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  1. good morning everyone, Shera, hope the leg bruises are healing up good. Hi Em, sunny skies today? Peace, I forgot to tell everyone that on the road trip during a quiet day in Oklahoma City, you entered your horse in a local barrel race and you rode to a second place finish..(could of happened, could be fake news) Lad, Good Balance! Linda, good luck getting that visit in.. that will be nice for you ladies.. Busy day ahead.. Good days to everyone.!! jb
  2. Good morning everyone. Happy Fathers day to all the Dads that read here. Pathfinder: I hope and expect that your husband will rise to the occasion and that you have a wonderful visit with your family. Well, it was a flight of imagination but a get together tour would be fun. Hi Dianne, squeeze all the goodness out of this day and enjoy it doing whatever. You deserve it. Be safe everyone. jb
  3. Road trip, Great fun. Dianne, we will spring you loose, you fly into Toronto, we swing down through the the North Eastern states, get Linda, get some ice cream sundaes, find Ginger and Fred, Emma can fly into Washington DC, we will meet her, I will drop the car there and hotwire a school bus, off to the midwest. Parkys on the Loose, the headlines read, state troopers and roadblocks, the public yells, cheers and banners read "Do all Parkinson People Have this Much Fun". We scoot round by Atlanta, get the lady with the skinned up knees, 2 other buses join in the Parky Parade. Every day at lunch, we stop, put up our banners and demonstrate to inform the public about toxic chemicals getting into our food chain, the cost of healthcare and the global warming. Our convoy is having some impact and we are shadowed by an army of black cars and men with dark glasses speaking into the cuffs of their white shirts. We arrive in Ohio, its cooler now, because it is October already. Marcia hops on the bus to guide us the rest of the way. FF, the Count, PapaJack, and Ella, the parkys keep coming out of the woodwork to join this trip. Six buses now pull into Pathfinders neighbourhood and Peace follows on horseback. The street is shut down for a block party. A fine time was had by all, Pathfinder is a great cook and host. We all went home after a few days. It was a quieter trip on the way back, each of us with a different bagful of memories and hopes. Take care y'all. jb
  4. Good morning all, welcome back Count, Good to hear from u. I am glad for that Dianne, Congratulations to Sean Emma, that is wonderful he graduated from his course. She Ra, come on up, lots of space for you in Ontario and I am sure you would enjoy the 4 distinct seasons. Sorry bout the dentist, sounds ouchy. Hey Lad, Linda, Miss Ella, etc what do you say we all meet up at Pathfinders backyard for some banana bread and tea.? It will be a surprise for her.. Have good weekends everybody.. jb, stay safe!
  5. Hello Pathfinder, Your herbs sound good. I can imagine the smell them in the hot sun. I don't have a strong sense of smell thanks to that creepy Parkinson Boogey man riding on my shoulder. My son introduced them to our kitchen when he came home from University with quickly snipping scissors overtop of a bubbling batch of spaghetti. He always had a bunch of potted herbs growing in front of a window. I can sense your excitement about the upcoming visit with your family. I hope that you have a fun time. Today after lunch I came out of the house and heard a rustling of grass beside the backdoor concrete stoop. It wasn't hard to see a long black,yellow and green garter snake that was at least 30 inches long and thick slithering across some leaves as only a snake can slither. She had an even bigger bulge inside her stretched profile where some unfortunate creature, and I hope it was one of those striped rats known as a chipmunk, lay awaiting final digesting. I got my gloves and moved the snake across the road to a nice sunny ditch. UUuk. I don't like snakes. There was also a whitetailed deer in the little orchard field behind my house that I saw this afternoon. it was only about 50 feet from me grazing on the grass. We locked eyes, but she went back to grazing after a minute or so. She sensed no danger from me. Also with the cultivating of the gardens, lots of bugs and worms are being turned up and the birds are very happy for the help with feeding all those anxious and hungry mouths that they created. The parents chirp and follow my path of hoeing and watering, gathering up exposed proteins that will feed those mouths that are living among the trees in the yard. Each little family in its uniquely crafted nest. It was a pretty nice day. Tomorrow I go see my Movement Disorder Doctor for my twice a year checkup. I hope you all have a good day. jb
  6. good morning everyone, It is a Monday. I don't like them, but they set the tone of the week that you are about to have. If you have a bad Monday you are going to have to play catch up all week long. Linda, I am not sure of all the names. we did get a nice herb garden started in a corner where the sumac had taken over. We put geraniums in some pots for the front porch and back stairs. Most of the work was getting the weeds and grass pulled from the flower beds. I am not sure what the breed of dog is. I always thought He was a chihuahua cross of some sort. It also appears to be part Rat Terrier. I will have to post some pictures. Good days to everybody out there, jb
  7. Good Morning Everyone. The sun has been up awhile, but I haven't been. Parkinsons has really altered my sleep pattern. Or at least my sleep comes in a different pattern now. Whatever, here I sit with a coffee, laptop, lapdog and CMT, (Old School) on the television. I wll soon be awake. Hi Murray, Glad to see you here. I bet it does get hot in Texas in the summertime. I was in Texas only once and that was in January. Yes Dianne, you are fabulous. How are things in the Northwest? Linda, you are so correct about tomatoes. The things that they have done to them so that they can be delivered from thousands of miles away to sit pretty and unblemished on display in a grocery store. Hardly the same fruit that I will be eating in about 6 weeks. This week has warmed up fast. 3 days now with no rain. I got quite a bit of garden and flower beds and flower pots planted and we even got a new herb area started in a dry corner of the yard. Em, Marcia. LAD, hope that you have nice days. jb. be safe, be strong.
  8. Good Morning World. the sun is shining, the gardens await, fresh tomatoes, sure taste great. Marcia, I hope that you get some cookies this weekend and watch a good movie. LAD, I can't regulate my temp very well, always putting on a sweater, taking off a sweater.t Hi Linda, Did you get Muffet and Edward all renamed? Pathfinder, did you find that steak at the Outback. It sounded like a good idea. Em, I am glad that the Canadians took the Sun to the Emerald Isle, Hope that you and Sean enjoy the Day. I hope that everyone has a safe and happy weekend. jb
  9. Hello Chris, I was monitoring the the Audio Receptors for your sector when I heard your transmission: "Hello out there". ``Roger That and Back at You. Red Dog S/L jb49 here, Chris we are vectored onto your greeting.`` And.. Chris, Hello, glad to meet you. I am John Bush of jb49. I have been pecking away at these pages for a few years now. I welcome your presence on this forum. I hope that you don't mind my Walter Mitty outbursts. They just appear, well, I do guide them onto the page. So what is your Story Chris. There is lots of room to lay it out here if you wish. I live in Ontario, am almost 60 years old and am waiting for my morning Levodopa to kick in and get me moving. I have some errands to run this morning but I hope to get some serious gardening done today while the sun is shining. Have a good weekend Chris. be safe, jb
  10. Good morning, I can't play the piano Linda. I did play trombone in the school band and I knew that when everybody else was sliding their tubes out, I should be too. I have trouble playing the radio. Peace, now I know where to send dead snakes. Can I get your zzzzzzzzip code! lol.. Lucky Em, St. Patrick took all the snakes out of Ireland. Right Em, did he send them all to Canada? The sun shines today. Have a good one everyone!
  11. Good morning everyone.. More rain today, Tomorrow I may terrace my garden and plant rice. that is if the weather is nicer. If tomorrow brings more rain, I will begin to build a big boat and I will call it an Ark. I may make it big enough to take the horses and the laying hens. Marcia, I like your jokes. And only you would get french fries for the rats with a furry tail, commonly known as squirrels. And high leather boots are good in snake country. Hi Em, Nice to see you. Linda, the Piano players are amazing. I remember as a kid, opening up the piano and watching the felts hit the strings. What a machine a piano is in the right hands. Do you play the piano/ Have a good day everyone! jb
  12. Good Morning I trust that you all had good night sleeps, no restless trudging around the house in wee hours, finally taking more levodopa, eating a muffin and a glassfull of orange juice , and .then going back to bed to sleep in late. Ah Peace, I love your animal stories. That is crazy! Wowsers.. And what a difference in ground moisture. My garden was just about dry enough that I could almost roto till the garden late Saturday afternoon, It rained just about all day Sunday and the garden is very gooey again. I might as well build some more boxes and plant more stuff in the corner of the yard that I recently cleared out. LAD, you too have encountered crazy deer as well? Are these the standard white tails which we have here in Canada. Ours are very well behaved in comparison to your wild and scary ones. Pathfinder, we would get along fine. I hate snakes, always looking out for them, I like pie, I like growing stuff, waiting to see green leaves coming up out of the ground, And I love it when my kids come home for a visit. I keep all of my online friends in my mind, you are all precious and help me deal with Parkinsons. Be safe in all you do today and everyday. jb
  13. Good Morning to Anybody that happens to look at this thread. Hello LAD, what a beautiful picture of a lovely sunset. I never tire of looking at the sky. No two sunsets are ever the same, the moon is magical; how does a huge ball of Ontario Cheddar cheese maintain such an orbit around the earth day in and day out? The stars are amazing and it is hard to count them all,I usually loose count at about 34,678, 896, 567, 498, 314 gazillion.... and a dark country sky contains many more stars than you can see from a city. Clouds come and go in all shapes and different textures. A rising sun is a great thing to watch. Like a can opener going around the horizon. Or opening up a can of peaches, Light peaks into the can, or the Earth, images take shape, the lid rises and you fish out a peach and enjoy the sweet wet taste, the sun warms your face. Our world is an amazing and delightful place. Oh, thanks for the clarification on the Tango LAD, I thought that you were teaching it to one of your sons. There is a local ballet school in Town that offers lessons for Parkies that seems to be popular. Some of those dancers are limited to dancing from chairs as well. Dance does seem to be a good excercise for us. I used to dance like a crazy man when my body was a little more nimble. Now at wedding dances and such, I feel quite rigid, self conscious, and shy about getting up there and being footloose. Ha, sometimes I still say what the heck and go crazy. Stand Back everyone! Anyways, it is nice that you help out with the dance classes. Hello Em and Marcia, what will occupy your time today. Got a good book on the go? Hi Linda, and Feisty, you had a good long venty type post here recently but then have been a little bit quiet. Don't be shy to put it all out there again. Hey Ella, I still haven't got that pancake truck on the road yet. Dianne, if I do get my diner truck on the road, I will drive to Seattle, swing by your house and blow the horn and wait for you to come out and get a plate full of buttermilk-blueberry pancakes and maple syrup. With whipped cream even if you wish. Mr. Count, Papa Jack, not many men post on this thread, I am starting to feel a little bit funny about that . I would be very happy to see you two, or any other guys posting here as often as you can. TrailBlazer, where did that name come from?....Pathfinder, that is who I meant. I did a bunch of digging and cutting down sumac in a dry corner of my yard yesterday. We dug out a bunch of rocks, roots and sod and put in some boxes to make a little herb corner. Last year it was in the main part of the garden. This year we can go to this little corner to get a bowlful of salad cause we are going to put in some lettuce and a tomato plant in this area as well. And a cucumber plant. I know that you worked hard to get some things planted last week. I thought of you this morning cause my body is sore,( I think you felt that too, ) and slow today from the workercise (is that a new word, from the Latin work and ancient Greek excercise ?) that I did yesterday. Today may have to be a quiet day... Okay, try to be safe and happy everyone, Pick up that phone today and make a call to an old friend or cousin. Take care my friends, jb.. Guys, please post!
  14. Good Morning again, Must be the week of post eating computer binges. Who likes a laptop keyboard with attitude anyways. I was just typing a post and Snap! It disappeared like an icecube in a hot cast iron frying pan. Marcia, even if your skin turned green,me and everyone else would still love you. I hope that your rash clears up for you. I am glad that you like cookies. I don't understand people who don't. Oh, I understand why some don't eat them, but Ireally like them. I am glad that the cats help you dust, cause it is our pets that create a lot of the need for dusting. How do you push back the rainstorms, cause we need some pushing back done this weekend on our weather. I hope that you have a good weekend Marcia and your hubby brings you home 2 bags of cookies from the grocery store. And Moms are usually right. I agree with Linda , Dianne, That is a powerful image that I have in my head of you and the paper folded into thirds and the picture it contains. I hope that you are feeling like that strong tree with many beautiful colours these days. Serentity, thanks for the laugh. I bet the painters had a good laugh as well. LAD, that is pretty neat that you taught your son to Tango, or at least started him on it. I'm sure that it wouldn't be accomplished in a single lesson. Where is the Beach? Is it ocean, or lake, river? I like to row around a lake casting for fish. Actually I like to fly fish. I started that about 15 years ago but the little hooks and knots are quickly becoming difficult. I didn't have any cookies for breakfast today. Anyone who guessed it is because I finished them all last night before bed gets a gold star. Pathfinder, I can picture you planting your garden with great care and not without difficulty. I remember not long ago, spreading a strip of carrot seeds down a long row of prepared soil. It is quite different now trying to hold that handful of tiny seeds and twirl them between thumb and fingers to release them into a spaced out tidy line. I hope to get at the garden soon, if the monsoons stop. Have a good weekend everyone. be safe, jb
  15. Good Morning Everyone, And special good morning to Ella. Pretty quiet on the board today isn't it. Maybe everyone had too many hotdogs on Memorial Day. Good Advice you gave me yesterday Ella. I decided what the heck as I got out of bed this morning and began "The Trudging" around the house for the regular eye opening, muscle stretching, bladder relieving, TV tuning, pill popping, cereal slurping, coffee making, bread toasting, followed by laptop reading and then the dog is on my lap for some sports report watching and then we maybe even do a little bit of eye shut napping. That is the usual routine. Back to your advice, I don't have to follow the old routine, I can make my own decisions. I have no boss, so today, I went crazy and instead of oatmeal porridge I went to my cookie jar and grabbed 2 chocolate chip, and 3 Oatmeal with chocolate chips, raisins and coconut cookies and they tasted good. I don't usually eat cookies before breakfast, but today I am a Rebel. Have a great day Ella, and Everyone else too. jb