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  1. Namenda

    Thanks Mark. So far so good with Namenda. Best, Michelle
  2. Namenda

    So far Namenda is working well for my husband. He's currently on 10.mg per day. Fingers crossed the drug continues to provide relief from hallucinations and memory loss. thanks once again! Michelle
  3. Namenda

    Hello Mark, Wondering what your thoughts may be on Namenda for Parkinson's Dementia (Lewy Body Dementia) Husband's advancing Parkinson's disease is becoming difficult to manage due to some pretty serious hallucinations and delusions. Trying Seraquil, and it helps but I read an article at one point suggesting the success of Namenda for memory and even hallucinations. Any comments? Thank you very much for your time! Michelle
  4. Pronoran

    Dear Mark, Hope all is well with your family, and that things turned out well for you all! And I'm sorry I wrote twice about this question, I honestly thought it got passed over or I did something wrong. I didn't know that you are the moderator (I was thinking there's another person who reads questions first before passing on to you!) I'm taking Prevagin off the list. Your answer was exactly what I thought it might be. Sounds like hype and lots of TV commercials! Pronoran actually sounds great! But not being available in the US puts an end to that for my husband. He's been dx'd with Parkinson's dementia/Lewy Body at UCSF. He's going downhill very rapidly, and I'm always looking for a "cure" or at the very least, something to slow down the progression as he's only 63 ....... 64 this month. I do very much appreciate your time on this. And I'm so sorry that I seemed impatient. I'm actually not. Just misunderstood how this works. Best to you. Michelle
  5. Pronoran

    Dear Mark, I'm terribly sorry, I meant this for the moderator as I felt they missed my question. It was showing "waiting for approval by a moderator" or something like that. I feel terrible ... Please accept my apology and my best to you and your family. Take care, Michelle
  6. Pronoran

    Wondering if any person has read my question? Is there a problem? Thanks, Michelle Bechtol
  7. Pronoran

    Dear Mark, Doing a little reading and discovered "Pronoran" for Parkinson's disease helps with cognitive issues and more. My husband is pretty advanced now, after having Parkinson's for 15 years. Doctors think he's developing LBD too. I'm looking to reduce Sinemet and stumbled upon Pronoran but never heard of this medicine before. Can you shine a light on this for me, please? Also, What do you think of the supplement "Prevagen" for cognitive issues? I'm hearing good things!! Thanks for your time!! Michelle
  8. rivastigmine

    Since my husband has Parkinson's Dementia, couldn't hurt to try it, I hope!! Thanks for your reply!
  9. rivastigmine

    Hello Mark, Can you read the attached article and share any thoughts you may have? www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2016/01/160112214405.htm Thanks, Michelle
  10. What they may never tell you

    Brian, Yes we'll try to be patient. I'll let you know! Thanks-- Michelle
  11. What they may never tell you

    oops, just noticed your name is Brian. Hi Brian! LOL!
  12. What they may never tell you

    Hello-- Wish I knew your name so I can address you personally-- I really enjoyed reading this and it has inspired me to go buy some nicotine patches for my husband who suffers with on off crashes all day, every day. Mike (my husband) is in his 15th or so year with Parkinson's -- he's now 62 and has progressed slow until now. He no longer can walk without the aid of a walker and has mild cognitive impairment. Anyhow, your story made me laugh and I felt I could relate in many ways and I'm happy to hear you have found a solution of sorts. So- headed out to get those patches!! Take care, Michelle (Mike's wife)
  13. Side Effects!! Only Side Effects!!

    Thank you so much....and yes it does help. Looks like my hubby will have to drink beer instead of wine!!
  14. Slow Progression

    Since we're on the subject of "slow" progression of Parkinson's disease......has there been any new discoveries on "How to slow" Parkinson's disease? I am aware of exercise but any new meds set to hit the market in the near future? Thanks, Michelle
  15. Side Effects!! Only Side Effects!!

    Are Azilect and Selegiline similar? Thanks, Michelle