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  1. noah

    Duopa Pump...

    I am actually considering it . i have DBS and have been having a terrible time with being off especially in the afternoon. My doctor wants me to try Apokyn shots to see if that helps. It is suppose to get you back on quicker. I am very concerned about the surgery. I know if I can do brain surgery I can do this, but the other thing that scares me is having an open orifis to my body.
  2. noah

    medicare coverage

    The business person @ the office told me. I checked the medicare web site and it only pays for 2010 for pt per year which is about 44 visits .
  3. noah

    medicare coverage

    I just went on medicare 6/1 and have some questions. I have been going to a pt to help with m y balance. I had been going twice per week, but after Jan when my copay went up to 50 per visit I have been going once per week. She thinks I was doing better twice per week but it got go expensive. So I found out today that medicare will only pay for 44 visits per year. Thats not enough. I am not sure if my secondary will pay or not Has anyone run into this problem.
  4. noah

    Nutrition interventions

    I want to look into a ketogenic diet but its all protein . I find that protein effects the absorption of my sinemet. Has anyone found that to be true
  5. noah

    liquid sinemet

    As you know I have been doing the liquid form of sinemet @ 5 and @ 7. I have been taking 8 tbsp @ both times. I started out with 7 tbsp and had to increase it. So in order to make my mixture my doctor told me to grind up 13 IR sinemet, and 2 Vit C in to 1 cup of water. It sounds like a lot of medicine but it works. Before i started to drink the liquid I never had this time of day under control. I was off all the time. When I started this regime I was taking 1 rytary and 3 IR sinemet @ 5 and 2 @ 7. This still didnt control my symptoms my question is that if there was a time that I couldnt make the liquid lets say I fell and had to go to the hospital would I take 13 pills. I actually did fall and had to go to urgent care but I had made the mixture earlier in the day so there wasnt an issue i just threw it in my purse
  6. noah

    medication and exercise

    I was referring to taking extra immediate release sinemet. Mark what is the best type of exercise , my husband is telling me that walking is best. If so what does walking do that other types of exercise don't
  7. noah

    medication and exercise

    good idea so you actually take it right before you exercise? I know everyone is different but how much extra sinemet do you find you usually need
  8. noah

    medication and exercise

    As I read this I am off because I worked out that day and forgot to take extra sinemet usually 1/2 pill is enough but you have to remember to take it !
  9. noah

    liquid sinemet

    I have been making liq sinemet for use @ 5 and 7 pm I started making it in the morning and then I have been putting it in the refrigorator It could be my imagination but it doesnt seem to as well. Is it safe to make it ahead does the temp when you drink it make a difference
  10. noah

    DBS Course

    Do you think it would be helpful if you already have DBS or is it more for someone considering it
  11. noah

    medication and exercise

    I have noticed that when exercise i am usually off after wards. I used to work in a diabetes center and it reminds me of when a person with diabetes work out they can get a low blood sugar which means that their blood sugar has run out. i try to take 1/2 sinemet either before i exercise.( If I can remember) or at my next dose Mark does that make sense? i
  12. I am a register dietitian and am very interested in the relationship between food and pd Is there any way you could share your findings with me
  13. noah

    DBS and Lithotripsy

    If you call medtronic they will tell you what to do
  14. noah

    I'm back after surgery

    I am glad that everything went well with your surgery! I had already checked into it and because I had DBS I was disqualified. That would be so great if it turns out to work. I am praying it will I would much rather have a sq pump than one that is more invasive
  15. noah

    I'm back after surgery

    Do you know what the status of the neuro derm pump? It goes sq instead of in your body