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  1. Small update Scheduled
  2. Small update Fighting infection
  3. I completed DBS last month,and when I went back for programming they found out I have an infection. I went to surgery same day and all hardware was removed. Culturals were grown to create a antibiotic plan for me. I'm currently home with a Picc line executing that 6 week plan. When I'm healed up the plan is to do it again. My question, is my chances of developing another infection higher than anyone else's. Are there any higher risks of anything the 2nd time round? I had CT scan before hardware was removed, and I was told that lead placement can be precisely placed to achieve the same results I had during the first procedure. Is that accurate? My skull can't take another cutting open. Thanks
  4. Blog Update Attitude Adjustment
  5. I'm 12 days post Stage III surgery (Vanderbilt ) with a couple questions. I was warned about stiffness in the neck but this feels worse than I thought might hit me. So, has anyone else experienced a stiff and tight neck after neurotransmitter insertion, from the extension lead having scar tissue build around it? I move my neck around frequently. When I get up I can turn my neck a full 90 degrees to the right, but to the left I might be able to get 60. What did you do? What was your outcome (positive I hope)? Sent surgeon pics, he thought it would resolve itself basically but repeat pictures next week. Thoughts? Comments?
  6. blog update
  7. DBS Update
  8. Decided to blog my journey with DBS, if anyone wants to follow along.
  9. Insurance approved of Stage II after my surgeon and I wrote appeals. Happy Thanksgiving
  10. Update to original post: My surgeon and I sent appeals to my primary insurance and they granted the appeal and has approved Stage II surgery.At Vanderbilt that is lead insertion. That's good news since I proceeded with the schedule and had Stage I today and have bone markers in my head now. Bring on Stage II!
  11. Took my last flight in October 03, flying the F-100 Folker for American I just didn't know it was my last flight at the time. Anyone with AA (American Airlines)? I'd like to to talk to you if there is an AA pilot on board?
  12. I'm scheduled for DBS and was approved by my insurance, a few days later they denied inpatient status for the lead insertion surgery. They say it can be done outpatient as well. Have you ever heard of not spending one night after brain surgery in the hospital?
  13. I've been approved by my primary insurance for DBS. However, they have denied inpatient status for the second surgery. The first and third surgery is outpatient and there is agreement between Vandy and my primary insurance.They are saying this invention is considered to be an ambulatory procedure and can be performed in an outpatient status! I'm putting up an appeal and I need some help from this wonderful group. I'm just trying to get some data to help my case. How many of you have had the DBS procedure ( drilling holes and lead insertion) in outpatient status? I don't know of a hospital that will entertain doing it in outpatient status. Appreciate your help.
  14. Phase 1 is placement of the bone markers and a detailed MRI of the brain. There is a week between each surgery. Phase 1 & 3 are both done outpatient status.
  15. At Vandy Phase 2 is placement of the leads. Battery come a week later 3rd phase.