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  1. jb49

    Good morning!!

    I am having some trouble gettiing my thinking and work skills back together.
  2. jb49

    Good morning!!

    ps. i never thought it was She Ra. Mereille, "first DBS?" . you have had two?
  3. jb49

    Good morning!!

    Good morning and thanx for the encouragement Mireille. And from you too Emma. The bit of time in the hospital in which I did feel free of parkinsons despite feeling trussed up like a chicken was worth the effort. My wife could see the relief in my face and posture the next day. But it didn't last as long as one would hope. :I hope that i get back on that cloud when the dbs gets turned on in July. For now, the pill container and this nagging shoulder thing. I have been here before always having worked building trades and installing drywall overhead and repetative strain, and other things. You had this too I see Emma, thats too bad. At the hospital, hitching myself on stiff arms from bed to bed to O.R. tables, to MRI stretchers and back to recovery stretchers trying to find that comfortable position in bed all took its toll. Anyways, I will get over this shoulder thing; and be ok. Awkward to type is all. I have had it before M, I don't think it was the operation although, I agree with you: there was a share of tension on the table. My surgery was done in two parts. The first was awake and alert with no levodopa,and local freezing for about 4 hrs to place the tubes. The second day was a full sedation and the battery pack was put in place. It was quickly done in about an hour. #1 thing. I felt good coming home from the hospital, ready to get going. #2, I was as weak as a kitten. give yourself some time.! Take care you all.
  4. jb49

    Good morning!!

    Hi Ya All! Back AGAIN for awhile I hope. I came home from Toronto feeling pretty good, too good maybe.. I never slept very well getting ready to go to Toronto for the dbs operation. I have my own little quirks when it comes to sleeping. I stacked one bad nite after another. I was quite amazed how little sleep I was actually getting. But in the morning. with stuff to do, I was getting up and starting my day. This morning at 5 a.m., having decided that I was not able to sleep anymore, I got up and started to get some coffee and cereal together for breakfast. I found that my shoulders were bothering me so badly that I couldn't ignore them anymore. I googled them with the question, "why do my shoulders hurt so badly in the morning.". I took a look at those first things and I worked at it today. I went back to bed and slept the rest of the morning and into the afternoon.. I definitely was having trouble with my shoulders and today I started working the tightness out of them. Now I am going to bed, but tomorrow, I should be able to wake up and actually do something. Good nite, jb ---
  5. jb49

    Good morning!!

    Hi everyone., I am back. sorta. I got home on Friday and sure felt good to step into my house. The hospital was great but it was not home. I brought home some headache that was expected but not too bad. I did have a little break from Parkinsons with the operation and the little honeymoon that goes with this surgery sometimes. The takehome pill for pain is a little bit much I think. I feel a little bit dizzy today I think. thanks to everyone. Your support has been great. Have to close this now. jb
  6. jb49

    Good morning!!

    sorry bout that big blank. I am back but still tired. Thanks for all your support! jb
  7. jb49

    Passing out

    According to what I was taking, you have lots of room for more requip.. I didn't take much else along with it, Check that as well with your doctor.
  8. jb49

    Passing out

    Hello Hiker, I found an old empty pill bottle that had been a requip rx container. I was about 170 pounds at the time and requip was my maim pill. The prescription allowed me 4- 2mg tabs of requip 3 times a day for a max dosage of 24 mg per day. Which is the maxuimum daily total allowed. And again, medicine that works for someone may not work for yourself. john
  9. jb49

    Passing out

    Here is my input. When I was first on requip, an agonist, I thought it was great. But, 3 things, I would be with a small group or maybe even one other person, and I would be teetering on the sleep attack, eyes open and begin a line of conversation. The sound of my voice would awaken me and I would realize that I had fallen into that requip snooze again. Embarassed but trying to be normal, I would attempt to gather up the threads of conversation that I had heard and try to weave what I had just blurted out into the conversation while looking into the questioning eyes of the people I was with. two, I don't know how many times my wife gave me a cup of tea, that I would hold in my hands and perhaps be watching TV and without warning fall into the Requip sleep only to awaken to the flush of heat as my cup of tea tipped over onto my lap. 3rd I realized that I would have to go off Requip to something else while driving one day on a pretty quiet stretch of country highway. I suddenly was aware that I was in the wrong lane approaching another truck, who was questioning my driving ability by pulling off the road. It was not very close, the distance between us was still great, but I became very alert for the rest of the drive. That scared me really bad. Take care everyone jb
  10. Hello everyone, I never intended for that line to be in bold strokes. I Guess i just entered the room with confidence. Debstan, my Motion Disorder Doctor asked me one time if I was depressed. I said sorta, I didn't like having PD. He replied that I shouldn't like it, it was ok to be sad about PD because it is a nasty disease. He questioned if I was sad about other things and I answered no, just the Pd stuff. He declared me to be normal and not depressed. He said that depressed was when you are sad about things that should make you happy. He told me to take my pd medicine, remain active, and don't waste your day thinking about what ifs.; The truth is, as others have pointed out above, there are diseases that have worse outcomes. Good luck to you. Being Bubbly will make your day a better one. And I bet there are people who are missing Bubbly Deb! Fist to the sky, be tough Bubbles. jb ps, fist to the sky. Wasn't that The Paper Bag Princess. Where is she?
  11. jb49

    Good morning!!

    Good morning everyone. , Wow Swampette, if you said all that to me sitting in a room, I would be looking over my shoulder, uncertain if you were aiming such kind words to me or perhaps some one behind me. Thank you, I try to help as best I can. Back to the van in Toronto, driven up a busy sidewalk, killing 10 people last week. 15 years ago, I started to do work for a Lady who left the city looking for a quieter life out in the country and bought an old farm about ten miles from our place. I did a lot of work for her in the ensuing years repairing old barns and building new shelters for her animals. It was a nice place to work for me and we became good friends. Her Mom, 80 years plus still lived back in Toronto, but not now. She was one of the last victims of the van and its driver to be identified. So many violent and sickening things happen in the daily news that I don't have to do anything more than shake my head in disbelief. This time, I will have to try to help my friend grieve and come to a point of acceptance that life can be cruel but when all is considered, life is sweet. But we all know that sweet doesn`t make the lead story on the six oclock news. A week from now I will be be in the hospital, the day after surgery, with probes into my grey stuff that the Parkinson Dude has made black and rather useless. I am amazed at the skill and confidence, knowledge and under standing that the doctors at the hospital have of the Brainus Maximus and other body parts. My body right now is really feeling the symptoms of Parkinsons worse than I ever have. Maybe my Body thinks that surgery is going to fix all things, so quit struggling. I know that Surgery will help with a programmed dbs in place,. but I`m not expecting miracles. I better get at my job list titled HORSEFEATHERS. (Household Organization Required Suddenly, Effecting Family Entering And Tending Home`s Environmental Resources Systems). I hope everybody has a stellar day today. I am planning on it. jb
  12. jb49

    Good morning!!

    Thanks Peace, lady rancher from the Midwest. Keep that penny close! Lad, I watched the video, he is an entertainer. I hope you see him up on stage in the bright lights one day soon. dIANNE, i chuckle at the thoughts of "John's Adventure". Thank you Pathfinder and Linda for good thoughts. Linda, I wish good health for you. (and everyone else as well of course) She Ra, When I pulled out the map of the USA I realized that I had something messed up cause you would of been commuting hundreds of miles to work every day. Nice to hear from you. A week from now, I will have fancy new directional propes in my brain base. The second part follows 2 days later when the battery pack gets installed and wires are hooked up. Then I go about 6 weeks before the main switch gets thrown and I jump up and dance. Or whatever. That will be a long wait. Hope everyone hasa good day. jb.