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    So enjoyed the kids and your son leading them. They are all a very talented bunch! And your son has a great voice.
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    Stump, off topic, brief personal note. DH always wanted to hunt moose. Instead he spent most of his hunting days helping his father. We r on our "bucket list" trip revisiting our favorite places. In Idaho, DH met a great outdoor guide who will provide guide service, meals and lodging in a cabin on his property. DH will hunt am for moose, pm for deer for a very reasonable price. Again, we are reminded to take time to enjoy along the way. This is a unique chance for DH to realize an experience he thought was not possible. Had we not made the effort to get out in the world again, this would not have happened. You are a great example of maximizing time....an inspiration to many. I encourage you to post often and share the diverse aspects of your life. It says a lot about you when you are subject to sea sickness, yet pursue your passion for fishing. Hmmmm, a great analogy for living with PD, ya think? Good luck with the " Urpies." ? NN
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    That was terrific. You should be so proud of your son. Loved the lyrics! Lorraine