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Everything posted by noah

  1. can it be any kind of soda? Gingerale? Does that really make that much of a difference? What about rytary? Can I open the tablets and dissolve them in gale? The absorption of my medication is influenced by so many factors that I would do anything to guarantee absorption.
  2. About 2 months ago i fell in my back yard. I turned to get something and boom I was down......... Since that time I have been doing balance exercises and thought I was doing better. Then yesterday in my rock k steady class I was doing twisting moves and bam i fel again, this time i was able to catch my self. It was a close call. Then today I turned to one side not a lot and bam I almost went down again It seems to be happening very quickly and nothing has changed.
  3. i have had ringing in my ears since i was dx and nobody has been able to do anything for it.
  4. That is so true but sometimes I forget that thats when fear and self pity get the best of me
  5. What are using if it stopped working
  6. My doc wants me to try trazone to help me sleep. Nothing else has worked. Anyone have any experience with this
  7. How long did it take for it go kick in?
  8. I have been reading that some people believe that pd may start in the gut. Is it safe to take a probiotic like culturelle?
  9. oh my gosh I cant remember the last time I slept 7-8 hrs! I pray it works as well for me!
  10. What is DGL and where do you get it>? I have never heard of it before
  11. I am still having trouble falling asleep. As I have mentioned before I saw a sleep doctor who suggested that i was spending too much time in bed and i needed to stay up later which i cant I b/c i am off. i have not been able to find a regime that will keep me on long enough to retrain my brain while at the same time not keeping me up too late.(so many of the pills have a side effect of insomonia) So as a result I am still laying there trying to sleep. i am concerned about getting up and wandering around at night for fear of falling. I am currently taking 2.5 mg melatonin and .50 ml of valderian Have you ever heard of nocturest? I was wondering if the additional herbs would be helpful Thank you for always taking the time for us!!
  12. is one better than the other, or are they about the same
  13. love that picture where can i get one
  14. what is the difference between trazadone and doxepin
  15. Thank you for all these scriptures
  16. I just thought of one more thing..if you dont mind. I am also very sensitive to protein containing foods and the absorption of the sinemet. I wondered if this is still an issue with the pump. Thanks again
  17. that would be great! If you wouldnt mind asking her about the nausea I would really appreciste it
  18. What qualifies a person for the pump? I had DBS 2 years ago and it has been very helpful with my my motor symptoms(I could barely walk) but each time i increase it if effects my speech. In all honestly I didnt realize it would have such an effect on my speech. I have a terrilble time with nausea from the sinemet. Does one still get nausea with the pump? I am also so sick of taking all these pills. I take 28 pills per day!!
  19. I have a terrible time with nausea from the sinemet. I have tried everything and the only thing that helps me is to take carbidopa with every dose. Sometimes I have to take 2. It is expensive but I have been blessed with goof insurance. Sometimes the caridopa isnt enough. I take my meds with g'ale I wish i could help b/c know how horrible the nausea can be. if you get other tips please post
  20. I love this book I read it every night before going to bed
  21. What does it mean if the question you posted is highlighted in pink?
  22. the noratriptaline was primarily given to me for my mood. The sleep benefit was just a side bar. it really doesnt help that much for sleep . I took 25 mg benadrys and it seemed to help a little. How much is safe to take? and how long is it safe to use it for sleep Thank you for all your help you really are a blessing
  23. Anybody have any experience with stalvlo? Does it work for you and how is it different from reg sinemet
  24. I am taking nortripylin 50 mg before bed Would the trazadonde take its place?
  25. What is the difference between Trazadone and Clonazapam ? I have heard awful things about Clonazapam I would like to try the benedryl. Should I wait a day before I try it to get the other stuff out of my systrem