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  1. Good morning!!

    no one was hurt at all. He must of been almost stopped. I usually check my mirror before I stop. Oh, I did, no one there. I remember that now. There was a bit of a hill that he would of been behind. I sat there for the full cycle of red light. During that time he would of come into view in my mirror and eventually roll into my back bumper. But what difference would it of made any ways. ..? LAD, kids are very savvy and resourceful. Just think about having fun! Avoiding the hurricanes Linda? Good days to all. jb
  2. Good morning!!

    HI everyone, Nice to hear from you Marcia. You won't miss filling up a big travel home with gas at least. Well Dianne, how did the purple colouring go.? Hi Ell, LAD, EM, Mrcl. Skr... hope everyone had great weekends. Linda, how are things on the coast. Tom, you are right. Credit cards can save the day, but they always need to be repaid. And the interest charges are very high. It has been a busy week. Tuesday we got run in to from behind while we sat stopped in our car at traffic lights. A young kid, very apologetic bumped into us from behind. I had to deal with getting quotations for repairing my car and settling that. Early Friday morning we went to the train station and rode the rails to Toronto, followed by a quick 3 subway stops, a transfer above ground to a streetcar and were soon at Toronto Western Hospital for my first appointment with the dbs clinic. It was quite a thorough 2 hr. appointment starting with a younger neurologist who put me through all the little motor control tests that everybody here likely has done already. That was followed by another interview with a more senior doctor who outlined the process a bit further. It will take a few appointments and assessments before they decide whether I am a good candidate for surgery. I hope it all works out. It was incredibly warm here this weekend for the middle of September. I hope it stays this way for awhile. You are right Marcia, one can't have too many friends. Good days to all jb
  3. Good morning!!

    Good Monday Morning. Thanks for all the emotional support that you Ladies deal out to me. You are all very kind to me as I lay out my doubts for the world to see. As positive and forward thinkers, you watch out for those that need a kind word and you are quick with advice and encouragement. I realize the quandry that I present to people. I know that the general population where I live want me to say that I am feeling good when they enquire as to my status. Nobody really wants to hear the downside. I understand that. But if people believe my answer that I am doing fine, that makes my reply misleading and dishonest. So I think that I will stay positive in my thoughts and attitude, honest in my answers to those who ask how I am and reconcile myself to how I am and what I can do. I must say though that when I answer with "I am going to Toronto to have electrodes implanted into my brain, it gets their attention. LAD, it is good that you have three sons, a husband and parents to care for. You don't have time for downtime. Actually, all of you watch out for others and never do you complain for yourselves. That is what makes you all so sweet! Well, it looks like Irma is running out of gas. What a storm! What about Houston? They were front and centre on all our news channels, then wham, onto the next calamity which was Irma. Even the 16th anniversary of 9/11 where 3 thousand people lost their lives, gets tucked into the news a little deeper. Dianne, I hope that your Daughter will come visit you. Maybe it will be memories of Casey that could draw her closer to you. I hope that the opportunity presents itself in the next 10 days for some reconciliation. I hope that I am not being Nosey, ok, I am. I just think that you both would be happier if you could be closer in your thoughts. Well, I better get at the day. Where do the dust bunnys under the furniture come from? I hope that the Canadians stranded in the Caribbean islands stop crying for the Canadian government to send airplanes to bring them back. The risk was there when you went, suck it up, help the locals, the airplanes will start again soon. Have good days everyone.. jb
  4. Good morning!!

    Good morning Tom, Ella, Linda and everyone else. How are you doing Dianne, Emma what is going on in Ireland these days. Marco is a small dog, very defined in muscles and a short coat which doesn't shed much luckily. He is a solid tan colour and runs in leaps and bounds. He loves running with big dogs playing dog tag, or whatever they call that game. He likes to chase the chickens but respects the fact that those girls are not easily chased and have sharp toenails and beaks. I will have to take time someday to load some photos into the bucket and post them. I had an MRI done at the local hospital this week. I picked up the CD yesterday and will take it to Toronto next Friday at the Hospital where the DBS surgery takes place for an initial visit with the surgeon. Wow, that would be great if I could have better control over my off times. I often meet people in town that say Hey John, you look great. I try to explain to them, that yes I do feel good this hour, that is why I am now in town, driving around shopping. But, my explanation goes on to them, you should of seen me an hour ago trying to tie up my shoe laces and in about another 15 minutes I will feel the trembles coming back, and like Cinderfella, I must get home before the clock strikes "your system is out of levodopa o'clock." I think when I am "on" I look quite normal and I am in the yard or in town doing what has to be done and people likely think, "That guy should be at work! Nothing wrong with him. Lazy he is..". But that time period of feeling good enough to do stuff is becoming a smaller percentage of my time every day. But I tire of trying to explain that hidden part of my day to non parkies who have trouble understanding on and off periods of Levodopa. And that is my story of the day. And my "poor me story" would fall upon deaf ears in the refugee camps of Europe, the flooded monsoon rained upon ravaged areas of Asia, the starving people in tent cities of Africa, the flooded victims sheltered in Houston, and in Florida where Irma approaches like the neighbourhood bully loaded down with water balloons and a bad attitude. Ah, have good weekends everyone. jb
  5. Good morning!!

    Good morning everyone. Trying to hurry and I lost my post. Redos are always shorter. Nice to see you Tom. What a lovely dog quartet you have. Your wife snapped a great Picture. We have a little rescue dog. We don`t know much about it but wherever it came from, they must of chased it with brooms and such. If you go near him with a vacuum cleaner, or dust mop; anything like that , he will run and hide. Hope Houston is drying out, and Florida people..hang onto your hats! Be safe everyone. jb
  6. Good morning Twitchy.  I am looking up Carnarvon.  No idea where that is, Big province, Ontario is.  How long do you spend here in in the summer?

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    2. jb49


      Hi Janie,,  

      How are you today?  Are you American or Canadian? American I thought, or rather presumed.  Hurricane Irma is supposed  to be coming up through Florida in a couple days.  Will your place in Florida be ok?  Must be a worry for you.  I hope your place will be fine. My wife is supposed to go to Sanibel, (Fort Meyers) for a Parkinson convention of Researchers on Friday the 15th, next weekend.  She is waiting and hoping that it gets cancelled.

      Summerville, where did you get that place?  Nope, my address is Frankford. About 7 miles north of Trenton, which is on the hwy 401 about 100 miles east of Toronto. There we live on a small farm. I looked up Carnarvon.  I have driven through that area, Bracebridge,. Orilla, Lindsay, and Haliburton. Your town is about a 3 hr drive from here I think. 

      I did have an MRI done in Belleville 2 days ago.  Next Friday, I meet with the neurologist  in Toronto.  I am surprised that I am getting the DBS done, but I do have too much off time.

      Take care Janie, hope the hurricanes leave you untouched. Good health to you. 


    3. Twitchy mama

      Twitchy mama

      Hi JB, I am Canadian born in Middleton NS. We have lived in the US since 1994. Florida is a big question mark but if the house blows away to Kansas we can stay here. Don't know why I thought of Summerville- don't know why I think of lots of things!! Do know Belleville and Trenton (my dad was Air Force).

      if we ever get down that way, we'll try to find you - I have a brother in Montreal 

      there is a new subcutaneous delivery system for c/l . I can't figure out how to post it here but if you give me your email address I can forward the article.

      is your wife a PD researcher? We are just an hour north of ft Myers hope her trip is smooth and safe

      your positive attitude is such a gift to me and many others! Keep up your good works,JB 



    4. jb49


      Hello Twitchy,  I think that CFB Trenton is Canada's biggest Base. It was in place prior to WW2 and served as a training field.  It is home to a search and rescue squadron and the centre of air transport.  It is a major player in local economics. I picked up a cd of my MRI from the hospital in Belleville yesterday.  I will take that to my DBS consultation in Toronto next Friday.  My wife and a friend in Trenton have recently had DBS surgeries with good results.  I am heading down that path I think. Thank you for the input about the new delivery system.  I do know that many people with pumps are happy with the delivery of medicine.  My wife is expecting the conference to be postponed. Doesn't make much sense to be flying into an area that has been evacuated although the meeting is not until the 15th of September. She is not a researcher, but sits on a board as a dbs patient advocate.  That would be great to meet you if you were down this way sometime.  Have a good weekend TW.  jb   

  7. Good morning!!

    Good morning everyone, Back to school tomorrow morning for Canadian kids. I remember those days. You were finally allowed to wear the new shirts and jeans, completed by new desert boots. You carried the new 3 ring binder with fresh vows to keep it tidy this year and use reinforcements on the 3 holed pages. Remember those sticky little O's that tasted awful when you licked them to stick. Yep, back to school days, congo bongo lines, catching a big musky, my family, ..the highlite reel is good to me, simple, but good. LAD, nothing like travel and change of routine to ramp up my symptoms. You will be fine, but don't let the world rush you, don't try to be perfect, don't forget your medicine, take time out s for yourself. Eat on time, drink water, and ask for help as you need it. Keep yourself happy, cause you deserve it, everything else will fall in place. Linda, I am happy that you liked the congo dance line picture in my mind. Dianne, I'm glad to hear from you. I hope that you get your tube in place and working. I know that you like that system of duodopa medication when it works. I don't know what flux your caregivers are in, but I suspect your interaction with them is beneficial to their well being as well as yours. I chuckle at your words about the train light in the tunnel approaching. Often I worry about that light, but with your calming words I will relax. Perhaps it is only the Tweety Bird from the cartoons wearing a miners light on his helmet approaching. The wind is blowing cold today here, time for apple pies Ms. Path Finder? Be safe everyone..jb
  8. Good morning!!

    Hi LAd and everyone else. Good morning Houston. Everything is a little bit slower now LAD. Hey Dianne, How are things going? Em, El, Tom? Linda... Hope everyone is fine today. Its the weekend tonite! Be safe. jb
  9. Good morning!!

    I realized yesterday I never mentioned Houston. OMG. I can not even imagine how that city will wring itself out and get back to functioning. It isn`t ``Houston, we have a problem``, but rather ``Houston here. we have a problem!`` That city is going to need lots of support and generosity. The view of a Nursing home with a roomfull of ladies in their wheelchairs with water rising to their waists is stuck in my mind. What a fight for survival by people of all ages, race, politics and economic standing is taking place. There were thousands of people rising to the occasion to help one another. Humanity and Love for fellow citizens is alive and well in Texas. Canada hopes that you soon get back on your feet Houston.
  10. Good morning!!

    Lad, I used to love dancing like at weddings and such. I never was a good dancer but I had fun! This story is the highlight of my dancing career. We were on a cruise ship, in one of the lounges one evening. We were travelling with my sister and her husband and 20 other friends on the Carribbean. I forget the song the band was playing but it was perfect for dancing in what we always called a ``Bongo Line``. You know, you form a train of people with hands on the waist of the one ahead of you and you follow with a shimmy and a shake and the leader takes you around the room. My sister urged me to get it going and I had enough liquid courage in my system that I didn`t need much persuading. I soon had our group all attached and circulating the smallish dance floor and quickly all the other people dancing joined in. As the Wallflowers left their chairs and joined in, I was running out of room to maneuver. So I lead that connected train of fun loving fellow cruisers out a side door of the lounge, around a short hallway and back in the open door on the other side. As I lead the front of that dancing snake back into the room through the second door, the tail of the train was still going out the first door. The line all got back into the room, and the song finally ended. We had done the `Locomotion`` in style and it is a pârt of a good memory for me. Have a great day everybody jb
  11. Good morning!!

    Hello Marcia, and all the good morning PP and everyone else, I'm glad that your hubby is sleeping well Marcia. I think I need a new mattress but maybe I need only a blindfold. Dianne, I hope that you are getting looked after. I hug you, you need a good break., Em, good morning, and Ellangel, LAD and Linda and everyone, good day eh? to you'all. Life has been busy, I remain a half step and a parky hop ahead of the big steam roller called Life. Take care all of you good people! jb
  12. Good morning!!

    Good morning world, Especially to you Linda . Sometimes when sadness enters my life I picture myself as a robot devoid of any human emotions such as sadness born of grief. I realise though, that is not the way I am wired. I have been to funerals where the tears flow and my "Bush" relatives remind me that we are a family that, well as a cousin told me a few years back, "we Bushes are bawlers". Bottom line is this Linda: I have cried alligator tears over cats and dogs, horses and of course people. Grief for lost pets is real. That was very nice of you to give that kitten a home for 15 years. With great love, we risk great loss. But the day comes when we have to wipe our tears and square our shoulders and carry on. I send you a big hug Linda, an e hug, it will have to suffice. Take care my friend. You have helped many on this forum feel better about things, now that you need help, this keyboard seems devoid of emotions. But I try.. Good days to everyone else. jb
  13. Good morning!!

    Hello Everyone. I trust that everyone has choked down their fistful of pills, recharged their dbs power packs and topped up the duopumps. Bard, its official, worst summer of wildfires in British Columbia. I hope that the fires soon get under control. LAD, that was a busy/proud weekend for your family. Hi Peace, Marcia, thanks for the well wishes . Linda, Dianne, PF, and everyone else. Have a safe and happy weekend. Its Friday, and whooo dont love a Friday. Be safe, strong and thoughtful of others jb
  14. Good morning!!

    Thanks for all replies. I will expand when I get a chance and the chores are caught up.! Have good days my friends. jb
  15. Good morning!!

    Hello Mireille, Thank you very much for your opinions and input about my upcoming DBS procedure at Toronto Western Hospital. I have had this Parky disease hanging over me since I was 49. Next year I will be 60. When first diagnosed I was not too worried about it. I thought I was handling it pretty well, I could stop my tremor with my mind, I could pull myself together and walk without showing much dragfoot, My Neurologist had new medicines to put me onto, Mirapex. Requip, Azilect, with Levadopa as a final tool. I was part of a good drug plan to pay for these expensive drugs, research was turning up new ideas for treatment and I felt like I was going to beat this Parkinson's Disease. Besides, there was no time to be sitting around shaking and shuffling around the house. I had too many trails to ride, projects to do, home repairs, trips to enjoy and I always wanted to build a cabin in the woods for my grandboys to overnite in. I was going to retire soon from working as a carpenter and get back into playing softball with the other old guys in town, with hockey to follow in the wintertime. I used to argue online with man who called himself "Net Gypsy" who warned me of the problems of agonists (root word agony:?, see mirapex and requip.), He had experience and knowledge: I had a strong body and self denial. At about age 55, I was still confident in my treatment plan, my personal strength and determination to push through the off times of my medicines. As for DBS, I never considered having that done. But things change. I'm sorry Mireille, I sometimes ramble on without a clear sense of where my conversation is going or when it will end. I admit that I am nervous about having DBS performed on my brain, but I also accept the fact that it has helped other Parky People that I know feel better. It is my hope that DBS will allow me to cut back on volume of drugs I require, have less off time, and more control of my tremor. I understand that DBS won't turn the clock back, but it may slow the decline of my health. It is good to know that where I am going to go for the procedure has an excellent team and reputation, known about by you across the Ocean in France. Once again Mireille, I appreciate you taking the time to Endorse the Toronto Western DBS clinic. It does help my confidence . I will sign off now with 2 of my favourite quotes from members of this forum, Paper Bag Princess, and her defiant "A defiant fist to the sky" and Tremor Girrrrll's observation "Parkinson's Disease is not for Wimps" Thanks again Mireille, and good health to you, jb,49.