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  1. People made fun of Mr. Rogers but kids loved him. I think less violence is needed on TV. I asked a nephew's son why kids wanted to be the bad guy when in past ages it was the good guy. He didn't have an answer. He is in 7th grade.
  2. My DH volunteers for Meals on Wheels. These meals are not free. Each cost the patient something. Not sure how they figure it.
  3. jb, I like any story that has a cook in it. lol. Liked your story.
  4. The toe curling was killing me. I went so far as to give my treadmill to my sister. Couldn't walk on it. If only I knew then what I know now. When I started to see the neuro he put me on meds and one stopped the curling. I'd go see your neuro and tell him about it. Now I have an exercise bike. A recumbent bike is lower to the ground and has handlebars to help with staying on it.
  5. What is a Fitbit? Best friend since 8th grade is outstanding. I wish I had a friend from those years.
  6. I've been really working hard at getting the house clean. But I realized this morning that today I have to clean it again. It doesn't stay clean. What a bummer. So what I might do is clean the house and take a picture of the clean rooms and when people come over show them the picture and say, "This is what it looked like yesterday. You should have come yesterday. But since you came today you will have to live with it. Or we can sit on the porch and watch the grass grow." I wonder if porches were put on houses for people to sit on in the evening when the house is hot. Not everyone can afford air conditioning, I forgot. We are supposed to exercise. The last time I saw my neuro he seemed to be thoughtful that I've had PD for nine years. He told me to exercise. I would gladly give that ribbon to anyone that wants it. I mean for having PD the longest. I know lots of others have had it longer than me. Lots of hugs to all.
  7. Not sure where Echo Beach is but if it is where I live than you would get cold on the beach. Tonight it is supposed to get to 32 degrees and we need to cover sensitive growth. At least that is what the weather guy said. The news lady told us to be careful outside because Lyme has arrived here. It use to be mostly on the east coast but it's here cause the doctors here don't know what to do with it. I have already had an unwelcome tick. I don't have a dog to watch but we have two cats. Visiting cats that is. But they are strictly indoors cats. Good health to all. m
  8. Hi jb. I've been lerking about. Just reading. Can't post a lot cause I don't know much. Than everyone will know how little I do know. Glad you are back jb. All of us are sitting around the fire waiting for our next story.
  9. If I do anything right than it must have been an accident. DH and I started to do puppet videos. I thought we had emailed it to the #1 sons children. One is almost 2 and the other is almost 1. We were talking on the phone about doing another video when my DH reminded me that we sent it to #2 sons new baby. Ouch! Now we will have to do a special one for that blooping mistake. Maybe I should have looked up what 'blooping' means before I use it. As an after thought, if it isn't what I intended I'll deny, deny, deny. I looked up 'deny'. But blooping can't be that bad cause it doesn't fall into 'four letter rule'. It's eight letters. Which is four letters times 2. Does that make it double trouble.? Hope everyone is having a great day. The good thing about sock puppets is (I forgot what it was) so I deny I had anything in mind.
  10. LAD, I tend to faint in hospitals also. I know when I'm going down to get on the floor first so I don't have far to drop. I actually applied for a job in the check in at the hospital. Till I remembered if it's an emergency it might have blood involved. Good luck Dianne. Hope everything goes as planned. I hear a bam twice. I'm afraid to go look. We took strips of wood and screwed them to the frame of the couch where the flap is. I forget the right name. I don't know if he's (cat) trying to get under the couch. He likes to get under the couch and dig out the stuffing. Got to go. Good luck and have a nice day tomorrow.
  11. OK, jb, I'm peeking in. I think you are doing a fine job. But who says everything needs getting done. I just make a list and then forget where I put it and so that means I must have gotten everything done. But who says what is important anyway. You do. So do what needs done and leave the rest alone. I'm not really good at posting pictures. I may have to give up posting new avatars. My DH had to help me with this one. I was holding a light wand that turned things green. And LAD love the sweat shirt. And everyone...Hello!! I thought I'd lost this post but clicked on Reply to this Topic (red box at top) and it reappeared. Wow. Magic. m
  12. I love the shirt. I actually did walk into a slide on the RV once and just stopped in time before I ran into a post. Another time I stopped just in time to not run into my DIL. Talk about bad MILs. I couldn't help it though.
  13. And it's dark out. And getting darker. But no matter how dark it gets it is worth it to stand in line for the famous JB maple syrup. Someone else in line is singing a beautiful song while I cook pan cakes on the griddle. The griddle is on a table with wheels. So I cook as I roll. And I yell out, "Who has number 300,000." Someone in line throws up his hand and I flip that stack directly into his palm. Just in time to also get his maple syrup also. Some people had waited in line since yesterday and slept in line in a sleeping bag. Some people are here so long that I give them little chores to do. Hey, you want the maple syrup so badly that chores does not phase you. You'd much rather he had the extra time to make that syrup. Except the season is over but JB saw ahead and made much and selling it now cause these people know their syrup. A number of Parkies are in line too. When we get to the next in line we say, "Oh I forgot something." and run back to the end of the line tugging the griddle behind me. It was so much fun that I decided to stay in line. That has to be a record. Then I float and something stopped the train of thought and open my eyes and realize it was a dream. And if you believe that one I have a swamp I could sell you. Or is it the London Bridge. I think they both are not available.
  14. I was gathering up left over food and other things for the garbage when this caused me to move back and forth . So scrape move to the left. Scrape move to the right. When I realized this action was similar to PD moves I told DH it reminded me of what movie. Caddie Shack. When the gopher was moving back and forth to the music. Sometimes it's just the little things that make it worth living. OK, I admit I liked the Baby Ruth candy bar that floated in the pool. When the movie made it to TV they cut the candy bar floating in the pool. That was the best part.
  15. We saw a flock of what we first thought were birds flying up and had a swirling effect. We were driving on an overpass. On second look it was a flock of Bats! It was dusk light. Don't know where their cave is. As a kid I saw bats in the barn next door. They eat insects. Don't they? Grandbaby arrived and is a cutey. We have three grandbabies now. My mind is going blank. So good health to all. I think this will cover all of us.