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    Diagnosed 6 months ago at the age of 52

    Try to take one day at a time. I was diagnosed about 5 years ago. I'm now 48. I recently had DBS. Over the years, I found that it's almost impossible for my wife and I to plan our days in advance. When I was working, I missed several appointments. I was basically unreliable. You and those around you need to understand each patient is unique. And each day is different. How I feel today doesn't dictate how I will feel tomorrow. It took a long time to accept this. Some folks will compare you to their Uncle John that had PD; thinking we are all the same. That is not the case. Take each day as it's own. Be ambitious, but don't expect to accomplish everything today. And, honestly, it's ok to have a pity party and stay at home once in a while. Rest is important. About once a week I spend almost a day just resting my body and mind. And get to your doc. Depression happens a lot with any incurable disease. And remember, PD won't kill you, it's not a death sentence. There's always someone at the grocery story that is worse off than you. Seek that person out and offer to help them. They could use your help.
  2. sstanfield

    starting carbidopa-levo.....

    i'm 43 and been on mirapex for about 2 years now. but i feel its time to start carb-levo. my doc agrees. i have 25/100 and supposed to take one tablet 2x a day, with reduced mirapex. any advice on what to eat? i've read avoid proteins, but i have teeth and teeth are for eating meats! any help is appreciated.
  3. sstanfield

    new med question

    Noah, I was diagnosed a few months ago at the old age of 41. My doc started me out on Requip (like Laura said, similar to ripinorole). I don't recall the dosage, but I don't think it was a light dose. It really did not work on my symptoms (right side leg/arm tremor, slight jaw tremor, exhaustion, soft speach, slow/ratcheting right arm). Instead, it gave me nasty headaches and weird, freaky dreams (purple spotted dragons buying milk, orange/green spotted animals, etc). I had these types of dreams the entire time I was sleeping. This went on for about 3 weeks. She now has me on Azilect and a moderate dose of mirapex (a generic form is available now!!). Now I can type, vocalize, my leg/arm tremors are at an acceptable level, jaw does not shake, and the right arm is much better. Not nearly as exhausted either. Doc says I can up the dose, but I don't want to (yet). Remember, no two people are hit the same and what works for me might not work for you. As a newbie, this is one of the most frustrating concepts for me to grasp. Do your research and make sure you feel good about your current doctor. I lucked out, my doc is a director of a movement disorder hospital. Her literature says "I will not be your neurologist, I am an expert consultant that will guide your neurologist". But, given my age, she took me under her wing (along with two other guys under 45). So far, so good. Hang in there, Noah. Think positive. There's a lot more to Noah than PD. Scott
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    as a newbie to both PD and Forums, i have no idea what i'm doing, but count me in. kinda tough using the mouse, my hand can't control it very well these days.
  5. I was recently diagnosed with YOPD and my doc put me on azilect and mirapex. she told my wife and I that she believes azilect can slow the progression but likely will not help with symptoms without mirapex. we were concerned about the food warnings associated with azilect, but during our Feb. visit, the doc informed us that the FDA removed the food warnings. we confirmed this at the recent YOPD conference in sacramento. now i can order a mirco brew with my wife!!