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  1. Good morning!!

    This is a response I started over a week ago but never sent. It's nice to hear from you, Pathfinder. I imagine jb is jumping through the DBS hoops. I have a friend here in Seattle who is just finishing her programming. She seems quite happy with it. Marcia and Linda, perhaps the term for the food storage space you are looking for is a root cellar. My grandmothers both had them. Dianne
  2. Summer adventure season starting

    Way to go, Stump's daughter! As for you, Stump, I'm happy you are taking good care of yourself. Dead elk float; who knew? What does elk meat taste like? If you tell me it tastes like chicken, I won't believe you. Dianne
  3. Is there anybody out there...

    Sherrie, I learned that the symptoms I was experiencing might be due to pharmaceuticals (in my case, Zyprexa) during a class I had to take to renew my Social Work License in May of 2010. It was my understanding that drug-induced Parkinsonism is not progressive and that the symptoms might ease after I was off that medication. I was not looking for a Parkinson's diagnosis and knew nothing of PD. I didn't even see a neurologist until October 2010. I had been to a family reunion in September where several people noticed a difference in me. My daughter suggested I discuss my symptoms with my doctor. The first doctor I saw when I got home was my psychiatrist. She immediately discontinued the Zyprexa and told me to see a neurologist. He watched me for two months and when my symptoms worsened, gave me the diagnosis of idiopathic PD. Sinemet might help the residual symptoms of your Parkinsonism. Sometimes the symptoms get better over time. At least there is comfort in knowing you will not face progression. One thing I regret is following the neurologist's instructions to learn all I could about PD. I scared myself by assuming every bad thing I read would happen to me, and soon. Now nearly seven years after diagnosis, I have learned that obsessing about what might happen steals whatever joy there is in my life today. You can always post your questions and concerns in the Ask the Doctor section of the forum. Dr. Okun has helped me many times when I left an MDS appointment more confused than I was when I arrived. Dianne
  4. Is there anybody out there...

    I for one had my diagnosis delayed because I had been taking antipsychotic medications for about 10 years. An MDS in Houston told me that antipsychotics cause Parkinson-like symptoms and might take up to a year to completely leave my body. I was praying he was right because I didn't want to have PD. He was wrong; I have idiopathic PD. Dianne
  5. Nutrition interventions

    Kathrynne Holden was the nutritionist. She now has a Facebook page titled Parkinson's - Chew on This. She is always very helpful. Dianne
  6. Good morning!!

    Em, wish your mum a Happy Birthday and your son a Happy Birthday and congrats on his graduation. It will be a busy week for you! Linda, I understand your difficulty with tasks. The saddest part of PD for me is that I can no longer relax with a good, long book. LAD, at times like the one you shared, I wish I could make a citizen's arrest and hold the culprit in custody until the rudeness police come and take them away. Dianne
  7. Good morning!!

    Good morning jb and all of you. The date for changing the tubing for my pump is November 28th. In the meantime, I'm on a very short leash because the current tubing is very short. What's been keeping me inactive recently is orthostatic hypotension. It's due to the Neupro, which was prescribed for the dystonia in my stomach. The dystonia is caused by the wrong tubing. My MDS has me on two new meds to help with the low blood pressure. If I sit up from a reclining position, I get dizzy. Sitting with my feet on the floor makes it worse. Standing up causes dangerously low blood pressure. The last two days, I've had to have someone walk me to the bathroom with a gait belt around my waist while I push my walker. It is quite inconvenient. As soon as the tube gets changed, I will go off the Neupro. I hope to be able to leave my apartment at some point. Dianne
  8. Insurance? I'm only 57.

    There is a PD Center of Excellence in Colorado. If you call the Helpline listed on the homepage of this website, you can get the number. I suggest calling their office and asking which insurances they take. The open enrollment this year ends on 11/15 and is not being advertised by the current administration. If you act quickly, you may still fall under the protection of the preexisting condition clause. Find the most coverage you can afford. PD is expensive and the right doctor (Movement Disorders Specialist or MDS) vs. a standard neurologist makes for much better treatment of this complex condition. Welcome to the Forum! Dianne
  9. The link for Survey #2 did not work for me.
  10. what to do

    noah, you might find this article helpful. I simply Googled marriage and Parkinson's. https://byrslf.co/what-happens-to-a-marriage-after-parkinsons-5e28f44e2afc Best wishes, Dianne
  11. Good morning!!

    My thoughts and prayers will be with you in your grief, Peace. For a short time, I worked at a pet cemetery. I know that the loss of a pet is just as devastating as the loss of a person. Dianne
  12. Music and Parkinson's Disease

    I'm enjoying your mellifluous voice, Bob. Thanks for sharing these songs with us. Dianne
  13. Good morning!!

    jb, what a lovely story to start my day. Acts of kindness make the world go round. Your mom taught you kindness; I can tell. Dianne
  14. Good morning!!

    Condolences on the loss of your friend, Em. It's hard to wrap your heart and mind around such a deep loss. I'll be praying for you as you grieve. Dianne
  15. Good morning!!

    I didn't see a picture, Marcia. How do you freeze your credit? Never mind. I'll Google it. Less stress for both of us. Dianne