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  1. Voice weakness

    I have to agree with waruna on this as i had DBS just over 3years ago i am now on 4 halves of Sinemet per day reduced big time but helps. Em
  2. Good morning!!

    Hi guys..hope all's well ..hope all works out with DBS jb . .hi Bard hope all are good in BC we have family there a place called Trail fabulous there.. Take care everybody and i'll say it again thank you for this forum.. Em
  3. Good morning!!

    wow what a performance..well done to your son LAD..
  4. Good morning!!

    Hello there folks..hope all is well with you guys.. Weather here in Ireland not so bad could be better. no news really apart from the fact that i got stung from a wasp yesterday on the finger and there's a lot to be said for vinegar as we were sitting at the local cafe enjoying a cuppa when it happened and our chef came out straight away and poured vinegar on my finger and worked straight away i never believed it until now . anyway just about to make my trifle so take care.. Em
  5. meditation

    Hi Dianne ..yes i totally recommend relaxation Meditation and especially the Grief Meditation as it has and still helps me get through the death of my husband . take care everybody Em
  6. Good morning!!

    Hi there jb..thank you so much and yes it is lovely and important to keep in contact with our Dutch family and they tell me my dutch is as fluent as it was 22 years ago, so Seán and i converse in dutch at home as pity if he forgot what he learnt. Now as he is waiting for graduation date he is seeking employment fingers crossed. What's age jb your as young as you feel...or whatever he! he! take care everybody Em
  7. Good morning!!

    Hi jb...not so bad here thanks just back from Holland yesterday ..Seán and I went for a week catching up with family was lovely..and met up with friends there from Ontario would you believe. Anyway take care jb and everybody here.. Em
  8. Good morning!!

    HAPPY CANADA DAY jb..we go back a few years now..you and your family enjoy your day..em
  9. Starting Phase 1 Clinical Trial Next Week

    Happy Birthday stump..enjoy your day.. em
  10. Good morning!!

    Same here ladies though feeling down i sat down watching re runs of Hawaii five-0 ..i could go to bed but after 30mins get up and etc.. take care guys emma
  11. Good morning!!

    Here here jb and to Sheila, Linda and anyone else looking in..i really need a holiday and coffee, walk in the woods etc.... Oops nearly forgot the dipped cone ..he he! take care folks emma
  12. Good morning!!

    Hey Dianne..would love dinner at your house sometime sprouts, onions and etc sounds yummy... jb good luck tomorrow with your check up..guess what? Seán just got his exam results about an hour ago and yes did great passed everything after his 4year course so just waiting on date for graduation. Have a good day everybody and take care em
  13. Good morning!!

    Hello there to everyone..this is a great forum for sharing whether it's laughs or down days..anyway sun is shining here now must be the Canadians as i met a few people this morning at our cafe very touristic here and guess what?? yes all from Ontario my son and i thanked them for bringing the sun..long may it last. Take care guys em
  14. Good morning!!

    Last i heard jb yes St. Patrick sent all to Canada ( they say Ontario)..ha ha..still waiting for you to bring some sun or heatwaves whatever suits jb... enjoy your day folks..em
  15. Good morning!!

    I love it Linda..so cute.
  16. Good morning!!

    Hi Dianne and LAD..first of all yes Dianne to the deep belly breaths as same here with stress issues, dyskinesia etc...i am at present attending mindfulness,meditation classes which include deep breathing exercises which do help somewhat just a suggestion LAD as everybody is different may help .. em
  17. Good morning!!

    Hi jb and everyone.. First of all i have to say thanks jb as often i have up and down days as i'm sure some of you may know what i'm talking about... However on my down days there's times i could be browsing through the forum and i come across a post from jb and all of a sudden i feel bit better yes jb you lift my spirits so a huge thank you and take care. em
  18. Good morning!!

    Hi there Jb and everyone.. Thank you jb yes communication is good between me and Seán so lucky i have him...as for the trifle here goes Sherry trifle The original trifle is with cream, jelly, fruit cocktail, sherry and sponge cake Then there’s the cream sherry trifle (my recipe) this is replacing the jelly with custard However as at one point oh dear ran out of sherry so used baileys instead and mmm not bad and raspberries instead of fruit cocktail... Start off with some sponge in a bowl, pour some liqueur over then fruit, custard, cream just layer it up until bowl is topped with cream.. enjoy your day folks em
  19. Good morning!!

    Hi Dianne..I am so sorry you are going through such a tough time..as i lost my dear husband 17years ago he was 35 when he died. what can i say Dianne only take care and make the best of tomorrow. thinking of you. i don't think i have to tell you as you already know that this forum is great lovely people always ready to listen, advise etc... em
  20. Good morning!!

    Good Morning all.. ok afternoon here in Ireland. Weather is strange here now..sun shining for a few mins then raining, otherwise quiet my son has just finished his 4 year course at college the years are just going so quick..anyway just going to make my sherry trifle so take care folks. Em
  21. Good morning!!

    Hi there to everyone.. Thanks LAD..good words. em
  22. Depression

    Hi there..I was diagnosed with Pd 13 years ago ..since then i've had DBS about 3 years ago which went very well. However as my meds have been reduced very quickly my mood has gone very low. i am on 3 halves of sinemet per day , one eldepryl and one lexapro (anti-depressant) ..just wondering can depression kick in with parkinsons as my husband died 17yrs ago that alone i understand would explain a lot. ems
  23. Good morning!!

    Good one twitchy mama..i also thought jb was off visiting his publisher..hope you enjoy your breakaway my son a i went to BC a few years ago (due another visit) we have family in Trail beautiful there.. Welcome back jb can't believe you passed kilkenny and never popped in to say hello..i'll forgive you this time ( he! he) take care folks em
  24. Good morning!!

    Enjoy jb.. we'll miss you here..so make sure you get back (with plenty of syrup ..running low here)..take care, em
  25. Good morning!!

    Hi guys.. love the picture LAD..jb good luck with the gardening , don't overdo it..any chance you can do mine when your finished ..only few miles down the road..he! he! good luck Dianne .. Take care everybody ems