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  1. We saw a flock of what we first thought were birds flying up and had a swirling effect. We were driving on an overpass. On second look it was a flock of Bats! It was dusk light. Don't know where their cave is. As a kid I saw bats in the barn next door. They eat insects. Don't they? Grandbaby arrived and is a cutey. We have three grandbabies now. My mind is going blank. So good health to all. I think this will cover all of us.
  2. The weather lady says tomorrow is first day of spring. Yay. I remember Bill. He was on here to welcome me to the site. Years ago. I found since I turned 65 everything tends to move a little faster, or everyone seems to have more grey hair, and those news people look awful young. They ought to be delivering newspapers. I would not care if I grew older if it is a healthy older. But I guess that's not going to happen. I like to read and I like to watch movies so I find it interesting if I read the book that was made into a movie. Sometimes they change a lot. Once in a while I find one that sticks close to the book. Far from the Madding Crowd is a book which choose to stick to the book. That is 1967 version. You might get upset with what happens to the dog. The reviewer mentioned another thing but I can't remember. Have a good spring everyone.
  3. what is that one thing that you want someone to say to you or ask you about PD? I look forward to your responses. It's the fact that I start thinking I'm doing good or fine when: I go in to see the court clerk about an exemption because I have Parkinson's(I had gotten a summons). The neuro gave me a letter to give them. The clerk takes the letter to make copy and when she comes back says, "I think we can make this a permanent exemption. " Or the time I go to get my driver's license renewed and the clerk asked my hubby, "Is she OK?" I had stopped driving but thought I should have one just in case. I used to ace the driver's license test which I'd study for. But when I missed the question of the circle with a line thru the P ( I put it meant 'No People') I knew I was in trouble. Gave the clerk a good laugh. Or the time I went for my Neuro visit and he thought I needed a handicap card (hang it on the rear view mirror). I actually argued with him. Afterwards I knew I did need one at times. He had pointed this out. These answers may not be what you wanted so disregard if you like. I guess I'd just like to live my life so no one can tell anything is wrong.
  4. We are expecting another grandchild. Our kids didn't have any till they were middle age. So about the time we thought there would be none- we get three. This takes a lot of wonderment. I think it is important to keep positive so positive things can happen. I hope everyone has the gift of wonderment.
  5. I like flower gardens. But on a simple scale. I tore out the sticker bush as anyone getting too close got stuck. Doing ok but found I need a Whooping Cough shot before grand baby appears. I had one two years ago but I guess every year?? Or at least every year a baby is born. It's hard to type when it's dark in the room. Some of the keys aren't so easy to find. Well wishes to all.
  6. Dianne, So sorry for your loss. I'm glad your loved ones are with you. RIP Casey. Hugs, Marcia
  7. We haven't had much of a winter this year. It either went north of us or south. We are expecting a third grandchild in April. Those kids grow fast. Someone on here suggested we do as much as we could now while we can. So we are taking their advice. We are keeping the furnace temperature up, Leaving lights on, and reading instead of cleaning . Boy, I hate it when there is a bit of dirt on the screen and I think it is a period. Hi to all. How many of you wanted to be a pirate when you grew up but can't spell so you were a parrot instead. Well, a parrot's costume would be a lot smaller. Or you would have been a veterinarian but you put veteran on the paper work. I think the periods are too small for this software. o Do you think I could use an o.?o Ignore me. I am.
  8. It is warm here today. And raining. but it is going to be like a bouncing ball. Tomorrow cold. Who wants this cold ball? I'll swat it back to you. Cold has some advantages. Give me a couple months and I'll think of one.
  9. I have trouble with memory. So my DH and I play games like, he or I will state a sentence from movies or series on TV and the other has to say what show it was from. The neuro did not give me a memory test. I did bring this up with my family doc and he took one blood test and had me take B12 for 30 days and then gave me another blood test. The first blood test I was low. The second blood test I was normal. I still have trouble though but I'm still taking the B12. Not sure what that means. My DH says it just made me like everybody else.
  10. My neurologist that I spoke to first and also who diagnosed me, said he wanted to wait on medication till I could not function mainly because of side effects to the medication. He wanted to see me every six months. Meanwhile we moved so I just waited without the doc visits. I was diagnosed Dec. 2006. Started medication Oct. 2011. During this five year span I did show side effects. But I cooped with them. Side effects of the PD I mean. This was just my experience. When I did start meds it helped me to keep functioning.
  11. I like to read the BBC news online. In the BBC future section they talk about(something-I forgot) but the point is there is a picture of someone wearing a pink coat and head shaved and I just want to make it clear...that is not my coat nor is that me. The only time I lost my head of hair was during chemo. I always did like hats. I just want to mention that there is a scam going on (it was also used 10 years ago). This was on TV news. These people call and when you answer "Hello." They say "can you hear me?" If you say "Yes." They charge you ( not sure how that part goes.) . The thing is "don't say yes". Hang up on them. My DH got one of these calls but he knew about this so he just hung up on them. Good days for all. If I was handing out the good days coupon I'd give everyone one. Or more than one. Who's counting.
  12. Dianne, we had another person in our family with PD. He was a cousin. A much older cousin. I am the only one I know of with PD so young.There are lots here that is much younger than I. Makes you wonder what is going on. I can just hope that my kids don't get it. But I had cancer before PD so that could be what started the ball rolling. Two years after treatment I had PD diagnosis. I read an article where they think you might have the gene for PD but nothing awakens it. Something needs to get it started. My foot is going to sleep. Good health or as close as you can get, to everyone. m
  13. jb, A couple years ago I had an uncle who died of Parkinsons. Everyone loved him. RIP Uncle Gene. But out of all of our huge family only two or three including me, had Parkinsons. How lucky can I get?
  14. I've been reading some and trying to post pictures. I did manage to post a couple and now I'm really feeling stupid cause I'm back to not getting those pictures not only on this forum but my blog. I won't tell who caused that. DH This is small so he can't read it without his reading glasses. Just in case. There are so many posts here that this will be buried before long. My son gave me a light so when we are parking the RV I can hold it so I don't get run over. My DH took a picture of me holding it and it was straight out of a science fiction movie. Turned me all green. Did I ever tell you about when we bought a new sleeping bag and I got to sleep in it first and the next day I crawled out of it and it had turned me green. I guess you had to be there. I tried to load the picture but now since I think about it maybe I shouldn't . I don't want people to think I'm green. Really.
  15. I'm the wrong one to ask as I still haven't gotten a good grip on how I uploaded photos. That last one was me and I was sideways. I also have not used Photobucket. I love listening to the birds in the morning. It would be better if you couldn't hear the road noise.