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  1. em45

    Good morning!!

    I don't believe it mimi, let me know if your heading for County Kilkenny...enjoy
  2. em45

    Good morning!!

    Listen to Mireillle, jb take it easy.. Take care, Em
  3. em45

    Good morning!!

    Hi jb..It's good your home and DBS went well. However I will say look after your shoulders as it is almost 4 yrs since my DBS my shoulders get very weak ..I have to stop carrying bags over my shoulder ...Take care jb nice to hear from you. (take it easy) Em
  4. em45

    Good morning!!

    Dear jb...Best wishes ...we'll be thinking of you.. Em and Seán
  5. em45

    Tremor when nervous?

    Thanks guys for sharing ..nice to know I am not the only one.. Take care Em
  6. em45

    Tremor when nervous?

    I am on meds though very few..my tremor in my hand kicks up when stressed or anxious but now I have a mouth tremor very annoying, just wondering if anyone else can relate to this.. Em
  7. em45

    Good morning!!

    Take care jb..you are in our thoughts, Best wishes, Em and Seán
  8. em45

    Good morning!!

    Let me know if you make it to Ireland Linda,,,I; make a good Irish Coffee,, Em
  9. em45

    Good morning!!

    Dear jb and Linda thinking of you both...I will light a candle guys. Best wishes..Em
  10. em45

    Good morning!!

    Your'e right jb link works...lovely video..Em
  11. em45

    Good morning!!

    Thanks again jb for lifting my spirits..am I right in saying 'Sweet Caroline' ? Take Care Friends.. Em sorry I was thinking of .Neil Diamond .
  12. em45

    The period at the end of the sentence.

    Genden..I am so sorry for your loss, my thoughts are with you Em
  13. em45

    Good morning!!

    Dear Dianne..you are not on your own as I too am feeling anxious and so low for a while ..i am thinking of you take care' Thanks again jb...as you too are in my thoughts. Em
  14. em45

    Good morning!!

    Happy Birthday jb..enjoy your day..... Em Ps.. greetings from Seán
  15. em45

    Good morning!!

    Hi friends..from snowy Ireland...hope all's well with ye. Hey jb ,,thanks again for the Cleats as I would have skidded down the hill. Take care guys gonna fill up hot water bottle before electrics go. Em