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  1. Enjoy jb.. we'll miss you make sure you get back (with plenty of syrup ..running low here)..take care, em
  2. Hi guys.. love the picture LAD..jb good luck with the gardening , don't overdo it..any chance you can do mine when your finished ..only few miles down the road..he! he! good luck Dianne .. Take care everybody ems
  3. Hi LAD..Mihai..woodbee, jb, marcia and to everybody here..Happy Easter to you all enjoy your easter eggs and not forgetting the maple syrup..( if there's any left) em
  4. Hi folks Hi Woodbee..i was just thinking about you good to hear you are doing well..i'm not long back posting here again, of course jb's syrup can't keep me away. he! he! also had dbs over 3 yrs ago getting there better than i was. Take care em
  5. Hi Lorraine..i understand what you are going through as i am going through the same now..for me i had dbs op 4years ago all went well then but between then and now most of my meds were reduced to almost nothing now i'm taking 4 halves of sinemet and one eldepryl a day..over the last 10months my tremor and anxiety , feeling unsettled are all kicking in big time not nice.. same complaint..our circumstances may differ i am just saying how it is for me..hope all works out well for you.take care em
  6. Hi Count..thank you and hope you too are having a good day...don't know what time it is where ye are now here it is 16.05 and believe it or not the sun is shining yes it's Ireland folks..hope i am in better form tomorrow up and down days anyway take care everybody. em
  7. Hi Linda..i have to agree yes to jb i am only back posting again took a break it's nice to catch up as jb has never changed still as warm and welcoming as ever..and known for his maple hungry now..take care.. em
  8. Hello TheCount I am 52 and was diagnosed at 40 ..12yrs ago.. i have one son 22yrs .. he is great . Now well still here, and there are support groups out there we can compare notes about meds, or just everyday stuff it's good as we are all different and can pick up tips i find one med can work better with one person than the other..anyway i hope all goes well for you. best wishes em
  9. I have to agree guys...try feeling more positive as we all know negativity is not good..depression can kick in. just started a mindfulness / exercise course so far so good. take care em
  10. Hi jb..yes i remember Bill ..what a good friend and yes again jb a wonderful man..em45
  11. Hello there's been a while since i've been here..good to be back..take care em45
  12. Hello Kathrynne/Doc Got blood test results back only yesterday doc phoned me, anyway Vitamin D quiet low so doc has put me on IDÉOS chewable tablets..never heard of them, she just told me to go back after will see how things go. instead of thanking you this time wishes to you and yours for Christmas. Em.
  13. Hi Doc/ Kathrynne..Only me again..been to my doc today and she was impressed and happy with the information as a lot of us know that not all doctors are high up on such information regarding PD and other illnesses/ conditions. However i have to wait until next week to have bloods done so will keep you informed . Thank you once again Em
  14. Hello there and thanks again, is it ok with you if i were to print off page to show my there quiet a bit of information to remember.? much appreciated Em
  15. Yes thank you i shall ask my doctor about the blood tests you mentioned and about the occupational therapist.. All i can say is a big thank you at least i can do something, as in have a good chat with the doctor and i will keep you posted Em