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  1. ??

    Your topic is waiting to be approved by the moderator.
  2. Scammer alert

    Please ignore and delete any PM's from the user Cynthiakonate. They were completely banned (IP address, username and email address). Thank you,
  3. pink post

    your post is pending approval of the moderator of that forum.
  4. This ongoing post has been closed. Please refer to the Forum Terms and Rules located here: If the abuse continues users will be banned. Thank you.

    Waywrd1 The updated Forum has been completely tested on various platforms, computers and networks, with no reports of it being slow. You may want to look at the device that you are using to access the Forum, and your internet speeds. Thank you.
  6. View New Content Not Working

    swva - There is no longer a mobile version of this site. The updated Forum is mobile friendly.
  7. View New Content Not Working

    genden69 After you login to the Forum you can select the word "Activity" in the main menu at the top of the Forum. Then you can select from the various sub-menus below to view the content that you are looking for.
  8. View New Content Not Working

    Swamper - Please verify that you are logged in to the Forum. If so, you may want to try this function using a different browser/computer. I have verified that this is functioning correctly. Thank you,
  9. My Topic

    At the bottom of every post there is the word "Report". When you hover your mouse over it, it will become highlighted. You can click this word to report that post to the Administrator if you feel that it violates the Forum Terms and Rules located at the link below. http://forum.parkinson.org/index.php?/topic/14604-forum-terms-and-rules/ Thank you,
  10. At the beginning of each thread there is an orange button at the top right hand corner of the screen that says "Follow this topic". Click this button, and then you will be given the various options on the notification. All notifications will be sent to the email address you used during the registration process. When you post a question in any of the Moderated Forums, your post is not visible until it is approved by the Moderator of that Forum. When you post in any of these Forums you can click the "Follow this topic?" check box located on the right hand side of the screen before your post your question. You will receive an automated email when there is any activity on your post (i.e. it is approved by the moderator of that Forum, and/or there are any replies). I hope this helps! Thank you
  11. If you have a question pertaining to the use of this Forum, or have a question that is not answered by one of the FAQs in this section, you can send an email to the Forum Administrator at forumadmin@parkinson.org. This email address is not for any medical related questions. All medical questions need to be posted in the "Ask the Doctor" Forum. The Forum Administrator is unable to answer any medical related questions. The above address is monitored Monday - Friday during normal business hours, excluding Holidays. Thank you,
  12. cant post

    Please see the pinned post at the top of the "Ask About Nutrition" Forum for further information. Or, click the link below to go directly to this pinned post. http://forum.parkinson.org/index.php?/topic/21030-ask-about-nutrition-forum-available-only-for-archive-viewing/ Thank you.
  13. cant post

    We have decided to close that Forum, but have left it available for browsing only. Thank you,
  14. Forum question not posting

    Hello whaat73 - Yes, your post in the "Ask the Doctor" forum is there in the queue. Dr. Okun has a few posts in the queue to approve and answer. I am sure that he will get to them shortly. Thank you.
  15. My Topic

    You posted a question in the "Ask the Doctor" Forum. Your post does not become visible until it is approved by the moderator of that forum. A reply will be posted at that time. As Adams234 stated, you may locate all of your content by following the steps he mentioned. Also, when you post a new question, you can click the "Follow this topic?" check box on the right hand side of the screen, before posting. This will send you an email when your post has any activity on your post. Thank you.
  16. The Forums are divided into three distinct areas: Forum Information This area is reserved for announcements and helpful information pertaining to the use of the Forums. If you need assistance with the use of the Forums please post a question in the PF Forum Member Service Center. Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQs) are also located in this area as well. Medical Questions All of the forums that are listed under Medical Questions are moderated. All new posts and questions do not become visible on a Forum until the moderator of that Forum approves it. Unmoderated Discussion All of the Forums listed under this category are open and unmoderated. Please refer to the brief descriptions listed beneath each Forum name for guidance on where to post. For instance, any medical related questions posted in the PF Forum Member Service Center will go unanswered by any of the moderators on the Forums. Enjoy and Happy Posting!
  17. Forum question not posting

    Natasha Please see the screenshots I posted above. Thank you
  18. I have reached out to the software vendor. I will have an update soon. Thank you,
  19. Forum question not posting

    Hello Mike. Yes, I do see your two posts in queue to be answered. With Dr. Okun's busy schedule, I am sure that he will answer them shortly. Sorry for the delay.
  20. No answer about posts

    Please remember that when you post in a Moderated Forum that your post does not beecome visible until it is approved by the Moderator of that Forum. I have reached out to them to find out why there has been such a delay in their replies. Thank you, and sorry for the inconvenience.
  21. Forum question not posting

    Any of the Forums listed under "Medical Questions" are moderated. All posts will not become visible until it is approved by the moderator of that Forum. When posting you can select "Follow this Topic?" on the right side of the screen to receive an email notification when there is any activity with your post. Also, when posting in a moderated Forum, a notice is displayed on the top of the screen stating that the post will need approval from a moderator before it is shown. I hope this information helps! Thank you.
  22. Forum question not posting

    I see your posts in queue on this Forum. I will reach out to the Moderator of that Forum too see what is causing the delay. Thank you,
  23. If you feel that a specific post does does not meet the guidelines of this Forum, you may report the post to the Forum Administrator by clicking on the "Report" link inside the post (top right corner of the post). This will send and email to the Forum Administrator. The Forum Administrator has final say whether a post is removed after being reported. Optionally enter a message, then click the Submit Report button. Thank you,
  24. A guest is a visitor on this Forum that is not currently logged into a member account. For example, this could be someone new to the forum checking it out or, an existing member that hasn't logged in yet. It could also be a search engine crawling the forum so that your forum can be listed in search results. All guests are able to view the Forum, but only registered users who login are able to post and interact with other registered users. This is a public Forum, and search engines index these discussions. Any of these Forum discussions can be located via a simple internet search. Keep the language, links, and images safe for family and friends. Thank you,
  25. WE DID IT!!!!!!!! YEA!!!!

    I am glad that you like it Michael! Enjoy!