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  1. Good morning!!

    jb, the hair coloring went well. It's temporary and will wash out in a few days. I have enough left for a second application before I decide if I want a more permanent change. Fall arrived in Seattle today. It seems unlikely that there will be any more days above 70 degrees this year. At least the rain will help the forest fire situation. I won't miss the smoke. I trust you will get the answers that are best for you from the DBS team in Toronto. They seem very thorough from your description. Is your car still out of commission? I hope you won't have to ride one of the horses into town to get groceries. Dianne
  2. Is there a safe pesticide to use in out house?

    You might try this website. http://commonsensehome.com/natural-spider-repellents/ Dianne
  3. Good morning!!

    I had a rather frustrating meeting with my gastroenterologist today. I see that I will have to downgrade my expectations to preferences as far as doctors being willing to listen to my reality when it contradicts their opinions. On the way home, my caregiver and I stopped at Sally Beauty Supply so I can temporarily dye my hair purple. It will be a little restorative fun. If I don't like the results, I will wash my hair repeatedly while singing I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Out of my Hair! Dianne
  4. Summer adventure season starting

    Wow! A gold star for you, Stump. What an undertaking. I feel so happy that you are able to enjoy your life the way you have in the past. Dianne
  5. Update on DH

    Dear maral77, I also lost my son this year. I understand that deep grief. Condolences on your loss and continued blessings for you and your DH. Dianne
  6. Good morning!!

    No, Niracleseeker. My daughter's father was my first husband. We've been divorced since 1980.
  7. Parkinson and treatment drugs

    MDS stands for Movement Disorders Specialist. It is a neurologist who has had extra years of specialized training in treating patients with PD, ALS, and other movement related disorders. They are much more knowledgeable than a regular neurologist. You can call the NPF Hopeline (listed on the NPF home page) and ask if there is one near you. They are often affiliated with large medical centers and Universities. Dianne
  8. Good morning!!

    Good afternoon to all. jb, I agree with Linda. You do not spend much time on the pity pot. Your positivity has brought joy to me and to most of us innumerable times. I'm grateful that I can share my experiences here where we at least speak the same language. Outside of Parkyland, most do not understand. I purchased an excellent comic book recently by an Alaskan newspaper cartoonist who received the same revolting diagnosis as the rest of us. Like you, he has a way of making me laugh and cry at the same time. He even discusses his experience with DBS. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/0271071028/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o06_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 It is well worth a read. Now when I get a new caregiver or want to share my experience with friends or family, I hand them the book. It saves me a ton of energy. By the middle of next week, I will know more about when will have the correct tubing inserted for my Duopa. I've been through the wringer with tubes in recent months. Even for all that, I prefer Duopa to oral carb/levo. Next on my emotional agenda is my daughter coming from Texas to Seattle. Her dad is dying; the doctors want to discuss hospice with her. I will probably not see her during her ten-day visit because she does not like mixing the two sides of her family and would rather have teeth extracted without anesthetic than talk about feelings. I am always ready to support her when she asks. I still have both my parents. Her pain must be unbearable as she and I also lost her brother in February. She insists there is no afterlife and refuses to believe in God. I pray for her every day. Without faith, I would be up a well-known creek without a paddle. Blessings to all! Dianne
  9. Still fighting for a diagnosis!

    Lee, I remember you. I can feel your happiness and relief at having a solution even without a diagnosis. Enjoy each day as it comes. Dianne
  10. Good morning!!

    LAD, since a decrease in my Duopa rate a month or more ago, my startle response has been worse. I discussed it last Monday with my Rehab Psychologist at the Parkinson's Center. She said PD creates its own anxiety even if I'm not thinking anxious thoughts. I'm seeing my MDS on Tuesday to have the rate increased on the Duopa pump. I'm hoping that will take care of the increased dystonia as well. Perhaps a slight increase in your meds during times of stress would help. For jb and any who have wondered how I'm doing, I have seen the Interventional Radiologist about problems with the tubing for my Duopa pump. Tuesday I will discuss options with my MDS, then next week I will see the gastroenterologist who placed the original tubing. I will also consult with a surgeon about the possibility of a surgically implanted J-tube which will avoid my tender stomach altogether. Even with all the difficulties I've had with ulcers and the tubing, I prefer Duopa to Sinemet. I went to church this morning, which felt wonderful! My caregivers have been in flux and things are finally smoothing out there. Life is good. I can see a light at the end of the tunnel and it is not an oncoming train. Dianne
  11. Good morning!!

    I am in less pain today than the past two days, as documented in two Facebook posts: I am in the Evergreen Health ED because my G-J tube fell out about two hours ago. I had severe stomach dystonia all day yesterday. It looks like I'll be back on pills for awhile until I can have a Jejunostomy tube surgically implanted. PD strikes again. Tuesday, August 22, 2017, 10:55 AM I am happy to report that I survived the reinsertion of the G-J tube yesterday without anesthesia or even anti-anxiety medication. I was without Duopa for about four hours and the dystonia in my stomach was reignited by all of the poking around. I have pain medicine to take. I slept most of the afternoon and evening, then all night. I am grateful, grateful, grateful for Duopa. Wednesday, August 23, 2017, 7:15 AM
  12. Good morning!!

    Good morning. Linda, jb, Marcia. I understand your grief. At one point in my life, I worked as the manager for Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery and Crematory in Fort Worth, TX. Each person dealt with the loss of a pet differently. One elderly woman on a fixed income sold her typewriter to pay for her beloved dog's burial. I told her story in the newsletter I wrote once a month. We received calls from as far away as California from folks wanting to replace her typewriter. She was a writer, like me. Grieving is good. As you said, jb, stuffing feelings is just not how we're wired. I strive to feel my grief, accept myself just as I am, then release it all so I can live and love again. Blessings, Dianne
  13. Bladder control

    I use Tena Pull-ups with two extra inserts at night. My incontinence is worse when laying on my back but still occurs when laying on my left side. I seem to remember a recent response from Dr. Okun that incontinence is very common in PD. Stress makes it worse, I'm sure. I do not need anything during waking hours unless I know I'm going to be unable to get to a bathroom. Your DH may feel humiliated right now. As he adjusts to this particular "new normal" he may come to acceptance. The best you can do is reassure him that you love him no matter what symptoms h develops. It's hard to see a loved one in any kind of distress. It's a helpless feeling. Dianne
  14. Good morning!!

    Good morning to all! In my life, some things are working out the way I would like. Others may never be as they were before. I find that acceptance of what is out of my control is the least stressful response for me with my PD. I find peace and joy in what I can do for myself and others. I appear to be having an attitude of gratitude today. I love it when that happens. Wishing you all a wonderful day! Dianne
  15. Good morning!!

    Good morning, jb et al. That's good news about the DBS, jb. I understand it's quite a process. I'm not allowed apple pie--no apples or crust in my diet. I do have a recipe for a killer gluten-free Key Lime Pie if anyone is interested. I'm off to see the Pulmonologist now. Dianne