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  1. Good morning!!

    Hi Jb and everybody... All is good here..Seán's graduation went well thanks jb, and i have started a creative writing course so far so good my hand writing is not so good now so thank god for pc's...The reason I just started this course is that I have been so down lately and well use to love writing before Pd invited itself into my life. Getting set for Xmas here..already playing Christmas Carols in the shopping centre here..getting earlier every year..anyway take care folks.. Em
  2. Good morning!!

    Wow LAD gorgeous photo...congrats and enjoy guys.. Em
  3. Good morning!!

    Hi guys..hope all is well with everybody here..Winter is slowly but surely kicking in here advertising for Christmas already.. i was just chatting with some tourists today in the village ..when they told me their from Ontario Canada i thought of jb ....anyway take care friends. Em
  4. Hand tremor while walking?

    Absolutely LAD.. I go walking a lot and find swinging my arms helps, and i find it difficult carrying anything light as i drop it .......eg paper cups if i am sitting outside a cafe i always have to ask for a cup or mug , or have a bag over my shoulder than in my hand sounds weird but helps.. Em
  5. Good morning!!

    And a scary goood morning to you too jb and everybody here...thanks for the kind wishes jb and just wondering are you dressing up for halloween?... Enjoy guys have fun and take care. Em
  6. Good morning!!

    Hi guys and good one LAD you did right. Thanks again jb for lifting my spirits. yep your fault again ..he! he!.. the coming week is going to be a busy one..as tomorrow my mum's 80th birthday, my son Seán's birthday Halloween and Seán graduation on thursday....hope all is good with you guys take care all.. Em
  7. Good morning!!

    Thanks again jb...i've said it before you guys are great...best wishes to everybody here.. Em
  8. Good morning!!

    Thank you all so much....life can be sad but nice to have happy memories. Em
  9. Hi, Em.  Just wanted to give you a heads up that Dr. Binder just posted a great write-up about using niacin in Parkinson's.  I thought of you since you also recently posted that it can help in Parkinson.  His post gives a very interesting background of the history of its use.


  10. Good morning!!

    Thank you so much Dianne...and thank you jb my good friend was a close neighbour she'd pop in for a cuppa or same here... thanks again dear friends ..Em
  11. Good morning!!

    Hi folks..jb thank you..ok here just trying to pull myself together as a dear friend of mine passed away 2days ago ..going to church soon anyway take care everybody. Em
  12. Good morning!!

    Good one Lad..love it Em
  13. Good morning!!

    Happy Thanksgiving jb and family have a lovely weekend.. Em
  14. Good morning!!

    Good morning to everybody..( afternoon here) anyway hope all's well thanks for that Linda..hi jb hope you are well my friend..lad ,Pathfinder,Peace and all you guys have a good day..Em
  15. Good morning!!

    Hi Linda..Em here thank you for your post .( reply)..I just want to say that where i live is a very touristic village and lovely however as i find it difficult to send on photos in general so thought i would give you the address .. Address... Inistioge Co. Kilkenny Ireland Em