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    Hi Lonnise, Perhaps my signature is confusing--as far as I know, I have NO genetic markers associated w/ PD, and neither do my family members dx'd w/ PD. Here's part of another post I wrote that may clarify: Most people with PD *don't* have LRRK2 or GBA mutations, or any other mutations strongly linked to familial PD. My dad had PD, and my sister was recently diagnosed. That might suggest a genetic cause, but we've have also lived in similar environments, associated with somewhat higher risk. And the specifics of the disease were somewhat different for us--my dad was diagnosed in his late 60s, tremor dominate, relatively fast initial progression (very typical PD profile). My sister has no tremor, but debilitating postural instability, and gait issues. Symptoms starting ~55 y.o., undiagnosed for 4-5 years until she went to an MDS. I was diagnosed at 46, tremor dominate, very slow progression to date. Although my dad never had genetic testing, and I don't believe my sister has had any testing yet, I would be very surprised if either had LRRK2 or GBA mutations. Re: sub-categorizing. My guess is we're still quite a way from treatments tailored to specific PD subtypes, since research into what constitutes subtypes and and the different causes is still at an early stage. I try not to focus much on why I (in particular) wound up w/ PD. First, because there's likely no clear answer or single cause. Second, because for me it's a little too close to a 'why me?' kind of question, and too much 'why me?' seems likely to lead to dark places.
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    Intense movies do that to me. Dianne
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    I have noticed, if I am in an exciting scene in a movie theater or when I am trying to control a game in some action scene, my dyskinesia goes crazy.
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    ShopGuy, I can imagine how stressful it is for more than one person to be dx with PD in a family,PD really sucks.I struggled like your sister to understand what was wrong with me before being dx'd.It took multiple opinions from three different neurologists.My primary physician whom I usually run to,whenever I feel anything unusual, attributed all my non motor symptoms to anxiety,stress from work or side effects of anxiety drugs,until the muscle rigidity started on my left arm.We should all be optimistic like M.J Fox,that our honeymoon will last our lifetime,till a cure is found.
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    I spent a hot day in the sun on Friday trying to get the grass all cut, and things cleaned up for the weekend. The heat really does wear me out. I remember feeling like this in last summers heat. I think that I need to be careful not to do too much on the hot humid days. I used to be able to work in the heat all day long. Another limitation is working its way in.,
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    Life is good. Busy day. 2 mile walk (40 minutes), riding mower out of service so push mower back yard (20 hours); then off to Rock Steady Boxing (1.5 hour) My Pebble watch has 4 hours of activity for the day (new record). 98F with 90% Humidity (way too humid). Dogs are worn out and joined me for an afternoon nap.