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  1. valeria

    Thank you for all your support
  2. valeria

    How many drops would be 1000 ml
  3. valeria

    the label says it contains 1000mg of valeria extract per 28 drops
  4. valeria

    I use nature’s answer the bottle says super concentrated directions say take 1 Ml or 28 drops 1-3 times per day i have been taking.5 ml or 28 drops at bedtime i wanted to know if it was safe to go up a little i dont know how to convert to ml
  5. valeria

    What is the recommended dose for valeria? i am still having trouble falling asleep and wondered if I could go up on it I am currently taking .5 ml(which I think is about 17 drops. I also take 50 mg trazadone which I grind up and take with applesauce. In addition I am taking a small amt of melatonin. Sometimes I think it works other times I dont I have tried to space it out like you had suggested. I really dont like taking medicine so I would rather increase the valeria than take more trasadone Thoughts??
  6. Rock Steady Boxing - definitely worth looking at

    I use it as a supplement to the exercises I do at home. I ride a bike, walk, go to PT do Tai Chi. I have been falling lately so I need a spotter. I feel better when I go and I enjoy the social aspects of things
  7. Duopa Pump Users-

    I had asked my doctor about it b/c I was having a terrible time with being off from 5 on. She said I would have to demonstrate more off time during the day. The only way I can stay on is to not eat anything between 3-7. The food was interfering with the absorption of my pills. So far it has worked but I cant eat dinner until 8. So right now it is 500 and I am STARVED but I cant eat until 8. I have been losing wgt I hope this doesnt make it worse/
  8. inhaled levadopa

    Thanks any idea when we will see it o could really use it
  9. Do you have any side effects and when do take it o have been taking 50 and I feel groggy the next day i also feels like it doesn’t kick in very quickly
  10. Sleep Number Bed

    I just add a foam mattress to my bed and it worked out great
  11. I live about 1.5 hrs from my MDS. I chose that for a few reasons. I felt they were better and were a center of excellence. One big reason was that for 30 years I have worked in the same building as the neurologist so I know everyone that works there. I am a private person and didnt want to run into people that ask me why i walk funny ect.. I dont like people knowing my business. As things progress I may have to move closer to home but for now it has worked out fine
  12. apokyn injections

    I have been struggling in the evening. I take 1 rytary, and 3 regular sinemet @ 5 or so and am off by 7. I have been taking 2 sinement when the 5 dose wears off could be 645-7 I was still off after that 7 dose, almost like it wasnt working at all. I usually eat alound 545 to give rhe 5 dose time to kick in I have been trying liquid sinemet to see if that would help absorption and it really hasn t helped. So I spend around 2 hours off shaking like a fish out of water. I get so sweaty I have to change my shirt sometimes 2 shirts before going to bed @930 My doc asked me if I ever had apokyn injections I dont know anything about it. I quickly did a google search and it said for use in advanced pd . I dont think thats me. I was dx'd 2009 and am still able to get around. Could you please explain what it is , its use and if you think it would help me. Thank you for all the time you devote to answering our questions
  13. boxing

    I actually have to have someone spot me otherwise I wouldnt be able to go. Maybe they could find you a spotter or maybe a family member could go with you
  14. GI Issues - severe

    What is the relationship between gastroparsis and PD? Would it have an effect on the absorption of the medications? I am having a heck of a time late in the day. Seems like the meds arent working When I am off it takes a longtime to recover. I also get full very quickly. How does one dx gastroparsis?
  15. boxing

    I have been going to the rock steady program near me. I really enjoy it, not only for the exrecises but for the comrodery. I have been falling lately so i havent been going. I went b ack last week for the first time in months and was so glad I did, They have someone spot me so I dont fall. It is more than just boxing you do other kinds of exercise as well. I believe there has been studies done that show it is helpful I would encourage