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  1. Good morning!!

    Hi Em, I had a response but had to do other things so I copied to clip board and I came back this morning and what I thought was saved was not. So I have to start over. Or it might be in the far reaches of my brain. I'd rather not get into that area. I'll tell you what my DH and I thought but try not to give away the ending. They brought back a couple of the characters and I thought that was interesting cause they used the original actress and actor. These people looked their age which is nice. And they used a guy to play the bad guy who grew up in Mishawaka Indiana. I got this info from an interview he had with that night time show but I can't recall which one. We are old enough to remember the other Star Wars. So we recognize some of the old plots. It seemed to us to be trying to include these or as much as they could. We decided that it was a good movie to watch if not for anything but a conversation point. But there are a whole lot of kids out there who have not seen the original movies. For them it would be as exciting as the original was to us. So it would be your choice to watch or not to watch that is the question? What other movies are there and do you think you'd like something else better. I like science fiction. The other Star War movies was out when my kids were young. And my son#2 had an Ewok village toy.He really played hard with it. So one day he came home from school and it was in the trash. He was really upset cause I wouldn't let him take it out of the trash. To this day he still talks about that. This has no value but I think it was funny. He does too really. It's really up to you. I told a lady once I liked this one movie but she never mentioned it again but I knew she had watched it. So I guess she didn't like it.
  2. Good morning!!

    Hi all, not too long till we start a new year. Peace: We start our snow earlier than most. It's called Lake Effect. So we get more. I had an urge yesterday to build a snowman and share with you all. But DH wouldn't let me cause it was (I think) only about 4 degrees. Someone told me when snow is too cold it won't pack right. Someone here maybe? I forget. Those family gatherings are what I like the best. And as we enter the 2018's I don't make a wish (or what is that called?) cause I would just break it anyway. So I wish all of you a wonderful and peaceful year. My fam made me go out and watch a movie. The new Star Wars movie is out. That's all I will say. Happy New Year to all.
  3. Good morning!!

    Merry Christmas everyone and Happy Holidays too!
  4. Good morning!!

    I did it!
  5. Good morning!!

    I'm trying to insert a picture of our snow we received the other day. I know how to do it but don't know how to do it. That brings me back to zero which is where I usually am anyway. I wrote down directions but can't find where I put that. Have a great day today to all of you.
  6. Good morning!!

    Dianne, so sorry for your loss. May he RIP. LAD, I have those sorry days so I try to deal with it by reading or something I enjoy doing. The meds are helping still. Things I couldn't do off the meds are helping. I wish everyone peace and joy and happy holidays. We had a truck but traded it for a minivan. I was having trouble getting up into the truck so a minivan is a perfect height. We've had about 4 inches of snow.
  7. Good morning!!

    The meds are working. I can do most things. But I wasn't perfect before when I was on the same pills. I still have trouble getting out of the sofa . I can type now. We are to get a lot of snow today. It is snowing but not how we expected. We will see how bad it gets. We are done with our Christmas shopping. I wish all of us a happy Saturday.
  8. Good morning!!

    Hi Swamper. I lurked about this site for two years before I signed in. Dianne, sending supportive thoughts and hugs. I'm not back 100% from starting the pills but it's much better. The neuro told me that pill only helps with the tremors. It seemed to help with the muscles also. The cat got my computer chair so I moved my laptop into the kitchen. We found a wire clipped on the tree lights. But DH doesn't think the cat did it. She likes to chew on wires. We've tried to put the wires where she can't see them but she smarter than us I guess. No snow here yet. But it is in the forecast. We are supposed to get to 34 today. That is degrees. Hope good health is in all of our future. m
  9. Good morning!!

    I'm feeling much better. It is amazing what a small pill twice a day makes you feeling better. Christmas is almost here. I'm not ready so it's a good thing it isn't here. Yet. I found if I am using my iphone to serf the net and I sign into this forum I can't find where to exit. Laptop no problem. So I have to use the laptop if I intend to write a post. It's Saturday! Happy day to all. jb, Not sure if this works for over cooked cookies but if you put cookies that got hard in a container that has a tight lid and put a slice of bread in with them, they will soften the cookies.
  10. Good morning!!

    I had my appointment with neurologist. He gave me a prescription for my old meds. So I’m on the second day of taking them. Hi to all!
  11. Good morning!!

    Em, we took a workshop on Valentines Day years ago, how to write a romance novel. I realized right away it was out of my league. One lady had a lot of stories already written just not published. So when we were to write something I made mine amusing. Some were not happy with it cause they were serious about the workshop and writing. Some ladies laughed. My DH was the only male in the group. It was fun.
  12. Good morning!!

    We weeded stuff out cause we moved and downsized. Then there is still more to do. I've decided it never gets done. Two weeks till neuro appointment. I hope he puts me back on old pills. I can't do hardly anything. DH is doing most of what I used to do. If you really want to keep stuff you don't use, have a large attic.
  13. Good morning!!

    I think you mean an ice house. I don't know about storing food in it but they did ice. My dad did not have ice in his. The basement stays cool even in summer. Have you ever seen an ice house? We like to go on tours of old houses usually famous people used to live there. One did have an ice house and the same one must have been well off cause they had a two seat out house. I think one was for a child as it was smaller. I forget where it was located. Once we were in a state that I won't say which one and we wanted to go to a drive-in movie. So we stopped at a gas station and asked where the out door was. This is what we called it. He said, "Oh, we moved that indoors years ago!"
  14. Good morning!!

    LAD, You got me thinking..."Quote"...I thought I'd made it up. When we go out if I don't have a cane with me (sometimes I don't need it) I hold my DH hand. I stumble on uneven surfaces but I tell him I'll be ok if he holds my hand. So the line came to me. When you said 'quote' I did a search to see and sure enough there is a children's book titled If We Hold Hands We Won't Fall. I have not read it but it was described as a book to explain Parkinson's to children. I had no idea. I should have searched first but didn't dawn on me. Sorry. Every time I think I'm original I find I'm not.
  15. Good morning!!

    Solution...dig it up. If renting get landlords permission and if not able to do yourself talk a friend into doing it for you. I had planted a bush that was pretty but it had thorns. Isn't there a song like that. Everybody hated it that had to wash the window behind it or paint. After a couple years I agreed and dug them out. I had planted two. But they were small bushes. I'd like to get a lilac bush. In the old days they used to plant them by windows so the perfume would float into the house. That is if the window was open. Although they get pretty big and I wonder about roots next to foundation. My parents had a huge one but it was over away from the house. Oh!!!!!!!!! I just realized you said "tree". Much different . Never mind. I don't know what emoji you would use to look sheepish.