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  1. Good morning!!

    Good Morning World. Happy Canada Day to us Canadians, Matt, Canada Shakes, K-Man from Ottawa, Lady from Kitchener, Bev, Trevor,Alberta Girls, anyone else. Enjoy the Holiday. Our Michael J. Fox has been awarded the Order of Canada medallion for his acting career and more importantly for us; his work on behalf of Parkinsons. If you Americans run into him down there tell him to come home and get his medal. Emma, have a better day today. Everyone have a safe and happy day. Remember that smiling releases good chemicals into your bloodstream. I know it is corny, but I like watching Americas Funniest Videos. j
  2. Good morning!!

    Good morning to all of my Parky forum friends, I let too much time go between postings. I am sorry for that. My days are longer even though I accomplish less each day. My evenings are a crash on the couch into a tired poor quality sleep that I wake from, do what needs to be done, put wood on the stove and the dog out for a whiz, and then off to bed thinking I will gety caught up on correspondence tomorrow. Caught up becomes elusive. I need to revise my goals to match my capabilities I sometimes think, But with my muleheaded stubborness I continue to push on. The sap has run really well this year. The woods are free from snow and gathering has been the easiest ever. But it has tested my body. I have had times this season where I have had to walk away from situations where I can't do a task. My brothers and neighbours who have helped in the past, now shoulder more of the work although I give up shares of the responsibilities with reluctance. So my thinking has evolved some with those surrenders. I need to make the process easier and so I made a double snatch pulley to lift up pails of sap 4feet to dump into the boiling pan. That saved a lot of shoulder and back strain. I realize that I am now living within a 60 year old body that has been pretty physical and the joints are getting worn and muscles strained. I don't pin all of my limitations on Parkinsons, I know some of it is due to regular aging. Im not complaining, sorry, I guess I am. It is pretty hard to stand there at the end odf the day and have to ask your brother to help you get your coat pulled onto your shoulders. But then, 11 yearss into this crappy disease, I am happy to be able to do what I can do. I have, correction, we have bottled 67 litres oif maple syrup. And Happy St. Patricks day to Em and Sean in Ireland and all of the other Irish folk. Enjoy your big day. Nice to hear from you Peace. Hello Dianne, Linda and Marcia who may be still looking for some good snow to make as snowman. Be safe, be strong, be kind to others and ................. I sit here pondering that last phrase. What do you think it should finish with. Good days to all. Be safe, be strong, be kind to others and .................
  3. Good morning!!

    Bard, Em and Sean, Linda, LADy,, Dianne and Miss Swampette, thank you all for the birthday wishes. jb
  4. Good morning!!

    Hello Everyone, When I grow up, and develop better work habits, I hope to become more disciplined and attend to required paperwork in a timely manner. I have had the papers here to renew license sticker on my car for about 2 months. It can be done online or at a government office. I renew mine at the office usually but decided to do it online this time. You can do it online up to the date of expiry which would be midnite tonite. It took me about 25 minutes and had about 30 minutes to spare. Next year I will do it at 6 oclock on the day of expiry instead of waiting until 11 pm. Linda, the hospital is a teaching hospital affilliated with the University of Toronto and there are many wonderful and clever minds at work there. The group that will work on my brain take referrals from neurologists from all areas of the country. I think that is the way they keep things in order, in Budget and organised. Your cousin could contact the hospital, Toronto Western, and ask for the neurology department and make a request for an appointment but it would be a long process. Most specialists take new patients through your family gp which partially sorts out cases and they see the proper doctor. Does this help you any? Good to see and hear you She Ra, Cabin in the mountain sounds great to me. If the thought of snow excites you Sheila, I will swap you a farmhouse for a mountain cabin down south for 3 months next winter. Hi Dianne, sounds like a rough weekend for you. That tube is bugging you again! Still? Sorry for that. THE VIEW SOUNDS LOVELY. I'm sorry it will take awhile yet to get the dbs device but that is the way it is here. Oh well. Good Luck to your son LAD y for his singing. As of this week, I am now 60 yrs old. I can't believe that. Good nite my friends jb.
  5. Good morning!!

    Good Evening Everyone, I have not posted for a week or so. I sometimes get lost in my own little world. LADy it must be fun in your household to have such a talented singer. I saw the weatherr in Ireland on the news the other day Em, it certainly looked gnurly for the Emerald Isle. Im glad that you found those ice grippers helpful. It hasn't ben icy here much this winter. I think I put the grippers on my boots only once, She Ra, how are you doing? Linda; I googled Billy Blaze and it looked like a good set of books.a As always Mighty Marcia, your stories are sweet and to the point. I was planning to get DBS done in Toronto in late August. I am an approved candidate by the overseeing group as of January and it was at the end of that assessment, that I chose the surgeon from the list and they thought he likely would be able to do it in August. Last Friday, I took the train to toronto for the 230 appt. and met the surgeon and some of the team. They quizzed me, and ran the usual little tests , filled out some paperwork and I am signed in. I don't have a firm date yet, but he did say that the oversight committee were too optmistic with the August. So it sounds like it will be later into the fall. The maple sap has run very steady this season. My brother retired from his job last year and has helped out a lot and made it more fun. It still leaves me tired out and if I tried doing anything on the computer at night, I would fall asleep and face plant into my laptop. I did go to bed tonite but couldn't get all my tired aching pieces, joints and muscles to relax and let me sleep. I am quite dyskinetic now. I sleep poorly, my balance is not very good for walking in the woods, or bending over to tie laces. I am really hoping that the stimulater addresses some of these things at least partially. Hey, I still feel pretty good for the shape I am in. I could also walk away from the rest of the syrup season but i will push on. One thing I do realze is the safety of a given situation. My dyskenesia is making it dangerous for me and anyone else helping bottle up the hot syrup, Next batch I will teach my brother. And on that note I will try sleeping again.Be strong everyone, Hey Dianne, and everyone else. jb xx . .
  6. Good morning!!

    Hey jb so your looking for more hope your feeling good as life can be a bore As pd is enough without this or that if we look after ourselves just go for a walk with the cat Em Over to you jb... Good Morning Em, I asked for your rhymes to keep coming. I hadn't better drop the ball now. Anyone else could join in I presume, right Em? Roses are Red and the violets are blue I hope sunny skies come shining on you. As you sit on your bench, in your garden nook Curled with a hot cuppa tea and a good book. Goood day to you and everyone else Em
  7. Good morning!!

    Good Morning Everyone, LADy, you hit the nail on the head with Robert Munsch books being popular with recent generations. My kids had at least ten of them and I suspect that they could recite them back from memory still. And the book you quote "Love you forever" probably put more tears in the eyes of many parents as they read it to thier kids. Another book I read probably 7 thousand times as my kids were falling asleep was "Good Night Moon" There were not very many nights that we didn't read bedtime stories. Time well spent.! And then one night they read it to you and then they are reading to themselves and before you know it, they are married and have thier own homes, As it should be.. Oh LInda, you painted a picture in my mind that I will carry for awhile. What is it with young girls and horses. Boys like horses too, but not the way a girl does, Does anyone have trouble seeing this back porch scene with Linda sitting on the rail holding the cat leash. racing her friend through the woods and up the hill. Linda, did you used to sit on a mechanical one in the shopping centre and ride it for a nickle.? And did you read Uncle Wiggily? I found some of his adventures a little scary. Golden Books were great. My daughter's "Red Hen" was The KIngs Wish. I made sure that her boys got it so that theycould drive her crazy with it as she did me LOL And look at the time. I gotta run BUT THEN i WENT BACK A PAGE. THE LAST ENTRY OF A PAGE OFTEN GETS MISSED IF YOU AREN'T CAREFUL. THIS WAS POSTED BY LINDA Had lunch yesterday with some friends at our pub where we ate newest trends. Then we walked to the new pool which lends old/new residents...what? It depends... on one's view of one's savings it rends. Then we walked the long halls with some bends, as I prayed the next bend (please!) just ends. It was fun--but this Parkie, she tends to need rest and time out, so she mends. So, "So long!" to her friends she then sends, and to home and a rest she then wends. This is how her slowed life it now tends. Edited 16 hours ago by Linda Garren I BROUGHT IT FORWARD SO EVERYONE CAN SEE THIS LINDA You are in a reflective state perhaps. a range of time, starting with a rail that can be a horse with youthful freedom of heart, mind and body to a quieter stage of life where our bodies can throw the brakes on. I can relate to this. Thank you for all of this that you took time to write. I am going to post this now. As my post gets longer , and pages are changed, my fear of losing an hours typing increases. Good days to everyone. I think I still owe a reply to Irish Em.
  8. Good morning!!

    Yes Linda, interesting critters they were and still are. Twitchy Momma, our part time Canadian, gets to go to the front of the class. I actually just now googled Thorton Burgess and he wrote lots of books, 170 of them, about nature and animals. The name of the series is Stories of the Green Forest Critters. I remember getting them as birthday gifts in about grade 2 of a newer edition, but like Hardy boy Books, my older cousins had them in an older plain coloured binding. E ach book was titled for an animal of the green forest and the book gave details about that animals life. Examples are Danny meadow mouse tunnelling through the snow and Reddy Fox jumping up and down into his tunnels with his feet. Until the petrified mouse stopped running under the snow making noise and the fox didn't know where to jump next. Bobby Coon was hibernating when the farm boy cut his tree down was another book, Johnny Chuck battled a stranger woodchuck that showed up in the forest and he managed to drive off the newcomer. Later in the book, Polly chuck has a bunch of babies. and they go on and on. I spent many hours with those books. I don't regret a minute of that time spent. I liked to read the old fables too Marcia, was the tortoise and the Hare Aesop's fable. Another book I read a few times over, actually I think we had about three books of this animal, was "The Adventures of Uncle Wiggely" who happened to be a valise carrying gentleman rabbit who had lots of close calls with danger, I seem to think now that it may of been a story from England. What books did you read Linda. I bet you read a lot of them. Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend, jb
  9. Good morning!!

    Good Morning everyone, Hi Em, thats a cute little poem, I wish you would post more of those. It makes a bit of time frame as well. You have had PD for 13 years. If I used your poem outline, I would say: PD can be annoying, I'm sure you all know. Diagnosed at 49, now I am six oh! You have been dxd for 13, and I for 11 years of pd EM, I think I almost forget what normal feels like. I have a dental appointment this morning to fix a broken filling. I hope that I don't get all dyskinetic and chew the fingers of the dentist. LInda, thanks for your kind words as always. I did make up little stories for the kids when we were driving. When I write about animals and nature and the Farm, I know that my thoughts are influenced by a set of books that I first discovered I will tell you some of the characters and lets see if anyone reading here today, knows the name of the series. Johnny Chuck, Sammy Blue Jay, Reddy Fox, ooh this is too easy for you. gotta get going. be safe, jb
  10. Good morning!!

    . Good evening everyone Good call Dianne , spring approaches. Cheered on by LADy. The buckets were hung on the trees with care, with hope that the springtime soon would be there. oops, wrong poem,, I think its a little early yet but everyone else was jumping to it. I put out 30 as a token start. Another 70 to go. and totally unrelated to anything: Well, that is it for the great outdoors for another day. It is now dark out. The animals change shifts. The doves go to roost, replaced by the hoot owl and the rabbits shudder. Puppies get called in for supper and a place by the warm hearth, the void in the outside darkness fills with sneaky and bold racoons who check the wire and wonder if the chickens are all safe. The pesky black squirrels cuddle up in hollow tree trunks, exchanging stories about bird feeders and sunflower seeds as they fall asleep. With one ear open to the possibility of big toothed pine martins coming on for the night shift and looking for sleepy squirrels. The daytime squeaks were likely just cute song birds tweeting news around the trees. But when the sun is down the same squeaky sound plays to the minds' ears like the sound of a weasel finding a nest of mice. And was that yowling sound at the back door one of my old toothless Tomcats telling the night sky about his younger days when he ruled the barn or was it a wild Cat! Yes with a capital C, and nobody can even say what a wild Cat is really. Cripes what just made my WALMART automatic motion sensor light come on outside. I was going to go get my gloves that I forgot in the car so that they will be warm to wear in the morning. But neighbour Roy said the guys at the feed mill told him that Peter saw a big cougar, and of course: "yes it was a big one" he had repeated. Did he say it had red eyes, and a sore tooth, I got other gloves to wear anyways and I am too damn tired, yes too tired to go out into the dark right now. That is why I have more than one pair of gloves he reassured himself and sat by the dog at the fire. He settled in for a little nap and fell into a deep sleep, waking up to the sound of howling coyotes across the field and the weight of the young dog jumping into his lap. It was scared a and quivering at the sound of his distant relatives that never got near a hearth; the pack were just making small talk with upward pointed noises to the man in the moon asking him how they should divide up this bag of fish guts they found by the fishing shacks at the river,. Meanwhile in the house by the fire on the lazy old boy recliner, the dog quvered in sync with the man's Parkinsons tremors and he finally had to laugh at himself and the pot licking dog.In the morning I will have to tell Peter about these coyotes across the field, and that field isnt very wide he now reasoned. Did I say coyotes, cause I am sure now that they are Siberian Wolves, Big and hungry and fearless they are! In the dark that is. That is pure fiction everyone, I am not afraid of the dark if anyone thinks that was about me. Sleep well you all. jb
  11. Good morning!!

    Last nite at 12 30 I got into my bed. I squirmed around a bit to get comfy, turned off my bedside light and fell asleep easily annd I stayed like that until 6 am. Went to the bathroom, came back to bed and slept till about 8. |That was the best sleep I have had in a longgg time. Last evening I rode with my sister and bro in law that live just up the road from me. We went to my sisters house in Kingston because it was her birthday. Her daughters were throwing the party and had other friends of her mom there. My sister and her husband from Kingston are really good at staying in touch with friends from University and old neighbours. Eventually over the years, birthdays, weddings and new babies, they sorta become everyones friends. I am lucky to be in a strong family structure. And today I will hang some sap buckets. Gotta run, jb
  12. This & that!

    That is a good one LADy. Back about 8 years ago we used to brainstorm parkinson slogans to put onto t shirts. Fun it was! that was about ten years ago.
  13. Good morning!!

    Good morning Everyone, For the first time in months, when I woke up, the outdoor temperature was above freezing at about 3 C degrees. I don't really like wet and drippy but I will take it for a change. Gardner, are you looking forward to getting into your gardens in a few more months? NSFY, aH i LOVED THE sEINFELD SERIES. The soup one was a classic, that has been applied to every kind of food in my house. When the cake is all gone, its "no cake for you", Hello Dianne, I should have known that you werent getting snow in Seattle. You are like Canada`s Vancouver. In flatland Ontario, we get the same weather and precipitation over wider areas. When I hear of lots of snow in the mountains, I can't assume it is snow on the coastline. Take care Dianne. Hello to Marcia, Emma, Linda and everyone else. I hope you are all healthy and happy. Or at least as well as you can be. Thanks for the input about eyes. You are right Dianne, one must take care of them. They are back to normal, well as soon as I stopped driving they were better. I think that they were dried out from as N said, not as much blinking. And the problem got compounded because I had the windshield defrost on high to keep the snow from freezing on the windshield. So then I had hot dry air blowing on my unblinking eyeballs. Gardiner, you said that it is one of your worst symptoms of PD? Dry eyes? I never put that together before , Makes sense now. Thanks everybody for your comments., N, Gardiner. nice to type with you. The welcome mat is always out. Okay everyone, be safe, be strong and don't forget to sing in the shower. jb.
  14. Good morning!!

    HI EVERYONE, , OOPs dont need those caps do we. I hope everyone is doing okay. Tragic shooting in Florida school today. Gosh.., I drove to kingston on Saturday. An hour on the freeway, reasonable traffic but a bit of a snowstorm, By the time I got to my exit and to my daughters house, my eyeballs were solidified in place. Staring through the snow, or the heat of the defroster dried them out, I dont know, but I felt like my eyes were really starting to burn out on me. I was still driving ok, but it was sorta like there was not enough levadopa in my body left to even make my eyeballs turn, swivel or blink. Anybody ever have that happen. How are you doing Dianne? are you getting lots of snow this winter I dont know that song Linda but I like the words. Sleepy again, Take care everybody. jb
  15. Good morning!!

    Hello Mireille, thank you very much for your support and interest in my quest for dbs. I am slow getting everything posted that I want to. I am almost done the acceptance process and I hope that the surgery happens in August. I will take the time to fill in some more details another day. Thanks again Mireille. Jb
  16. Good morning!!

    Hi Everyone, Time to catch up again,,, Thanks LADy. I will try Flikr. It works for you. U always post very nice pics. Super Scooper, Niagara Falls, especially the Canadian side, are beautiful to see.You could easily spend a couple hours looking at the water. And the advice from Twitchy Mama is bang on and LAD is very correct about avoiding the weekends if possible. Hotels are double what you may expect they should cost. We walked a sidewalk there once and I could not believe the crowd on a Friday evening. Toronto isa very nice city with lots to do. TM is lright about heading north. The Tobermory Area is beautful, less crowded and the ferry out to Manitoulin Island will have you started to explore Canada all the way to the Pacific Ocean. I hope everyone is well. jb
  17. Good morning!!

    Well that was strange. Last night I thought that I had my photo bucket account working okay with the Parkinson forum. This morning it seemed like there was an open link not only to the picture that I wanted to post but other albums that were public in photo bucket as well. Sorry for the confusion. Have a good day everyone. Jb.
  18. Good morning!!

    Ah nuts. Victory is fleeting. When I went to bed last nite I had Managed to put up 2 pics, one was a pail full of kittens. And then to make sure that the process was etched into my mind, I posted a picture of a field full of white tailed deer. This morning I find a big photo bucket blocker covering the photos. More figuring and wondering to bedone!? Well good morning Everyone anyways.
  19. Good morning!!

    Good morning World, It is morning time again. Actually I started typing this about 3 hours ago and got interrupted by my head was not straight yet, the kettle was boiling, I was hungry, the dog was huungry, oh yes, so were the Barn Animules, and I talked with Daughter on the phone, cleaned up from last nite, did some of the neverending dishes, I put out some fresh birdseed for the blue jays, woodpeckers, juncos, cardinal (1 pair) chickadees and nuthatches. And I thought that I was going to meet my daughter today in town for Toms hockey game but I had that wrong, It is tomorrow. Hi Texas Tom, how are you? Not your hockey game, but my grandson Tom's. That sounds unpleasant about your boxing club. It seems like there is always someone sitting in the wings, watching something become something bigger and then they try to grab it for themselves, I hope that you find a place within the rock steady that is pleasant to be at. There is a cold wind a blowing up from the east I think, and I think that it is a storm a coming. I should dig out a good book to read, stoke up the fire and think about all the things I think about but don't conclude my thoughts. Yes that is likely what I should do. My mind maybe is looking like a library where somebody takes down a book, reads some random pages but then leaves it open on a shelf or a table or the floor or the chair and moves to another book. When that is repeated several times and several books are on the go, and nothing gets finished and all these open books are all over the place and thoughts return to that book but which book is it: this upside down one here? Ah. I guess I will continue with my line of thinking that brought me this far. I need to organize myself better and spend my time more effectively. Here is something that is new to the world, google. (The earth is at least a million years old, google, is still new). Remember saying "I wonder how old the earth is"), (only question I could think of, lol), Well if you ask that question now, the smart phones are out in a hurry and someone will tell you the answer. Darn, I wanted to wonder about that for awhile and come up with an answer. If You want to wonder about stuff, do not let any one know or else the answer is handed to you. I need to get some things done. Have a good day jb
  20. Good morning!!

    hI dIANNE, Another year slips around. Another anniversary of remembering his Life as well as his Death. I learn from you, my friend. You are a great person Dianne who has been through a lot. Where I would see a wall of dark trees hiding a murky puddle of mud, You continue to part the branches, find a forward path, the sun streams into the clearing with you (or are you the sun?) and the mud puddle becomes cute little pond of water, floating a family of little fuzzy ducks, and surrounded by flowers, green grass and forest animals coming to drink from the clear water. I hope that your weekend is good. All the best to you, jb
  21. Good morning!!

    Good morning Everyone, It is zero F degrees out today. Much warmer inside my house due to my central propane furnace and my woodpile built out of split beech, maple, white and red oak, I also mix in some soft wood fire starter such as pine. Nothing as nice as putting your feet up to the warm stove on a cold Canadian evening. This morning I wake up as usual: it takes me awhile to get going now, first some pills, flushed down with orange juice, coffee is ready and I sit on my butt for the next 15 minutes watching the news to see what is going on in the world. By now the horses see the lights on in the kitchen and they urge me to hurry up and get out here, cause we need fresh hay. Yesterday I saw a rabbit go at full speed past where I was standing. Followed closely by Keith, my best cat, twin brother of Toby. Once the rabbit got to the laneway with his 20 ft. lead, he disappeared. Probably He dove into a scrap wood pile, or the fence bottom, into the sumac brush or maybe even had a getaway car awaiting him. Looking out the window this morning, I saw a mouse under the birdfeeder. He was obviously out for a quick breakfast and he snarffed down black oil sun flower seeds that had fallen from the feeder. As he crossed the sidewalk and hit the soft snow, he started to plow a wide path leaving a distinct trail but then I think I heard him cry out, "down periscope" and his dark nose went out of sight and again I heard. "prepare to dive, secure all hatches, planer fins at minus 45, available weight forward, full revolutions, set course for John';s basement. " With that, the plowed out trail in the snow from the mouses body grew fainter as he went deeper into the depths of the snow and then, nothing, Just a hole, white cold snow and me awondering if that mouse will end up in my basement one day, or may be he already is, (displaying shopping bags of today's booty to his wifey who was busy with the 10 baby mouses) and thinking maybe Keith should be guarding the basement against the Mice rather than playing Coyote-Roadrunner with the rabbits in the lane. I gots to get going here. Meeting my coffee club.. Em, I will come and tidy your backyard. Would love to. If you tidy my garage. Let me know when, I will arrange a dumpster. Hello Lad, Linda and all of you. Take care you'all. jb.
  22. Good morning!!

    Good morning everyone, It is nice to see everyone posting up again. It was cold here weatherwise after Christmas but we have had some nice days of late. It snowed some last night , just enough that I will blow out my driveway. It is nice to do some outside stuff that needs to be done, Have good days everyone. jb
  23. Good morning!!

    Good Morning mr. Scooper. Thanks for the heads up about the lions. lol. Im glad that your government got back to work, I hope that everyone is hale and hearty. Everybody must be tucked in for the winter months. Be Strong. jb
  24. Good morning!!

    Hi Linda and everyone else. I seem to be busy and have trouble sitting still long enough to catch up. I am fine,but I need to get ready to go to a parky meeting. I will check out that writer Linda. Best wishes to all. Jb
  25. This & that!

    I think that I enjoyed the second book a bit more. Both were good but..#2 was better for me.