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  1. How much valerian root do you use. I have been using natures answer super concentrated (. I just ordered it from Amazon. ) after using it for a while I realized it was concentrated . I have been taking. .5 ml i have a friend that thinks essential oils would be helpful. Especially lavender. Have you ever tried these oils.? I have a doctors apt Tuesday and I am going to ask about them. I also have found an RN who doesn't live to far from me that consults in using oils for PD. I went to see a sleep doctor and he referred me to a insomnia specialist. I am seeing her Tuesday as well. So I will be getting lots of info on Tuesday
  2. My speech actually got worse after DBS.
  3. I went to a sleep doctor who really wasnt very helpful. He did not think a sleep study would be useful. Do you have any concerns about trying this lavendar in a defuser. I think its like a humdifer. You place a few drops of lavender and it is released into the air. I have had several people tell me that it was helpful. My question is.... is this contraindicated in PD?
  4. Has anyone tried any natural remedies for sleeping difficulties? I have been reading about natural oils and it sounds quite interesting.
  5. have been having difficulty falling asleeep. Once I fall asleep I usually stay sleep. I have been taking 2.5 ml melatonin I Cant t take anymore melatonin because i am really groggy the next day.) I .5 ml of valedrian root. It was helping a little ,but not any more. I saw a sleep MD who really didnt say much didnt think a sleep study would do any good. So he referred me to a insomnia expert who is going to help with some behavioral stuff. I see her next week. I have had more than 1 person tell me that using natural oils would help. Apparently you use a diffuser which is like a humidifer and the oil is released is released into the air. Do you know anything about thisLife would be so much better if I wasnt tired all the time Thank you
  6. I just read something about a source of levodopa that can be inhaled. Could you comment and any idea when it might be available to the public
  7. I found an app you can get from the i tunes called pace setter put out by Aptus Speech and language..
  8. I tried it for several months and didnt notice any improvement
  9. I have had wringing in my ears from the very beginning and it has not gotten worse since I had DBS
  10. Are you familiar with any apps for computers or cell phone that can calculate your rate of speech? I am interested in some thing that can tell how fast I am speaking. I tend to talk to fast so I something concrete to tell me how fast I talk
  11. I agree but it is so hard to forget PD when it is present in everything we do from going to the bathroom to sleeping to driving and the list goes on That is my struggle
  12. Has anyone that has already had the surgery seen this serria ferris in colorado? If so who manages your PD meds if you live in a different state
  13. I dont know what mode I am either. Would one mode be associated with more complications than another. I had DBS 12/15 and lately my speech has been terrible and gets worse every time I up the voltage. Anyone know the difference between the medtronic vs the st jude version??
  14. I have to be very careful with food even a banana will screw things up. I usually get up and have to wait an hour till I can eat. I cant go back to sleep b/c the medicine ,makes me nausea even with some anti-nausea meds so I go lay on the couch.. So my life revolves around the time and type of food i eat. That is one of the things I hate about PD there is no spontenaity. I went to visit my daughter in Boston for christmas everything depended on what I was eating. We went to the Boston pops and everything was fine. I had a few handfuls of nuts(small) @ around 5 took my meds @ 5:30 and by 5:45 I was so off i had to leave the concert and take an extra 1/2 os sinemet and wait for it to kick in. In the meantime I could hardly walk. My daughter was great about it but I find it rather annoying!! Sorry to ramble it just pisses me off!
  15. I just started this program a few weeks ago and I really enjoy it!!