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  1. jb49

    Good morning!!

    LADy, we all need to hope and have faith don't we.
  2. jb49

    Good morning!!

    Yes LADy, I can see where the presence of alligators could spike the excitement level. Good days to everyone out there, and has anyone heard from Mrs. Pathfinder. be safe and strong and fist to the sky, jb
  3. jb49

    Good morning!!

    2 things, I want to be very clear that my reflection was between mother nature and us the human race and is no way pointed at the people of east coast USA or the residents of Southeast asia. and secondly, I suspect the coyote scored that meal as an eagle
  4. jb49

    Good morning!!

    When I commented that I could add to that Tom, I meant add to that tome, which means story I think. I can't say that I have ever used the word tome before. A new 4 letter word for me. The power of Mother nature is on display this weekend. The super typhoon Manghut that is hitting SE Asia, which is an even bigger storm than Florence which is bathing the Carolinas with water has to remind us that we are mere residents of this planet. Maybe She just found out about the collection of plastic floating through the oceans of the world and she is about to cash in our security deposit and kick us all off of this planet. Life on this lovely planet, the best planet that I know of, comes with a responsibility In my opinion. If you had free rent in someone's guest house, you wouldn't be trashing it like we have the land, air and oceans of our spinning rock we call Earth. I'm not saying that the people being flooded by rain, and blown about by wind this weekend are at fault, they only happen to be where She has perhaps pushed back. now a nature story. My neighbour showed me a cell phone picture of a coyote that she saw on a local golf course . In the rough, she saw it find and catch a chipmunk. My friend wondered what was up when the coyote set the dead rodent on the fairway's edge and settled back into the underbrush nearby. Within a few minutes, a seagull circled the inert chipper and descended on the easy meal, only to fall victim to a lightning flash of fur and snapping teeth as the coyote launched itself back onto the course and nailed the bird. The coyote then gathered up the seagull and chipmunk and headed off to have its lunch. Take note wiley e. coyote in your quest for capturing the animated roadrunner,: no falling anvils, roller skates and fans, or dynamite were used to catch this seagull. Good days to everyone, jb
  5. jb49

    Good morning!!

    Glad to hear from you Violinda. Water, water, everywhere, hope you all are safe down there, we need a super hero, how bout it SheRa of the Carolinas. One of my favourite books ever was Chesapeake by Michener. You could add a chapter to that tom and tie yourself into that family tree. That war of 1812, sorry bout that. We really didn't need to whup you so bad. You guys just caught Great Britian with time and soldiers on hand. Be careful in all that water down there. Be careful of electricity in the water. Fists to the sky in Paper Bag Princess defiance to whatever bugs us . jb
  6. jb49

    Good morning!!

    I hope that all my East Coast American Buddies are tucked in against the weather coming your way. And get out of the way of that brewing storm. Be safe, be strong! jb
  7. jb49

    Good morning!!

    LADy, I'm sure that you got this. Do your homework, prepare some notes and you will do fine. I have a lot of faith in you. let us know how it goes please. And I assume that everyone else is having a good week or expecting to at least. love you all. jb
  8. jb49

    Good morning!!

    Good morning everyone. A change in the weather happened this weekend. the Wednesday past the temp hit 90 F in the midday for a daytime high. It has been a very hot and humid summer. This morning, I awoke to about 42 F and with a welcome sigh of relief I pulled on a sweat shirt over my tee and very much enjoyed the cooler air. So did the horses and all the other barnies. My garden was too big this year. What with getting my brain probes put into my cranium, the recovery, and the shoulder tenderness, becoming one year older., extra strength sapping heat , well I had trouble staying ahead of the weeds. However, I did still get an amazing amount of produce. The shelves are getting full of canned pickles, and tomato sauces and vegetables into the freezer.The apple trees which just grow the apples for free, are starting to drop the fruit. I have to get them picked off of the trees before the deer eat them all up. I have to pace myself a bit., There are always things that we want to go to, family to visit, repairs to be made to thisa old house, I visit Mom at the County Manor Nursing home. , my daughter and husband just bought a big country house on a big lot that I want to help to paint and fixup.and I need a nap. And you know what, A nap is going to win today. good days to all. jb
  9. jb49

    Good morning!!

    Hey Tom, great to hear from you. That sounds like an excellent adventure that you went on. Sounds great, Certainly interesting to me if you wanted to add to the story, How many miles did you put on your van, I get quite tired myself from driving. I used to love to go camping. jb
  10. jb49

    Good morning!!

    Hi Diane, I hear you groan sister,,,, After having dbs surgery with a minimum amount of discomfort, my aforementioned rotater cuff problem has been very painful. I would not whine to you guys about it except the dog and horses and my wife don.t want to hear about it anymore. ice packs, hot water bottles, ben gay heat rubs help me through the day. I know that shoulders get used a lot Diane. Are you like me when I think "where did that come from?" Heal fast Diane, thinking bout you D. Have a good day friends, jb
  11. jb49

    Good morning!!

    Wow Marcia, you went to both coasts? That would be lovely. I have not crossed that bridge to get to PEI. Last time there it was by ferry still. Is it still an island if I can drive to it,? Anyone else have a nice drive somewhere this summer? Today my grandson starts college in Ottawa. The "growup fast" turbocharger is activated now, Good days to everybody. jb
  12. jb49

    Good morning!!

    Yes. lovely stated Peace. I think that you have a good handle on things. Next time I fall onto my ass, I will attempt to get at least one leg up in an act of defiance. I am having a hard time getting up from my little noontime nap. Thay is an easy habit to get into. Yikes. The day goes too fast as it is. I remember at my Uncle's farm at this time of year, us kids would run through the corn fields. The fields around here would be very small in comparison to what you have in the midwest but we could still get lost in them. Lost but not for long. You could soon pop out on a recognized sideroad or laneway..With the inevitable corn leaf slices on our arms and faces. You'all have a great day. jb
  13. I appreciate your kindness and candor, JB. 


  14. jb49

    Good morning!!

    Good morning everyone. Saturday, love saturdays. last time posting, i signed off "fist to the sky" . Borrowed thAT from the paperbag princess. Where is she now, maybe wandering lost in a big old cornfield, in Iowa? hi Christina, Anyways, it is ironic, cause I am still working against that rotator cuff/ frozen shoulder problem that I seemed to bring home following the dbs surgery,. I can't raise my fist to the sky unless that arm is holding the rope threaded through the pulley that I have rigged up to exercise my arms. I could revise that fist to the sky to maybe foot to the sky but somehow "foot to the sky doesn't" seem quite as defiant. Whatcha think. ??? My parky symptoms are being handled quite nicely though by the dbs operation and equipment, Hiya Em, glad that you like to hear from me. How did your town fare in the contest of beautiful flowers and such. And the Pope is arriving there today? And Marcia,where did you drive to for your camping trip this time. ? Lady, so nice that you got to the beach. And where your son could join up with you, Peace, i think Parkinsons has us all at the edge. In my case I could always do what ever physically needed doing. not now. Tears, let me tell you this. Previous to going for my dbs operation, I attended a yoga class. A young man lead the session talked to us at the end as we assumed the cool down positions. Saying things as we relaxed, like "just think about any problems that you are having, any worries, just break them into little pieces, work on them bit by bit, forget the stuff you can't change, there, the problem is smaller already, now just shrug some more off and wiggle into a more comfortable situation, let that stress flow out of your hands and your mind" by that time I was not sobbing but my face was just wet with tears of relief as that young man talked me down from where I was. And I think that is our Dianne. She is a Parky whisperer. Listen to her words, cause she, despite all she has suffered, can soon cut through to what is important in life. I sincerely believe this Dianne. And so, My foot is to the sky in defiance against parkinsons. love peace and hugs to you all, jb
  15. jb49

    Good morning!!

    Good morning, yes it is. Cause it feels like fall. We have had nice rains lately. A sweater feels good in the evening now. It has been so hot. I hope that everyone has had a great summer and weekend just passed. Everyone should go back and reread the poem about laying hens by Peace. Mr Descoop wrote of his encounter with a bear.(different threads) Lots of talent online here I think. Lori, you said you were going tothe beach. Where is that where you are. With your blessings. Nice looking family. Papa Jack, you were at the last echo Beach. I made sure that you got picked up in the shuttle cause you are from Wisconsin and I like cheese. I knew that you would bringing cheese for the pot luck buffet. And besides. you were the designated surfboarder instructor and did an excellent job of it. And the cheese was excellent. Mrs, Pathfinder, I hope you are well. Any apple pie left in your freezer, Soon be time for new ones to go in. Linda, I hope you have a good day and everyone else too. Like Dianne, and my longtime friends Emma, and the mighty Marcia. Fist to the sky, we will win. jb