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  1. noah

    duopa pump

    how is the daily care for it. what do you have to do and how long does it take
  2. noah

    duopa pump

    i just came back from the doctors and she thinks i would be a good canidate for the pump. I wanted to hod out for the one that doesnt require surgery but that one is still in the study phase and will be years before it is available, and the doctor said that when it is approved by the FDA i can always switch i just cant wait any more. I feel like my life is controlled by the clock ,when is it time to take my pills, how is that going to relate to my food. i am ready to seriously consider it. those of you who have it could you please let me know how it has gone both pros and cons thanks in advance for your help
  3. I have had 3 surgeries since being dx with pd i found that my pd seemed to get worse after each one and it took longer to recover
  4. noah


    I am not talking about about the duopa pump that goes into your intestine. There is a new pump being studied that will go into the SQ like an insulin pump It is being developed by neuro derm I thought I read that the pump would use apoken Why wouldnt i have a SOB with the lozenges if they are made of the same stuff
  5. noah


    do you really think i could take the lozenger would be worth trying. I was hoping to get the pump that is inserted sq(when it becomes available) but they use apokin in that pump dont they) So if i had side effects from the injections then I should assume that wouldnt work for me right?/
  6. noah


    What do you mean by ot being directional i dont mind the shots st all I would like to keep taking it but with the SOB which is listed as a side effect I don’t knew a if it is safe
  7. noah


    I have been using bit and it works great. It is an injection which really too bad. Unfortunately I am having one of the side defects Shortness of breathe and will probably have to stop it. I am really bummed out because it was really helping. Mark - how safe would it be to use it for special occasions where I really dont want go be off
  8. I have been sOB so I know what you mean. Part of the reason I am SOB is that I dont sleep well and am constantly yawning. I have started trying an inhaler and it seems to help' I have also started doing breathing exercises. I also just tried a new medicine which has been very helpful which has been helping my off tines but one of the side effects is sOB so I am mostly likely going to have to stop it.
  9. How much melatonin and Valeria tot do you take i have never really got an answer to they question How do you use the turmeric
  10. noah

    sq pump

    i have tried the apo shots and they make me sob so i cant take it. Is the new sq pump they are studying using the same medicine that is in the shots if so i wont be able to use that pump my medication doses are 2-2.5 hrs apart already Does the dupoa pump use the sane medicine which is used in the sq pump How has the duopa pump been working out thank you for taking the time to answer my ??
  11. noah

    sq pump

    do you think adding entacapone would help with the SOB there are quite a few studies that suggest it might
  12. noah

    sq pump

    whoops I was hoping that the new pump would help but it uses the same medication that is in the shots I have been taking that i have been having SOB so I probably would have SOB from the pump dont you think? Would it be possible to only use the apokin for special occasions where I really dont want to be off?;
  13. noah

    sq pump

    I Already take meds q 2.5 hrs and I have had DBS,. I was hoping the s
  14. noah

    sq pump

    I have been trying the apokin shots which have been really helpful especially in the late afterrnoon when things start to fall apart. unfortunately i have been having sob while taking it. I had some SOB before taking it which i think is related to being so tired. I dont sleep well at all which leads me to alot of yawning. Is it safe to assume that if I get SOB with the injections that using the pump I would have the same issue. I had a check up and my heart and lungs were fine. Would it be dangerous to continue taking the apokin just in the early afternoon? I am always SOB when I am off (which seems to be alot lately) i came across an articlle in clin drug investigation by w khan et al 2009(there actually were several articles) There was a pt who was having SOB while off which is what happens to me they found that by adding entacapone to his regime that it helped. Does that make sense and would you recommend trying it. I am on a regime of rytary, IR Sinemet, amantadine, azilect I usually take 3 rytary @ 630,9,12 and 2 rytary @3 (if I take it any more @ 3 then it keeps me up @ night I then take 3 IR Sin at 630,9,12 and @ 3 I take 4 IR sinemet Then @ 430,630-7 I drink 8 tbsp of liquid sinemet which is made from 1 cup water and 13 iR sinemet 2 vitamin c I grind that all up and mix with 1 cup of water. I started doing this b/c the food i was eating was interfering with the absorption of my medicines. I hope I explained everything clearly some times i just cant get it right Would appreciate your input
  15. noah

    sq pump

    What about the new sq pump that would just go under the skin