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    Good morning everyone, Nobody makes lemonade out of lemons like Dianne does. Bless you Dianne and I hope you are feeling better. LAD, your family loves you well. Your sons sound wonderful and it must be a very nice feeling to have them attentive to your moments when you need a hug. Peace, that is nice that you can look at that less than perfect un round Canadian penny and think of me!! What did you do to that poor penny?.You didn't put it on the train tracks and saw it get squarshed did you? I'm just joking of course. That is a cute story you shared. I am sure that it was in good shape when it left the mint and Canada. It is still worth one cent Peace but in Canada, pennies are out of circulation and transactions involving cash are rounded up or down to the nearest nickel. It isn't a 1958 penny is it? Probably it has maple leaves on the one side and the queen on the other.. The bank still takes them back at face value but they have to be rolled up. Oh Unround Penny, what roads have you travelled? It may of fallen from a pocket of a Canadian tourist who travelled to Nashville to see Reba in concert. Some kid picked it up and had enough to buy some penny candy. When the clerk counted the change that night and made up the days deposit, he realized that he didn't have enough money to pay the wholesaler next day as promised. In despair and needing dental work done on his aging and sometimes achy teeth, he saw that there was an odd Canadian penny in his hand and he threw it in disgust out the door where it rolled to the gutter., I shouldn't have done that he sighed, every penny counts these days. Out the door he walked to pick up that strange Canadian penny . Why do I bother he wondered as he searched the dirt for that coin. Just then a blast erupted and the ancient gas fired gum drop candy oven blew up. Wow, I had been sitting right beside that old machine before I came looking for you and he picked up the coin from the dust as the sound of fire engines came to his ears. That strange Canadian penny was all that was left of that days receipts he realized. But the next day the insurance agent appeared and gave him a huge cheque to cover the loss of his business which in fact was over insured for some reason for three times what it should of been worth. Also it had been a money losing venture everyone of the 15 years he operated it. As fate would have it, the burnt out site was now vacant and two months later he put another huge cheque, signed by a Canadian lady named Twain, in his pocket for the sale of the property. Now, with a lighter step, he packed up his car with his wife and two kids, and said goodbye to Nashville. He was going back to Texas, bankrolled with his insurance settlement, the property sale money and deep in his pocket, a funny looking Canadian penny. His lucky penny! Yes, he was going to go back to Amarillo to take over his Uncles piano tuning business. I hope you all have a lucky day. Thanks Peace, happy trails to you jb
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    I couldn't agree more, EllaCat. jb, perhaps one reason you've been blessed with such a creative mind is for writing to become of more importance and enjoyment in your life in the years ahead You could probably become a best seller, and I don't say that lightly. Right, group?!?!!?? Group hug to jb from all of us.
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    Speaking of hugs... So my fingers got "stuck "'today while typing and I just started crying. My youngest son came over hugged me and kissed me on the head and just held me until I said I was ok. Hugs all around today! LAD
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    Stump-you seem like a not going to stop me kind of guy so I am confident we will be reading about your next adventure sooner rather than later! Good luck!! LAD
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    3/8 of a ton live weight for a large mature bull elk. But, that's why they get cut into several pieces, and why I'll be with 2 other guys. And, thankfully, farthest we've had to pack one back to the boats was about 200 yards. Anyway, consult is scheduled with a surgeon at Providence in Everett for Tuesday afternoon. We shall see what he has to say. But, yes, this was well down on my list of things I was hoping for. There are worse things, so I'll just try to be greatful it's not one of them.
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    Speak to your MDS or post on the ask the doctor forum here. They may give you some guidance. Good luck