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    Best of luck for Debbie.I''ll remember her in my prayer.
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    Hi, jb. WE HAD SNOW TODAY IN BALTIMORE COUNTY, MD!!!!!!!!! It has been beautiful, coating each branch on the trees and staying cold enough for it to not just all drip off right away. We kept reading about the southeastern states and the northeastern states getting good heapings of snow, and it was so frustrating that we didn't get the same. So FINALLY we got some before the season is over. Caught up certainly IS elusive. Lack of strength, cognitive issues, and apathy are very challenging to overcome. I find I get so excited when I get even one thing among many done these days. I am so glad to hear you have the support you do for all of the things needing to be taken care of in a farm life. It is hard to have to face not being able to do some of them now. We're with you in mind and spirit. And we understand that it is harder to keep up with correspondence. It's just always nice when you can, and we appreciate that. Take care. Linda
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    I started on an agonist but felt awfully sick and exhausted, and then swapped to Azilect which didn't work as well, but good enough for 6 months or so. I desperately needed something to get me moving properly and make me comfortable again. I think taking meds gets us more active, and being more active means more stiffness when you try to stop meds and give your body that sudden change. Madopar is helpful and tedious like you guessed, but I want to keep working, stay active, and run a muck with the kids, and a few Madopar during the day let's me do that. I don't take them shortly spaced enough (ie no strict schedule) so I still have on/off time. I mentally don't like the idea of that much medication but in reality I'm probably only 1 or 2 pills per day short of not having significant symptoms. If I stopped Azilect then I would have to be much more strict with timing. Sleeping is so variable for me and I don't have the answer. It can be periods of 3hrs a night, to back up to 6. I'm happy with 6, but not with 3. My best sleep is if I've been really active during days prior and a Madopar about an hour before bed. Good luck to you both. I'm sure this is as hard or harder on our families than it is for us so we owe it to them to keep ourselves moving well and positive while we can. In my view, if you can't move well then it is harder to be positive and have those short moments where you can put this out of your mind. I'm hoping as time goes by I can stop letting it occupy my mind. I don't like bothering family and friends talking about PD as deep down I know everyone has their own version of a bothersome struggle.
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    Hi Superdecooper, it is funny you call it sleep jealousy.It's like we are now in a kind of sleep competition with our dw.I see it differently,because of our situation.I doubt if any pwp ever gets 8hrs of sleep without sleep aids.If you get 6hrs of sleep with Azilect,that is a big deal.I know that if you stop any PD meds the symptoms will reappear,and unfortunately we are in this for a long run,unless there is a breakthrough for a cure one day.I understand the "why me"question still lingers in the minds of most parkies,because acceptance is a difficult struggle,especially as a young pwp.I guess the earlier one accepts this new journey,the better.It is tough on everyone including the families.Hope is on the horizon,they say.May the major breakthrough happen in our lifetime.Stay positive!