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  1. I have a new brain problem. I changed my password and now have to remember it. Things are a changing. I added that 'a' on purpose. Now you know why I have not posted. You might write it down but forgot where you put it. Maybe I should write it on my forehead and comb my bangs over it. It would have to be backwards. Then when I need it I would hold my bangs up and look in a mirror. That would only work once. It would wash off. I would have to change it everyday. Oh well. This is an old house. Floors creak. Spooky. One day I was in the kitchen when a clock hooked on the soffit flew off and broke into pieces. I asked my sister if she thought a mouse pushed it off. She looked at me like I was crazy. What do you think made it fall off.? My DH put the pieces together and rehung it. It has behaved ever since. Hugs to all.
  2. I probably did get the wrong title/book. I didn't look it up. That's what I get for not double checking. Yes, Who said a picture is like a thousand words? I didn't look that up either. I wrote once that if you wanted proof of global warming just look at the North Pole (or was it the South Pole) on Google Earth. I got chewed out for that one. This person responded back that was not proof. That was many years ago. I can't even remember which pole is which any more. Which one does Santa Clause live. He'll have to trade his sled in for a wagon. I find now since I'm much older that my parents traits are showing up. I can't deny that I'm who I am. But sometimes I'll say something about the past and my DH says I've remembered it wrong. This is really scary. So if I'm going to remember something wrong I may as well make it a whooper. Not the sandwich but a big lie. Or if you remember it wrong is that still a lie. I'll have to think on that one a while. Happy days to all. (I may have misspelled 'whooper' also.
  3. We had hot dogs on the 4th and hamburgers and baked potatoes and baked beans. Sister brought Rice Krispy treats. I forget the rest. Porridge had to originate sometime before Charles Dickens wrote Great Expectations. "Please sir, may I have some more?" We came home from school and changed our clothes into 'play' clothes. When in high school we would take our dry clean only clothes down to the laundromat and used the do it yourself dry clean machines. Once I had a 'good' dress on and in the back yard found a fountain pen which I picked up to examine being a curious sort of person. Squirted ink all over my dress. My mind is blank on the rest of that day. Did it cure me of being curious? NO! I gave my Dad a straw hat once and a white shirt. He wasn't wearing them instead of the shirt that had a hole in it and the hat was just as bad. I asked him why he wasn't wearing the new stuff and he said the old ones were not wore out yet. His idea of wore out was different than mine. And to top it off. I had my parents and sister staying with us for a month or so and I told my sister not to eat certain things in the fridge cause they were too old and I was throwing them out. She ran and got my mom and they proceeded to heat them up and eat them for lunch.!!!!! There were times I hoped I was adopted.
  4. I don't know when Canada Day is. I can't find a calendar. So I'll just use today. Happy Canada Day.!!!!! We didn't get the thunderstorm yesterday we were told we were getting. Oh well. I do know when our trash guy goes. That's important too cause we got raccoons in our garage attic. They or one - not sure- like to eat food we throw out. Got a lot to do today. Happy Canada Day!!!!
  5. DaveN, I thought that too. So we went and fed the parrot a cracker. It liked it. So it drank a little water, ate it's cracker, and it flew away. It would not let us touch it. It did have a tag on it's leg. We couldn't read it. So in this case Polly did want a cracker. Maybe the parrot found it's way home. It was an interesting day yesterday. I heard the cat meowing loudly. He has a soft voice so I went to see what he was doing. He was on the dresser trying to get his nose up to the open window. I open the window from the top so the cats can't knock the screen out. He could not reach the top and tried moving the curtain. He got his claw caught in the curtain. He was pulling on his paw but the claw would not come out. So he was twisting his leg. I tried pulling on his paw but didn't work so took the curtain and pushed it off. Now he keeps track of where I am. He didn't care for me before. What is that Aesop's fable about the lion that had a splinter in it's paw? Dianne, yeah and the best part is the joke worked without saying a word. We never spoke of it after. Hee Hee. I love it when a plan comes together.
  6. We are having some pretty mild weather. So we have some windows open. I kept hearing a noise and I always need to know what is causing any noise. It turned out to be a parrot. We put a little water out for it but it stayed away. We were going to try and catch it and take it down to the vet. It went someplace else instead. My computer chair is also one of the chairs the cat likes. So she watches me and when I leave to do something else she gets it. My DH says if I want it I need to push her off. I just don't like that. I know it's a dominant issue. I hear the parrot. Guess it went someplace else again. My brain is fuzz. I just noticed my computer isn't plugged in. 11% is not good. I hear that parrot again. I think this is going to be a long day. What do you say to a parrot. Here is an old joke. I used this one when it showed up on a pencil and I left it out so my boss could read it and to read the answer you would have to rotate it. Why did the elephant quit the circus.? He was tired of working for peanuts. This was a long time ago. I came in the next day and the answer was up so he did see it. I did get a raise. No PD talk here. Maybe a little. So when I filled the container with water I had to get it out side without spilling it. Ever try that one. ???
  7. I had a stressful event before the PD. I had cancer and went through chemo and surgery and radiation. I did not expect to survive long after. My surgeon wouldn't even tell me what odds I had. So they were wrong. That was 2003. The PD started in 2006. Got to go we just had a major thunder and I got to unplug. Yikes. That was a fast moving storm. That first thunder shook the house. It made me think a plane had crashed. Just thunder as it turned out. Lots of rain and a bit of hale in the beginning. Sorry this is off topic.
  8. They call it "rallies" . Abunch of campers get together. I only know of one. I guess people of like interest gather and I think it is out west. We were invited once but could not attend. So why couldn't we get together? We could all drop our food on the floor at the same time.
  9. BigRingGrinder, The doughnut deficiency sounds good for me. I kept thinking mine could be something else. I insisted they test me for everything I could think of or read about. No such luck for me but I hope you have better luck. I might have to check that doughnut theory out at least once a week. I seem to clench my teeth lately. Drives me crazy.
  10. LAD, reporting the questionable post is the best way because if it is true (I don't think so) then they can handle it and have the police check into it. I don't think it is legit cause putting it in a PM is not the way to get immediate help. She should have called 911. You did real good! Now don't worry on it.
  11. jb, I thought I was Walter Mitty. !!!! Or Walltris Mitty. In my PD mind I can do anything. But when I actually start to really do it...doesn't have the same ending. Chris_D, I post here and there and sometimes not so much but always thinking of all the Parkies that post here. Welcome! Dianne, hoping you are in good spirits and doing great.! I normally can't post everyone's name so I just will generally note a few. Have a good weekend everyone !!!!!
  12. Someone in previous posts, Peace, mentioned "how could you go to McDonalds and not get fries." It's called cutting back. I do get a happy meal once in a while. With that you can get almost anything. I save the toy for kids. Before grandkids I'd give them to DIL's niece and nephew. I have to wait till grandkids are three though so I'm getting a lot saved up. I like the happy meal cause I can get apple slices and apple juice and small hamburger and extra small fries (like about five) which DH likes it cause than I won't be swiping his. They have all kinds of choices now which only confuse me. You have to know my family. I guess from someone outside the family you'd notice it but at least we girls can't make up our minds. People outside the family means someone who marries in also. If you are bored with this family talk I will give permission to skip it all. The pump is running. That means someone is using water. When we had our dog she would get confused at first cause it sounded a lot like a garage door opener and she would think someone was coming. I can't keep straight with who said what unless it is close to what I'm typing. Sorry, but if I go back and look it will take me all day to type this. Time to send this into the atmosphere. Good Wednesday to all. So that means hump day for all who are still working. To we who no longer work it's just another weekday.
  13. I've been taking a lDopa in the morning and throughout the day and before I go to bed. So I have all night with none. I've had no problem but the neuro suggested I take them throughout the day and not before I go to bed. He thought that the meds was being wasted if I was sleeping. I don't have sleep problems. Once in a while I can't sleep I will drink a glass of milk. That's all I need.
  14. My uncle could play the organ by ear. What he did with his hands I don't know. haha. Actually my uncle does play by ear but I couldn't resist the joke first. He played the church organ but don't know how long. We all have sad things happen in our life and this is how I cope. Tell a joke. Some people don't understand this because it seems like you aren't sincere. My DIL told me I shouldn't make everything a joke. Maybe she was right.
  15. jb, I always thought people wore high boots so if a snake showed up it's fangs would not reach the skin. If you want an animal story. DH and I went to McDonalds. All we wanted was a smoothie but no food. They had to make it so we pulled into space for people who wait. There was a squirrel and he sat on hind legs and stared at DH. When he didn't get a result he pretended he was eating something while he stared at DH. No response from us. So he moved over in front of me and stared. I'll tell you I almost went in to McDonalds to get him some fries. By this time we got our smoothie so we were backing out when he realized he wasn't getting anything from us and so he moved on down to the next car. Wish I'd got a picture. Maybe we will feel like a smoothie today. With fries.