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  1. Good Morning Everyone, Hi Tom, it sounds like you keep busy. That is a good thing that you can. If you get tired of cutting grass in Texas, come up to Ontario. I wouldn't trust just anyone to cut and rake my lawn, but I would let you have a go at it. Bring your dog with you, there is lots of space here for going on a hike. Hi Marcia, congratulations on the the new grandbaby. That is wonderful. Be sure that you spoil them all. That is what grandparents are supposed to do. Different bats eat different things, but I think that most of them enjoy eating bugs. Some ;people set up houses for them to live in your backyard and keep the mosquito population down. I think that the word bat comes from the ancient Greek word ,wingedbaatmouses, which translates into flying mice. That may or may not be true. Whether it is or not, have a good day jb
  2. Good morning everyone, It is the last week of March, the month of deep thoughts as I watch maple sap change into maple syrup as it bubbles on the boiler. The month of change and preparation for the year 2017 that has only smouldered thus far, ready to burst into a fresh flame of springtime glory. The calendar page will be flipped at the the end of the week to release April with its hopes of a budding Springtime. It will bring with it new Challenges for us all, but also with its hopes and expectations of an easier time of the year. April will let us know she is here with warm sunshine on our backs and gentle breezes brimming with scents of warm soil and promises of new growth to our eager senses. Even the birds gathered around the feeders sing in excited chirps as they discuss new nests, fat earthworms and how their winters in Florida went; like a group of people standing around the watercooler discussing their weekends. Ella, I think that I have more time to consider my past now. I am not going to work anymore and my thinking has become more clear. Even if my short term memory isn`t as good. Good morning LenaMegan. Wow, you were lucky to get a picture of the humming bird babies. Thank you. And LAD, welcome. back I have seen that you have been busy posting on the Forum and that is good. Positive thoughts and reinforcement are very important as we deal with this Parky thing. I hope that you had a good weekend Dianne. Everybody have a good week.¸¸ jb
  3. Hi Emily , It is a nice surprise to see your name up on the forum again. How are things for you.? Hello Dianne, I hope that you are getting through your days okay. I keep your journey in my thoughts. Ella, as I get older, I like to recall my younger years. Not that I dwell in the past, but I did have a wonderful childhood. I didn't truly appreciate it until I was older. Papa57, Goodwork with the maple syrup. I am sure that your gifts are appreciated. It is a lot of work eh? Marcia, happy springtime to you. That could be a good movie. " Happy Marcia's Springtime Adventures." Good days to everyone, jb
  4. Good Evening, Hi Peace, Bard, Dianne, Papa57. Hope your day went ok Dianne. You too Bard, How is BC this week. Avalanches are terrible this year it seems. Papa57, Peace already mentioned it but I wanted to agree with her that you said some very sweet things about your wife.You sound like a lovely couple. And Papa57 and Peace, thanks for the kind words about losing a friend. Bill was a member of the forum that preceded this one. He was a wonderful man and a great poster. Bill was from Colorado and a friend to many people. Peace, you should try some Maple syrup. It is great on pancakes, added to muffin mixes. sweetener for your tea or cereal. Or take a bowl, fill it with vanilla ice cream and pour a good dollop of maple syrup over it . I could go on but you get the drift I am sure. It is full of good nutrients as well. And Happy Birthday Peace. 2 years into PD. Hope you are winning the fight!! I watched the hockey game on TV tonite. Reminded me of Saturday nights 50 years ago when Dad got out the barber clippers and gave haircuts to me and my three younger brothers. We sat in the high chair, Dad with one eye on the hockey game and the other on his hands. Sunday at Church we could show the missing hair when some player got a breakaway. Other wounds included burnt neck from the hot barber clippers and nicked ears. Happy to report that we all survived the Saturday Night haircuts. Have a good Sunday everyone. JB
  5. Good Morning Everyone Hi Dianne, How are you doing today. Any headway with a new pump? Sheila, sorry that you didn't get some snow. There was plenty to go around I'm sure. Maybe next year. Well, it is St. Patrick's Day. I will hoist a pint to all the Irish here later today. I will take a minute to remember an old friend that used to be a solid fixture on this forum. He died too young and many of us miss him. He loved his wife and family, men and women in Service, Notre Dame University football, and his Church and God. Bill, I know that you are watching over us. Happy St. Patricks Day to you. And to all of you., jb
  6. Good Morning Everyone, Well, what is going on in your world. She Ra, now tell us, did you get some snowflakes in Georgia. Today we are getting a bit of snow. The weatherman and weatherladies have been all excited by a storm coming up the coast. The Atlantic Seaboard to be more exact. New York City has been snowed upon I see. As of yet, we haven't seen much snow, although 100 miles away in Toronto, many flights have been cancelled. Hello Texas Tom. Sounds like the season has changed for you. That would be nice to be getting ready for lawnwork. Although we have not had hardly any snow this winter, and had some record high temps in March, last week was a very cold week and the ground is froze hard. I too have a cardinal in my yard. But he isn't seeing his reflection. He frequents the birdfeeder and with one sunflower seed at a time, he stays plump and warm. I bottled 9 litres of syrup yesterday, (about 8 quarts). The sap hasn't run very well in the last 2 weeks. Oh well, we will get some good runs yet this spring. This morning I watched a Red Fox in my backyard. It came drifting in along the horse pasture fence. The long grass in the fenceline is home to some fat field mice who hide and live there. He sniffed along the fence, cocked his head and stared, but not finding anything he turned and came into the backyard. He was only about 40 feet from where I stood in the house at the window. He did turn and stare at me, locked eyes with mine and warned me not to move, don`t go get the the camera. So I stood still as he turned his attention to the base of some perennial flowers. He gathered himself into a crouch, cocked his head to the right and then the left and then lunged his sharp teeth and jaws into the flowerbed and pulled out his breakfast. A quick shake of his head and a toss and a gulp he was finished. He trotted across the vegetable garden, exchanged greetings with Max, who watched it all from his barn.. ``Hey Max, why the long face this morning`` , I think I heard the fox say. And I better get out and feed Max. How are you doing today Dianne. I hope that the sun shines for you in Seattle today. Good days to everyone, jb
  7. Good Morning, Wow, this forum looks brand new. Oh, it is still the same. Type 10 characters and correct 4 of them. Hi Marcia J, Dianne, Peace and Shera. I have not been posting much of late. I seem to be too tired to sit down to write in the evening. And too busy first thing in the morning. Maple syrup season is here. It is not exactly good weather for it . No consistency to it. I still need -5 C nights followed by +7 C days with sunshine to trigger the good runs. It remains a big job to collect the sap and boil the water out of it to the proper density of maple syrup. My body protests against the added work, but I can still do it. (Pass the Advil please). We have made 15 litres of syrup so far, and there is more on the fire boiling. Marcia, that is nice that you are getting more Grandbabies. It is nice that you make effort to protect their health, but I don't think that you have to get a whooping cough vaccine every year. Peace, I love the big garden story. Man, I have started to plow just a little patch bef. ore, but when those slick furrows start turning over it is hard to stop. Dianne, I still hold you in my thoughts every day. I hope that the hurt is slowly getting sorted out, thought about and reconciled in your mind. Shera, whazzup? Okay, got to get going here. Good days to all. jb
  8. good morning, yes it is Shera. I usually dont start this early. I sorta hope it doesnt go to long. It is a lot of work. . gnite All jb
  9. Good morning everyone. Hope you are all up and attem as best you can. Sap is running and Im all tired out. Everyone have a good day and be safe. jb.
  10. Good Morning Everyone, Despite everything going on in the world, some things remain constant. As Winter struggles to keep control of the weather with frosty nights, Springtime starts to change the landscape with warm sunny days. Th snow starts to melt and the warmer sun has us shrugging out of the winter coats. Not putting them away yet because Winter still controls things and can roar back at any time like yesterdays comments suggest. But the tug of war between the Winter and Spring triggers the sap running in the Maple Woods of Ontario, New York State, Quebec, and your New England States. Maple syrup is produced only in these geographic areas because of its weather and the native Sugar Maple trees. It has started again and I have 90 pails hanging off of the trees with the help of my good Neighbour. Thanks for the input about Linda Patricia. Hopefully she is just taking a break and we will soon hear from her again. Murray, I think that the gophers, (groundhogs, woodchucks) like the stature of being the weather predictors and have learned to give the answer that we want, not what they really sense.Ha, do they really have that humanistic capability? You are right about that Johnny, Fruit tree blossoms don't do well when Jack Frost returns to them. Dianne, I hope that you have a good day today. We will be thinking of you. Do you feel the strength of that coming to you? Everyone be safe today, jb
  11. Good morning Everyone, It is a nice day. Happy holiday to you all. It is a hoiday for all provincial government employees here in Ontario, Most of the public workers like teachers and hydro workers get a paid day off. For workers in the private sector it is a little spotty whether your boss gives it or not. It is a relatively new holiday introduced by the Ontario government about 15 years ago and it was named Famliy Day. How are you doing Dianne. Planning that rooftop garden in your mind?. Im sure you have thousands of thoughts streaming though your head, sorting out your memories and processing emotions. Remember we are all still thinking of you, Ella, have you found Linda yet? I wonder where she is? Well, I think that my shaky crampy body is telling me that 4 hours have passed since I swallowed a pair of pills before the sun was up. It is time for another pair. Good days to all. jb
  12. Good Morning Murrray, Pathfinder and SoCalGal, and of course everyone else who checks in. It is always nice to see new names on this column. I hope that anyone who wishes to be, feels included here, Any person who wishes to add a comment or greeting or complaint should feel free to do so on this thread. Murray, it is nice to hear you talk about planning a garden. Last summer was really hot and dry and I was starting to think about why do I have this big garden, and my back would ache from pulling pigweed out that had tap roots that must of been 50 ft long that emerged in gopher tunnels deep below the earths surface and the rodents would tie the roots together in granny knots, making them impossible to pull and I needed a back hoe to get them out. Well, it was not quite that bad, but sometimes I do get tired of the garden. Or my back does. But that is all forgotten when spring rolls around and the ground wams, the soil gets turned over, seeds go in, transplants are carefully inserted into the ground and daily checks are made looking for the green shoots to emerge from the planted seeds as they explode with the moisture and coaxed upwards out of the dirt by the warm sunshine of early summer. Miracles take place as a little brown potato buried out of sight sends up a handful of new shoots that will feed a dozen new potatoes under the surface, waiting to be discovered later in the summer. Sore backs are forgotten this time of year. It is a beautiful day out here today. I better get out and enjoy it. Safe weekends to everyone; jb
  13. Good Morning Everyone. Hi Shera, Pathfinder, Peace and Bard.. Linda? Dianne, thinking of you of course. Not much new here in the North. Another day closer to Springtime, a few more pieces of wood gone from the pile to the woodstove. Have good days everyone of you, jb
  14. Thanks Ella. When I read back what I wrote yesterday, wishing that my siblings had troubled themselves to learn more about PD, and reading what other people have to live with or through, well I think I sounded a little bity whiney. I'm lucky to have 5 wonderful Sibs that care about me, even if they don't fully understand me and my problems. Maybe I should prepare a brochure for the general public to help understand the average PWP. Take the Me out of it. Yes, thats the ticket. jb
  15. Ella, you make a good point. Many people who suffer pain, loss of a mate, or other things emerge from those experiences stronger and more sensitive to needs of other people., Reminds me of the line often quoted by a young man that I used to work with in the construction business. How many times did I hit my finger with my hammer and curse, only to hear Ian pipe in with "Johnny, it won't hurt when the pain goes away and you will emerge as a stronger man." Dianne, you certainly are aware of how other people feel and understand their challenges. Often you ignore your needs while you console others. I hope that in the coming days that you will gather strength from the heartfelt good wishes and compassionate thoughts that are being sent to you.