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    Good Morning everyone, It is a new day, grab onto it and squeeze as much good out of it as you can. Peace, that could be a start to a story. It also could be a jumble of ideas that end up going nowheres. I encourage posters to keep the Hellos and How are you and Whattzzupps coming on the Good Morning Thread. Ella, Me rite book? Ha. not me. I like to project out ideas but that is usually as far as they go. But thank you for the encouragement, That is nice. LAD, if there was anymore cheesecake in the fridge, I would carp diem it again. But it looks like Shreddies today. Oh well. ( sigh) Nashville Predators are doing pretty good against the Ducks of Anaheim. Music City is being renamed by some as Smashville. Ottawa and the Pittsburgh Penguins are having an excellent series as well. You Americans must be very happy to have had Wayne Gretzky and the NHL introduce the worlds best sport, our game of Hockey, to you many years ago now. I better get going, good days to everyone. jb
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    Just saw an article about this watch. Supposed to help with arm tremors - google "Emma Watch"
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    I sure agree with MJ Fox's quote. Acceptance is such an important trait that makes for a happier life both for ourselves and those with whom we interact.
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    Hello Miss Marcia, Quiet day here today eh? I think your new green face icon is pretty cool. But I wonder... Can you hear me inside that bottle of green dishwashing soap?. Who shrunk you down and put you in there anyways? At least they gave you a peep hole to look out. Oh., I may be wrong about that. Maybe you are on a cruise ship, the waves are high, the ship is pitching and rolling about and you are sick sick sick to your stomach and totally green from nausea and you are looking out the port hole window wondering if it would be better to open it up, wiggle through, drop to the ocean below your window and swim to shore. I think that you better hang on there Marcia, try some gravol or at least Pepto Dismal. I'm sure the weather will change. Your shade of green does remind me of Hulk. But you are totally different than that guy. I don't think you ever fly into a rage with fury enough to turn green. And if you did have a rage attack, you would soon tear your way out of that cotainer with a peep hole that you are trapped within. While you are in there, do you have any idea where the simple story that I started can go and retain any sort of , well, "story line". It takes so long to type. If I could tell you what the story is and you typed it with your condensed and wise short phrases, it would save a lot of typing for me with all the run on sentences I write and can't seem to stop writing them and they go on so long and repeating themselves over and over and I should have a key on my keyboard that says "and" instead of hitting the three keys a n and d everytime. We could do a chapter about the Cook, if that would help entice you. You did say that you like Cooks in stories. We could title the chapter "The Cook and the Door to Door Vegetable Salesman With a Horse and Cart And He maybe Has Parkinsons". You maybe could shorten the chapter heading a bit. Perhaps it should start out with an explanation that He, the vegetable salesman has parkinsons, not that horse named Jake. And the Cook is preparing a hugenourmous banquet that night because the Banker who owns the big Manor House, surrounding Farms and hires all those people, has returned from a big holiday in Europe with his wife after touring Ireland, Great Britian, Isle of Wight, and Spain on the French Riviera. No, he wasn't to France Marcia, "French Riviera" ,is the name of the steamship he sailed home on. Yes, that is confusing. Okay then, Lets call the ship Lollipop then, The Good Ship Lollipop. And as the banquet is wrapping up, The Cook announces that she has been saving her wages, and has purchased the property by paying the unpaid taxes and the near penniless previous owner has returned home to nothing. Well, he can sleep in the goat shed tonite, And the workers are going to reopen the Manor as a Micro Brewery and Dance club with a Boxing gym at the back. Or do you have any other plot line we could use. Have a good day Marcia..
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    I have to say that my symptoms are very reduced. I started doing interval running/walking and eating bananas and taking turmeric (sp?) My pain in my leg is almost none existent and my tremor is about 50% of what it was - All thanks to this forum! I meet the specialist next week but my plan is to keep going the way I am. I ordered a new bike seat too!
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    I agree...if your PD keeps you from doing what you want to do and impacting your quality of life...look at meds/new meds. I'm 48 and going on 3 years. I'm holding my own with mirapex and exercise...lots of exercise. I do Parkinson wellness recovery fitness program and take dance classes with my husband. It's a personal decision...no right or wrong answer. Good luck! LAD