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    Dianne- my prayers are also with you and your family. I tell my boys all the time that if I did not have my faith foundation, I would not have made it through this far. Lad
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    Dianne, the middle of the week is very close now... I truly am so sorry about the issues regarding your daughter. You handle it well, but I can only imagine how it must hurt. I'm stopping to pray for you right now, asking the Lord to continue to give you strength and wisdom in dealing with the situation with your daughter, and that you feel His love and presence in a special way--not just for this situation, but also in your everyday life with the challenges you have. Take care, and know that you are very special. Linda
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    Yes with prescriptions on the bottle. I kept mine in a clear plastic Baggie in my carry on
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    Melatonin and other sleeping aide will worsen sleep. What you may need is a long vacation preferably out of country to recapture your normal sleeping rythem. You probably under too much stress from thinking you already have PD and it will worsen sleep. Ashwaghnda is also good for sleep and healthy for brain cells
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    One word of advice for you is you can't diagnose Parkinson's properly when you think you already have Parkinson's. Your body will mimic Parkinson's like symptoms once the thought and fear of Parkinson's enters your mind. Parkinson's is best diagnosed when you don't believe you have Parkinson's and only your doctor think you have Parkinson's. Also, if you still have your sense of smell, I.e you can smell a banana or coffee, I would rule out Parkinson's myself and live your life until your sense of smell is completely gone. This is the easiest way to rule out Parkinson's. Tremors and other PD symptoms usually appear years after losing smell which is one of the prime early indicators of PD. Your prescription meds might also be partly to blame so try to wean them off and try something herbal and natural. There is absolutely no benefit in diagnosing Parkinson's early. It will make your health insurance premiums go up, life insurance rates to go up, change family dynamic wit your spouse,kids, friends and family. So please do your self a favor and stop chasing Parkinson's if you can still smell a banana, coffee, even a little. Worry about Parkinson's after you can't smell anything at all. Do regular exercise. Keep stress levels down. Tripala, shayankapushpi, Ashwaghnda are good herbs to try regardless if if you have PD or not. They are healthy on brain cells. Remember, there is absolutely no benefit in diagnosing Parkinson's early.