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    Struggling with family relationships

    I am learning to listen to my body and treat myself with kindness. If someone is disappointed when I say I have to stop or rest, I let them have their feelings and do what is best for me. I have more energy for the people and activities that bring me joy when I stop worrying about others opinions. Dianne
  2. Beau's Mom

    Summer adventure season starting

    That's a relief!
  3. Beau's Mom

    Summer adventure season starting

    Stump, is there still a hurricane in the area? Dianne
  4. Beau's Mom


    You are most welcome, kmr. Since PD and the meds that relieve the motor symptoms can both create anxiety, it's important to learn ways that work for each of us to alleviate it. There is so much about PD that is out of our control; I feel less powerless when I know there is something I can do to help myself. Dianne
  5. Beau's Mom


    Welcome, kmr. My anxiety preceded my PD diagnosis by 20+ years. I quickly discovered that each makes the other worse. I see a rehab psychologist at the PD Center of Excellence near me who specializes in treating patients with neurological disorders. I highly recommend seeing a therapist who is knowledgeable about PD. In addition, I use meditation to remain calm. My favorite app is Meditation Oasis by Mary and Richard Maddox. I've used it for seven years; it never fails. Wishing you the very best in your search for peace of mind, body, and spirit. Dianne
  6. Beau's Mom

    Good morning!!

    Miracleseeker, I have deleted some old messages. Feel free to PM me. Dianne
  7. Beau's Mom

    Good morning!!

    It was the best party ever, jb. It's going to take me a week to recover. It was worth it, every ounce of energy I spent, just to be around people who understand and care. Let's do it again soon! Dianne
  8. Beau's Mom

    Good morning!!

    Count me in for Echo Beach tonight! I could use a party with y'all.✨ Dianne
  9. Beau's Mom

    New to PD - Parkinsonism - SWEDDs or Whatever

    I'm not a doctor; I am a PWP (Person with Parkinson's). Could you tell us what SWEDDs stands for? I have all those symptoms and more and respond well to Sinemet. The DaTscan wasn't available when I was diagnosed in 2010 after 20+ years of accumulating symptoms; I had one in the summer of 2013. It showed minimal uptake of dopamine bilaterally, which simply means that my PD had progressed from the right side to the left side, as it does in most PWP. I suggest you pose your question in the Ask the Doctor section of the Forum. Dr. Okun may be able to shed some light on your situation. Dianne
  10. Beau's Mom

    Good morning!!

    Dear jb, However your DBS has helped you, I am most grateful to see that your sense of humor is still intact. Grasshoppers carrying tiny Thermos jugs indeed. What a smile that brought to my heart (and my face as well)! You caught the essence of life with PD perfectly in this sentence: What joy you bring to us in your musings. Thank you, thank you, thank you❕ Dianne
  11. Beau's Mom

    Good morning!!

    Hi, jb! I'm happy to hear that the programming is going well. It's cool and cloudy this morning in Seattle but beginning Sunday we'll be having a heat wave. Most homes here do not have air conditioning, so we'll be very warm indeed. Wishing each and every one of you a stress-free day! Dianne
  12. Beau's Mom

    MDS - yes or no

    Absolutely, go to the Parkinson's Center of Excellence. You deserve the very best care. Dianne
  13. Beau's Mom

    Bible Verses....

    Good morning, Linda. I will pray for you and with you that the Light and Love of God will continue to comfort you today and every day. Amen. Dianne
  14. Beau's Mom


    Welcome to the world of nOH, Lorraine (neurological Orthostatic Hypotension). Do you get dizzy when you stand up from sitting or laying down? I get a whoosh! feeling like all the blood rushes out the bottom of my feet sometimes when I stand. My first experience with nOH three years before I got my PD diagnosis. My PCP at the time was telling me that the tremor in my right hand was intention tremor. I knew nothing about PD back then and he didn't mention it. He did order the neck ultrasound you mentioned. I take one medication in the morning for mine, plus a different medication if BP drops during the day. The biggest danger is passing out, so I've been taught to get up slowly and not walk until I feel solid. I check my BP twice a day sitting and standing and keep a record of it as well as when I take the extra medication. Dianne
  15. Beau's Mom

    Summer adventure season starting

    Stump, I'll be visualizing you snagging that 200 lb. yellow-fin tuna. If you can conceive it, it can happen! Dianne
  16. Beau's Mom

    Vitamin B3 ????

    I've had to have B12 shots but nobody mentioned B3. Thanks for the link. Dianne
  17. Beau's Mom

    Good morning!!

    LAD, the winners' cup is from me. I started RSB classes 10 days ago. One instructor has had PD since 2001. His boxing name is Footloose. I was pleased that during the third session I was able to move my hands and feet at the same time! Dianne
  18. Beau's Mom

    Morning weakness

    Good morning, NCFred. Since you were so recently diagnosed and are still finding the best medication dose and schedule, your morning exhaustion could be part of that process. You might want to have a sleep study done to make sure you are getting enough deep REM sleep. I was surprised to discover that I wasn't breathing deeply enough to oxygenate my blood during sleep, which led to daytime sluggishness and sleepiness. Blessings as you navigate your way along the PD path. Dianne
  19. Beau's Mom

    Good morning!!

    jb, you are indeed brave and incredibly generous in sharing your DBS experience with us. I find it both intriguing and scary that our brains can be manipulated by a simple electrode. Imagine the horror movies this science could (or has) generated! I'm not a fan of horror movies so, for now, I'll stick with the Duopa pump to manage my Parkinson's. And boxing--I'm starting Rock Steady Boxing this week. The Northwest chapter of the APDA in Seattle offers financial assistance for folks on limited incomes. At my evaluation on Wednesday, I'll receive my first pair of boxing gloves. Marcia, your grandson's laughter sounds like normal toddler exuberance to me. I hope school doesn't knock it out of him. Blessings to everyone! Dianne
  20. Beau's Mom

    muscle spasms

    I've had dystonia in my right groin and piriformis since an injury in 2014. I've had good results from myofascial PT, pain medication, and in rare instances, CBD oil or medical marijuana. Dianne
  21. Beau's Mom

    Good morning!!

    Good night from cool and cloudy Seattle. I took my new purple power wheelchair outside today for the first time. I went 15 blocks north on the Interurban bike trail to the Farmers Market. I may regret it tomorrow; for now, my refrigerator is full of fresh arugula, asparagus, carrots, and raspberries. Tomorrow will be a day of cooking and baking. Sweet dreams! Dianne
  22. Beau's Mom

    Summer adventure season starting

    Stump, you amaze me with your adventures. Best wishes on the job front. It's great that your employer offers opportunities that are on your bucket list. Dianne
  23. Beau's Mom

    Good morning!!

    Good morning! jb, a five-pound sandwich would feed me for a week. I'm happy to hear that you are following doctors orders. What a blessing to have a supportive family nearby. The visit with my daughter is going well. She is sleeping a lot. That is a perfectly acceptable way to deal with a devastating diagnosis. I'm sure she will move forward in her grief process, as we all do. Her husband installed my air conditioner on Monday when the temperature reached the low 90s. He is a kind and patient man and is already looking into support for himself and my daughter. The PBC Facebook page has 3600 members. I pray that they are as kind and helpful as those of us here in Parkyland. Love to all, Dianne
  24. Beau's Mom

    Good morning!!

    Thanks for the hug and words of encouragement, jb. Much appreciated. I will see her today; she arrived in Seattle yesterday afternoon. Dianne
  25. Beau's Mom

    Good morning!!

    It's great to hear from you, jb. I understand the disconnect between what I plan to do in the morning and being too tired to do it later in the day. It happens to me nearly every day. My daughter and son-in-law are arriving on Sunday for a 10-day visit. Lillian was just diagnosed with a rare progressive autoimmune disease that has no cure; Primary Biliary Cholangitis. There is medication she can take to delay progression. She had an allergic reaction after two days. We are hoping that a different generic won't cause an allergic response. It is beginning to sound eerily familiar and deja-vu-ish. Stay happy, everyone. Dianne