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    Good morning World, This is Thanksgiving Weekend in Canada. It is a good time to be thankful for what we do have. I have lots to be grateful about. I may have Parkinsons and wish for certain things to be different but I can handle that situation. I am glad that my thinking is still clear enough to know that the things in Life that are most important to me are not valued in terms of dollars. My friendships with people, here on these pages where you all pop to life on my screen and offer up so many well wishes to me and each other rate very high on that list. My wife and family, old friends, digging a hill of nice fresh potatoes in the garden and watching the dog herd the cats, seeing blue jays eat the seeds from the sunflowers, sitting by the woodstove on a cool night and the list could go on. There are lots of good things each day. To enjoy the sunshine of each day though, sometimes we need to position ourselves beyond the Shadow cast by that Mr. P. Best wishes to fellow Canadians this weekend, be safe on the roads driving , and to everyone here, good blessings to you all. jb
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    Happy Thanksgiving Canadians!!!! I've heard Christmas music playing already and it's not even Halloween yet. I like Halloween. You don't make big dinners and don't clean the house. Dirt fits in to the decor. Has anyone taken Rasagiline? My neurologist is starting me on it and it is very expensive. I hate starting new meds. I finally got to the pile of 'to be shredded'. You know after you finish you start to wonder if you should have kept any of it even though at the time you put it in that pile you made that decision. I haven't been on here much lately cause I've got PD. You know. Kept putting it off. We sold our RV and for awhile will be staying home. Sometimes I wonder how all the others are cause they aren't posting. Hope all is going well with all of them. And to all of us...a great day to all. Here the sun is shining. It's not too hot or too cold. And I finally got to that shred pile which has been staring at me for longer than I want to admit. Sometimes I would stick the pile in a drawer just so it would be gone. I haven't looked at those spots. But for now the outy pile is gone. I hear the cat meowing for something. This cat acts more like a dog. Better go. Maybe the D in Mr D stands for Dog.
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    Happy Thanksgiving Holiday to you Jb. Your post was so well said (as always.) Dianne - You are so right. Seems our Thanksgiving mixes into Christmas for some, I guess it is too close on the calendar. It is obviously a distinct separate Holiday with special meaning and I have always said it does not get enough attention, people seem to forget the meaning of Thanksgiving and just use it as a day to get ready for Christmas shopping. The worst is decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving, please, let the Pilgrims have their day! I have always wanted to be Canadian. I spent a lot of time in Canada growing up, my family had cottages there and my Mother had relatives in Toronto. I have always felt a draw to Canada. Sure does seem the Canadians are not always in a political turmoil like we are in the USA. Maybe the "grass just looks greener,".......but, it sure does look that way.
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    jb, Happy Thanksgiving week. Another thing to like about Canada besides the fact that you live there: a full week of giving thanks. Here in the US, it's a one-day celebration for most, followed by a frenzy of shopping for more things that will never bring the joy that simply being grateful does. Enjoy the warmth and love of your family in Canada and your extended family here in Parkyworld. Dianne
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    Good morning M2Boys, I've travelled this trail. 1. Keep in touch with LAD above. She could be a wonderful guide for you. 2. Requip is an agonist and there is much to find out about that class of drugs. 3. Be very careful with Requip in your system. I was on it for about three years a long time ago. I have fallen asleep with a hot tea cup in my hands, listening to someone tell me something and driving was not safe when I look back upon those days.. It doesn't affect everyone the same but I think it was not a good choice for me. Be strong, yoga is good for lots of things. Stay positive. All the best to you, jb