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  1. gazelle66

    Drifting from myself......

    Hi NN, I understand the drifting you describe...like you could so easily just lose touch with every person you know and love and end up quite alone. I don't believe it will happen...and every day I work to make this belief a reality. Don't give up Best wishes Sue
  2. gazelle66

    Kathrynne from Ask about Nutrition is read-only now

    I agree with you carruthers, Kathrynne was a real font of knowledge and also a gentle supporter. If you read this Kathrynne, thanks for everything and in the words of the ever optimistic Dory 'just keep swimming...'
  3. gazelle66

    cant post

    I agree with the above...I value the support of this forum very much. Is Kathrynne ok? Kind regards Sue
  4. gazelle66

    Intermittent fasting & Parkinsons

    Hi Kathrynne, this is something I've read about and tried but not for long. The logic behind it and the possible rewards are very interesting and attractive, but its hard to do! And understanding the detail can be difficult. The regime I read about involved 16 hours of fasting, so I figured 8 in the evening till midday the following day would be a good option, as I can sometimes go without breakfast and feel ok. This works for a day but then on the second day I would feel pretty unwell and lethargic and really need breakfast. I do wonder whether my body would adapt if I could stick with it so I would also be interested in any results people post. The info I read also advocated consuming between 4and 12 tablespoons of MCT oil I a day and I have no experience of this product at all. As I'm writing this I realise I have no experience of several of the items mentioned in the article, and didn't actually understand how intermittent it should be. Anyway, it's on the back burner for the moment, but probably not impossible to do with good preparation. For now I am concentrating on fitness and general nutrition and must say, am doing well Best wishes
  5. Hi Kathrynne, an unanswerable question maybe, but what if you just eat 'mushrooms'. I do tend to have them a couple of times a week, but only the basic white ones, or the really large ones that are good at breakfast time. Are the other types of mushrooms mentioned in this post much superior in terms of health benefits? Many thanks
  6. gazelle66

    How to deal with impulsive behavior

    Thank you for your reply, I saw my neuro today and will trial using the CR. Best wishes
  7. gazelle66

    How to deal with impulsive behavior

    Dear NN, I noticed your drug regime in this post..interesting to me as I currently take five sinemet plus a day and then one sinemet CR at night. The problem I face with this is that the sinemet plus is not lasting well..sometimes wearing off after an hour or taking ages to kick in, leaving me with a rather turbulent on-off situation each day. I've wondered about using the slow release CR version during the day for a smoother day. Can you (or anyone else) comment on the experience of using sinemet CR during the day? Regards Sue
  8. gazelle66

    Storage of magnesium oil

    Hi Kathrynne. Yes, the name does seem a bit odd I that case. I thought I'd give it a go as magnesium seems to be mentioned a lot and It's advertised for muscle and joint stiffness, which is one of my major issues. Also, it has the benefit of being sprayed onto the skin for absorption which I see as a bonus at the moment! I'm not sure if I would be able to distinguish the impact of this versus all the other things I'm giving a go! But I will stay in touch. I do feel like things are moving in the right direction generally. Thanks as always for your help. Best wishes
  9. gazelle66

    Storage of magnesium oil

    Hi Kathrynne. A belated happy new year! I've just bought some magnesium oil and the storage instructions are quite vague. 'Store in a cool place'. I guess I'm a bit concerned because it's an oil. Do you know whether room temperature is ok for this? Or does it need the fridge? The expiry date is Nov 2017 implying stability I suppose?? Kind regards Sue
  10. gazelle66

    Dry mouth

    I have the same..dry mouth, change in saliva, metal taste etc. I've been told it is something called burning mouth syndrome. Good to know because it was originally thought to be thrush and I was given several courses of antibiotics for this. Unfortunately nothing much can be done about it..wearing a gum shield at night helps as does trying to ignore it. When it's quite bad sucking ice cubes seems to help.
  11. gazelle66

    Lurkers? Past posters? Where are you??

    Ps...Marcia, Marcia. Consistently consistent in your views!
  12. gazelle66

    Lurkers? Past posters? Where are you??

    Haha...NN....I'm sort of glad that you couldn't access too many of my past posts. I did used to go on a bit! On a serious note though, I do occasionally publicise my past excessive use of the internet only really out of genuine concern. I remember the fun but also the heart pounding angst that Internet forums brought during my time on the dopamine agonist Requip. I still am unable to weigh up the pros and cons logically..there were both, but for sure, the amount of time I spent on the net during that period was draining and damaging . Anyway, that's the past for me. My dx was 2008 and I am 48 years old now. Life with Parkinsons is very strange. You sort of think you're ok but you know really you're not. You feel like you want to go out and conquer the world but take all morning sometimes just getting ready and out the door. And I'm not convinced that this is purely a Parkinsons thing either. I spent a lot of my life doing a very demanding job. I had a very busy life. I'm finally coming to terms with what Parkinsons is and how I have to live with it. And I don't mean 'cope' with it or 'get by'. That's not what we should aspire to. Yes, I'm gutted that my body is behaving in a way that is out of my control. But I am learning to toughen up, wise up and accept the help I need. Like so many others do. My steps may be pigeon steps, but I've learnt in the past few years the power of real friendship, whatever the source. And, yes, also the responsibility. So, I still have my muddled ambitions...my friends and family still encourage me with them as I do theirs. It's all a bit of an unfocused amble through life with the occasional heady sprint! But I love the good bits and want to share those. I usually keep it short these days. But it's early morning and I'm indulging myself and letting this one stand. It may mean something to somebody! With very best wishes Sue
  13. gazelle66

    Lurkers? Past posters? Where are you??

    Hi there, Came here to search for some info to help with a current problem. Wow, Marcia u are looking a seriously hot chick in yr profile pic hope you' re doing well. NN....just wanted to say hi. I've read a few more of yr posts and enjoyed them Best wishes Sue
  14. gazelle66

    Peanuts are good for your health

    Hello Kathrynne, I try to eat a Brazil nut and a few almonds each day, and store them in a kitchen cupboard. Based on this consumption, a bag lasts me a while. They do not beyond their 'best before' date but I read recently that nuts can go rancid and should be kept refrigeratorated...this made me think of the recent info you gave out on storing flax seed. Is this necessary for nuts as well? I am assuming there is no downside to storing nuts in a refrigerator, but on the strength of many of my past assumptions, thought I'd check! Many thanks Sue
  15. Good morning I came here to ask a question and found this info. I didn't know about the problem with pre-ground flax seed. Thank you for that as this is the type I usually buy and a bag lasts me a long time! When you say grind the seeds, is bashing them in a pestle and mortar ok? Also, I know I've asked a lot about kefir in the past, but I still haven't made any...I think what concerns me is that to make water kefir you have to use a lot of sugar, and I know sugar is bad (though in truth, that doesn't seem to stop me when a dessert is involved! Does the fermentation process sort this out in some way? I have at least found some jars that look the right size so I'm heading in the right direction! So....my original question was....is Quorn a useful substitute for ground beef? Thank you as always. Hope you are well Kathrynne Best wishes