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  1. Good morning!!

    Good Morning World. Happy Canada Day to us Canadians, Matt, Canada Shakes, K-Man from Ottawa, Lady from Kitchener, Bev, Trevor,Alberta Girls, anyone else. Enjoy the Holiday. Our Michael J. Fox has been awarded the Order of Canada medallion for his acting career and more importantly for us; his work on behalf of Parkinsons. If you Americans run into him down there tell him to come home and get his medal. Emma, have a better day today. Everyone have a safe and happy day. Remember that smiling releases good chemicals into your bloodstream. I know it is corny, but I like watching Americas Funniest Videos. j
  2. Good morning!!

    Hello Everyone. I trust that everyone has choked down their fistful of pills, recharged their dbs power packs and topped up the duopumps. Bard, its official, worst summer of wildfires in British Columbia. I hope that the fires soon get under control. LAD, that was a busy/proud weekend for your family. Hi Peace, Marcia, thanks for the well wishes . Linda, Dianne, PF, and everyone else. Have a safe and happy weekend. Its Friday, and whooo dont love a Friday. Be safe, strong and thoughtful of others jb
  3. Good morning!!

    Thanks for all replies. I will expand when I get a chance and the chores are caught up.! Have good days my friends. jb
  4. Good morning!!

    Hello Mireille, Thank you very much for your opinions and input about my upcoming DBS procedure at Toronto Western Hospital. I have had this Parky disease hanging over me since I was 49. Next year I will be 60. When first diagnosed I was not too worried about it. I thought I was handling it pretty well, I could stop my tremor with my mind, I could pull myself together and walk without showing much dragfoot, My Neurologist had new medicines to put me onto, Mirapex. Requip, Azilect, with Levadopa as a final tool. I was part of a good drug plan to pay for these expensive drugs, research was turning up new ideas for treatment and I felt like I was going to beat this Parkinson's Disease. Besides, there was no time to be sitting around shaking and shuffling around the house. I had too many trails to ride, projects to do, home repairs, trips to enjoy and I always wanted to build a cabin in the woods for my grandboys to overnite in. I was going to retire soon from working as a carpenter and get back into playing softball with the other old guys in town, with hockey to follow in the wintertime. I used to argue online with man who called himself "Net Gypsy" who warned me of the problems of agonists (root word agony:?, see mirapex and requip.), He had experience and knowledge: I had a strong body and self denial. At about age 55, I was still confident in my treatment plan, my personal strength and determination to push through the off times of my medicines. As for DBS, I never considered having that done. But things change. I'm sorry Mireille, I sometimes ramble on without a clear sense of where my conversation is going or when it will end. I admit that I am nervous about having DBS performed on my brain, but I also accept the fact that it has helped other Parky People that I know feel better. It is my hope that DBS will allow me to cut back on volume of drugs I require, have less off time, and more control of my tremor. I understand that DBS won't turn the clock back, but it may slow the decline of my health. It is good to know that where I am going to go for the procedure has an excellent team and reputation, known about by you across the Ocean in France. Once again Mireille, I appreciate you taking the time to Endorse the Toronto Western DBS clinic. It does help my confidence . I will sign off now with 2 of my favourite quotes from members of this forum, Paper Bag Princess, and her defiant "A defiant fist to the sky" and Tremor Girrrrll's observation "Parkinson's Disease is not for Wimps" Thanks again Mireille, and good health to you, jb,49.
  5. Good morning!!

    Really good morning this time. My Previous good morning was typed around Midnite Thursday night. I have been busy of late and my computer time is limited. Linda, actually I was not thinking so much of this good morning thread running thin on people, but rather about the Forum as a whole. I know that after awhile, interest can slip, it gets harder to type, and other social sites appear. I know this because I go missing sometimes as well. I do wonder about some people who have disappeared and how their health and lives are. And Path Finder, I realised this morning when I became mobile again for another day that I forgot to say hey to you last nite.. Thank you for asking those other guys to join in with a post. (Even once in awhile with a one line message) PF, you mention sweaters. I love the fall and pulling on a sweater to stay warm. The autumn is a wonderful time in my mind. The bugs are gone then, it isn't so hot, humidity eases, the leaves are changing. And Apple Pie. I suspect that you make the best Apple pie on the Eastern Seaboard. With cheddar cheese, vanilla ice cream, or whipped cream. Or what the heck, all three. Rethinking this.. No, your pie gets no diversionary tastes. I would take it straight. Actually, I am starting to smell it. The cinnamon scent is escaping to deliver a message to everyone that PF's apple pie is cooling down and will soon be ready for a fork . Amazing that I can smell it, not even quite the season, 1000 miles away from this unmade pie, and me with a Parky sense of smell. PathFinder, you have a SSschweeeeeet Day and weekend with your Hubby. Safe Weekends to you all, jb PS, I got onto a list for DBS, I will have to go to Toronto for the surgery and programming. I think I need it now. Surgery is likely 6 months away still. PSS, I just got a notice on my screen that Bard has spoken. Hey Man, glad to see you. How are the fires in B.C. Psss. A thousand times my Dad (RIP 4 yrs now) sat down to apple pie, asked for the cheese, and informed us all that ``apple pie without cheese is like a kiss without a squeeze.``
  6. Good morning!!

    Good morning Parkys. Morning Linda and LAD, I'm glad everyone finds a place somewhere on this forum. I often wonder what happened to some who were regular posters that aren't here anymore. Where did they go? 10 years ago LAD I went to the doctors cause my right hand was not behaving as a right hand should. I had no idea what a fork in the road I had arrived at... LAD I forgot to thank you for reposting the iceberg of parkinsons and what is visible. And the province of Quebec is pretty. Quebec City is very French, and the old buildings are beautiful. It is one of the oldest European Cities in North America. Linda, I never knew as much about the Civic Holiday as you just taught me. I never heard of Simcoe Day before. Thank you! I do know that Simcoe was a Governor of Upper Canada a long time ago in the 18 hundreds. Hi Em, how are you. You could likely start a flash mob with your singing couldn't you. That would be good! Get Lucy to help you out perhaps. My Mom is 88. She loves the cottage, but the cottage with rocky stairways, slopes 2 stories and an outhouse is not so friendly to people with mobility issues. She has diabetes, uses a walker, is clear in the mind and well loved and respected by many. She has spent many great weekends at the cottage that she helped build with Dad. I remember I was 17 when we built a sleeping Cabin on the property that they bought. The cottage is now owned by my brother and sister. That arrangement has worked well for the last 10 years or so. I'm glad that you have good cottage memories too Linda Tomorrow is Friday again. Who doesn't love a Friday? Be safe, be strong, jb
  7. Good morning!!

    Good morning Parkys. Hope you all had a good weekend. For Canadians, it was a long weekend, I spent some time with my brothers and sisters at the family cottage. Mom was there for a day too. It was fun. hi PolyParkie, and SoCalGal. Great Vid LAD, where does your son get that outgoing exuberant talent I wonder. Oh to be 13 and wishing I could shave ...that seems awhile ago to me. Hope you are doing good Dianne, and Linda. I hope you guys that read this column, soon start writing some posts here, the numbers are a little lopsided here, men and women posting that is! , Why is that? I really don't mind but c'mon you guys, jump in here anytime, it isn't a 13 year old school dance with us standing along the walls, Good days to everybody. jb Fists to the sky in defiance to this Parky thing that tries to drag us down.
  8. Good morning!!

    Good morning Everyone, Linda, one surely could not argue against the magical goodness of Oatmeal. Especially when it gets backed up with a family who have had so many years of collective good health. Oh, My.. what ages they have attained. That is a family of very good genes!! Thanks for pointing this story. Pathfinder.... , sounds l you faceda challenge. "Can I cut this big lawn" And you did it. Then without warning, jb broke into song, "She fought the Lawn, and She won , She cut the Lawn, She Won. " When the SIL gets back from holiday and sees the great job you did PFer, you may have a permanent job. HI Lorit 2 dozen and nine, Welcome to the club. Always glad to see new posters. And you even understand LAD's post. Hope to hear more from you. LAD, It is so nice that you can enjoy dancing with your husband. and you don't have PD cause you are just gosh darn busy to be bothered with that crap. And too young. Keep up the good work Kid! Hi Dianne, you may have to get some tubing, some good mirrors and look after the machinery yourself. I hope that your pump is working okay for you. Try to stay cumcumber cool for the heat wave. That is likely the same heat wave that is pushing into BC. What a bad fire we have going up there. Hang in there Dianne.! Okay Peace, I will schedule you in as a helper for next summer; cause I sooooo want you to help. It is sorta a fun day despite the heat, dust and heavy lifting. It quickly becomes a community event and as the barB Que fires up at the end of the day; potato salad, tuna salads materialize and a cooler of nice cold beer tops off a good day. And Emma, I have never heard of that fix for wasp bites before either. I hope that trifle turned out nice for you. Have a good day Em ! Well, that took forever to type. But it is an effort that I am willing to make to stay in contact with all you nice people. The sun is shining here, the birds are singing, the dog wants breakfast, the sink is full of dishes, the grass needs cutting (Hey, Ms. PF, now that you cut grass again, you want to come for Tea?). The garden could be weeded again and I should visit my Mom at the Retirement Home and I need to make some muffins and some cookies. And it is a good drying day and I am getting low on socks and und...., well other stuff, he said with a reddening blush. My Grandma used to say that if she didn't attempt to do more than she possibly could, she never would accomplish all she possibly can. It takes me awhile to get going in the morning. It is like firing up a factory in the morning and employees straggle in late: bit by bit. With tight legs and shaky balance i get pills and make coffee. Turn on the news and watch that through slitted eyelids. Finally my hands start to loosen, rigidity relaxes, brain spits and sputters and starts to unravel things, the cramped foot eases off as it realizes I'm going to walk on it anyways, porridge converts to energy and levodopa ignites the lines of communication to 'All Body Parts". GET TO YOUR WORK, DO WHAT YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO DO. The factory is running for another day as dyskinesias have me twisting on my chair. I may just LAD it for the rest of the week. That would be, I'm not old enough for PD and besides, I got too much to get done. Yes, that is the ticket!! I will be LADDING the rest of the week. Good days to everybody. jb
  9. Good morning!!

    Good morning everyone, yikes where did that week go. Hi Shera, have a good weekend everybody. The hay goes in the barn today. Peace, you coming over to help.? lol
  10. Good morning!!

    Good morning, World. Well, I am up and attem again. I have some of the typical PD symptoms and I Know that I am only months away from being 60. But this first hour of getting moving again is getting more difficult. There, I am ok again. There has been some changes in my Life, and more are coming. Dianne, I am so sorry that they messed up your pump. You have suffered the travails of PD more than most of us could imagine. I sincerely hope that you get that fixed and continue to inspire us with being thankful for little things like a tasty Poppyseed loaf. You don't ask for much. Good for you for finding a Fix. Bless you! Top of the morning to you Linda and Pathfinder. You sound busy Pathfinder. But I am pretty sure that you are happy with the type of busy that you have on the go. Yes, you are. I just looked at your picture and I am pretty sure that I saw your eyes twinkle! Linda, I just realized that you don't use a forum name. Which is fine, but if you wanted one, we could likely come up with one. Hi, Em, that is so nice that you continue to keep up with your Dutch relatives. That is nice that you got away for a little holiday with your son Sean. Is he going to do more school or is he looking for employment now? Ah, to be a young man and holding the world by its tail. So great that you have him to help you out Em. Take care. LAD-Y, It is good that you push yourself physically and with 3 sons and a husband, and parents, your days must active and full. I saw an interesting thing on FB yesterday. It was a sketch of an iceberg with the upper part which was above the water labelled "What you see" and contained the heading "Tremours". The lower part was labelled as "What you don't see" and it showed the massive part of the iceberg,below the water and contained headings such as bladder control, dyskinesia, bradykinesia, dystonia, swallowing issues, constipation, anxiety, fine motor control, I probably should just go back and find that link cause I am sure that I screwed it up. Oh well, the day is still young, I'm sure I will screw up more things before the day is over. HAVE GOOD DAYS EVERYONE. jb PS. I can get mixed up with names sometimes, but I know that we are missing Patricia. Hello. How are you, you, you, you and his voice echoed up and down the Eastern Seaboard. r.
  11. Good morning!!

    Good Friday Morning Everyone. I hope that all are well and ready for a nice weekend. LAD-Y, I meant to tell you that I had a good chuckle over your Mom's solution to your Dad's laundry problem solved with the old underwear. Hi Em, pretty quiet from Ireland. How are you doing? Dianne, what is up this weekend? Texas Tom, Papa Jack, Dianne, Marcia, Linda, Peace, Pathfinder, Ella and everyone else. :Be safe , be happy. Watch out for those that need our help.
  12. Good morning!!

    Hello, Good evening and bonjour, Hi Linda and Marciaj. It has been hot, its been difficult for the boys, Today at 2, I sent them to my sisters, a short walk up the road, to have a swim in their pool. They were quite a while. I had them cleaning out the eavestrough on my house today. Lots of different things, but the heat and humidity and swarming bugs have dug into the fun factor. Its a nice change for them anyways, a different routine for city boys, We will see what tomorrow brings, And Mighty Marcia, phone me, tell me the password, and I will a keep it secret, When you a forget it, you a call me and I will a tell you. If I remember where I wrote it a down, Maybe you a better tell Linda as well or just her, I think Linda is likely super organised, Arent you Linda. That would be a good job for you. Tell people like me, who ponder a new pass word and forget it anyways, what a good password would be and record it for me. And Marcia, we did miss you, and never underestimate a mouse, Mice respect the power of glue. Now that they saw your hubby reglue the clock, that mouse and its ilk wont be messing with your stuff. And a when I throw in the extra a's, I think that I am a probably a wasting a's (computers I think often run out of a's), and being Canadian I should a been using this kind of ehs! Eh? I return to this now. How does the mind of a 17 year old boy work? I don't know. Nicks friend received a job interview offer for tomorrow at 4. by text yesterday back in the city, an hours drive. . My daughter was going to come and get the boys after dinner. It was just lucky i overheard the conversation here an hour ago and I will take them back home after lunch ps, Hi Ella. you got in there. Thats what happens when I start a post and then talk on the phone, put the dog out etc. The post was started hours ago before it got finished.. OK. good days to everyone! Hello Ella
  13. Good morning!!

    Good Morning World. Well,it is another busy day hatching out of the eggshell of nightime. I am finishing my second cup of coffee. thinking of what has to be done today. One thing that happens is recycling day. It has to be sorted into plastics and papers, cans and cardboard. There that truck just went by, I missed it again, but I can check it off of the list of things I have to do today. I need a new column. Things that need to be done today but "aint gonna happen". My Grandboy is here for 3 days again. He really wanted to bring his friend with him like the last time when I said no. However this time I said he could, and Ryan came along. He is a good kid, an old friend of my grandson Nick. I got a lot of work out of them yesterday, it was good. 17 year old boys sure can pack away the groceries. They eat a meal with the fridge door open, while they decide what they would like to eat. Ah, that is ok. I like putting up food for them to enjoy. I have been trying to get them up for the last 90 minutes. I am helping my neighbour with the 2 boys this morning for an hour. There will be howls of protest when I explain to them that there is no time for a bacon and eggs. get your boots on and lets go. I am such Meany. Nice that you got out for the weekend Dianne, hope you get rested up and have another great weekend. I better get going. Good days to all , jb
  14. Good morning!!

    Good evening e Hi LAD-y, you, or is it the turtle, are correct in saying forward is forward. And Attitude is a very big thing. I can have PD and be miserable to the world, or try to be pleasant. Either way, I still have Parkinsons. LAD-y (above) You must be very proud of your son advancing his education in health care. Peace, the grandson , story is cute. Yours too LAD-y. I have a similar one of my daughter. She wasnt very old, I had to take her in the mens rm. It wasnt busy, I used the urinal which was new to her. She told me that she had to pee too, can I use that, and she pointed to the sink. The world is funny through the eyes of a 3 yr old. And my son, about 5 years old. We had to pick up 4 wooden chairs for our new table set to replace damaged ones. They were in the back of my open truck and we were concerned about them if we stopped at the restaurant to eat because some one could steal them. After a discussion which likely seemed like hours to a 5 year old we were likely ready to drive on to eating at home, Mikey said "why don't we each take a chair into the restaurant and just sit on them while we eat" My wife and I looked at each other and laughed at our over worrying. The four of us sat where the truck was in sight. Problem solved... Im tired now, I will try to get caught up tomorrow.
  15. Good morning!!

    Just a quick hello. Nice to see you Dianne, I am going to pick up my grandson and drag him back to the farm to work him like a rented mule for a couple days. Ah! we will have some fun, later..
  16. Symptom increase in the heat???

    That is being tricky Linda, lol
  17. Good morning!!

    Good Morning everyone, Linda, top of the day to you. As for the musing, that was a Book for Marcia. She spends her words in a very thrifty manner don`t you Marcia. Definitely that was a novel for her. No one tells things the way they are with fewer words than she can. I now know what you eat for the 4th, isnt it in Dicken``s Oliver when he asks for more soup, but it may of been porridge, I never knew that there ever was a coin DIY dry clean service. Marcia, I would of been all over that fountain pen, I have made more messy pages, ink stained clothes and hands. I had a suck up the ink one and then a modern one with the plastic cartridges. I will be like your Dad and save that new shirt and hat . We really don`t like breaking in new stuff. And some people hate the thought of leftovers being outdated. And your adoption comment made me laugh. I hung up more laundry outside today and when I folded it tonite there was 8 more underwear and 14 more pairs of socks. My Wealth is untold!! I started this post about 3 hours ago, time to post it I think. or Delete it. Be tough, jb
  18. Morning Stiffness?

    It is a coolish and pleasant 70 F Linda, with a bit of overcast and a choir of birds are singing in the trees. It looks very very hot in your Southwestern States. enjoy, your day. jb
  19. Symptom increase in the heat???

    I spent a hot day in the sun on Friday trying to get the grass all cut, and things cleaned up for the weekend. The heat really does wear me out. I remember feeling like this in last summers heat. I think that I need to be careful not to do too much on the hot humid days. I used to be able to work in the heat all day long. Another limitation is working its way in.,
  20. Good morning!!

    Good morning Everyone, Hi Ell, The Count and PapaJack, Dianne, and my longtime friend from Ireland, , Emma. I Hope everyone is well. Linda, my dictionary says, well it didn't say, that would freak me out if I opened it and it spoke. I looked it up in my trusty dictionary and read that porridge is often oatmeal but can be any cereal grain boiled in water or milk until thickened. The word is a variant of the word pottage which maybe refers to stuff boiled in a pot. While we bore everyone with our porridge dialogue Linda I will add just this: if a person had only 3 dollars to spend on food, it would buy you a lot of good nutrition and fill your tummy many times if spent on plain rolled oats to boil into porridge. I have a totally energy efficient clothes dryer that can dry many loads of laundry each day. Unfortunately it has been broken down for awhile and I was running short of clean clothes. Yesterday I replaced the broken clothesline, ( not quite broken, but it was snapping strands with a heavy load a couple weeks ago) and did some laundry. Last night I finished folding and putting away 23 underwear, 18 pairs of socks and 19 teeshirts. And a bunch of denim jeans, golf shirts and towells etc.. Sorry, reading back I realized that I just gave you too much information. I could delete that above stuff but I am going to expand on it. My Mom and Dad raised 6 kids. I never had a lot of clothes, you had to take care of them. When you got home from school at night, first thing you did was put on those old pants with the patches, and the old flannel shirt with the arms cut off. My grandboys, still young but old enough seem to have no thoughts about making clothes that are good, could be kept as good. But now I talk like an old person. I'm offtrack again, Good thing that I am not driving a train. So, when I get new underwear, in theory I should throw away the old stuff. But sometimes I think to myself, it isn't that worn out, I would of been glad to find a pair that good in my dresser as a kid. So Mom and Dad, I have made it. I am a wealthy man. I own at least 30 pair of underwear. Up in the first paragraph I wrote "that would freak me out". It reminded me of this. My grandboy, aged about 6, was remarking on something bad that had happened to his friend and Tommy said "that would freak me out like eating cold muffins." Gotta get going. Warm muffins to everyone. jb
  21. Morning Stiffness?

    Good informative post Linda, I know that hurry up feeling. And more hurried I get, the more I shake and the slower I get. You spoke of your Dad's shaking hands. Did he have Parkinsons Linda, or just an essential tremor? I just wondered, I know that it is not supposed to be hereditary, but it seems like it happens a lot. Have a good day. jb
  22. Morning Stiffness?

    I agree with all your comments above. Mornings are worse. I think parkys get stuck in a position in bed. I think it is normal to roll around in bed as the night goes on. But when I sleep (If I sleep) , i don't move. To lay in the same position for even 3 hours makes for morning tightness. Mornings involve getting my legs out of bed. feet on the floor. Rise up to vertical, make sure that I am I balanced, and then do the "Hurry to the Bathroom Parky Gotta Pee Shuffle, " And then the wakeup meds, 2 cups of coffee, cereal, check the internet to see if any Rich, Lost Uncles are trying to send me money. It takes awhile but my legs and feet, arms and hands get moving and I get dressed and get outside into the morning air.. If I get into my daily routine and get working at something I can feel quite normal and can even forget a bit about the Unwelcome Guest that we drag around with us everyday. By night time, I become worn out and tired again. The foot starts to drag, back is tightened, Hands slow down. Yes, mornings are bad. I usually wake up at some point in the night, and f I am close to wakeup time, I will take some levodopa. That helps some. This leads to another point. Not to sidetrack your thread Never Give Up, from Kentucky (btw, when I was in grade school I would read every book about Daniel Boone that I could get my hands on) I have now sidetracked my sidetrack... When I encounter someone in town that I haven't seen for awhile, they may ask me how I am feeling, and will sometimes remark that I am looking good, (which may mean that I look better than they thought I would be looking), and I say thank you, yes,. I am doing ok. And I bite my tongue and don't say, "Yes, I am pretty good right now, I have about another hour of good time, that is why I am doing grocery shopping right now. But like Cinderella, I know things are wearing off with every tick of the clock and when the meds are working, I got to be getting things done and that is when you see me in town, outside, and functioning pretty good. But you don't see me first thing in the morning. Your opinion of my well being would certainly be different. And as another sidetrack. If I feel good say for 8 hours a day, and thats when people see me, they are likely thinking he should be working!! Follow me the other 16 hours into my cave and see if you still think I should be fixing your roof as I once could do. good day to all, jb
  23. Symptom increase in the heat???

    If only my body was as simple as an automobile: I would have the service writer put up a work order on that '58 Ford. Needs new thermostat. Won't warmup in the winter and won't cool down in the summer. \ jb
  24. Good morning!!

    Hello everyone. Everybody must of had a good holiday I think. Lad, I saw Jimmy Choi doing the challenge. The man must of worked so hard just to get to the position that he could enter the contest. I saw his hand shake as he reached for the handles on one of the apparatus. As he entered the balance portion of the course, I thought oh oh and he went down. Too bad he fell, but just getting on that show certainly was an achievment. Way to go Jimmy Choi!! Linda, I like porridge but usually only in the colder months, (I just ate a bowl of cereal for dinner). Steel cut is the best and it sounds like you had a pretty good mixture there, full of goodness, I don't know where the name porridge came from but the three bowls that are most famous must of been sampled by Goldilocks. Maybe? Have a good day everyone, jb
  25. Good morning!!

    Good morning everyone, Hi Texas Tom. Hello Dianne. Happy Independence Day. What do you all do traditionally to celebrate it, I have in my mind that you have picnics, lots of hot dogs, and shoot off fireworks. Yesterday it didn't rain here. That is good this year. Last year we were starved for rain. I still have a bunch of garden to dry out and plant. It is getting so late that some things may not mature. I keep telling myself that this is all for fun, don't get frustrated. Anyways, everyone have a safe holiday today. Have fun today jb