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    This ongoing post has been closed. Please refer to the Forum Terms and Rules located here: If the abuse continues users will be banned. Thank you.
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    Obviously, as usual, you haven't really read through the thread to better understand things like this, Roger. Because you don't really want to. We've discussed your sharing this article of Jacoby's again (which you post again and again and have gotten the feedback you need re: it). There are thoughts and answers to conundrums like this. And you well know that this thread's purpose is for support--not arguments. It IS for polite back-and-forth discussion, and I welcome questions. Not attacks. I've never seen you able to have that kind of discussion. You've sealed your fate here. We've had enough. It's clearly your decision, as you were warned. And one more thing to both you and pd: Don't you think I already have known all along that there were people who come into the thread who feel as you and pd do? I have known very well that there are those who object and who chatter together with others who also do. Do you think I'm so dumb as not to know that? It's part of a Christian's life. Christ was rejected and criticized, and he told His followers to also expect to be. I've experienced that all my life. Christ is who is most important to me--not those who like to try to hurt and taunt and say nasty, nasty things about me like you just have. What you just posted is despicable. And Roger, your posts are the reason that I could not correspond nor visit you any more as a friend. I found out very quickly that I never know what to expect from you, though I do see that you have more gumption to say things through a public forum, and with those who have been here before, just as now, with whom you can buddy up. Pretty childish--and also non-productive.
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    I suppose I could do that That's correct, I'm back in this fight, and somehow I'm more fired up than ever. Maybe the good lord has heard all your prayers and has given me an extra shot of confidence and courage. I must admit I had been dreading going through the procedure again till just the last few days. I've been encouraged by some improvements in the gym and, just an overall improvement in the way I feel. Swallowing had been a problem but it's cut me a little slack the last few days. I messed my lower back up and got something in my eye from weed eating. (Yes,I had glasses on) I get a break from the PD and, create other ills. Lol Nothing a trip to the chiropractor and massage envy can't take care of. The grass is all flushed from the eyeballs as well! Getting old sucks! I looked way back to Nov 2016, when I started this quest and thought about where I've been, and where I'm going? It brought me down to think of all that time wasted so I've stopped reflecting! "It is what it is!" as they say! I'm trying to look forward to the future and the good things ahead. I know it's going to get worse again before it gets better. Surgery just seems to take it out of you. What I hate more than anything, is my support team having to take up the slack at home, and keep me out of trouble. I feel this time they're going to put me in a sterile bubble boy suit and not let me out till I'm all healed! I'll try not to duplicate previous posts and bore you even more. My focus will be on noting any differences in the way I feel mentally and physically. I've had other stuff on my mind for a while that supersedes all my own woes that I'm going to share with the world wide web in hopes that there is an answer out there. I've been given permission from my daughter Amanda (we call her Mandy) to share her story. To my friends who ask how my girls are doing, I must apologize for not telling the whole truth. I would usually just say "they're doing good, Mandy is married living in Denver, and Morgan is in grad school at UT" and leave it at that. The truth is Mandy has been sick for about 1.5 years, and no one has made a good diagnosis. She's a beautiful young 24 year old that used to have boundless amounts of energy and strength. She could do more chin ups in middle school than any boy inn her class. She trained for hours after school for competitive gymnastics. She and her sister pulled and pushed me to the summit of Mt. Elbert, the highest point in Colorado at 14400 feet less than two years ago. That was then. Now on some days she doesn't feel like getting off her couch. She's has a low grade fever almost every day. Fatigue,body aches and pain are present as well. I don't think I can cover her symptoms adequately, I'll let her do that. There has been a lot of tests run looking for the obvious but it's apparent now that this illness isn't plain and simple. Put yourself in my shoes...you have a chronically ill daughter that's 1400 miles away, and you can't help her get better. You can support her , and love her, but you can't kiss her boo-boos and make everything alright like fathers do. What can you do to help? Well, one of her doctors told her the more people that sees her problem the better the chances of figuring out what's wrong. I'm trying to increase those odds by spreading her story. I'm going to get back to a condition that I want to do another fourteener , and I need both my hiking partners. I have this blog on a couple different forums that some intelligent people belong to, (I'm lucky there wasn't a test to belong) so I'm asking you to take a look at Mandy's blog and get to know her and her symptoms and just maybe someone can help a young woman with a bright fulfilling life ahead to reach her goal of normal health. Don't worry, she is a very good writer, much better than her father, so her blog is the real deal. I must admit I cried aloud for 10 minutes after I read it. Give it a look, you might shed a tear as well. You can find her at thechroniccaterpillar.com the name alone should entice you.
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    Linda. Who are you to have me banned? Do you really think you speak for the majority here? There are people that agree with me regarding your thread. Maybe I should have you banned for spewing your bigotry and one-sided form of religion. You are a mean and narrow-minded human being afraid of open discussion and dissension. Haveing me banned will not change the falicy of your beliefs.
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    DH who has been diagnosed for 20 years does not have bulging eyes. My aunt who had Grave's disease had bulging eyes.
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    Good morning everyone, Hello Dianne, I am think about you often. I hope that you are not feeling alone as you grieve for your son. It must be difficult for you. Hang in there. If you are out there Linda, I hope that you are ok too. The maple syrup season will soon wrap up I think. The days are getting quite warm. Although we did freeze up enough last nite to trigger a fresh run today. I have syrup bubbling back at the shack right now that I hope to bottle after lunch. There should be about 12 litres to take off today which will be enough syrup to cover about 500 pancakes. Maybe one day I will host a Parky Pancake Party. Man, if that were to be a buffet, and you all scatter food like I do at a buffet, the floor will become some sticky. If anyone wants to arrive by horseback, it will be no problem to turn them out in the field with Max. Have a good day everyone, jb
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    It's super rainy in Seattle today but we have magical nesting hummingbirds sitting on eggs in our backyard!
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    Hi, everyone. Am back from my unplanned and long hiatus. There was no ban (neither on me nor the thread), FYI. Just a series of mainly health issues I was dealing with, like life sometimes sends us all. I was without a laptop for most of that time, and it's good to now have a new one up and running.
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    My experience was not a lack of willingness to diagnose at the VA but a lack of experienced neurologist. Fortunately I moved and ended up going to the Dallas Texas VAMC, they have a team of exceptional neurologist to include a well known MDS. On my first visit to Dallas I was scheduled for an emg by the ALS clinic. The test was performed two weeks later. At the conclusion of the test the neuromuscular specialist said she was pleasantly surprised. But that left another problem of no diagnosis. She left the exam room for a few minutes and returned with three other neurologists, they spent a hour in the room with me. I was sent home with a year supply of c/l. Four weeks later I returned to the MDS who confirmed my diagnosis within the first ten minutes without any hesitation.