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    Staying happy, joyous and free from limitations set by my own limited thinking. Even with PD, and sometimes because of PD, life can be grand!!!

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  1. I have used CBD oil drops (without THC) successfully for my dyskinesia. Although marijuana is legal in my state, I do not like the effects of THC. Dianne
  2. NN, yes, this is dystonia. I had an adverse reaction to gabapentin, so no relief there for me. I use Baclofen, which helps the dystonia in my stomach. So glad you're feeling better. Dianne
  3. Good morning to everyone. I attended a four-day online retreat with the members of my church this weekend Three 12 hour days of Love and recognizing and releasing my blocks to Love is freeing. It also left me exhausted. Today I will see my Rehab Psychologist and my Podiatrist. Then I will rest. Mental and emotional energy, even when positive, can wear this body out. I'm grateful for the experience and I love my bed! Love yourselves today and treat yourselves with kindness. Dianne
  4. Morphine is routinely given in when there is no chance of recovery. When my son was brain dead in February, they put him on a morphine drip. I have mixed feelings about it; it suppresses respiration and the patients don't linger as long. I feel your sadness. Dianne
  5. Intense movies do that to me. Dianne
  6. Marcia, no explanations needed. Whopper is the word you wanted. Wishing you a very happy day too. We love just the way you are. Dianne
  7. Dear jb, Yes, we are surrounded by wealth and blessings untold. What joy we find in abundance of underwear, and in your sharing of it. Dianne
  8. Welcome, V. You should definitely see a Parkinson's specialist for evaluation and a carbidopa/levodopa trial. If it takes away your symptoms, it is quite likely Young Onset PD. The DAT Scan is used to determine whether a person has Essential Tremor vs. PD. It is not 100% accurate. Not all PD patients have tremor. The evaluation by the doctor and the medication trial are much less expensive ways to make a diagnosis. I have a T-shirt that says. Don't Follow in my Footsteps. I Walk into Walls." Bicycling relieves PD symptoms and any exercise protects the dopamine you still have left. Keep biking and swimming! Dianne
  9. I hereby declare that the Parky world honors jb49 on Canada Day. jb started this Good Morning thread on Canada Day in 2010. It has been a beacon for me on darker days and a true joy on brighter days. Happy Canada Day, dear jb! Dianne
  10. Thanks for sharing your joys with us, NN. Dianne
  11. I experience what I call clognition: slowed thinking. The technical term for it is bradyphrenia. I also have very sensitive hearing. I can't listen to someone talk while the TV is on or if there are other conversations going on around. I'll be seeing my MDS next week and will ask for a referral to an audiologist. Thanks for bringing up this interesting topic. Dianne
  12. Marcia, I love your joke--and it worked! Awesome! My favorite silly joke is: What do you call a Frenchman who wears sandals? Answer: Philippe Philoppe. Laugh even if it hurts. It's good for you. Dianne
  13. My Senators have heard how the proposed Act will affect me personally on several occasions Today. the Trump Administration has asked for public comments on the Better Care Act. This is a golden opportunity to share how we, as PWP, would be affected by the gutting of Medicare and Medicaid. Dianne
  14. Happy to know you're busy in your garden, jb. That always makes me happy, too. I just returned from an endoscopy under anesthesia. My stomach is red and inflamed but there are no ulcers. Today, I choose joy Dianne
  15. Happy Birthday, Stump! Stay cool today. Dianne