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    First, forget the bucket list. You are not close to "kicking the bucket". Next, don't give up on the plans for your life. Has anything really changed since your diagnosis? You can live a long and fruitful life. Then, don't be in a hurry to tell others. You are not the only one with problems. In fact, almost everyone has problems and many have problems worse than yours. I have a young nephew with a brain tumor. One of my tenants felt sick and went to the doctor. She had metastatic cancer and died only a few weeks later. What are our PD problems compared to that? Furthermore, people don't want to hang around with people that are sick. Talk too much about your PD and your friends and family will slowly disappear. No-one wants PD, but MANY people have it far worse. Live your life as you planned and don't let PD get in your way!
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    Love that! I'm glad I could be of assistance in your day's work. I posted my enounter on my FB page and found a great opportunity to educate the non PD aware world. Jimmy Choi - the American NInja Warrior with PD posted that he was on a plane and someone asked if his PD was contagious. He said "no" but the lady moved anyway. So, there you go...a great way to get more room on a plane....crazy isn't it? good day to all....keep LADDING:) LAD
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    The same can be said about the people who think they show improvements from taking this. They also can be on other medications/supplements that are making them feel better. I'm not dismissing this supplement but I just think people should not join the band wagon and or trick their brains into thinking it works because it's suppose to work based on other's testimony. $100 a bottle is nothing to sneeze at. People are desperate to find relief. Unless there is a money back guarantee for this purchase I don't think it's something I would consider for my mom.
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    Hi,Patrick, doctor Okun is right,I have experienced similar symptoms with or without sinemet.I was told by my MD exactly what doctor Okun said.It helped to some extent,but wearing off of medications bring out all the symptoms you mentioned,anxiety,panic attacks,SOB,e.t.c.I just learned to live with these symptoms/side effects.
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    I do not recommend more than a multivitamin a day. Also watch for vitamin toxicity as you can overdue it and it can be costly. Go over the list of anything you may want to take to look for interactions and safety with your doc/pharmacist. Melanoma is more common in PD. Sun exposure is fine as long as you use sunscreen. I am unaware of a worry in PD with sun and free radicals.
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    See my previous response on this. Usually ok to take but needs to be monitored by neurologist and rheumatologist.
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    So far in our patients we work with the rhematologist and watch for symptoms of Parkinsonism but in most cases these meds can be used together.
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    Usually this is Parkinson related and if you have never had this in your life before PD it may be wearing off and taking meds at closer intervals may be helpful and alleviate this issue. Ask your doc about every 4 or 3 hour dosing of Sinemet.
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    Good morning Everyone, Linda, one surely could not argue against the magical goodness of Oatmeal. Especially when it gets backed up with a family who have had so many years of collective good health. Oh, My.. what ages they have attained. That is a family of very good genes!! Thanks for pointing this story. Pathfinder.... , sounds l you faceda challenge. "Can I cut this big lawn" And you did it. Then without warning, jb broke into song, "She fought the Lawn, and She won , She cut the Lawn, She Won. " When the SIL gets back from holiday and sees the great job you did PFer, you may have a permanent job. HI Lorit 2 dozen and nine, Welcome to the club. Always glad to see new posters. And you even understand LAD's post. Hope to hear more from you. LAD, It is so nice that you can enjoy dancing with your husband. and you don't have PD cause you are just gosh darn busy to be bothered with that crap. And too young. Keep up the good work Kid! Hi Dianne, you may have to get some tubing, some good mirrors and look after the machinery yourself. I hope that your pump is working okay for you. Try to stay cumcumber cool for the heat wave. That is likely the same heat wave that is pushing into BC. What a bad fire we have going up there. Hang in there Dianne.! Okay Peace, I will schedule you in as a helper for next summer; cause I sooooo want you to help. It is sorta a fun day despite the heat, dust and heavy lifting. It quickly becomes a community event and as the barB Que fires up at the end of the day; potato salad, tuna salads materialize and a cooler of nice cold beer tops off a good day. And Emma, I have never heard of that fix for wasp bites before either. I hope that trifle turned out nice for you. Have a good day Em ! Well, that took forever to type. But it is an effort that I am willing to make to stay in contact with all you nice people. The sun is shining here, the birds are singing, the dog wants breakfast, the sink is full of dishes, the grass needs cutting (Hey, Ms. PF, now that you cut grass again, you want to come for Tea?). The garden could be weeded again and I should visit my Mom at the Retirement Home and I need to make some muffins and some cookies. And it is a good drying day and I am getting low on socks and und...., well other stuff, he said with a reddening blush. My Grandma used to say that if she didn't attempt to do more than she possibly could, she never would accomplish all she possibly can. It takes me awhile to get going in the morning. It is like firing up a factory in the morning and employees straggle in late: bit by bit. With tight legs and shaky balance i get pills and make coffee. Turn on the news and watch that through slitted eyelids. Finally my hands start to loosen, rigidity relaxes, brain spits and sputters and starts to unravel things, the cramped foot eases off as it realizes I'm going to walk on it anyways, porridge converts to energy and levodopa ignites the lines of communication to 'All Body Parts". GET TO YOUR WORK, DO WHAT YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO DO. The factory is running for another day as dyskinesias have me twisting on my chair. I may just LAD it for the rest of the week. That would be, I'm not old enough for PD and besides, I got too much to get done. Yes, that is the ticket!! I will be LADDING the rest of the week. Good days to everybody. jb
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    Mowed our huge lawn today. I took my time, really pleasant weather too. I haven't mowed in twenty years, our SIL does the lawn but they are on vacation. Nice to know that I could manage it! Have a relaxing night, I'm watching The UnaBomber on Discovery tonight!
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    I just figure it's no one's business...
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    Thanks everyone - love the positive encouragement and insights. I am living life for today, with my sights on tomorrow too!
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    As the one who started this topic, I was interested to see that it's mostly evolved into a debate about whether & how much speech & language declines after DBS. Based on my own experience, readings, & observations, I'd say it is indeed a very common problem, and if you're considering DBS, it's best if you recognize this beforehand. My surgeon said adverse events of the surgery itself were thought to be low (under 5%--10%, which seems to be what RNwithPD refers to in one of his posts), but that no really reliable, well-researched, comprehensive stats were available. Stats about side-effects after the surgery are a different matter from stats about the surgery itself. Speech & language are addressed in the 2012 study that RNwithPD refers to above. It states under Highlights: Although 34% of the individuals whose speech was affected by DBS indicated that they experienced improvement in speech symptoms following DBS, 66% of the DBS participants perceive that their speech got worse due to DBS therapy. 50% of the participants whose speech got worse following DBS reported that the worsening of speech following DBS was unexpected. Of the participants whose speech improved following the adjustment to DBS settings, 20% reported that other symptoms got worse; thus, there was a trade off for some individuals. 94% of the participants indicated that they are satisfied with the outcome of their DBS therapy based on the symptom improvement received from DBS, even in the context of having some side effects. Despite speech disturbance following DBS, 97% of the participants reported that DBS has improved their overall quality of life... Speech difficulties that may ensue may manifest in isolated speech symptoms and functional communication deficits, thereby adversely impacting socialization and quality of life. This was what I said about my experience: speech unexpectedly worsened (and is getting worse as time goes on), and this has had a terrible effect on my social life, but I'm still glad I did it because overall my quality of life is better due to relief from horrible tremor & dystonia. But you should be aware: "66% of the DBS participants perceive that their speech got worse due to DBS therapy." Although my neurologist (like others in the PD field) likes to say that perhaps it was due to disease progression, I know it was not. I had no speech & language problems before DBS & suddenly big problems immediately after DBS. Again, I say: it's all a trade-off. Just go in with your eyes open.