, a wonderful and caring characteristic.
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    I have to agree guys...try feeling more positive as we all know negativity is not good..depression can kick in. just started a mindfulness / exercise course so far so good. take care em
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    so true.so true.Our thoughts are what we are. Ive also found great help with doing good things like visiting others worse off. My PD has advanced somewhat but very little Hope your also. best john
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    I have read in many places that MSA and PD + will initially show an abnormal DATSCAN, however definitive diagnosis of MSA & Pd+ may take years to confirm after initial diagnosis of Parkinsonism from DATSCAN (as Adam's MDS stated.) This does not sound like what your MDS is telling you NN..........? Sounds like he is saying people that eventually get dx'd with MSA have had "normal" DATSCANS....... Now, I'm confused........
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    The vote in the house is schueled for tomorrow to celebrate the anniversary of the original AHA seven years ago.On a good note many republicans are speaking out against the bill Most say there is a lot more work to be done so no one needlessly goes without care.So if you haven't called your congressman please do. john Im sure you all heard that the ACa bill was repealed.That was a good thing for many people.Now there is work to be done to improve the old bill. My feeling is healthcare is far to costly for what it should be and maybe price controls wouldnt be a good place to start. Thanks for all you did their part in this effort.
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    Do we remember when "epilepsy" was the umbrella for "seizure disorders." Modern science is now creating subsets for many dx. A point to remember: time lines of progression cannot be correlated with any specific person. Even the "averages" or "mean" cannot, IMHO, be used to determine one's prognosiis. Simply too many variables. Example: both DH & I can recall neuro symptoms for decades before dx. DH has had bilateral trigeminal neuralgia for nearly 30 years with over ten procedures attempting to kill nerves to his brain. Pretty serious stuff...but never associated with PD. Nor with military service in Vietnam war. I had issues 30 years ago with bladder and bowel which fit neatly into PD symptoms. Now we learn probably neither of us have PD. Essentially, DH & I have had pre PD symptoms for nearly 45 years.Therefore, if we calculated prognosis and/or progression, with our true numbers, the progression chart would look much different then the current ones. Am I being clear? With our numbers, prognosis of life time or onset of debilitation could be 70 years. OK, I write this...because I read between the lines of newly dx'd PWP who are reading alot from Dr Google...and trying to make sense of your dx. With that, you want to predict when or if you may be compromised. Trust me...who is the original obsessive researcher..."it don't work." Regardless of the many white papers you digest...you do NOT know your future. No more than you can not predict when you will be hit by a bus. It is what it is. PD can be your enemy or your friend...it is your choice. You can begin each day expecting another symptom to develop...or you can awake with a list of things that may improve the life of another...which has most value? i so "get" what you are experiencing with the new developments...and like me...and many of us...you have a passion to know all there is to know...it is SO normal. However, as one accepts PD as a companion you may not even notice the changes because you will be absorbed in maximizing every day...you will have so many things to accomplish to enlarge your legacy..you have no time to study PD. PD as a companion is like adding weights for your exercise plan...it helps build your strength...and in ensuing years as PD walks beside tou, you will recognize that you see your world in vibrant colors while others fail to see it at all. You cherish the hugs.....sensing every touch...and filing into your favorite memory box...and you laugh at the silly things...and you wind up "dancing as if no one is warching" See what NN can do do a very simple thread???? Lol ...sorry the length and free counsel...and taking things off topic... Move on guys...back to Dat scans...love the effort to bring discussion here...and welcome all of you to the forum...it IS like a family...tho some of,our reunions can get out of hand...but in the end we are of the same herd. (Smile) Love the ones you love, NN BTW, Patrot, Iliked your comment...this new format doesn't note the"likes" ...
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    Well your father sounds like he is in about the same stage as my DH. My DH is now in a Health Care facility. He also does not have any interest in anything, with the progression of LBD he no longer can read but does enjoy looking at pictures. He also has had surgery for cataracts on both eyes and his last exam his eyes tested good but with the Parkinson's his perception of where things really are is off. No cure for that. I tired all the above he could not even begin to color in a book, puzzles confused him and he had no idea. They have man activities at the Center and he always says NO when they ask him if he would like to join in. He does enjoy music and they have every week two days where people come in and play and sing. He will join and listen to the music. It is very difficult, I have tried a simple game of Tic Tac Toe and he got all confused. I feel for you, his nuerologist said he is at the stage entering stage 5 and with LBD it will progress even furthur. Right now he knows me and everyone that comes to visit him he still knows. But decisions, etc no longer. I am still seeking things and trying things but pretty much in vain. Good luck and as I said I know where you are.