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  1. Weight Loss

    I have actually lost 10 lb in the last few months. My weight loss is from the dyskensia I have in the early evening. I havent been able to fine tune my meds so I am off starting At 8 pm. I wiggle around so much that my shirt is soaked with sweat. I bet I burn 1000 cal a day just doing that. I am trying to work with my md. The challenge is that I cant tolerate any long lasting (CR, Rytary) after 3 because it keeps me Awake,(I have trouble sleeping as it is!) And adding reg sinemet it just adds to my dyskensia. The same thing happened before I had DBS surgery in 2015 after the surgery the dysensia went away and I was able to gain wgt So I am between a rock and a hard place
  2. trazadone

    You may or may not remember that I have been having difficulty falling asleep. After trying a few things the doc gave me trazadone 25 mg to start. I had been using 10 ml of 2.5 mg melatonin and .5 ml of valerian root(she told me I could continue with them in addition to the trazadone) I have been following the instructions for each one.. Valderian root about 30 minutes before bed, the melatonin about 15 minutes before bed and the 25 mg of the trazadone right at b ed I usually take the valerian root and the melatoin in the spare bedroom and try to settle myself down before going to bed . What I am finding is that by the time I am reading to moved into the bedroom I am feeling a liitle fuzzy, I go into my room and take the 25 mg of the trazadone a nd shortly after that I feel groggy and am laying there waiting to fall sleep but after about 15 minutes the feeling is gone Does this mean I should talk to my doc about upping the dose. It has only been 4 n ights. Should the timing I take the meds be different? Would appreciate your input Thank you
  3. trazadone

    So you would suggest first getting rid of the melatonin and try 25 mg 1 hr before bed first? You are such a great resource it would have taken me days to get feed back from my doc Thank you
  4. trazadone

    should I expect any kind of withdrawl symptoms if I stop the melatonin? What about the valeria is there withdrawl symptoms with that
  5. trazadone

    The schedule I have outlined above is helping but as you would expect I am drowsey the next day. When I was on 25 mg trazadon I never tried to play around with the timing b/c nobody suggested it. I always took it right before bed. Now that i can see the changing the time can make a big difference. I wonder if I had done that with the 25mg if it would have worked better. I hate taking all this medicine. What do you think the changes are I would be successful with the 25 mg if I took it earlier than right before bed. Do you think it is worth a try??
  6. trazadone

    There was someone on this thread who saidthat he takes it an hour before bed and he falls asleep fine. If he takes it any sooner he doesnt fall asleep as quickly. Is that safe?? What I have been doing.. is with a goal of going to bed @945 I take the valeriia @ 9 the trazadone @9:15 and the melatinin @ 9:30 Does this timing seem ok
  7. Balance

    is there any way to order the videos? I didnt see any place you could place an order
  8. Balance

    I just finished the big and loud program which was very good. The challenge continues to be that you still have to remember to use your loud voice and to walk big. Unlike people with out PD everything is not on automatic pilot so I have to think about how I talk, walk ect. Thats what I hate
  9. Insomnia

    I would kill for a good night sleep!! I am currently trying trazadone but it seems to take a while to kick in.
  10. A year& a half after dbs

    I had bilateral placement on 12/14/15. It helped tremendously with my gait and my walking however it has had a negative effect on my speech. I havent increased the voltage in a long time b/c it makes my speech worse. I dont remember anyone telling me it could be that bad. I really didnt have a choice I could hardly walk and the surgery made a huge improvement I think i will have to increase it as some of the symptoms are coming back. IMy sleeping is really bad . I thought that DBS would help but it didnt
  11. traveling with pd

    I am going out to Arizona in few weeks(6 hr ride) Does anyone have any tips that have worked for them
  12. traveling with pd

    I was going to bring 2 pill boxes and leave the bottles @ home. So I have to have the pills in the bottles
  13. traveling with pd

    I am going out to Arizona in few weeks(6 hr ride) Does anyone have any tips that have worked for them
  14. would this be something that someone who is taking it 3 times per day would take.
  15. trazadone

    My doctor gave me the go ahead to increase it to 50 mg, I have been taking that along with the melatonin and valerian. What is the expectation with this medicine?? When I take it should I expect to see a difference right away. I dont feel anything right away. It is hard to tell whether it is working or no I have been playing close attention to the timing of the other meds as well
  16. What is the difference between this and amantadine. Would the max dose be more? I am on 100 mg TID and still have dyskinea? Would this be benefit to someone taking amantadine already? Are there any more drug in the pipeline for dyskinea
  17. bra strapes

    ok ladies.. I am finding that my bra straps are irritating my implants. I needed to buy bras that close in the front b/.c the ones in the back are just too hard to hook. I love the bras but the straps are rubbing against my implants. I tried to take some shoulder and sew them in place but that didnt work Any ideas?
  18. bra strapes

    i already spent 60.00 on bras. I need to fix the ones that I have.
  19. nativ

    do many people do this? Anyone out there who i doing this
  20. nativ

    Am I understanding you correctly that liquid sinemet doesnt cause as much dyskensia as the pills. That is a problem for me
  21. I think I may have asked this? before but I am still unclear about what i should do. I am traveling from boston to arizona and have a very early flight(6 AM) which means that I will be getting up at 430. In addition I believe I will be gaining 2 hrs. Attached is my med schedule sorry it is so screwy. My concern is that i will be needing to take my meds 2 hrs before i usually do and will have gained 2 hrs on the end of the day. I asked my MD and all she could say was its just going to be A crazy day. Well no clue but I want to avoid going off if at all possible! (I feel horrible when i am off and dont want to ruin my families vacation) Please I need some specific about what to do with my medications. THANK YOU Medication Schedulde 6:30-6:45 3 rytary (23.75-.95mg) 1.5 Sinemet 25/100 Azilect Paxil 15 mg Carbidopa 25 mg with each dose of sinemet Amantadine 1-100mg 9-9:15 3 Rytary 1.5 Sinemet(2 on walking days) 1 Carbidopa 12-12:30 3 Rytary 1 Sinemet 1 Amantadine 1 Carbidopa 3-3:30 2 Rytary 2 Sinemet(2.5 on boxing days) 1 Carbidopa Amantadine 5:30-61 1 Sinemet CR 2 Sinemet 1 Carbidopa 8:00( this only lasts until 8:30. After that I am off the night(1.5 sinemet) Doxepin 20 mg
  22. trazadone

    Thank you so much for taking the time to answer our ?? I will keep you posted
  23. Bible Verses....

    LAD- I just love that song by casting crowns!! PD is one big storm I am feel as if I am in the eye of the storm lately. My balance is getting worse and I have fallen a few times In addition I am not sleeping and feel like a zombie all day! Hard to praise him when I feel like that but I keep trying
  24. ??

    What does it mean when your ? is highlighted in pink? I have asked a few ? to both the doc and the Rx that were highlighted in pink. My name is noah Thank you
  25. medication and time change

    How would I know how much extra to take at the end of the day?