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  1. Good Morning World. Happy Canada Day to us Canadians, Matt, Canada Shakes, K-Man from Ottawa, Lady from Kitchener, Bev, Trevor,Alberta Girls, anyone else. Enjoy the Holiday. Our Michael J. Fox has been awarded the Order of Canada medallion for his acting career and more importantly for us; his work on behalf of Parkinsons. If you Americans run into him down there tell him to come home and get his medal. Emma, have a better day today. Everyone have a safe and happy day. Remember that smiling releases good chemicals into your bloodstream. I know it is corny, but I like watching Americas Funniest Videos. j
  2. Hi Everyone, I am gone away for a week, Be good, be safe , be strong. jb
  3. Good Morning Everyone. It made me very happy to see all the posts that have been put up here in the last week. Just friendly, informative, positive conversation that is open to everyone. I want to empathise that again. It is open to everyone that wants to post just to say hi. You don't have to write an essay. Marcia, I love that green circle spy glass. You should start an Avatar Consultant Agency. And if I understand correctly, if the list of things to be done is lost, one can assume that the list is completed. I could try that. That Elf thing did not work out. I went to bed last nite and left a mop and a bucket of hot water for the floor, left the can of paint and paint brushes and rollers in the room that needs painting. And a plateful of cookies. I awoke this morning to a bucket of cold water, untouched paint equipment, an empty cookie plate and a fat little housedog who didn't want his breakfast. Why did the Elves make shoes for the shoemaker? Ella, nothing is easier than growing daffodils. and they just keep coming back. Emma, you would be surprised if you looked out your window and saw me planting geraniums in the garden. Having floated a couple thousand miles in a rowboat on the North Atlantic Gulf Stream all the way to Ireland. Wouldn't you be ? Linda, good to see your presence. Hello Olotorin.Whazzup for you today? Ah LAD, a fainter. I can relate to that. I tend to have low blood pressure too. The ER story with your mom in the next room is funny.! Dianne, I hope that your repaired duopump is bringing relief to your body this morning. Fingers crossed for you. Oh, Marcia. Don't leave screwdrivers and other tools lying around where the cats can get them. They are devious creatures not to be trusted. Have a good Saturday Everyone, jb ps.. Marcia, I just about lost all of this post and then I remembered what you said about that red box; Thanx Whiz Kid!
  4. Good Morning Everyone that Peeks in at these pages, Hi Pathfinder from the previous page. It is easy to get lost at the bottom of the page when a new page gets started. It sounds like you were going to have a great day with your husband. I hope that you did. And LAD, it looks like you got it all figured out how to post pictures on this forum. Good Work! Cute picture! It rained quite a bit here in the last couple of days. I will have to get out my lawnmowers, get them gassed and oiled and such and likely have to cut the grass on the weekend. Daffodils will likely bloom in a few days as well. There is lots of stuff to rake up, trees to prune and stuff to do. The seasons roll on with a relentless nature, presenting to me every day; jobs that are to be done. Cause that is what I always did, but I must admit that I don't get as much done in a day as a used to.. Sometimes I wish that there was a pause button that could be used to take a time out on the Calendar, get an extra 4 weeks to catch up on jobs, a 2 week block of time for relaxing and reading a good book, and then maybe a 3 week period where I go on a fishing trip up North and while I am gone, Good Elves come into my home and house clean, paint some of the rooms that need it, and while they are at it, do a couple little renovations and repairs that I should of done over the winter. Oooops, that adds up to nine weeks. That may really screw up the world to take a 9 week pause. I may have to rethink it and line up some super elves. Have a good day everyone. jb
  5. Good Morning Everyone, Welcome aboard Otolorin. How are you today Pathfinder. Hello Count and Dianne, your appointment for pump reattachment is drawing near. And hello LAD. I hope everyone had a good Easter Weekend. LAD, Marcia is the inserted picture xpert here. I will try to explain. You have to have the picture in a program like PhotoBucket. It will host your picture and assign it an URL number. On this forum, when you want to post a picture click the button which is on the lower right which says "insert other media" , and then you go into photobucket and copy the URL assigned to the photo you wish to post, and paste that url as the inserted media and then your picture appears. I hope that this helps. Marcia could tell you with her clarity of the written language with 2 verbs, 3 adjectives and perhaps a dangling participle. Good Luck LAD. We are all looking forward to pictures now. Safe and Happy days to everyone. jb
  6. Good Morning tonite., I remember those years too LAD when the kids would come home for reading week or Easter. It was nice to have them back and their friends would drop round and it was all good and the house was alive. Now when they come home for an overnite, ( A Son and a Daughter who both live only about an hour away), they bring their spouses and 3 grand boys and 2 dogs and it is still good. Hi Em, happy Easter to you and Sean. Good luck on your Easter egg hunting. If you do that. Make sure that after the hunt is done that you share them up equal. I did get some chocolate when grocery shopping on Thursday and I didn't hide it good enough. Or I was too good of a hunter. Anyway it was all gone last nite. I still have lots of syrup though! Family dinner at my Sisters house at noon. There will be chocolate there. And a trade will take place. I give her maple syrup and she gives me the best homemade strawberry jam. Happy Easter Everyone. jb
  7. Good Morning World, Its is a beautiful day in the Neighbourhood. Playoff Hockey is underway now. not one of the 5 Canadian Teams have won a game yet. Well, they all lost the series opener. Toronto Blue Jays are giving us fans the blues with their poor start to the season of 1 win and 8 losses. We will get that straightened out again. Soon , I hope! LAD, that was likely a great connection that you made with the grandson when he realized that you were helping his grandfather. Probably the boy never said much more, but he likely has thought lots more about that. Woodbee, you sound like you are having a great holiday what with the 5 loads of laundry and such. I bet your daughter was very happy to see you arrive. That is nice that you can help her out with the new baby. As to how I am doing , I am still healthy and wise. Whoops, my nose just grew, Ok, I am not as young as I was. But as smart as ever. Dang, there goes that nose again. "Plastic Surgeon, emergency please". Okay, I confess, time is marching on. But I'm doing ok. Always nice to hear from you Eileen Happy Easter Weekend to everyone. Like tulips pushing up out of the warming earth into the sunshine, it is a season of new beginnings and fresh hope for a happy future whether one is religous or not. A time to put on a new jacket, or brush off an old favourite one and put your best effort forward with a positive feeling. Always trying to live as happy and healthy as we can; even if it is not always easy. All the best to everyone. jb
  8. GOOD MORNING, a little late I am. What a nice surprise Eileen Woodbee to see your name. Eh em, Takes us back a few years. I hope you are doing well Eileen and you get us all caught up. Dianne,that is an excellent T SHIRT. Good luck getting your pump hooked up again. That will give you a boost. Ella, Ontario must have something for buttertarts, THERE are weekends where routes are laid out like wine tours , only you visit buttertart bakeries instead. Good for you LAD that you can go in and supply teach. That must be tough to do. Kids dwell more on what you can do rather than what you cant. Nice to see you Pathfinder, when you do find it can I follow it out. I will be the lost looking guy going in circles. And Marcia, I can't picture you walking into things,..oh,yes, I can. When I get started on the path, you should follow me. We won't stop at any fancy souvenir shops featuring expensive crystal on shaky stands. Maybe T shirt shops and get one made like Diannes'. What would you put on yours? Maybe I should ask where the path is leading? Well WOODBEE, what a nice surprise to hear from you and I hope that we hear from you again soon. gNITE Y'ALL. JB
  9. Good Morning Everybody! Welcome to April 11th, 2017. Not much planned for today but the day is still young. I can say though that I am not planning to be on a United Airline Flight. That was a nasty story and video of them removing that passenger who was guilty only of being on an airplaned that oversold the tickets for that flight. Ouch!! g'morning Ella, that is interesting that your family cottaged in Canada in the summer. You must of lived in one of the border states of Northern USA perhaps? I am sure that your Dad looked forward to our Canadian beer. Many American tourists do come to Canada to enjoy our Northern lakes for their quiet beauty and good camping and fishing. My breakfast was good:, fried peameal bacon with potato fished out of dinner's stew pot, And a couple of pancakes smothered in syrup. One thing that is a problem. I get my flipper under the pancake and then I freeze or something. It seems to be such a challenge to flip them (or grilled cheese sandwiches) and get it landed back in the fying pan. Have a good day Ella. And hello Marcia. I was wondering about you yesterday, thinking that I haven't seen you for a few days. And what a dream you were having. Maybe I should get into export of Maple syrup. Maybe Marcia I need to get a Food Truck, load it up with the Northern Liquid Gold, get a 50 pound bag of pancake mix, load up my best egg laying hens and head for the American Heartland to seek fame and fortune. Well, I have been okay without fame and fortune for 59 years now, I think I am okay without that part. Anyways, thanks for sharing your soaring imagination with us. And watch for a Red and White food truck, decorated with red maple leafs specialising in Pancakes. You want to sign on as a cook?. Oh, by the way, I may be interested in buying that Bridge.. Have a good day Marcia. Good days to everyone else out there today. jb .
  10. Good Morning Everybody. That is a good poster LAD. We can all use motivational help and encouragement. How are you doing now Count. Hi Linda, and i know that Dianne is out there someplace.Tom, is your septic system working ok again. If you have a house, there is always something to fix is there not. I spent a good part of my weekend with the less glamorous side of Maple syrup production. It isn't the picture that gets in the Calendar for the month of March. I scrubbed up all the buckets from the trees, rinsed and bleached and rinsed and dried, cleaned and scraped the boiling vats, cleaned out the shack, returned Roys borrowed equipment, and washed out a load of sticky gloves, syrup filters, and rinsed and labelled all the canned syrup. No fun there, trust me. Bard, that was a tragic weekend in Vancouver with the Hikers. There were 5 people climbing a recreational trail, near Vancouver, that went up a high mountain. It seems that the 5 of them were standing on a snow edge, more than a mountain edge, when the snow collapsed and they all fell to their obvious deaths. Despite a big search effort, no bodies have been recovered. Be safe everyone! Okay, I have to go and have some pancakes and syrup now. Good days to Everyone, jb
  11. Hey, That was real nice that you two met for a little visit and picture. Really.. way cool!! Good work to both of you for taking the time to meet up. jb
  12. Thnking about our new member, The Count, I will change my format this morning. 1. Good morning to every one. 2. It takes two Levadopa to get me awake in the morning. One for each eye 3. A third hand may be helpful some days. Ah, who needs three shaky hands. 4. Four--ward I trudge, hauling myself along this mysterious trail called Life 5. favourite 5 sandwiches-BLT, roast beef, egg salad, ham and cheese and Peanut Butter with Honey 6. the big 6 -0 is Looming within a year and I plan to...... 7. I baked cookies yesterday and today I will eat seven of them. I did get a jump on this topic, only 3 more to go . 8. I went to the local Chinese buffet last nite with a buddy. I 8 a lot. 9. At age 9, I went to a one room country school, grades 1-3 with no running water. 10. Despite some challenges, maybe about 10 of them, and in my tenth year of Parkinsons, It is a good life I have even if I have to take 10 Levadopa pills a day.
  13. Thank you Count. My day should be better than the weather at any rate. It is pretty grey outside and it rained most of the night. It looks soggy. And I like soggy mornings about as much as I like soggy raisin bran cereal. Oh well, have a good one jb
  14. I am glad to see you back Linda! jb

  15. Good Morning Everyone, I hope that everyone had a good weekend. I am happy to say that I finished with the maple syrup boiling on Saturday. Now the cleanup!!! So Ella, I have become the MC, you made me chuckle. I just write stuff and try to engage people to come forward and say hi. A long time ago, I realised that a lot of the topics on the forum were complex and I felt that I never had enough knowledge to offer a comment on it. But me being me, I couldn`t just read and not say anything. That is how Good Morning`` got started. No topic really. Just a place to say hi! Or whatever you want. Like a never closed coffee shop where we can all sit down and chat and come and go. Make a comment, or just a nod, I know some of you just walk up and peek in the window, perhaps you are shy to come in and pull up a chair and that is fine too. Just know that everyone is welcome to join in with a comment if you wish. There is lots of room for everyone to join in. And Ella, If I get to be the MC, and a strand of this thread, and I can be so bold to say; it is only through the dedicated postings and readings of all of you that have taken all of these strands and created a good and strong strong thread that with passing time has become a strong rope. With a strength of history, a purpose of the present, and hopes of the future the rope grows stronger. Well, I didn`t sit down intending to spout off about all this. Maybe LAD it was triggered by your comment a couple days back when you said we all ``seem to know each other so well``. Good days to all, jb
  16. Mr. Hillaire, I read your story and I think I understand your situation. Although without living it as you do, I can't completely comprehend the challenges that you must face on a daily basis. When I read your symptoms: tiredness but unable to sleep for a decent length of time at night, loss of balance, tremors, and even the memory problems; I can tell you that we have those problems in common. I have often thought that even though I do live with this lousy disease, at least I do have adequate medicine and healthcare to smooth out the symptoms. I wish you good luck in your struggles with Parkinsons. sincerely, jb
  17. Good Morning everyone. Happy April Fools Day !! However did that strange little custom get started? Marcia, why dont you make up a little story about this April Fools Day thing and its origin. Maybe it could be made into a movie. Nice to see so many people posted. Glad to see you Linda. And Em who has to hit the send button extra hard to get it here all the way from Ireland. Em was on the forum previous to this one before I got there. Bard, South West Ontario produces tons of maple syrup and those pipelines for collecting the sap are like giant vines running through the woods. Sure saves a lot of work for commercial syrup producers. I just carry mine. Peace, when I have muscles that feel like cramping up tight, I do drink Canada Dry tonic water which lists quinine as an ingredient. (I have also had quinine pills rxd by my Doctor). I seem to sense that they are going to happen a day or so ahead and I just start to split a can of tonic into a glass of orange juice a couple times a day and it seems to head them off. It is quite bitter without something in it. Ella: my hummingbirds arrive in the late spring hoovering around the very spot where the feeder hangs. I see them and then put it up. Must be the same family groups come every, year. The syrup can get a bit messy when I filter off a batch and it gets on the floor. My neighbour who helps me out with it and I joke about it being a good thing that we don't do it during bee season. I better get back to the shack and the bubbling brew, the sugar shack that is Marcia, not the caddyshack! Hope everyone has a good day. jb
  18. Good morning everyone, Hello Dianne, I am think about you often. I hope that you are not feeling alone as you grieve for your son. It must be difficult for you. Hang in there. If you are out there Linda, I hope that you are ok too. The maple syrup season will soon wrap up I think. The days are getting quite warm. Although we did freeze up enough last nite to trigger a fresh run today. I have syrup bubbling back at the shack right now that I hope to bottle after lunch. There should be about 12 litres to take off today which will be enough syrup to cover about 500 pancakes. Maybe one day I will host a Parky Pancake Party. Man, if that were to be a buffet, and you all scatter food like I do at a buffet, the floor will become some sticky. If anyone wants to arrive by horseback, it will be no problem to turn them out in the field with Max. Have a good day everyone, jb
  19. Good Morning Everyone, Hi Tom, it sounds like you keep busy. That is a good thing that you can. If you get tired of cutting grass in Texas, come up to Ontario. I wouldn't trust just anyone to cut and rake my lawn, but I would let you have a go at it. Bring your dog with you, there is lots of space here for going on a hike. Hi Marcia, congratulations on the the new grandbaby. That is wonderful. Be sure that you spoil them all. That is what grandparents are supposed to do. Different bats eat different things, but I think that most of them enjoy eating bugs. Some ;people set up houses for them to live in your backyard and keep the mosquito population down. I think that the word bat comes from the ancient Greek word ,wingedbaatmouses, which translates into flying mice. That may or may not be true. Whether it is or not, have a good day jb
  20. Good morning everyone, It is the last week of March, the month of deep thoughts as I watch maple sap change into maple syrup as it bubbles on the boiler. The month of change and preparation for the year 2017 that has only smouldered thus far, ready to burst into a fresh flame of springtime glory. The calendar page will be flipped at the the end of the week to release April with its hopes of a budding Springtime. It will bring with it new Challenges for us all, but also with its hopes and expectations of an easier time of the year. April will let us know she is here with warm sunshine on our backs and gentle breezes brimming with scents of warm soil and promises of new growth to our eager senses. Even the birds gathered around the feeders sing in excited chirps as they discuss new nests, fat earthworms and how their winters in Florida went; like a group of people standing around the watercooler discussing their weekends. Ella, I think that I have more time to consider my past now. I am not going to work anymore and my thinking has become more clear. Even if my short term memory isn`t as good. Good morning LenaMegan. Wow, you were lucky to get a picture of the humming bird babies. Thank you. And LAD, welcome. back I have seen that you have been busy posting on the Forum and that is good. Positive thoughts and reinforcement are very important as we deal with this Parky thing. I hope that you had a good weekend Dianne. Everybody have a good week.¸¸ jb
  21. Hi Emily , It is a nice surprise to see your name up on the forum again. How are things for you.? Hello Dianne, I hope that you are getting through your days okay. I keep your journey in my thoughts. Ella, as I get older, I like to recall my younger years. Not that I dwell in the past, but I did have a wonderful childhood. I didn't truly appreciate it until I was older. Papa57, Goodwork with the maple syrup. I am sure that your gifts are appreciated. It is a lot of work eh? Marcia, happy springtime to you. That could be a good movie. " Happy Marcia's Springtime Adventures." Good days to everyone, jb
  22. Good Evening, Hi Peace, Bard, Dianne, Papa57. Hope your day went ok Dianne. You too Bard, How is BC this week. Avalanches are terrible this year it seems. Papa57, Peace already mentioned it but I wanted to agree with her that you said some very sweet things about your wife.You sound like a lovely couple. And Papa57 and Peace, thanks for the kind words about losing a friend. Bill was a member of the forum that preceded this one. He was a wonderful man and a great poster. Bill was from Colorado and a friend to many people. Peace, you should try some Maple syrup. It is great on pancakes, added to muffin mixes. sweetener for your tea or cereal. Or take a bowl, fill it with vanilla ice cream and pour a good dollop of maple syrup over it . I could go on but you get the drift I am sure. It is full of good nutrients as well. And Happy Birthday Peace. 2 years into PD. Hope you are winning the fight!! I watched the hockey game on TV tonite. Reminded me of Saturday nights 50 years ago when Dad got out the barber clippers and gave haircuts to me and my three younger brothers. We sat in the high chair, Dad with one eye on the hockey game and the other on his hands. Sunday at Church we could show the missing hair when some player got a breakaway. Other wounds included burnt neck from the hot barber clippers and nicked ears. Happy to report that we all survived the Saturday Night haircuts. Have a good Sunday everyone. JB
  23. Good Morning Everyone Hi Dianne, How are you doing today. Any headway with a new pump? Sheila, sorry that you didn't get some snow. There was plenty to go around I'm sure. Maybe next year. Well, it is St. Patrick's Day. I will hoist a pint to all the Irish here later today. I will take a minute to remember an old friend that used to be a solid fixture on this forum. He died too young and many of us miss him. He loved his wife and family, men and women in Service, Notre Dame University football, and his Church and God. Bill, I know that you are watching over us. Happy St. Patricks Day to you. And to all of you., jb
  24. Good Morning Everyone, Well, what is going on in your world. She Ra, now tell us, did you get some snowflakes in Georgia. Today we are getting a bit of snow. The weatherman and weatherladies have been all excited by a storm coming up the coast. The Atlantic Seaboard to be more exact. New York City has been snowed upon I see. As of yet, we haven't seen much snow, although 100 miles away in Toronto, many flights have been cancelled. Hello Texas Tom. Sounds like the season has changed for you. That would be nice to be getting ready for lawnwork. Although we have not had hardly any snow this winter, and had some record high temps in March, last week was a very cold week and the ground is froze hard. I too have a cardinal in my yard. But he isn't seeing his reflection. He frequents the birdfeeder and with one sunflower seed at a time, he stays plump and warm. I bottled 9 litres of syrup yesterday, (about 8 quarts). The sap hasn't run very well in the last 2 weeks. Oh well, we will get some good runs yet this spring. This morning I watched a Red Fox in my backyard. It came drifting in along the horse pasture fence. The long grass in the fenceline is home to some fat field mice who hide and live there. He sniffed along the fence, cocked his head and stared, but not finding anything he turned and came into the backyard. He was only about 40 feet from where I stood in the house at the window. He did turn and stare at me, locked eyes with mine and warned me not to move, don`t go get the the camera. So I stood still as he turned his attention to the base of some perennial flowers. He gathered himself into a crouch, cocked his head to the right and then the left and then lunged his sharp teeth and jaws into the flowerbed and pulled out his breakfast. A quick shake of his head and a toss and a gulp he was finished. He trotted across the vegetable garden, exchanged greetings with Max, who watched it all from his barn.. ``Hey Max, why the long face this morning`` , I think I heard the fox say. And I better get out and feed Max. How are you doing today Dianne. I hope that the sun shines for you in Seattle today. Good days to everyone, jb
  25. Good Morning, Wow, this forum looks brand new. Oh, it is still the same. Type 10 characters and correct 4 of them. Hi Marcia J, Dianne, Peace and Shera. I have not been posting much of late. I seem to be too tired to sit down to write in the evening. And too busy first thing in the morning. Maple syrup season is here. It is not exactly good weather for it . No consistency to it. I still need -5 C nights followed by +7 C days with sunshine to trigger the good runs. It remains a big job to collect the sap and boil the water out of it to the proper density of maple syrup. My body protests against the added work, but I can still do it. (Pass the Advil please). We have made 15 litres of syrup so far, and there is more on the fire boiling. Marcia, that is nice that you are getting more Grandbabies. It is nice that you make effort to protect their health, but I don't think that you have to get a whooping cough vaccine every year. Peace, I love the big garden story. Man, I have started to plow just a little patch bef. ore, but when those slick furrows start turning over it is hard to stop. Dianne, I still hold you in my thoughts every day. I hope that the hurt is slowly getting sorted out, thought about and reconciled in your mind. Shera, whazzup? Okay, got to get going here. Good days to all. jb