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  1. Subcutaneous carbidopa levodopa pump

    How long is the study and where is the study site I would love to participate but I had dbs I am hoping this works, What we need is something like an insulin pump.

    You are not alone my schedule is wack as well. I was having a terrible time from 500 on. I was spacing my sinemet at 5 and then again at 7. I found that no matter what I did the sinemet wasnt being absorbed so I was off every night shaking sweating ect. this went on for months. I finally decided that I would take a liquid form and i wouldnt eat until 1 hr after my 7 dose. This is such a pain in the but i can make it until 9!! I am still trying to figure out mt trazadone at bed. I take melatonin and velera root to sleep. After taking it like everyone else does and just take it and go to bed it didnt work So i am grinding it up and taking it with applesauce. I sit on the floor in my bedroom for about 1/2 hr then i go to bed. I am afraid to take the trazadone and walk around for fear of falling This whole thing is exaperating
  3. valeria

    What is the recommended dose for valeria? i am still having trouble falling asleep and wondered if I could go up on it I am currently taking .5 ml(which I think is about 17 drops. I also take 50 mg trazadone which I grind up and take with applesauce. In addition I am taking a small amt of melatonin. Sometimes I think it works other times I dont I have tried to space it out like you had suggested. I really dont like taking medicine so I would rather increase the valeria than take more trasadone Thoughts??
  4. valeria

    You are a blessing 😊
  5. valeria

    I went to a sleep specialist and she wanted me to force myself to stay up until 11-12 so I could retrain my body the only problem with that is that I was so off I could barely move one night I was so off I thought I was dying on theory it made sense but it didn’t work out so good
  6. valeria

    So basically I shouldn't go above 28 drops then
  7. valeria

    Could you please summarize for me ..basically with the info I gave you what is the maximum ## of drops(I get confused about ml) that I should take. I understand the idea of only adding 5 drops at a time until I find the point where it is helpful but what is the max or final goal not to go past I am sorry to be a pain in the butt!!
  8. Loss of Smell?

  9. Sinemet absorption with applesauce

    I was having a terrible time with being off around5-7. I went to taking my sinemet in liquid form and it really helped. Between that and eating later my off periods are gone
  10. Bible Verses....

    Thank you so much for the post with the corresponding verses
  11. Botox injections, anyone?

    I usually get injections every 3 months
  12. Botox injections, anyone?

    I take sinemet and amandine as well as Rytary
  13. Botox injections, anyone?

    I have been getting botox for a few years now. I get a few shots in my neck to keep my neck up straight I also get some in my shoulder it tends to creep up so i look like I am shrugging my houlders. Not a pleasant experience but it works
  14. Duopa Pump Users-

    i have not heard of comtan what is it?I a,m already taking reg sinemet and rytary. I have found that if I dont eat anything between 3-8 then my medication is absorbed just fine I just have to get use to eating @8
  15. FDA Approves Osmolex ER

    I already take 3 Amantadine per day. Would there be any benefit to switching?(boy mark I am keeping you busy)
  16. Carbidopa exceeds daily maximum

    I didnt know that you should seperate the azilect and the sinemet I usually take them together @ 630 am Should I change it?
  17. valeria

    I am s little slow so if the goal is no more than 1000mg at bed how do I convert mg to drops ib sorry I am just not getting it😊
  18. valeria

    Thank you for all your support
  19. valeria

    How many drops would be 1000 ml
  20. valeria

    the label says it contains 1000mg of valeria extract per 28 drops
  21. valeria

    I use nature’s answer the bottle says super concentrated directions say take 1 Ml or 28 drops 1-3 times per day i have been taking.5 ml or 28 drops at bedtime i wanted to know if it was safe to go up a little i dont know how to convert to ml
  22. Rock Steady Boxing - definitely worth looking at

    I use it as a supplement to the exercises I do at home. I ride a bike, walk, go to PT do Tai Chi. I have been falling lately so I need a spotter. I feel better when I go and I enjoy the social aspects of things
  23. Duopa Pump Users-

    I had asked my doctor about it b/c I was having a terrible time with being off from 5 on. She said I would have to demonstrate more off time during the day. The only way I can stay on is to not eat anything between 3-7. The food was interfering with the absorption of my pills. So far it has worked but I cant eat dinner until 8. So right now it is 500 and I am STARVED but I cant eat until 8. I have been losing wgt I hope this doesnt make it worse/
  24. inhaled levadopa

    Thanks any idea when we will see it o could really use it
  25. Do you have any side effects and when do take it o have been taking 50 and I feel groggy the next day i also feels like it doesn’t kick in very quickly