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      Línea de Ayuda 1-800-473-4636   ¿Qué es la línea de ayuda 1-800-4PD-INFO (473-4636) de la Fundación Nacional de Parkinson? Es un número de teléfono gratuito que ayuda a las personas con la enfermedad de Parkinson, sus familiares, amigos y profesionales de salud, a solucionar diferentes inquietudes.   La línea de ayuda ofrece: Información actualizada Apoyo emocional Referidos a profesionales de salud Recursos comunitarios Amplia variedad de publicaciones gratis    


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  1. What are using if it stopped working
  2. How long did it take for it go kick in?
  3. oh my gosh I cant remember the last time I slept 7-8 hrs! I pray it works as well for me!
  4. My doc wants me to try trazone to help me sleep. Nothing else has worked. Anyone have any experience with this
  5. I have been reading that some people believe that pd may start in the gut. Is it safe to take a probiotic like culturelle?
  6. What is DGL and where do you get it>? I have never heard of it before
  7. is one better than the other, or are they about the same
  8. love that picture where can i get one
  9. what is the difference between trazadone and doxepin
  10. Thank you for all these scriptures
  11. I just thought of one more thing..if you dont mind. I am also very sensitive to protein containing foods and the absorption of the sinemet. I wondered if this is still an issue with the pump. Thanks again
  12. that would be great! If you wouldnt mind asking her about the nausea I would really appreciste it
  13. What qualifies a person for the pump? I had DBS 2 years ago and it has been very helpful with my my motor symptoms(I could barely walk) but each time i increase it if effects my speech. In all honestly I didnt realize it would have such an effect on my speech. I have a terrilble time with nausea from the sinemet. Does one still get nausea with the pump? I am also so sick of taking all these pills. I take 28 pills per day!!
  14. I have a terrible time with nausea from the sinemet. I have tried everything and the only thing that helps me is to take carbidopa with every dose. Sometimes I have to take 2. It is expensive but I have been blessed with goof insurance. Sometimes the caridopa isnt enough. I take my meds with g'ale I wish i could help b/c know how horrible the nausea can be. if you get other tips please post
  15. I love this book I read it every night before going to bed