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    Good discussion. Like Patrot said it can be good stress...i tremored at a symphony...can't imagine if I had been to a rock concert! I tell grand kids it is my happiness barometer...happier I am, tremor increases...they think it is funny. On a serious note, I have avoided adding meds when stress increases symptoms. Once environment changes, symptoms relax
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    Funny - I came back to the forum when I gave up facebook for Lent. I had decided that I was in a good place and I should reach out to others who may need support. It ended up helping me! Welcome & hope your comeback experience is as good as mine has been! LAD or Muffett as I been nicknamed
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    My mom and I just moved into a house that I had renovated the master bathroom so it would have a big walk in shower and enough space for the toilet to have grab bars attached to the wall. As much as I tried to prepare for everything it never ends up being exactly how I wanted. We have a small backyard and I had all the grass taken out and put in paver stones so she could walk on it easier and the wheelchair can move better too. My front porch has steps and there is not enough room to do a ramp so I have to leave it alone. My mom can exit through the master bedroom's sliding glass door that leads to the backyard because it's leveled. I wish she can get out through the front like normal folks. I had all the carpets take out of the bedrooms and put in hardwood floors that were suppose to be textured to avoid slipping but she's still sliding when she walks. Due to the wheelchair being used outside and coming in with it I thought hardwood would be easier to clean up. When I win the lottery and not if I will buy a giant house that I can do anything to make it completely accessible for my mom and money would not be an issue.
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    My mom loved the casinos. She could sit at a slot machine for hours while seeing the coins roll out when she either pushed the button or pulled the lever when she got lucky. That was the older machines that she liked. Once the casinos started to phase them out and put in the ones where you just accumulate points and get tickets she was totally lost and then didn't have interest anymore. Anyways.. I used to make sure she was medicated before she started playing and it never failed that she would start to shake once she sat down. I think the adrenaline just pumped up and everything went into over drive.
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    Hello, Chris! Great name! (I am Christine.) I also haven't been on here in awhile until about 24 hours ago; not on FB as much anymore, either. Just too busy lately, I suppose. Looks like there's plenty of info & support to be gained here still. Welcome back!
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    Ditto BigRingGrinder + my left hand tremors when I write (with my right hand). Holding hands during prayer - yes. Talking to someone - yes. I don't even know that you could call these things stress. Like BigRingGrinder said, it seems more like multi-tasking to me.
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    Yes. Parkinson's seems to thrive on stress; not just the bad forms that can leave me feeling stressed, but the good forms that can excite, too. Almost any amount of stress can increase my symptoms dramatically. Never gave much thought to stress before Parkinson's. It was a part of life to be managed, controlled, and directed. And though they never felt like stressful events before Parkinson's, talking and interacting with groups now seem to produce similar results. When I closely analyze those situations, I now see what look like tiny threads of stress that I never gave much concern to previously in such routine, everyday activities. Is it the multitasking involved with listening, thinking, finding the words, pumping those words to the vocal chords, and then getting the mouth to work? I don't know. Besides Carbidopa-Levodopa (which stress seems eventually able to break through), yoga has taught me a couple of methods to help stiffle the stress responses. Supplements like L-Theanine also help me remain calmer. There are probably more accurate medical terms and excuses. Just my observations.
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    jb, I thought I was Walter Mitty. !!!! Or Walltris Mitty. In my PD mind I can do anything. But when I actually start to really do it...doesn't have the same ending. Chris_D, I post here and there and sometimes not so much but always thinking of all the Parkies that post here. Welcome! Dianne, hoping you are in good spirits and doing great.! I normally can't post everyone's name so I just will generally note a few. Have a good weekend everyone !!!!!