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    Spent the last 3 days crabbing in the Puget Sound from my kayak. Started Saturday morning and wound up spending the night at our friend's home since we didn't finish cooking that days catch until pretty late. Turned the pots again after church on Sunday, then headed home to atke care of the chickens. Monday morning (today) went back and pulled all the pots and called it a weekend. Didn't do nearly as well as I'd hoped, and I think that more than once someone else took crab from my pots, but we still wound up with around 15-16 keeper size Dungeness crabs. For those not familiar, 1 dungie is a pretty large meal for my wife and older kids, and 1-1.5 makes a meal for us guys depending on what else is being served. Compared to the blue crabs on the east coast, it would take a good 3-4 blues to equal the meat on one dungie. If I can get a picture or two from DW I'll post them. Shared a bunch with our friends. Rest we still need to shuck and freeze, which we'll do tomorrow. Got the kayak fishing tournament on the Oregon coast coming up in just under 2 weeks. Before that we're heading to Idaho for a few days. Going to take the kids to a waterpark one day and hit a lake the other couple of days.
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    Good morning everyone, Hi Texas Tom. Hello Dianne. Happy Independence Day. What do you all do traditionally to celebrate it, I have in my mind that you have picnics, lots of hot dogs, and shoot off fireworks. Yesterday it didn't rain here. That is good this year. Last year we were starved for rain. I still have a bunch of garden to dry out and plant. It is getting so late that some things may not mature. I keep telling myself that this is all for fun, don't get frustrated. Anyways, everyone have a safe holiday today. Have fun today jb
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    Same here, and I'm only 37 and always been physically active [sigh] I started with joint pains when waking up last year, only that I didn't know back then they were due to PD. Now I'm starting to have a lot of stiffness on my left-side leg muscles (my symptoms are on the left side). Like you, my first steps into reality are not pretty, but the good part is that I know it's temporary. I've noticed that, once I get moving, for the most part my pain goes away. I also think it's a good idea to start the day stretching what is stiff and moving what hurts. A 20-minute yoga practice, for example.
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    Happy Canada Day jb. There was a large estate auction that had a lot of antique cars and trucks last week. It was amazing what this man was able to collect over his lifetime. There were pedal cars and signage also. It took 5 days to auction everything off. They had a 1929 Stutz that they believed was only one of 6 produced. Jay Leno and some other celebrities were said to be bidding on it. I watched them auction it off on line and it sold to someone in Canada for $122,000. Were you the buyer jb????
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    I don't know when Canada Day is. I can't find a calendar. So I'll just use today. Happy Canada Day.!!!!! We didn't get the thunderstorm yesterday we were told we were getting. Oh well. I do know when our trash guy goes. That's important too cause we got raccoons in our garage attic. They or one - not sure- like to eat food we throw out. Got a lot to do today. Happy Canada Day!!!!
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    Happy Canada day! 150 years old!!
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    HAPPY CANADA DAY jb..we go back a few years now..you and your family enjoy your day..em
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    I hereby declare that the Parky world honors jb49 on Canada Day. jb started this Good Morning thread on Canada Day in 2010. It has been a beacon for me on darker days and a true joy on brighter days. Happy Canada Day, dear jb! Dianne
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    You cannot turn up your stimulator as you wish. Your are allowed to so only within a certain range defined by the doctor or whoever is in charge of finetuning the stimulator's settings. In France, this task is the responsibility of a neurologist specially trained for that purpose. I understand this is slightly different in the States but in any case you will never be able to turn up stimulation further than what has been allowed. Hope that will allay your fears. Mireille