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  1. Good morning!!

    Good evening. Hi Peace. You never ramble on too much. I would read more of what you write. 3 year old girls and Christmas go together like peas and carrots. That should be fun!! I often will put a big x on one egg and always leave it in the nest. My current laying hens always look for fresh straw in the nest and an egg that is already there to add to. The x is so that I never will eat it because it won't stay fresh too long. If they are in the mood to not lay and older than a couple years you will just have to wait. Good luck. They try to start Xmas earlier every year here too Em.. Thankfully stores push halloween onto you until oct. 31but come Nov 1, the aisles are full of christmas merchandise and singing chipmunks on the airwaves. I leave Xmas preps as late as possible. That is really good that you are taking a writing course em. I'm sure you will enjoy it. Good for you!? Did you get your furnace fixed superscoop?. I get more frustrated these days when things go wrong and are not going to be fixed by me. Like a leaky roof. I once would just fix it it. Now I have to get someone to attend to these things. I know that happens to everyone but it wasn't supposed to happen to me. Scoop, I hope that you post here again soon! Hey LADy. What's up. Anyone hear from Ella. ? And I am Fine Linda. Some times I have trouble getting around to posting and I think I will "get caught up tonite". But the truth is that I am getting rather slow now. It seems to take a lot more effort to accomplish things that I have always done and my off times challenge my on times in length now. We tend to eat a little bit later than most and then by the time dishes are done and cleaned up, I usually grind to a halt. Fingers won't type well, eyelids grow heavy. Thinking loses A bit of clarity perhaps. I don't do much writing at night anymore. This seems to be an exception tonite. I did have a nap before I ate though. A good friend of mine had dbs done a couple years ago. He and I had about the same symptoms, and took the same drugs. He is like a new man now with that whole on and off thing levelling out to a straighter line. I don't think my highs will be as high following the operation, but I hope that lows aren't as low where it seems I have froze up. I do have a series of assessments booked at the hospital for 2 days in Toronto in January. Although I don't much like the thought of the upcoming operation, assuming I qualify as a candidate for surgery , I do look forward to some improvement of my symptoms.Thanks very much for your concern Linda,but I am fine. How are you doing? Hey Dianne, I hope that you are feeling better. And with that he turned and his black cape swirled out like a billowing parachute and as he clapped on his top hat and caught up his umbrella he vanished into the night. Be safe everyone! Jb.ll
  2. Good morning!!

    Good morning Everyone. Hello Marcia. I hope that you have a Good Neuro appointment. I can't imagine not being on drugs. I would be rooted to the ground.. Good luck with that!! Hey Linda, wazzup? How is Buffalo Ellangel? Got snow on the ground yet?. Hi Peace. How is the cleanup going? Hi Dianne,Bard, and Em. Have a good weekend. Jb
  3. Good morning!!

    They are funny to look back upon. My daughter made me a father's day card likely about grade1 in which prompted by the sentence "when does your father look the most handsome" she filled it out with "when he is dressed in a suit and his hair is combed to go to a funeral."
  4. Good morning!!

    Good morning Everyone. I have a new small entertainment tablet. Only smaller. It is perhaps a tile? Anyways it takes some getting used to. This morning I realized that I wrote more than what was posted. But I found it. And just posted it. One can spend a lot of time with social media. Hello Peace. I hate throwing out anything. Everything at my farm has lots of potential, I was just going to use that thing, it holds memories, can't buy them anymore, would save a trip to town, or would do in a pinch. I still have schoolwork that my kids brought home 30 years ago that I send to them for birthday cards.yep I am not a thrower. Be safe. Jb.
  5. Good morning!!

    Good morning. It is a beauty of a day. Thanks Bard for your kind words. Hope you have a great B.C. Day. How was Sean's graduation Em?. How is your pain level Dianne. Hello ms. Pathfinder. How are you Linda and Marcia?. In my neck of the woods everyone put fruits and vegetables in the basement of the house and it was cool enough to keep them fresh for part of the winter anyways.. Lad,nice pictures. I hope you all have a super Sunday. Jb
  6. Good morning!!

    Hi everyone. Seems like I fell asleep here for a couple of weeks. All is well. I have had a session in Toronto to see if I am a good candidate for dbs. So far I'm good . I am having more tests in january. So far all is well. Hope all is well with everyone. Be safe. Be happy as you can be. Jb
  7. Good morning!!

    Goooood Scary Morning,!!!! Happy Halloweeeeen... Booo! Today I won`t worry about littloe cobwebs here and there. Hi Em, Happy Birthday to your Mom and Sean. Congrats to Sean at his Graduation, I vote Dianne as the Special Sheriff in charge of investigating Nasty Manners and People. VioLetinda: I suspect that your work has been perfect all your life. Now it gets harder to maintain that level of excellence. Is it possible that when you approach a task you want to do it 100% or not at all. So you sit at your computer waiting for that perfect lead line. I don`t know about the mind loss that you worry about. We all have some loss because we are all aging. Also, as Parkys we suffer brain loss, and most of operate with a drug load that could cause confusion in the mind of an elephant. I think that it is ok to let the old standards slide as we cut ourselves some slack . And I find your writing and thoughts perfectly grammared, very clear and to the point and friendly, inquisitively caring of everyone and a bright light on what otherwise may be a dark morning. Marcia, you should be the Special Investigator in charge of common sense. Ginger LADy, you seem to have lots of energy bubbling forth every day. That is Good. Hello Ms. Miracle. Happy Punken Day. be safe , jb. (And everyone wondered if he forgot how to spell the word Pumpkin or perhaps did he just like the sound of the word punken.)
  8. Good morning!!

    Good for you LADy !! That was a very kind thing to do. I agree with EllAngelcat as well about empathy coming forward in people who experience hardship, And VioLinda, how are you thias weekend? Have a good one Everybody
  9. Good morning!!

    Hello Dianne, I am just popping round the internet and here I am reading your post. When did you first get the wrong tubing? Maybe we have had that conversation already, but it seems like you have had that wrong sized tubing problem for a long, too too long, of a time now. You must be looking forward to November 28th date. Bless you Dianne, I hope that a good doctor gets you up and about soon. And despite the fact that even you must be having a hard time making Lemonade these days, your list of health concerns still don't emit a whine from you. Sleep well my friend,
  10. Good morning!!

    Goooood Morning everyone. Hey Violet Linda,whats up today. DIANNE, have you got that duwopawop wopwop pump working again? Hope so. I mentioned a lost post in this fractured quick week,: one thing that I did say but lost was this. I hesitate to comment on other peoples drugs because I know that different meds work differently for each of us. Marcia, I took Rasagilene for years. It was new, my neurologist was sure that it was a drug that would prove to be very effect, He thought that it was going to prevent Parkinsons from crossing to my good side (left). I never felt much using it. It is sold as Azilect here in Canada and is very expensive. One day I walked into my twice a year appointment and he announced to me that it was not proving to be as good as he thought and that we might as well stop it. And I did. Also Marcia, that was too bad that you had to change your travel plans this summer. Maybe next summer if you travel to Canada you and your husband could visit here a few days. Peace, that sounds like a good penny. Hang onto it! I have most everything out of my garden. I stay only a step ahead of Jack Frost. My shed looks like a farmers market. Sunflower heads, green peppers, potatoes, carrots, leeks, jalapeno peppers, tomatoes and onions are all stored there waiting to get into the freezer, or the barn. lots of work! Hi Emily, how is Ireland today. Oh Angellacat: I wanted to tell you that it is hard to be humble when I was digging out such nice big potatoes last week. Maybe I should have a chip truck. Gotta run. Looking after my neighbours ponies this week too while they are on vacation. have good weekends. jb
  11. Good morning!!

    Good morning everyone, Hi Peace, thinking of you. Funny this, my horse when I purchased it was named Maximum Dream Maker. Of course he responds to Max and that is all I call him. Hope everyone is well. jb
  12. Good morning!!

    Good morning everyone. I'm very sorry for your loss Peace, I have had horses put down and I have found them passed away. It sounds like your Max died in a peaceful manner. He certainly lived long but I know that his death still hurts your heart. I am sure that he had a good life with you and that you did all that you could for him over the years. I hope he finds himself in a big open meadow with lots of green grass and clear water holes with warm sunshine on his face. Be happy with your memories of Max today and always. Big hug for you Peace, jb
  13. Good morning!!

    good morning everyone, lost a post yesterday, running late today. hope everyone is capital g Good jb
  14. Good morning!!

    Good Morning Morning People, How are Today Em? The morning news on TV is using the words Hurricane and Ireland in the same sentence. I hope that you are battened down securely and Ophelia doesn''t amount to much. Hello Violet Lin. You are right. I can do lots of things still. And I really do appreciate that. But it gets more difficult to time my activities with my medication "on times. " I am sure that you too were used to accomplishing a long list of tasks each day. That is frustrating. and HI L-AngelCat. As I grow older, and faced problems in my own life, I have become much more humble and less judgmental of others. Yesterday we went to a local church to listen to a classical music presentation. The pianist was a young Russian Lady and she played 6 selections from different composers. After the intermission, she was joined by a string orchestra, (2 violins, 1 Viola, (whats the diff? I don't know), and a Cello). It was lovely and awe inspiring to listen to. Just beautiful. Mind you, it is a long sit for a Parky Man on a rock hard straight backed church pew. People behind me maybe thought I was dancing, doing the Twist. And now it is Monday morning. The house is cool this morning. It dropped to about 36 F last night outside. I still have lots to do outside. I think I better get the last of the tomatoes in to the freezer before they freeze on the vine. Dig more carrots, and stack up the pumpkins cause I like the look of stacked up pumpkins. mmm orange carrots, orange pumpkins.. maybe it is a colour thing. Dig more potatoes? Maybe I should organize a Parky Party and maybe Path Finder could make some pumpkin pies....from scratch. Dianne, How are you today.? Be safe today. enjoy your day. Grab the day and wring every bit of good stuff out of it that you can. jb
  15. Good morning!!

    Good morning Everyone, Dianne, ElleCat, and Violet Linda., What sweet comments you reply with. You are all too kind. My Mom is wonderful as was my Dad. I had lots of good role models in my Life, They reached levels of service to others that I will fall short of. I try though. We have had a real warm spell here of late. Yesterday I dug up some of the carrots from the garden. Lots of stems, they look really good but too many small carrots . However we canned the bigger ones as pickles and anything that is too small becomes tidbits for the horses. Peelings go to the laying hens. I also dug more potatoes and stacked another load of firewood onto the front porch. It is warm still but winter always gets here eventually. Some days, like yesterday, I never quite get over the hump and ride the wave of feeling somewhat normal. (Peace, it is like riding a horse at a bumpy little trot and it tries to break into a canter for a smoother ride. But it never quite gets up to that next speed). By days end it feels like a wore out a pair of shoes from the shuffle, and my body feels like I carried that Parkinson Demon, over my shoulder for every step of the day. Sometimes I can pop an extra couple of Levodopa pills, but Dyskinesia, one of the thugs that Hang out with Parkinson, usually is lurking in the shadows, ready to yank on my arms and twist me around. I am ok though. This afternoon we plan to go to town to listen to a classical music presentation put on by local musicians at the Anglican Church. It should be good. Have great days you all. Remember Houston, Florida, Puerto Rico and I better add California to the list as well. The best of everything to all you great people. jb