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  1. inspector

    LODOSYN (Carbidopa)

    Dr. Okun, I have had stomach surgery, a Nissen misapplication prior to PD and was told to avoid vomiting to prevent damage to the funding. Now taking 25/100 sinemet generic, I have a lot of nausea/urge to vomit and stomach, intestinal distress. I think in the past you mentioned carbidopa. Do you think in my case it would be effective and what would a reasonable dose be? Your expertise you share with the PD community is greatly appreciated.
  2. inspector

    Carbidopa alternative

    Thank you Dr. Okun!
  3. inspector

    Carbidopa alternative

    I have been using carbidopa 25 mg with each dose of sinemet to minimize the digestive tract pain and irritation, this has been the only way I've been able to tolerate sinemet. Well the insurance companies saw the error of their ways and boosted the copays into the stratosphere, costing beyond what I can afford. I know the other alternative is Domperidone but it's not available in the U.S. as you know. Is there anything else or any suggestions, otherwise I'm in a jam. I appreciate any thoughts you may have. Thank you!
  4. inspector

    Alternative to Lodosyn?

    Thank you for the suggestions. It's ridiculous how the price of medicine has skyrocketed, many times just because they can. I sincerely appreciate your information, Steve
  5. inspector

    Alternative to Lodosyn?

    I have been taking Carbidopa 25 mg with each dose of sinemet, otherwise I get really nauseous along with digestive distress. Well the drug mfg' s have seen the opportunity to gouge for this drug. Now that the copays are ridiculous, it's become unaffordable. Are there any suggestions for taking sinemet to offset the side effects? I've changed drug coverage three times in three years because once they see the cost of the carbidopa I get a letter saying they're terminating coverage of Carbidopa. I appreciate your thoughts and continued tireless support of the PD community. Thank you! Steve
  6. inspector

    Slow stomach emptying

    I've been told that my stomach emptying is slow, so getting the benefits of the meds is hit or miss. The duopa-pump has been suggested but I'd rather try non-invasive treatments first. In your practice, what do you suggest for your patients to try? With the duopa-pump, how does the patient get around meal timing (protein-med separation etc) with automatic injection? I appreciate any thoughts you have to share, Thank you!
  7. inspector

    Sedative used for outpatient procedure

    Thank you! Is it typical to restrict PD meds for 10-11 hrs? Ahead of this type of procedure? Thank you for your help!
  8. I've read in the past where certain sedatives are not recommended for PD patients. I'm going in for a EGD and colonoscopy shortly and the last time I was given demerol and versed (sp) which seemed to really hit hard. I had a difficult time waking up and very uncoordinated. That was six years ago and now my PD symptoms have progressed. Falling is a real concern. To make matters worse, I cannot take any PD meds after midnight the night before. The procedure is 10-1/2 hrs. later. Is there any suggestions or is this drug combo OK?
  9. inspector

    How to reduce C/L properly

    Thank you for explaining the dosages and how to use regular C/L alongside the extended release C/L. This is very informative. I tried cutting back by experimenting but I started feeling pretty lousy. Thanks for your help and I will involve my doctor as suggested.
  10. inspector

    How to reduce C/L properly

    I want to reduce the number of 25/100 c/l tablets I am now taking to a more reasonable level, safely. What would you suggest? I was on 1/2 tab 25/100 3X a day last July. Due to RLS, or jerking kegs at night, my doses have increased considerably. I'm taking 1-1/2 25/100 about every 3-1/2 hrs with 1_50/200Dr, 1/2 25/100 at bedtime and once during the night. It basically is 12 or so 25/100 in 24 hrs. I would like to get to a more reasonable level. Thanks!
  11. inspector


    I know everyone with PD is different but using C/L to offset symptoms for freezing, slowness, etc. Seem pretty common. The med is adjusted up or down in quantity, time or both until the best combination is found. My problem is I can't tell when I'm off or on, except I notice a tightness of the chest and perhaps a bit light headed. The C/L doesn't change my gait, balance or much else I can see. Since I have been on C/L, I've been having a hard time combating RLS (jerking legs) in the evening or trying to sleep. Just before bed, I take 1-50/200 CR, 1-25/100 c/l which will give me +/- 4-5 hrs. Sleep. Redosing during the night takes me to waking time. The leg jerking became an issue when my MDS started me on c/l and pushed for higher dose. 50/200. 4-5Times a day. I wasn't on any meds prior. I'm now wondering if I'm overdosed due to RLS and having trouble defining on/off. Thank you for your thoughts.
  12. inspector

    Rytary Question

    Recently my MDS has wanted to switch me from the std. C/L dosing (1-1/2 25/100 4X day plus 50/200 CR at night) to Rytary. I take carbidopa 25 mg. so my stomach can tolerate the C/L with each dose. Does Rytary have the same effect on the digestive tract that would still require the carbidopa in all likely hood? Thanks you for all the help you extend to the PD patients!
  13. inspector

    Rytary question

    My MDS has switched me from regular C/L (1-1/2 tab 5X day) to Rytary. To ease stomach distress, I take 25 mg of carbidopa with each dose. Should I use the carbidopa with Rytary? Thanks!
  14. inspector

    Swallowing concern

    I had a barium test to evaluate my swallowing and the only real thing that showed was mild uncoordination of the esophagus at the lower end. About 5 yrs. before DX with PD, I had a Nissen fundoplication for reflux. Now as PD progresses, I'm concerned about problems arising due to the tightened sphincter. I would imagine this problem has happened before. I would appreciate any thoughts you could share. Thank you!
  15. inspector

    Midodrine dosing

    Thank you very much!