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Everything posted by em45

  1. Good morning!!

    Happy Birthday jb..enjoy your day..... Em Ps.. greetings from Seán
  2. Good morning!!

    Hi friends..from snowy Ireland...hope all's well with ye. Hey jb ,,thanks again for the Cleats as I would have skidded down the hill. Take care guys gonna fill up hot water bottle before electrics go. Em
  3. Loss of Smell?

    Same here folks..Smell and taste fading.. almost gone. Em
  4. carrying light weghts

    Hi there..anybody here have problems carrying light stuff? example ...when i order coffee or any drinks at a cafe i cannot hold a paper cup without dropping it...it has happened so many times. I find it easier with heavy weights..any advice or is it just me? Em
  5. Good morning!!

    Hey jb so your looking for more hope your feeling good as life can be a bore As pd is enough without this or that if we look after ourselves just go for a walk with the cat Em Over to you jb...
  6. Good morning!!

    Hi friends..Just a short poem out of my head Pd can be annoying I'm sure you all agree diagnosed at 40 now 53 When the tremors start I find them hard to stop but if I want to shake just can't .. so what??? bit silly but true, Take care folks...Em
  7. This & that!

    Thank you LAD...you do lift my spirits. Em
  8. Freezing when using computer mouse.

    Good one LAD,....I always have the music on when using computer...
  9. Parkinson's Disease & Dementia

    Maral , I am so sorry to hear such sad news..however you were there for your dear hubby..you are in my thoughts.. .and Tom ,I am sorry life can be so unkind, whatever ..I was diagnosed with pd 13yrs ago just 4yrs after my dear hubby passed away thankfully i have my son 23 now i.m lucky. I said this before and i'll say it again thank you dear friends you guys do so much for my mood....yes. Em
  10. Good morning!!

    Hi jb and friends...sounds like your busy jb any chance you could come over and tidy up my backyard when your finished?? have to ask ha! ha! I had unexpected visitors here today..2 school friends hadn't seen in 20yrs wow it was lovely catching up ..made my day.(((and.no shakes even better) Take care folks Em
  11. Good morning!!

    Thank you LAD yes ...you say your house is a wreck ..well i put in a few hours decluttering filled up a few bags making an effort. Take care LAD and friends Em
  12. Good morning!!

    Enjoy LAD..you deserve it...I deliberately waited until today to post as yesterday was my beloved hubby's birthday ( passed away almost 18 years ago anniversary on 15th of March) . though it is nice to have happy memories...and to have a wonderful son...enjoy and appreciate the moments dear friends .. Em
  13. Good morning!!

    Thanks Marcia..I love Sci-Fi and Seán does too..so think we'll give it a go.... To be continued Marcia.. Em
  14. Good morning!!

    Happy New Year guys from Ireland ,,hope it's a good one.Glad you got our card jb. Marcia one question you didn't say much about Star Wars not sure if that's good or bad..im asking because i just won 2 cinema tickets not sure as someone mentioned Star Wars hope you don't mind me asking. Anyway folks take care and best wishes Em Quote Edit Options
  15. Good morning!!

    Same here Marcia..Happy Christmas guys and Best wishes for 2018! Em
  16. Good morning!!

    Dear Dianne accept my sympathy and wishes. Thinking of you. Em
  17. Good morning!!

    I love it jb nice memory..anyway guys..hope ye are all set for Christmas and Santa letters sent speaking of which there's a card in the post for you jb. Take care and best wishes to all Em
  18. Good morning!!

    Same here Dianne, thinking of you. Em
  19. Good morning!!

    Marcia..thanks for that think amusing sounds good...our group could with a laugh ....em
  20. Good morning!!

    Happy Thanksgiving folks... Creative writing course is going well thanks for asking Peace...it's mainly putting our thoughts down on paper ...or making short stories from poetry or songs or from your life . Just wondering jb if ye ever plan on visiting Ireland let me know... Take care everybody Em
  21. Good morning!!

    Hi Dianne.. yes I am also thinking of you and your Dad..take care.. Em
  22. Good morning!!

    Hi Jb and everybody... All is good here..Seán's graduation went well thanks jb, and i have started a creative writing course so far so good my hand writing is not so good now so thank god for pc's...The reason I just started this course is that I have been so down lately and well use to love writing before Pd invited itself into my life. Getting set for Xmas here..already playing Christmas Carols in the shopping centre here..getting earlier every year..anyway take care folks.. Em
  23. Good morning!!

    Wow LAD gorgeous photo...congrats and enjoy guys.. Em
  24. Good morning!!

    Hi guys..hope all is well with everybody here..Winter is slowly but surely kicking in here advertising for Christmas already.. i was just chatting with some tourists today in the village ..when they told me their from Ontario Canada i thought of jb ....anyway take care friends. Em
  25. Hand tremor while walking?

    Absolutely LAD.. I go walking a lot and find swinging my arms helps, and i find it difficult carrying anything light as i drop it .......eg paper cups if i am sitting outside a cafe i always have to ask for a cup or mug , or have a bag over my shoulder than in my hand sounds weird but helps.. Em