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  1. hey Carol, Just wanted to check in on the Belfast Queen, Whazzup? hey, your pm box is full, jb

  2. Tremor meds

    Thanks Mark ,i will let you know if it does....cheers..
  3. Good morning!!

    Mornin ppl,good luck Dianne for 2marra.......
  4. Tremor meds

    Hi Mark,will i be left with this stiffness or will it go away?or have i some sort damaged nerves with long term high dose mysoline use?.....Thanks
  5. Hi Mark,wud these type of drugs help ET tremor?....Thanks
  6. Tremor meds

    Hi Mark,as i was saying in my other post till ya i am weening of mysoline that ive been on for 24yrs my MDS is putting me on Lyrica,im just wondering would coming of mysoline cause the stiffness on my rigth side to worsing? when i turn my hand as if opening the door the muscles of my rigth arm like rub together you can actually hear it is thus normal or worsing of stiffness? thanks for any info.....
  7. Survey on Pain

    I hav a lot of pain with my MDS! shes a real pain in the rectum!....
  8. parkinsons and anxiety

    Yeah Lethe them benzos will do that on ya make ya dopey and forgetfull and if your on them for a while the can cause cognitive problems which is usually permnant,im on this clonazepam nearly 2 yrs now so my brain is fooked i think....i think....
  9. Good morning!!

    Mornin every1,hope every1 is fine and dandy,Eileen do you take clonazepam? if so it can give you a cough,hope you have a good MDS app and he/she is not like my MDS....still feel crap reducin my meds,hope this lyrica is worth it......have a good 1 ppl...
  10. Exercises for 'Foot drop'

    I cant cross my legs cause if i do my leg goes dead and ive nearly fell from not realisen it was daed......
  11. Tremor meds

    Thanks for all that info Mark....
  12. parkinsons and anxiety

    I also take clonazepam for neck pain and anxiety,dont help with tremor tho mine is ET tremor.......
  13. Tremor meds

    Hi Mark,do you know of any tremor meds other than anticonvulsant types ET ppl can take? im on propanolol 240mg and .5 clonazepam 3 times daily,bein weened of mysoline at mo.... thanks
  14. Good morning!!

    Mornin all,thanks Eileen i hope its worth it also cause i feel like poop at the mo.....oh well will just half to go with the flow as they say....luvly snowy horse pic JB ,we never got any of the white stuff this year just jack frost... ...have good 1 ppl.....
  15. Lyrica

    Hi Capa,wat were you given it for if you dont mind me askin....thanks