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  1. Good morning!!

    We weeded stuff out cause we moved and downsized. Then there is still more to do. I've decided it never gets done. Two weeks till neuro appointment. I hope he puts me back on old pills. I can't do hardly anything. DH is doing most of what I used to do. If you really want to keep stuff you don't use, have a large attic.
  2. Good morning!!

    I think you mean an ice house. I don't know about storing food in it but they did ice. My dad did not have ice in his. The basement stays cool even in summer. Have you ever seen an ice house? We like to go on tours of old houses usually famous people used to live there. One did have an ice house and the same one must have been well off cause they had a two seat out house. I think one was for a child as it was smaller. I forget where it was located. Once we were in a state that I won't say which one and we wanted to go to a drive-in movie. So we stopped at a gas station and asked where the out door was. This is what we called it. He said, "Oh, we moved that indoors years ago!"
  3. Good morning!!

    LAD, You got me thinking..."Quote"...I thought I'd made it up. When we go out if I don't have a cane with me (sometimes I don't need it) I hold my DH hand. I stumble on uneven surfaces but I tell him I'll be ok if he holds my hand. So the line came to me. When you said 'quote' I did a search to see and sure enough there is a children's book titled If We Hold Hands We Won't Fall. I have not read it but it was described as a book to explain Parkinson's to children. I had no idea. I should have searched first but didn't dawn on me. Sorry. Every time I think I'm original I find I'm not.
  4. Good morning!!

    Solution...dig it up. If renting get landlords permission and if not able to do yourself talk a friend into doing it for you. I had planted a bush that was pretty but it had thorns. Isn't there a song like that. Everybody hated it that had to wash the window behind it or paint. After a couple years I agreed and dug them out. I had planted two. But they were small bushes. I'd like to get a lilac bush. In the old days they used to plant them by windows so the perfume would float into the house. That is if the window was open. Although they get pretty big and I wonder about roots next to foundation. My parents had a huge one but it was over away from the house. Oh!!!!!!!!! I just realized you said "tree". Much different . Never mind. I don't know what emoji you would use to look sheepish.
  5. Good morning!!

    Linda, I know about potatoes. My dad grew them among other things. He built a fruit/vegetable cellar in the basement. It was a separate room with a door. He stored apples and potatoes in it and they would last most of the winter. Our basement holds a steady temperature so putting them in their own room kept the temperature cool. I do know what you mean about reading. I find trouble concentrating and I have to reread sometimes. I have a couple books that I just can't finish. So they lay there staring at me. My son gave them to me and he asks if I've read them yet. "no". He gave me a look like he wondered if I could still read. I also had trouble with writing a new post in my blog. My sister said I should write one a week. Oh great. I missed September entirely. Than I decided not to worry about it. I don't need great numbers of readers anyhow. I do it because I enjoy writing. And thought it would help my brain. Don't know if that worked. I did write my first hand printed letter to a friend I lost contact with. The problem is the pen I used doesn't have spell check. I said hand printed because I have trouble with that other way which I've forgotten the word for. Reading this is like a puzzle. Sorry. Sometimes I just have to say what I can before I forget it all. Maybe I should stop before I embarrass myself. Too late I fear. I'm posting anyway. You are not alone. If we hold hands we won't fall when we stumble. I'd like to try that boxing thing but I'd probably knock myself out.
  6. Good morning!!

    Peace, So sorry about your horse. It is very hurtful to lose one you love. But you gave him a good life. Now you have your memories. He is out of pain. RIP. m
  7. Good morning!!

    I didn't do well on the Rasagiline tablets. Been very sick the past four days. I only took one pill. So I'm not taking them. I shake a little once in a while but no one sees if I'm home anyway. Except DH and he doesn't care. It's cold here today too jb. but it is supposed to warm up this week. Wish we could have gotten up to visit with you and yours. Yours is orange and Diannes is purple. And mine is green. I think having things to do keeps you active which keeps you moving which is very good over all. Yes Linda, wouldn't a Parky Party rock? Rock and Roll that is. The female cat sat on my lap for awhile today. She didn't care that I'd been sick and had a sick smell. The male cat sniffed me and walked away. That is a male for you. lol. Just kidding.
  8. Good morning!!

    em45, So sorry for your loss. Hugs. m
  9. Good morning!!

    ellaangel2, yes he wanted attention. He checked his dishes to make sure they were full and then wanted to be brushed which was always done in the morning but as long as he had the attention he'd get as much as he could. Then he jumped on the back of the chair the DH was sitting in. He looked mighty smug.
  10. Good morning!!

    I think it is a dominance thing. Ours will put their paws on us for attention or they want something. But if the claws come out we push them away and refuse to give them what they want. Tonight my DH was on the phone and Mr D wanted something and kept meowing till DH shooed him away. He also scolded him. Mr D lay quietly just outside the room till my DH was ready and then my DH asked him what he wanted..
  11. Good morning!!

    I know the picture is blurred but I choose to think Super Cat is getting ready to take off in the time machine . Thanks Dianne, LAD and Linda.
  12. Good morning!!

    I used my real name cause other wise I'd get confused and answer the wrong post. Like hey, where did this green chick come from? She must be really young (it's my mix up I might as well be younger. We were being careful but someone broke into one of the credit bureaus and they recommended changing our password. Well, everyone I guess. Plus freeze our credit on the credit bureaus.. Now I have this long password . So I've been lazy and I will have to stop being lazy. I like making up titles for stories. How about 'A Cat Named Dog'. I like it. If I did this wrong, you won't see a picture. Look carefully and you will see super cat. Unless the picture didn't make it.
  13. Good morning!!

    Happy Thanksgiving Canadians!!!! I've heard Christmas music playing already and it's not even Halloween yet. I like Halloween. You don't make big dinners and don't clean the house. Dirt fits in to the decor. Has anyone taken Rasagiline? My neurologist is starting me on it and it is very expensive. I hate starting new meds. I finally got to the pile of 'to be shredded'. You know after you finish you start to wonder if you should have kept any of it even though at the time you put it in that pile you made that decision. I haven't been on here much lately cause I've got PD. You know. Kept putting it off. We sold our RV and for awhile will be staying home. Sometimes I wonder how all the others are cause they aren't posting. Hope all is going well with all of them. And to all of us...a great day to all. Here the sun is shining. It's not too hot or too cold. And I finally got to that shred pile which has been staring at me for longer than I want to admit. Sometimes I would stick the pile in a drawer just so it would be gone. I haven't looked at those spots. But for now the outy pile is gone. I hear the cat meowing for something. This cat acts more like a dog. Better go. Maybe the D in Mr D stands for Dog.
  14. Good morning!!

    We all get down once in a while. I'll tell you a little story. The cats have their favorite places to sit. One happens to be the computer chair I sit in. If I get here first she sits and glares at me. Looks around like "where should I sit if she doesn't move? I have a shorter life span. I guess I'll just sit on this scratch pad and make her feel guilty. " But the minute I get up she is in this chair. My DH says I should shoo her off. But I just use my cell phone then. Which brings me to a discovery. Remember in a past post I said I couldn't find the key to posting? I found it. It doesn't show on the cell phone. Only on the lap top. Sometimes answers are discovered after a bit of a wait. Sometimes it takes a bit of thought. 'bit' isn't that a computer term or Little bit. Bit is a size. Not just a computer term. My thoughts are wondering. To all of us. Sometimes all it takes is a little bit. Be happy.
  15. Good morning!!

    LAD, your son is very brave. You have to admire his spunk. Dianne, talking about purple, I had to laugh. We bought a Purple Mattress. jb, it sounds like you weren't injured. Glad for that. It sounds like a lot of people ram from the back. Not paying attention. I better get going. There is cat fur building up in corners. The vet said to put them on a diet but they don't agree. They want full dishes. I can't take the controversy. So hubby might have to take them without me. These cats want to be fat. My hubby suggested I paint cat food image on the bottom of the food dishes. They would think it was a never ending food supply. Until they really did eat all the food. We'd be in trouble than. Good health to all.