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  1. jb49

    Good morning!!

    thanks for well wishes from yawl, It has been real hot here of late, one more trip to Toronto for programming. Hope everyone is doing fine. jb
  2. jb49

    Good morning!!

    Hello Bard, thanks, Yes, I definitely am doing better with my programmed stimulater in conjunction with the levadopa. The meds on, meds off cycle is closer timed out, Every 4 hours thereabouts I reqire my Levodopa, carbadopa (100/25). I get full measure for my on time and the off time is not nearly as harsh. I think. I still have a funny feeling that there is a stimulater running into my brain, which there is, but I actually feel quite good. Fingers are crossed. Hang onto that Canadian penny Hope. Best wishes to you'all. jb
  3. jb49

    Good morning!!

    jb here, so far, this program is much better, at least it does not make me want to unhook and hurl it all far far away. It feels different than a chemical pill treatment. I am taking a lot less Levadopa. Thanks for all the support here.
  4. jb49

    Good morning!!

    Hi Emma, how are you doing? And Sean, are you watching the football? I have watched quite a bit of it. I have enjoyed it but I don't understand the time clock and when is the game done. And why would they play the ball fom an attack position back to thier goal keeper. Ooooh, as a hockey fan, that is not a good idea. But, I have enjoyed the "footie matches"? Mireillel, I have been busy with that setup. The long awaited for DBS initial program. We travelled by train to Toronto, about 100 miles. I can't drive the drive "off drugs" as required by the appointment. Tuesday this week was the first return since my surgery. I had to go up the day before, stay over nite and we were at the hospital at 8 a.m. to see the surgeon. I was all healed up good from surgery even if my head is bumpy with hidden wires. Then up to the 7th floor and a Dr. programer who sat down and took control of me. That was not painful by any means but very strange to have exterior control over my brain in his hands. He told me that they would map out combinations of things that won't work. He found the leads that would make me feel like I was about to upchuck, hot flashes and cold sweats, make me cry with emotion saying the days of the week, and what it must be like to have a stroke as my face pulled to the left. After an hour or so, we settled on a program that would do for a start . Or thought. But because I had to show up at the hospital Levadopa free, he asked us to have our lunch and levadopa and return to the floor. After our sandwich and two levadopa pills, I could feel the tug of war between me and the unwelcome visitor begin within. We returned to the office. The Dr. could see the struggle setting up on my right side as dyskinetic powers started up. He told me to cut back on the Levadopa for the next dose and we returned to Union Station and the train. It was not a good afternoon, and I was aware of the stares from people as I walked around trying to balance on a leg that was not mine, or felt that way. Or, trying to stand casual but looking like I was trying to shake my shoe off of my leg, while my arm swung in a strange way like I was playing invisible frisbee with an invisible friend. I felt uncomfortable whenever a security officer walked toward me. I had a miserable train ride back to Belleville, concentrating on not kicking out with dyskinesia. Finally at 10:30 that night I turned the stimulator off. (as instructed by the Dr., if required, when leaving his office). The relief was total and instant and I have great respect for the controller, even more important than the tv, or sattelite controller, not to be lost down behind the cushions on the couch, robbed of batteries, chewed by the dog. Or played with by grandboys that want to see old Pa shake a leg. I phoned the Dr. in the morning for advice, tried it again and after trying for 10 hours, I turned it off again. I have another appointment early next week. I am patient, I have great faith in my medical team and great support in my life from my wife, family and friends. So For a few more days I will go with the pills. And be be a patient patient. Have a good day everyone. Cereus, I visited Arizona once. Such a beautiful clear blue sky every day in January. ps. 4 of the boys in the cave have been rescued . fingers crossed. Such brave kids. And Rescuers too!! john b
  5. jb49

    Good morning!!

    Well LADy....,,,, It may be nice in PA today, but If I could put the Ontario Air that I am breathing, into Mason Jars, I think that they could be sold. Especially if the jars of air could bring you the birdsongs, the smell of cut hay, the sight of the butterflies and happy vibes coming from my TV set as 4 young Thai soccer playing boys emerge from the underground caverns. My hat is off in salute to the decency, strenghth and skill of the rescuer workers doing what they can to rescue them. Such brave young men, smiling and joking into the cameras. May the grace of unseen powers continue with them on this epic struggle. jb
  6. jb49

    Good morning!!

    Dianne, that soundslike a very nice trip out for you and your "Ride" Good for you. You have pushed your walls open, and you will not be contained. Happy motoring to you!
  7. jb49

    Good morning!!

    LADy, Gosh, I am way behind again in correspondence. Your brother likely has been to Quebec, knows more about it than I do, returned home and has put together a photo album already. But here I go. The city of Montreal, is very diverse with lots of different ethnic groups. We used to drive up to Montreal to watch the National League Expos play baseball. Before they moved to Washington. It is a beautiful city. You will have no trouble finding services in English but all signage and initial conversation is in French. Qubec City, the Old City is a trip through history. The stone and timber buildings are just wonderful to see. It is one of the oldest cities in North America settled and lived in by Europeans for about 400 years. The south shore of the St, Lawrence River is a very nice drive from the Eastern Townships along to the Gaspe Peninsula where the Gulf of the St. Lawrence receives all the fresh water from the Great Lakes and begins to mix and fill up the north Atlantic Ocean. Not to over symplify but that is most of Quebec. The river is a corrider through the province and most of the population lies along the river. Hope he enjoys the trip! jb
  8. jb49

    Good morning!!

    Hi Marcia, It is extra hot here this weekend. Hot and humid. Had a good thunderstorm this morning. Lots of thunder and lightning closed down the daily bird choir that begins every morning at about 4:45 a.m. It still is nice and green here. JUst too hot and humid to do much. Have a good weekend. It is Canada Day here tomorrow, and monday will be a day off work. If you work. Not me. Now I am rambling, good night everyone. jb
  9. jb49

    Just Interesting Things about This and That

    Hi Linda, I just read the story about the old cowboy and his horse Rusty. That is a good story. Thanks. jb
  10. jb49

    Nightly bladder problems

    AS a young person, I was never very good at holding my urine back. Small bladder I think. Fast forward to present, 11 year veteran of PD and the owner of an enlarged prostrate gland that makes it difficult to drain my little bladder and make it gladder I still have issues but I do understand it better. 1. I did have appointments and time spent in the pee clinic with an urologist who concluded that my pd twitchiness, and a bladder that doesn't draikn easily has put me in a position of urinary urgency. 2. I do ok with it. It isn't my biggest problem. 3. A lot of my urgency is in my mind, not in my pants. 4. Usually I only go to the Bathroom once a night when I sleep better. Some nights when I am more restless, or sleeping lightly I go more often. 5. Google "key in the lock syndrome" You will be surprrised by the number of people returning to thier home, who find the urge to pee grow as they unlock the door, put the groceries down, pet the dog, pull off the snowboots and run to the bathroom. 6. I find that I need to be very casual about finding a bathroom that is available for use before I make the concious decision that "OK, I have to go to the restroom." The countdown has started from that point. If I find the intended restroom is not available, whoa! The urgency status just got dialled up. 7. If my body temperasture is warm, I have better holding power, If I am cold, I can not hold back as good. A cool night is not a good night to drink cold beer around a campfire if toilet facilities are not easy to access. 8. If I am travelling, I avoid the morning coffee and I limit juice and water even though I know that dehydrating myself is not a good thing to do. But it does help the urgency thing. 9. I have some belts and zippers that are easier to use than others which can be hard to loosen off. If my fumbly fingers are victims of a low med off time compounded by a higher than usual urgency and I am doing the "gotta pee real bad right now shuffle" things can get tense. When this happens and I finally get it done, I know that I am not done. I need to relax; think about drinking cold beer while watching Niagra Falls and going through the car wash. Try to relax, relax, don't let the Restroom out of sight. Guaranteed, I will pass more water.. A tense full bladder doesn't give up easily. Its like a little encore. !0. I get by with this problem ok. I have closecalls, I usually use the bathroom when it is available when travelling even if I don't feel like I really need to. And I have worn Adult pullups when on long drives or airplane just in case. Never had to test them yet! Remember this: You are not alone, lots of people suffer this problem..
  11. jb49

    Good morning!!

    Good Morning Everyone, It is Saturday morning. 1, Saturday used to be such a special day. Cartoons. It was the only day of the week you could get them on a country tv with a very basic attenae. It was something to look forward to. Now satelite channels flood the screens 24/7 with poorly written cartoons and I don't think kids are interested in them because they have become too common. 2. Movie theatres bring such great box office hits to the big screen. Price of admission is not too bad but the big money maker is the food. If you take three kids to the theatre and get them in for say 5 bucks a head, it will cost you 10 bucks a stomach for popcorn, a drink and skittles. Or you can be a grumpy grandpa and tell them that they should of eaten their lunch up. 3. Walt Disney was a heaven sent TV program on a Sunday evening that you loved to watch with your family. Households now with 4 tvs and 5 cell phones, 3 tablets and a huge x box setup, whatever that is, is often a household of bored people in different rooms throughout the 2800 sq. ft. house, surfing around looking for something to watch and it isn't "Poor Benji" 4. I am watching FIFA football on tv, Live from Russia. Pretty cool. They are great athletes almost as skilled as Canadian hockey players but here is one thing I hate. Falling down, acting wounded and stopping the play. I saw one player here today scream in pain and fall down demanding a penalty before he even was bumped by another football player. But I have developed a liking for the game and they certainly are very athletic and skilled players. just damn poor Actors. 5. We have 5 birdfeeders. We watched a red headed woodpecker stick its tongue into the hummingbird feeder and suck up the sugar water. Never saw that before. We have lots of cats this year and before there is an international trade tarriff placed on them, I could ship one to anyone needing a good barn cat. They like to sit under the bird feeders and make the birds nervous. Meanwhile the cats are afraid of our dog who keeps the cats excercised. And the dog is ever watchful of the cats who are as big as he is and outnumber the poor little fella. The birds fly away in fear of the cats , who haunt the dog .Why don't I keep the cats out of the yard, Cause they keep down the number of chipmunkeys that cleanout the birdfeeders every chance they get. And it has been proven that the chipmunkeys are smarter than me when it comes to trying to keep them out of the sunflower seeds. 6. Soon I will have waited 6 weeks patiently , like a young boy watching his grandpa slowly carry an ice cream cone to him, for the swelling to go down and the dbs to startup. Soon Grasshopper, Soon it will be time for you to go, Go to Toronto and get powered up. Is not it more noble to wait patiently Grasshopper for the cure to be held back and you learn how to be grateful for the heat of the sun and the pull of the moon and the grains of sand upon the beach, whose numbers pale in the light opf the number of stars in the heavens above. Now Grasshopper, quickly as you can, snatch the pebbles from my hand. Ah, I win again. It is good to be the master. Go wait a bit more Grasshopper and reflect upon all of this. (and who did not like to watch Kung Fu back in the day.?) 7. The yellow team just scored. They do a little victory dance, they jump up into the air together and collide, banging hips together and thier arms entwine the 4 men together, but one man is bumped a bit hard. As they fall to the ground he screams foul, you fowl. He rolls and buries his face to the ground and the officials wonder if that is a yellow card or a free kick in seeing as all persons involved are on the same team. 8. I am not being whiny and poor me but my shoulders are still sore with rotator cuff issues. I get them working good, free and easy through the daylight hours but most mornings I awaken with them frozen and I have to slowly get them rotating again. 9. Our Prime minister got the bills passed through the Senate to legalize pot, or rather decriminalize pot in Canada. Medicinal pot already was ok. But now anyone can have 4 plants at home in your herb patch, there is no roadside test for it if you are driving higher than a kite, and I think Mr.Treaudeau will rue the day this got done. 10. We watched "Awakenings" on tv one night this week. With Robin Williiams and Robert DeNero. Good movie. Doctor Sacks (true story) realizes that a new chemical known as L -Dopa could help his patients. That movie could be about us, well it was. I felt it inside my soul. Ok. Gotta go, Saturday morning cartoons, you know... Be strong everybody. PD is not for wimps. And keep that fist to the sky! jb.
  12. jb49

    Good morning!!

    Good Morning everyone! It isa beautiful day in Southern Ontario today. Actually, I got to see all of the morning and the sunrise on this Summer Solstice. It is a little cooler this morning, following hard on the heels of some humid days. The grass is green and my lawn is nicely mowed thanks to Imy brother who came up to my house yesterday to do it. It is a busy time of the year for me, but I need to stay away from the work until the surgeon clears me. Im only allowed to lift about 5 pounds until then. Gee, that amounts to only a very good sandwich. I am needing to get out and excercise more because when I sit around, my muscles sort get stuck, but I need to sit around more and rest some sore muscles cause when I do too much, my muscles get sore. Life is busy. Have good days everyone jb .
  13. jb49

    Good morning!!

    I hope that you have a nice visit with her Dianne, jb
  14. jb49

    Good morning!!

    Sorry about your Daughter's illness Dianne. Hope she finds an alternate drug. hugs to you, jb
  15. jb49

    Good morning!!

    Sorry Dianne, Take a deep fresh breath. I'm right here! I am doing ok. I patiently await July and the program that will fire up my new dbs hidden in my chest two finger widths below my right clavicle bone. Hello Linda, She Ra and LADy and Em and Marcia and everyone else. Hi Tom and Bard and any other guys as well. My shoulders are good and are much improved. Man, it has been hard watching others cut my grass and such things. I did manage to get a garden planted with some help. Soon I will be back to doing old things again I hope. Or else do a shift to a new set of things to do. My hair is pretty scary looking still. I did get one haircut last week. I got used to wearing a little toque, or a bandanna to keep things clean around the cuts and stitches. I still wear it to cover up the wiring bumps, where the connecting wires tunnelled under the skin from my chest, up my neck around my ear and up to my head are hidden, It is amazing how they hid all the wires with a minimum amount of cutting flesh. My security bandanna. Keeps my head warm too. The hair gets longer, things will look better with the next cut. I am not so fast typing, I try not to spend too much time on the internet. Often I read stuff in the morning and plan to answer things at night. At night I fall asleep before doing this. Hence the blanks blocked out. Sorry you were holding your breath Dianne. Is your pump working better now? My pill routine is back to about what I was doing before the surgery. Hit and miss with whether or not they catch. I hope my dbs does away with those miserable off times. Well, that is about all for now, I hope that everyone is doing as good as possible. Meanwhile I wait as patiently as a small acorn on the forest floor waiting to become an oak tree, for July and the startup of dbs. Be good every one, take care! jb