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  1. Good Morning PWP, Good work LAD. Look at all the postings you pulled out. Hi Em, and Dianne, LAD, you talked about the Wizard of Oz, and the green colouring of the Witch in "Wicked" . I thought of that the first time I saw our Marcia with the green skin.But Marcia is not a Witch. OMG, maybe that isn't our Marcia, maybe that is an imposter Martian. That would explain the green. You just hang on Marcia, we will save you. Soon! Yesterday on a drive to Toronto, I stopped at a service station and used the rest room. After washing my hands I walked to one of those blower hand dryers. I stepped in to one between two other men. The floor tiles were sorta wet from water dripping from hands and I slipped on a wet spot and fell rather quickly to the floor. I caught myself on my hands without whacking my head on the floor. One guy helped me back up and asked if I was ok. Yes fine I replied. Just sort of embarrassed. I think that my balance is not so good. And my jerky walking didn't help matters. And that pair of shoes are slippery. Perfect alignment for a FOYA. (Fall on Your Ass). Be careful, everyone.!! (And upon further reflection of that incident, I am glad that I was just walking up to a hand dryer on the wall and not trying to get closer for a better view over the edge at your Grand Canyon.) Em,, you and your Son have a very strong bond and relationship. He is a real blessing to you I think. Dianne, I think of you often and the ache you must have for the loss of your son. Mothers day must amplify all these emotions. And I know that we people with Parkinsons have a steady supply of emotions. Good days to everyone,. jb ps Em, tell me more about that Sherry Trifle sometime please.
  2. Good morning ParkyWorld, I trust that you all have had some yummy pills and your morning coffee and your spouse has brought you the Newspaper and they are rubbing your feet for you right now as you shake out the sports section. Huuh? Anybody? Hello LAD, I will be gone for the day. Maybe you and FF can get Marcia out of the green bottle today. How are you today Feisty. I am quoting you, your final thought : And I agree, I hope that everyone knows that they can come here and blow off steam like you did yesterday. You felt better after didn't you Feisty? I read through your long post again yesterday FF. Lots of nuggets of gold in there. Little Kids say what they think, No malice, agenda, no intent or holding back, they say just what they truly think in a manner that is so refreshing. AND sometimes shocking. good days to all. jb
  3. good morning everyone, I hope that everyone feels free to say good morning as you usually do. I started to write a little story to flesh out my thinking that sometimes I wonder where everyone is. My story such as it is can fill in around the daily stuff so keep it coming please, add your ideas to a chapter, do a chapter. I certainly wasn't trying to block anyone but rather trying to pull more people in. The nature of this thread is not much without all of you. Good morning Feisty Folder. Does that feel better. I must of gotten up in the night, thought I heard the teakettle starting to boil but it was you posting I think cause the steam was coming off of my computer. It sounds like a challenge you have with your Mom, (and Dad) but I can see your love and devotion for them shining through. I am glad that you took time to express yourself so well. I hope that today you have a good day. All the best to you FF, Good days to everyone.
  4. Hello Miss Marcia, Quiet day here today eh? I think your new green face icon is pretty cool. But I wonder... Can you hear me inside that bottle of green dishwashing soap?. Who shrunk you down and put you in there anyways? At least they gave you a peep hole to look out. Oh., I may be wrong about that. Maybe you are on a cruise ship, the waves are high, the ship is pitching and rolling about and you are sick sick sick to your stomach and totally green from nausea and you are looking out the port hole window wondering if it would be better to open it up, wiggle through, drop to the ocean below your window and swim to shore. I think that you better hang on there Marcia, try some gravol or at least Pepto Dismal. I'm sure the weather will change. Your shade of green does remind me of Hulk. But you are totally different than that guy. I don't think you ever fly into a rage with fury enough to turn green. And if you did have a rage attack, you would soon tear your way out of that cotainer with a peep hole that you are trapped within. While you are in there, do you have any idea where the simple story that I started can go and retain any sort of , well, "story line". It takes so long to type. If I could tell you what the story is and you typed it with your condensed and wise short phrases, it would save a lot of typing for me with all the run on sentences I write and can't seem to stop writing them and they go on so long and repeating themselves over and over and I should have a key on my keyboard that says "and" instead of hitting the three keys a n and d everytime. We could do a chapter about the Cook, if that would help entice you. You did say that you like Cooks in stories. We could title the chapter "The Cook and the Door to Door Vegetable Salesman With a Horse and Cart And He maybe Has Parkinsons". You maybe could shorten the chapter heading a bit. Perhaps it should start out with an explanation that He, the vegetable salesman has parkinsons, not that horse named Jake. And the Cook is preparing a hugenourmous banquet that night because the Banker who owns the big Manor House, surrounding Farms and hires all those people, has returned from a big holiday in Europe with his wife after touring Ireland, Great Britian, Isle of Wight, and Spain on the French Riviera. No, he wasn't to France Marcia, "French Riviera" ,is the name of the steamship he sailed home on. Yes, that is confusing. Okay then, Lets call the ship Lollipop then, The Good Ship Lollipop. And as the banquet is wrapping up, The Cook announces that she has been saving her wages, and has purchased the property by paying the unpaid taxes and the near penniless previous owner has returned home to nothing. Well, he can sleep in the goat shed tonite, And the workers are going to reopen the Manor as a Micro Brewery and Dance club with a Boxing gym at the back. Or do you have any other plot line we could use. Have a good day Marcia..
  5. Good Morning everyone, It is a new day, grab onto it and squeeze as much good out of it as you can. Peace, that could be a start to a story. It also could be a jumble of ideas that end up going nowheres. I encourage posters to keep the Hellos and How are you and Whattzzupps coming on the Good Morning Thread. Ella, Me rite book? Ha. not me. I like to project out ideas but that is usually as far as they go. But thank you for the encouragement, That is nice. LAD, if there was anymore cheesecake in the fridge, I would carp diem it again. But it looks like Shreddies today. Oh well. ( sigh) Nashville Predators are doing pretty good against the Ducks of Anaheim. Music City is being renamed by some as Smashville. Ottawa and the Pittsburgh Penguins are having an excellent series as well. You Americans must be very happy to have had Wayne Gretzky and the NHL introduce the worlds best sport, our game of Hockey, to you many years ago now. I better get going, good days to everyone. jb
  6. Hi, Good description of a scary incident DaveN. I made my living in the construction business. I could carry a bundle of shingles over my shoulder, up a ladder, onto a roof and continue walking across the sloping roof surface. That was then, now is now. It is not easy to see something that needs to be done requiring the use of ladders and knowing that with my balance issues that I really shouldn't do it myself. Mr. Parkinson can be very generous when he starts to dish out portions of Frustration soup. Stump, you stumped me with BTDT, took me a minute but I got it Hi Linda, two things happen when you fall, you get physically hurt, and your self confidence takes a hit too. Murph, I can only imagine trying to function with 2 broken wrists. Are your wrists healed up now? The indignities of it all indeed.!! It isn't easy being a person with Parkinsons. Stand Tall guys. You too Linda
  7. He knew better than to look backwards and walk, especially of late and he stumbled over his own two feet that he had always walked upon. If not for a tight grip on the horse's reins and its steadiness, he would have fallen, yet again. Thank you Jake he said and gave him an unsold carrot from his pocket and a pat on his neck. Its my old boots, they are worn out he said to the horse. He stroked the neck of the draft horse, smelt its sweat, or was that his? But who cares he thought. Do you care Jake? The sun was warm and he felt a weariness that he couldn't shake. He lead Jake off of the laneway and into some shade. With the wheels quiet now, standing still, he listened to the world and the buzz of flies. Tired out, he closed his eyes and leaned against the horse. Moments later, distant noises brought him out of his horselike standing nap and his eyes lifted back the few hundred yards to the rear side of the Manor and its servant doors and sheds. Maybe he was imagining it but that sounded like a door swinging shut. And there was the sleeping cat very much awake now and strutting like the Owner himself; out past the chicken coop and to the goat pens.. "Quite a cat there Jake old boy that can swing a door shut after itself" he told the horse and himself. When fresh smoke rising from the Cook's chimney met the gaze of his squinted eyes he knew there were people back there. Was that a face looking out from behind the heavy curtains of the library windows? Had he returned to the yard right away he would of seen the Cook scraping the porridge from the pot into the dogs dish. She announced to the milk maid who was wrestling a goat out of the henhouse, that there was enough cake and cheese left over from last night for the breakfast. Efficiently, not one to waste trips outside her kitchen and thinking of suppertime, the Cook seized a chicken that ventured too close to the dog's porridge for the last time.
  8. He swung the door open and stepped in, The cat slept by the fire which was burned down to a few glowing embers. Someones porridge was on the stove cooling in a pot. Mud from someones shoes lay on the floor not quite dried out to plain old dirt again. There were dishes on the side board waiting for their turn in the sink and he recognised different cloaks hanging on the wall. Where is everybody?, he wondered aloud. With hat in hand he called out good morning. Louder he called again and he heard his voice echo down the hallway and bounce about the Great Room. Hmm he wondered, and stepped back outside and pulled his toque down onto his head. He swung the heavy back door shut with a clank as the heavy latch fell into its worn seat and started back out the lane leading his old cart horse, looking back over his shoulder at the house. Good morning everyone, Hope everyone has a great day!! jb
  9. Good Morning, I hope that everyone had a good weekend, a good nites sleep and has ideas for a good week . Yesterday, my Mom came out to the Farm from the retirement Manor for Mothers day. She is 88, needs to use her walker, but is ready to go anywheres. I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters with spouses and kids,and some grandkids that were coming for lunch. Some of my cousins that live nearby came as well. Everyone brought salads and butter tarts, cheese cake and the usual assortment of summertime food. I cooked some pork loin roasts for sandwiches the night before. I still had lots to do to get ready for the 25 plus people coming for lunch when I got up Sunday morning. Vacuuming, clean the bathrooms, get myself cleaned up, put the extra leaves in the dining table, slice the meat and all that stuff. I used to be able to fly through a list of those things. A 5 minute shower use to take me only 3 minutes. I could vacuum with one hand and dust the cabinets with the other. Unload the dishwasher, and fill pickles dishes at the same time. But not now. I realized that dragging that unwelcome, leeching companion named Parkinson that has been riding my back for the last 10 years is causing me trouble. He is getting heavier, my back gets sore, my arms sometimes feel like lead, My feet drag across the floor like I was wading through waist high molasses. I was up at 7:00 to finish preparing, People would be arriving at high noon. I said to myself, "Self, just relax. What gets done, gets done. It is just family, the food will get served, Everything will be fine" I was running the vacuuum with short pushes and pulls, one eye on the clock, and tottering around, wondering if I really took pills this morning when my Sister from next door came in. An angel to my rescue at about 10:30. She, I often call her St. Susie, soon had me on track to finish things needing to be done. Instead of skittering from job to job with no accomplishment. She took quick and efficient steps as she always could, and soon had the kitchen stuff organised, table set and we were ready when people started to arrive. I swear, she could organise violent rioters in the street into a Sunday School Picnic. I think everyone had a good day, Everyone got filled up with yummy food. There was still a dozen people stayed for supper of leftovers and a big feed of asparagus which quickly disappeared. I even had leftover cheescake for breakfast today. Yesterday reinforced two things that I already knew: One being that my parkinsons symptoms are more pronounced and stress makes them worse to the point of freezing up. The faster I go, the slower I am. And second, but first, I am lucky to have grown up and lived with my own family within a bigger family that has always been close and supportive of each other. I hope everyone has a good day today and can pull some contentment out of this trainride called Life: with its delays, detours, unmarked stations, speeding downhill runaways clinging onto tight bends, dark tunnels, high trestle bridges over vast gorges, and slowly chugging uphill tracks. But always with new views and outlooks, challenges and rewards: travelling this railroad, knowing where you have been, wondering whats around the next bend. jb
  10. Hi Peace. Wise words well spoken. I agree with you that Marcia is very wise. Nobody says so much with such few words. She appears a little green in her new icon. I hope she hasn't eaten too much aspargus. This is the time of year that I have to be careful that my horse Max doesn't eat too much green grass and gets into trouble. Asparagus is wonderful, Asparagus is fine, I love asparagus, I eat it all the time. Nice pictures of your Sons LAD. I hope all the Moms here had a great day. jb
  11. Good morning, I hope that this inserted picture sticks. I hope that it doesn't blow up the whole forum with asparagus sprouting all over the place. I spend my days hoping with fingers crossed for different things.. I have been trying to stick this in a post for an hour now. I had trouble loading it into my photobucket account. I had lots of trouble with that site. It was trying to smother me with ads, one being I could eliminate ads for as little as 14.99 a year. It operated very slowly; screens rotated showing pictures, albums, recent uploads. It was taxing my patience. And I can be very Job-like. Anyways. It looks like the asparagus stuck. This was the year that I would get all the grass plucked from the 'spargus patch. Okay, I didn't get that done either. But it is growing now and tastes great. It also means that spring is here. The first meal of it is a small one, maybe 3 or 4 tender sticks of it. The next one is bigger. The third meal of it more than I should of cooked. The 4th meal is eaten at my Neighbours table by them, a rite of spring around here. Roy likes to sneak in and steal it from me; then like a 5 year old, he makes sure that I know he stole some last night. Well, I just pulled back the disappearing spargus picture with a control Z. I am posting while it is still there. Good days to everyone. This planet earth will feed and sustain us with good healthy food like Asparagus (even if it makes my pee smell). We just have to use common sense and don't demand too much of it and put some work and effort back into this planet. Oh yeah, I was done writing and ready to hit post wasn't I. Hope everyone has a good weekend. jb
  12. Good morning tonite to everyone. I like slogans too Lad, keep them coming. Your son can turn them out too eh? Like mother like son. My dad, rest his soul, used to make us laugh by screwing up common phrases and words. Commenting on something; I remember him once saying that he would not do that for "all the hay in China" All the "tea" in China I corrected him. He replied that they have lots of hay there too. Another time we were all together talking about a story in the news that day about a pet snake in an apartment building moving around through the piping and suddenly appearing in someones toilet. My Dad stated that those pipers can be as thick as his arm and very long. I said "Dad, I have heard of pythons and vipers but never pipers. What are they?" He quickly replied that they are big snakes and live in pipes. You just can't argue that. I have two older sisters and three younger brothers and we can sit around and recall lots of "Jackisms". I miss talking with him. Have good days everyone, jb
  13. Mr. Stump, your adventures are very interesting. Hiking, hunting, trekking, kayaking, fishing and now cooking. You could do a reality show, but the camera and production crew would rob you of the quiet and solitude that you seem to seek in nature. Keep up the good stories please. And be safe!
  14. Good morning Marcia, Linda, Ella, Dianne and Everyone else here in Parkysville. Marcia, Echo Beach is in ones mind. An escape destination. As in the song. It is another Moon River. It is a great tune. Lots of flooding across the country, especially around Ottawa and Montreal. My brother was affected some by this record water height and flooding. He lives in Ottawa and came down to stay at my sisters house for 5 days but returned to his home yesterday. Well, I am off for a little walk . Maybe see if I can get my arms and legs swinging a bit better. I think that when I get out of bed in the morning I must look a bit robotic, And not a good Robot. Like a home made one by a kid in the sixties. Powered by a rubber band twisted up tight. Too tight, the band has to be poked and flicked to start its unwinding and making arms and legs jerk into motion. And the wooden arms thrash around and the legs run, then stop and the joints have to be better than nails through cardboard and maybe it should have batteries cause the rubber band just expended all it's power,. Marcia, we have to be careful of Ticks here too. That lymes disease is the big worry here, although not many cases are reported that I know of. A walk to the woods is always followed by a tick check. The dog takes a pill, well actually, I give him a pill. To kill ticks that attach to him. Why don't I take one of them? Hmm, Have a good day everybody. jb
  15. Good evening everyone, or the ones that read this thread. Nice to see you Marcia and I am not buying into that don't know anything stuff. You know how to shrink yourself and live in a green bottle of dish washing soap and peek out an air hole. How do you do that? And you know all about movies cause you explained K-Pax to me one day. And I thought I lost this post and then I remembered that red button up higher that you told us about. AND don't forget that you just explained job lists to us and how if you don't write it on the list , it doesn't have to be done. Hmmm! Don't tell me you know nuthin. Hi Linda. Hope you and everyone have a good weekend. Well. I am tired out. I may go to Echo Beach and sleep on the sand tonite. I think they don't allow the stage coach and horses onto the beach area. Be strong everybody. jb