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  1. This & that!

    I think that I enjoyed the second book a bit more. Both were good but..#2 was better for me.
  2. Evening restlessness

    This thread is helpful to me. Thank you..
  3. Evening restlessness

    Gardener, you describe me in the evening to a t. I just want to sit and finish watching a tv show but no way! I have to get up and pace back and forth. Too many nights when I get in to bed I am so tired but my legs are still going. How many nights have I said to myself there, relax, think relax, only to move my legs around once again. Under the blankets,out of the blankets. Finally resolved by deep tiredness which overrides restless or I get out of bed and putter around the house. Thankfully my wife can sleep through all of this. It all hinges on my drugs and timing at bedtime.,and how I feel in terms of tiredness when I hit that bed. Always at night.
  4. Good morning!!

    Good Morning world., Well, it is a cool one again. We had one day this week where it actually got warmed up for a daytime high of -10 C, but every night it drops to -25 C, last nite it was -30C (-20F). i burn lots of firewoood but the gas furnace still has to make up some heat to keep the house warm enough. This is a new weather pattern in recent years where we get extended cold spells caused by the Artic cold air masses that stall over central Canada. Instead of moving on, pushed and maneuvered by the upper jet stream, it seems to stop and linger because the jet stream is not following the usual patterns . These upper winds should move this cold mass, break it up, allowing warm air to come up out of Colorado, Ohio or even the upper Pacific Ocean. Instead of this cold mass breaking up and swirling like a good old fashioned square dance with lots of wheeling, meshing and interaction with other masses and currents, we have this big old Wallflower parked on the dance floor and everything has to bend around it. When the hot air comes up your east coast it hits this big chunk of ice cold air and rain,snow and fog happen. The change in my weather is because the jet streams are not behaving as normal. And Science has persuaded me that the Jet streams are different because of Global Warming. Or maybe that is all fake news. But something is causing big changes and big storms. When people ask me what Parkinsons is like, they can often relate to my comparison to skating on an outdoor rink until you get really cold and then you take your gloves off and try to untie those laces and pull on your boots and tie up those laces almost like you were in slow motion. Then fish around in your pocket for the car keys and fumble with getting your frozen butt seatbelted securely in the car and then trying to hit the keyslot with your cold shaky hands. Most Canadians have a feeling for that description. Yesterday I went to town to pick up 1200 Levodopa pills for about $350.00, and a few other errands. I was chilled, my hands were cold and this double negative did not make a positive. I had cold Parky Paws going for my wallet, hiding in deep dark pockets, pulling gloves off and on and getting my list out and even had to fish out my cell phone and hit the right buttons cause my Mom phoned me from the Manor just to say hi. I am lucky to live in small town Canada where everybody has a name and things go a little slower. I was startled even myself how much of a job it has become to be chilled and do little things like put a credit card into its proper spot in my wallet. I was struggling to do just that in a local store one day and the checkout girl saw my struggle and reached out and easily took the card and placed it in the slot in my wallet with a smile and casual conversation that I was grateful for and it seemed so nice of her with no hint of trouble for her and I certainly had no indignation about her touching my wallet. There is more that I wanted to say this morning but there are things to get done. Like feed the horses. They see the light on in the kitchen and they like to whinny their hay demands over the fence at me. They will have frost on their whiskers this morning. Take care everyone, don't forget your sunscreen today Miracleseeker lol. jb.
  5. Good morning!!

    Good Morning to you all. Hi Linda. I hope that you are getting good and proper care for your symptoms. Is it cold where you are. Be careful of your breathing of it is cold. It has been cold here without break. Like about minus 25 F. Nothing like being cold to make Parky Symptoms stand up to be counted. I do go to Toronto later this month for further assessment for dbs. Not much else to report from this old farmhouse for tonite. Be safe everyone. Jb.
  6. Good morning!!

    Hello everybody, Well, it remains cold in Canada, many outdoor New Year Eve celebrations are being cancelled or at least shortened up. I know that when I am outdoors and get cold that my slow movements and freezing up get even worse. Everyone in a cold zone has to be more aware of the temperature and respect its devious power. Hello Dianne, It sounds like you had some good family moments and some healing moments in your Christmas. That is good. I wish you the best for 2018. Marcia, the word you search for is resolutions perhaps? You don't make New Years Resolutions, Me neither. Not that there is no room for improvement in my habits, just stuck in my ways. And Marcia, snow has to be packy, which happens when it is closer to melting temperature and then the snow flakes adhere to each other and the crusty edges tangle like velcros and mesh together as you squeeze them in your hand, forming a bigger mass of thousands of ice crystals, everyone unique in design and they call out to other snowflakes to join in, be part of this ball and those two flakes now have a following being squished into a snowman ball and the number of flakes that you are working with now number 7.4 gazzymillion which explains why your hubby has to come outside and help you roll that snowball which now weighs in at about 6.2 snowtuns but the big problem is that you have rolled up all the snow in your yard down to the green grass below and you have only a single snowball, albeit a big one but everyone knows that you need 3 snowballs to make a snowman. I would love to give you some primetime Ontario snow, but it is toooo cooold and will not stick together . Gosh Marcia, there must be a resolution to this quandry!? Happy New Years to everyone. jb
  7. Good morning!!

    .Good morning all!! How are you doing Dianne. Did you have a nice Christmas Em.? Hi Linda. That is nice that your brother took you for a drive to see Christmas lights.. And in answer to your question, My family has always gone to St. Pauls United Church, and I will pray for you. My wife and I hosted my family Christmas on boxing day. It included 2 of my 3 younger brothers ..and 2 older sisters, their spouses, kids and grandkids plus my Mom at 88 and my youngest niece once removed, Rosebud at 2 yrs We cooked15 pounds of mashed potatoes, 40 pounds of turkey (3 birds) with 2 kinds of cranberries everybody else brought drinks, vegetable casseroles and desserts. We sat 38 people down at lunch and everyone stayed for a dinner of leftovers and a big roasting pan full of baked Mac and cheese, heavy on the cheese with a thick layer of bread crumbs crust. It was a fun day. I have dyskinesia now that can be bad enough that I just about need to the myself to My chair or end up twisting my way to the floor. And Scooper, many souls are built upon their history. If you wipe the slate clear to start each new day, well I think you would delete the value of your soul. Let's discuss this some more? It is much warmer here today...already up to zero on the Fahrenheit scale. All the best to all of you. Jb
  8. Good morning!!

    Good Morning Everyone, and Merry Christmas. Its Christmas. Our house is aq little quiet today but will be full tomorrow. We did get to a church service las5 evening. ANYWAYS, I just wanted to say Merry Christmas to you all. Take care, be safe! JB
  9. Good morning!!

    Good morning everyone, Hello from the North. We were away from home for awhile but are back at the farm now. The weather has been cold, one night it dropped to minus 10 on your Fahrenheit scale which is about -24 on the C scale that is used in Canada. I have had a couple Dr. appointments, catching up with the eternal bills, and am currently trying to get ready for Christmas. We have my family coming to the farm on Boxing Day lunchtime hot turkey meal. The crash of the commuter train in Washington State must of been scary for everyone involved. I`m very glad that even more people were not killed. How are you doing Dianne. Em, are you and Sean all se for Christmas. That is good that you posted some pictures Marcia. I used to be able to do that with Photo Bucket but it seems like a mystery when I try it now. Good work LADy on behalf of PWP. Peace , Linda, Bard and everyone else. Hello! Bless all of you. Oh, I can`t take anymore time now. I type very slowly... Be safe, be happy. jb
  10. Good morning!!

    Dear Dianne, Please accept my wishes of sympathy to you concerning the passing of your Father. He is at Peace now. Your heart will heal as you remember his life, and as time passes, you will emerge even stonger. Peace be with you Dianne. Virtual hug, jb.
  11. Good morning!!

    Hi Peace, Em, Diane and everyone else. That was a very nice post Peace. I'm glad that 2 chickens fell for that trick. I have 5 good layers now that want to put the eggs all in one pile every day. One will be trying to lay her egg and another Girl is standing at the nest telling her to hurry up. The barn light: it is funny how things that we perhaps do or say are often looked upon by others and expected and we may not even know it. Your light obviously was reassuring to that little girl. It's good that you continue it. Next time you go to the feed mill Peace, take a Pail of oats and at least get them rolled for your Hubby. That would of been an unpleasant mouthful. I hope everyone has a great day! Oh Linda, the weather looks like Christmas up the Eastern coast with fresh snow on the ground. Jb
  12. Good morning!!

    Hello, good to hear from you Linda. Miss you too but I understand. LADy, great looking Nativity. Lol the hidden piece! Hi Pathfinder. Sounds like you are taking good care of your husband. How is the Christmas baking going. I love Christmas goodies. Dianne, thoughts go to you. Hi Marcia, how are the pills going. Hi Bard...And the Swamper of the South! And....... Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat. Please put a penny in the old man's hat. If you haven't got a penny a half penny will do. If you haven't got a half penny, God bless you. After Christmas noontime Dinner, my Granny always wanted us Grandkids to put on a bit of a Christmas program with singing Carols, act out the Nativity and reciting verses. I always remembered reciting this one at about age 4 . Good memories.. Have good days everyone. Jb.
  13. Good morning!!

    Hi Marcia., Good morning my friend. If your cat likes to chew wires on the tree, you should make it watch Chevy Chase's Christmas Vacation. Let your cat see what happened to that Puddy Tat! Swamper, glad to meet you. Don't be shy about reading along. Lots of people do only that. I know what you mean about it being difficult to type sometimes. You are very welcome to post when you want of course. Hello Linda?. Dianne.. Mrs. Pathfinder, do you bake Gingerbread? Em, so you ever watch the great British Bake Off competition on T.V. We quite enjoyed that show. It all looked so nice. Yuuum. I have to get some food. I'm making myself hungry. christmas is coming, I love Rum and Eggnog. Anyone else? Be Good everyone. J b
  14. Good morning!!

    With eyes barely open, "Good morning world".he said to the light That had pushed in and burned away the last shadows of the night. He tossed and struggled. Mere blankets bound him secure to his bed. With effort he slipped free of his nest. His feet now on the floor led His unsteady body with tentative steps, but they had to start to hurry To get to the toilet in time. Ah. Made it he sighs. His eyes still blurry. There is a bit of poetry for you all this morning. Can anyone re!ate to that.? Hello Swamper. That is a term I used to use to indicate that I was riding in the front passenger seat. Usually it was in a Friend's car. I think people often call that position Shotgun now. But in highschool, if I sat there, I was The Swamper but you could call me Swampy. Anyways, nice to hear from you. Good morning Dianne. Hi Linda. Hope you are reading along. Hi Em. Well, I better get going here. I have "a lot of pianos to tune today " Be safe everyone. Jb
  15. Good morning!!

    Hello Friends, Hi LADy. Good weekend? Bard, you must be having fun with your Grand Kids. Super da Scooper, nice poem. Marcia, I am glad that you have found some help in dealing with your symptoms. I hope this will continue for you. Dianne, that is a difficult wait. Thinking of you, your Father and Family during this time.