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    DH has a card he can carry in his wallet that says "I'm not drunk, I have Parkinson's". Intended to be useful when driving in the event he does get pulled over which does indeed increase the tremors along with other activities. Probably wise to keep a copy of the medical diagnosis in the car too though since I don't know how convincing the card would be to an officer. When we are entertaining at home and the tremors, "slows" and/or clognition appear we like to joke that "he doesn't have PD he's drunk". We all laugh and then remember the great lyrics from Jimmy Buffett's song "Breathe In, Breathe Out, Move On" I bought a cheap watch from a crazy man Floating down canal It doesn't use numbers or moving hands It always just says now Now you may be thinking that I was had But this watch is never wrong And If I have trouble the warranty said Breathe In, Breathe Out, Move On Peace and smiles. LHG
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    tedybrs, so sorry about the loss of your husband. Since your husband was sound of mind enough to make a decision, it took the pressure off of you. I am happy for you both that he passed peacefully and with dignity on his own terms.
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    My husband had PD for over 30 years. When he stopped eating and told me he was tired of fighting as well as having stomach problems,hospice began the morphine. It took about a week for him to pass. It was a blessing to him and his family.
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    Nice to know I am not the only one.
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    Thanks to all who responded - we deeply appreciate your advice/concern/suggestions. My friend did go back and have the voltage turned up and is experiencing better quality of life. Thanks!
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    Good Morning everyone, Linda, top of the day to you. As for the musing, that was a Book for Marcia. She spends her words in a very thrifty manner don`t you Marcia. Definitely that was a novel for her. No one tells things the way they are with fewer words than she can. I now know what you eat for the 4th, isnt it in Dicken``s Oliver when he asks for more soup, but it may of been porridge, I never knew that there ever was a coin DIY dry clean service. Marcia, I would of been all over that fountain pen, I have made more messy pages, ink stained clothes and hands. I had a suck up the ink one and then a modern one with the plastic cartridges. I will be like your Dad and save that new shirt and hat . We really don`t like breaking in new stuff. And some people hate the thought of leftovers being outdated. And your adoption comment made me laugh. I hung up more laundry outside today and when I folded it tonite there was 8 more underwear and 14 more pairs of socks. My Wealth is untold!! I started this post about 3 hours ago, time to post it I think. or Delete it. Be tough, jb