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  1. Good morning!!

    Good Morning World. Happy Canada Day to us Canadians, Matt, Canada Shakes, K-Man from Ottawa, Lady from Kitchener, Bev, Trevor,Alberta Girls, anyone else. Enjoy the Holiday. Our Michael J. Fox has been awarded the Order of Canada medallion for his acting career and more importantly for us; his work on behalf of Parkinsons. If you Americans run into him down there tell him to come home and get his medal. Emma, have a better day today. Everyone have a safe and happy day. Remember that smiling releases good chemicals into your bloodstream. I know it is corny, but I like watching Americas Funniest Videos. j
  2. Good morning!!

    Dear Dianne, Please accept my wishes of sympathy to you concerning the passing of your Father. He is at Peace now. Your heart will heal as you remember his life, and as time passes, you will emerge even stonger. Peace be with you Dianne. Virtual hug, jb.
  3. Good morning!!

    Hi Peace, Em, Diane and everyone else. That was a very nice post Peace. I'm glad that 2 chickens fell for that trick. I have 5 good layers now that want to put the eggs all in one pile every day. One will be trying to lay her egg and another Girl is standing at the nest telling her to hurry up. The barn light: it is funny how things that we perhaps do or say are often looked upon by others and expected and we may not even know it. Your light obviously was reassuring to that little girl. It's good that you continue it. Next time you go to the feed mill Peace, take a Pail of oats and at least get them rolled for your Hubby. That would of been an unpleasant mouthful. I hope everyone has a great day! Oh Linda, the weather looks like Christmas up the Eastern coast with fresh snow on the ground. Jb
  4. Good morning!!

    Hello, good to hear from you Linda. Miss you too but I understand. LADy, great looking Nativity. Lol the hidden piece! Hi Pathfinder. Sounds like you are taking good care of your husband. How is the Christmas baking going. I love Christmas goodies. Dianne, thoughts go to you. Hi Marcia, how are the pills going. Hi Bard...And the Swamper of the South! And....... Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat. Please put a penny in the old man's hat. If you haven't got a penny a half penny will do. If you haven't got a half penny, God bless you. After Christmas noontime Dinner, my Granny always wanted us Grandkids to put on a bit of a Christmas program with singing Carols, act out the Nativity and reciting verses. I always remembered reciting this one at about age 4 . Good memories.. Have good days everyone. Jb.
  5. Good morning!!

    Hi Marcia., Good morning my friend. If your cat likes to chew wires on the tree, you should make it watch Chevy Chase's Christmas Vacation. Let your cat see what happened to that Puddy Tat! Swamper, glad to meet you. Don't be shy about reading along. Lots of people do only that. I know what you mean about it being difficult to type sometimes. You are very welcome to post when you want of course. Hello Linda?. Dianne.. Mrs. Pathfinder, do you bake Gingerbread? Em, so you ever watch the great British Bake Off competition on T.V. We quite enjoyed that show. It all looked so nice. Yuuum. I have to get some food. I'm making myself hungry. christmas is coming, I love Rum and Eggnog. Anyone else? Be Good everyone. J b
  6. Good morning!!

    With eyes barely open, "Good morning world".he said to the light That had pushed in and burned away the last shadows of the night. He tossed and struggled. Mere blankets bound him secure to his bed. With effort he slipped free of his nest. His feet now on the floor led His unsteady body with tentative steps, but they had to start to hurry To get to the toilet in time. Ah. Made it he sighs. His eyes still blurry. There is a bit of poetry for you all this morning. Can anyone re!ate to that.? Hello Swamper. That is a term I used to use to indicate that I was riding in the front passenger seat. Usually it was in a Friend's car. I think people often call that position Shotgun now. But in highschool, if I sat there, I was The Swamper but you could call me Swampy. Anyways, nice to hear from you. Good morning Dianne. Hi Linda. Hope you are reading along. Hi Em. Well, I better get going here. I have "a lot of pianos to tune today " Be safe everyone. Jb
  7. Good morning!!

    Hello Friends, Hi LADy. Good weekend? Bard, you must be having fun with your Grand Kids. Super da Scooper, nice poem. Marcia, I am glad that you have found some help in dealing with your symptoms. I hope this will continue for you. Dianne, that is a difficult wait. Thinking of you, your Father and Family during this time.
  8. Good morning!!

    Hi everyone, Well not everyone replied, but I'm happy to hear from you Ella. And the cat has got your tongue. Should get a dog Ella, nobody really knows what goes on in the mind of a cat. Take care of that cold. Marcia, I'm glad that you got to your appointment. Nobody likes taking drugs but the right drug program can make your life better, movement easier and there will be some side effects but it is what it is. I hope that they work for you whatever the neurologist prescribed you. Your kids will be watching for that package I am sure Mrs Pathfinder. I hope you have your hubby all fixed up again and you can relax a bit. Thinking about you Dianne. Hope you have a nice weekend Linda and Bard. LADy, oatmeal cookies can easily go from a chewy cookie to a rock collection if cooked too long. I overcooked some once, a big batch and you don't know that they are rocks until the next day sometimes when they get completely cooled. Anyways, I went to toss this particular batch but decided it was too much stuff to just throw out. I started to boil 2 or 3 of them until soft as breakfast porridge..they turned out ok. Have good weekends everyone. Jb.
  9. Good morning!!

    Good morning eveyone. Thank you for the nice wishes for the upcoming Christmas season Lad. Maybe it was the turkey and everyone is sleepy still. But I think that Em is working on her writing course, Bard is getting his snowblower ready for the next snowstorm. Mrs Pathfinder is just trying to squeeze a couple more pies into her freezer. LAD y, Well It would take a couple writers to keep up to your activities. Linda is not online as much now. And Dianne is busy with family matters I think. Peace is getting A special Christmas together with a 3 yr. Old girl in the mix and Marcia is still Marcia. Be safe everyone! Best wishes to all J b
  10. Good morning!!

    And it did work out fine. As you did! What muscles LADy! That was good fun lol.
  11. Good morning!!

    Good morning, Well, I suspect that I have missed Breakfast time for most of you with my late good morning wish. It's a rainy Sunday and I feel rather lazy today. Hi Marcia, and Emma. The two of you should get together and write a book. It could be about an Irish lady who moves to the American Midwest to take over an Irish Bake shop that was left to her by a distant cousin whose Grandfather emigrated from Ireland in the early 1900s. While the run down house attached to the shop is being renovated to more modern standards you board with a local lady (that's you Marcia) and her husband. This lady answered a help wanted ad to work in the bakeshop with the newcomer, helping her to restore it to its former glory.I There, that should get you started. We would like to see Ireland sometime and if I do set foot there for sure we will see you in Kilkeny. But first.. Dbs. I will have to see how that goes! Hope everyone has a great day! Jb.
  12. Good morning!!

    Good morning Everyone, Hello Mr. de'Scoop, Fear not for the little Chicken who crossed the road and became a favourite in Philosophy circles as to her intent. Up to that point in its life, she perhaps felt insignificant and now enjoys the speaking tours and the late night talk show circuit. Well?....maybe.. Hi Linda, good to hear from you. Dianne: I hope that you feel warm vibes from your circle of friends here; a shoulder to lean on. ears to listen, a tissue to wipe a tear. We can be whatever you need. Our lives have Parkinsons Disease and handfuls of pills that we pop like Smarties. We feel the medicine reaching out to our limbs and grease our joints into movement again not unlike the Tin Man of Oz fame. Sometimes I wonder who will win the contest, played out several times a day. Will my Body loosen up and do what a body should do or will the pills cloud my brain with fog and my legs be forced to dance that restless ballet written by Mr. Dykinesia. Often I get pulled down into the undertow but usually I emerge , I ride that wave of "on time" and for that, I am thankful. I hope all of my American Friends enjoy a safe and meaningful Thanksgiving Day today! The Best to you all, Jb.
  13. Good morning!!

    Yes Dianne. You bring us all with you. We got your back! ....And maybe around lunchtime you will buy us a few French fries or something?. I will be thinking about you today Dianne. Hugs to you. Jb Note..I thought this got posted yesterday. This morning I found it floating around in my "editor?"
  14. Good morning!!

    Hi Dianne, So sorry that happened to your father. I will think of you in the coming days and will hope the best for your Dad. Once again Dianne you are in the center of a medical situation requiring your strength and faith to guide you and make you strong. I wish you well my friend. Hug you, jb.
  15. Good morning!!

    Good evening. Hi Peace. You never ramble on too much. I would read more of what you write. 3 year old girls and Christmas go together like peas and carrots. That should be fun!! I often will put a big x on one egg and always leave it in the nest. My current laying hens always look for fresh straw in the nest and an egg that is already there to add to. The x is so that I never will eat it because it won't stay fresh too long. If they are in the mood to not lay and older than a couple years you will just have to wait. Good luck. They try to start Xmas earlier every year here too Em.. Thankfully stores push halloween onto you until oct. 31but come Nov 1, the aisles are full of christmas merchandise and singing chipmunks on the airwaves. I leave Xmas preps as late as possible. That is really good that you are taking a writing course em. I'm sure you will enjoy it. Good for you!? Did you get your furnace fixed superscoop?. I get more frustrated these days when things go wrong and are not going to be fixed by me. Like a leaky roof. I once would just fix it it. Now I have to get someone to attend to these things. I know that happens to everyone but it wasn't supposed to happen to me. Scoop, I hope that you post here again soon! Hey LADy. What's up. Anyone hear from Ella. ? And I am Fine Linda. Some times I have trouble getting around to posting and I think I will "get caught up tonite". But the truth is that I am getting rather slow now. It seems to take a lot more effort to accomplish things that I have always done and my off times challenge my on times in length now. We tend to eat a little bit later than most and then by the time dishes are done and cleaned up, I usually grind to a halt. Fingers won't type well, eyelids grow heavy. Thinking loses A bit of clarity perhaps. I don't do much writing at night anymore. This seems to be an exception tonite. I did have a nap before I ate though. A good friend of mine had dbs done a couple years ago. He and I had about the same symptoms, and took the same drugs. He is like a new man now with that whole on and off thing levelling out to a straighter line. I don't think my highs will be as high following the operation, but I hope that lows aren't as low where it seems I have froze up. I do have a series of assessments booked at the hospital for 2 days in Toronto in January. Although I don't much like the thought of the upcoming operation, assuming I qualify as a candidate for surgery , I do look forward to some improvement of my symptoms.Thanks very much for your concern Linda,but I am fine. How are you doing? Hey Dianne, I hope that you are feeling better. And with that he turned and his black cape swirled out like a billowing parachute and as he clapped on his top hat and caught up his umbrella he vanished into the night. Be safe everyone! Jb.ll
  16. Good morning!!

    Good morning Everyone. Hello Marcia. I hope that you have a Good Neuro appointment. I can't imagine not being on drugs. I would be rooted to the ground.. Good luck with that!! Hey Linda, wazzup? How is Buffalo Ellangel? Got snow on the ground yet?. Hi Peace. How is the cleanup going? Hi Dianne,Bard, and Em. Have a good weekend. Jb
  17. Good morning!!

    They are funny to look back upon. My daughter made me a father's day card likely about grade1 in which prompted by the sentence "when does your father look the most handsome" she filled it out with "when he is dressed in a suit and his hair is combed to go to a funeral."
  18. Good morning!!

    Good morning Everyone. I have a new small entertainment tablet. Only smaller. It is perhaps a tile? Anyways it takes some getting used to. This morning I realized that I wrote more than what was posted. But I found it. And just posted it. One can spend a lot of time with social media. Hello Peace. I hate throwing out anything. Everything at my farm has lots of potential, I was just going to use that thing, it holds memories, can't buy them anymore, would save a trip to town, or would do in a pinch. I still have schoolwork that my kids brought home 30 years ago that I send to them for birthday cards.yep I am not a thrower. Be safe. Jb.
  19. Good morning!!

    Good morning. It is a beauty of a day. Thanks Bard for your kind words. Hope you have a great B.C. Day. How was Sean's graduation Em?. How is your pain level Dianne. Hello ms. Pathfinder. How are you Linda and Marcia?. In my neck of the woods everyone put fruits and vegetables in the basement of the house and it was cool enough to keep them fresh for part of the winter anyways.. Lad,nice pictures. I hope you all have a super Sunday. Jb
  20. Good morning!!

    Hi everyone. Seems like I fell asleep here for a couple of weeks. All is well. I have had a session in Toronto to see if I am a good candidate for dbs. So far I'm good . I am having more tests in january. So far all is well. Hope all is well with everyone. Be safe. Be happy as you can be. Jb
  21. Good morning!!

    Goooood Scary Morning,!!!! Happy Halloweeeeen... Booo! Today I won`t worry about littloe cobwebs here and there. Hi Em, Happy Birthday to your Mom and Sean. Congrats to Sean at his Graduation, I vote Dianne as the Special Sheriff in charge of investigating Nasty Manners and People. VioLetinda: I suspect that your work has been perfect all your life. Now it gets harder to maintain that level of excellence. Is it possible that when you approach a task you want to do it 100% or not at all. So you sit at your computer waiting for that perfect lead line. I don`t know about the mind loss that you worry about. We all have some loss because we are all aging. Also, as Parkys we suffer brain loss, and most of operate with a drug load that could cause confusion in the mind of an elephant. I think that it is ok to let the old standards slide as we cut ourselves some slack . And I find your writing and thoughts perfectly grammared, very clear and to the point and friendly, inquisitively caring of everyone and a bright light on what otherwise may be a dark morning. Marcia, you should be the Special Investigator in charge of common sense. Ginger LADy, you seem to have lots of energy bubbling forth every day. That is Good. Hello Ms. Miracle. Happy Punken Day. be safe , jb. (And everyone wondered if he forgot how to spell the word Pumpkin or perhaps did he just like the sound of the word punken.)
  22. Good morning!!

    Good for you LADy !! That was a very kind thing to do. I agree with EllAngelcat as well about empathy coming forward in people who experience hardship, And VioLinda, how are you thias weekend? Have a good one Everybody
  23. Good morning!!

    Hello Dianne, I am just popping round the internet and here I am reading your post. When did you first get the wrong tubing? Maybe we have had that conversation already, but it seems like you have had that wrong sized tubing problem for a long, too too long, of a time now. You must be looking forward to November 28th date. Bless you Dianne, I hope that a good doctor gets you up and about soon. And despite the fact that even you must be having a hard time making Lemonade these days, your list of health concerns still don't emit a whine from you. Sleep well my friend,
  24. Good morning!!

    Goooood Morning everyone. Hey Violet Linda,whats up today. DIANNE, have you got that duwopawop wopwop pump working again? Hope so. I mentioned a lost post in this fractured quick week,: one thing that I did say but lost was this. I hesitate to comment on other peoples drugs because I know that different meds work differently for each of us. Marcia, I took Rasagilene for years. It was new, my neurologist was sure that it was a drug that would prove to be very effect, He thought that it was going to prevent Parkinsons from crossing to my good side (left). I never felt much using it. It is sold as Azilect here in Canada and is very expensive. One day I walked into my twice a year appointment and he announced to me that it was not proving to be as good as he thought and that we might as well stop it. And I did. Also Marcia, that was too bad that you had to change your travel plans this summer. Maybe next summer if you travel to Canada you and your husband could visit here a few days. Peace, that sounds like a good penny. Hang onto it! I have most everything out of my garden. I stay only a step ahead of Jack Frost. My shed looks like a farmers market. Sunflower heads, green peppers, potatoes, carrots, leeks, jalapeno peppers, tomatoes and onions are all stored there waiting to get into the freezer, or the barn. lots of work! Hi Emily, how is Ireland today. Oh Angellacat: I wanted to tell you that it is hard to be humble when I was digging out such nice big potatoes last week. Maybe I should have a chip truck. Gotta run. Looking after my neighbours ponies this week too while they are on vacation. have good weekends. jb
  25. Good morning!!

    Good morning everyone, Hi Peace, thinking of you. Funny this, my horse when I purchased it was named Maximum Dream Maker. Of course he responds to Max and that is all I call him. Hope everyone is well. jb