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  1. NN - After reading your gut wrenching post I immediately did a search of an old post I started on Nursing Homes. You were so kind and considerate and gave me some very honest advice. I'm sure you don't remember by now but you basically said parents don't want to burden their children with caring for them so it looks like you still feel the same way. You mentioned I could possibly consider sending my mom to a home or at least assisted living so it sounds like you are now leaning toward that direction. More power to you! What ever you end up doing I'm sure it will be done with a lot of thought and support. Keep us posted please.
  2. It's a lost cause when the interest is no longer there, the effort is not made, and the mind cannot comprehend what's happening around them. My aunt tells me to get my mom on a walker but when I tell her she doesn't know how to walk with one the obvious solution to her is to teach her. How do you teach someone who has no memory bank or the understanding of the goal of the walker? We all take simple things we do for granted a lot of the times. It's never that easy.
  3. Really fascinating stuff!
  4. Nope. My mom has severe dementia so she won't swallow her meds which is making things worse. She is taking as much as she can tolerate but it's not enough to give her much strength and as she ages PD is kicking both our butts. Thanks for asking.
  5. What happened? What board and who got shut down? This thread is still alive and kicking right?
  6. Amantadine seemed to have interfered with her PD meds. I tried it on her 3 times and it was just useless. 1.5mg is pretty high and my mom was at that dose at the very beginning and she was practically in a coma at that time. Her neuro was not helpful but that was a long time ago and hopefully doctors are now more well informed of what the medications can do and which ones to avoid and doses to use.
  7. My mom used to use grocery shopping carts. They seem to be more posture friendly where you hold the bar in front of you instead of the handle bars on the side. I feel people have a tendency to stoop over with these. Even walking poles may be better for active situations. That's my 2 cents.
  8. The patch and Mirapex are both agonists so why did he take you off Mirapex just to put you on another agonist? Cold turkey huh? My mom tried that twice before and she was good for about 2 days and then the withdrawals hit so I had to put her back on. Did you get sleepy with Mirapex? Maybe I'll ask about the patch on her next visit with her doctor.
  9. My mom has been on Mirapex for close to 20 years now. It makes her super sleepy but it also takes care of the tremors and rigidity when it's taken with Stalevo. I have decreased it for her over the years and she's not as sleepy but she also doesn't move as well either. I think with all drugs they do wear off eventually. You are lucky that you never had to increase during this whole time and that it worked so well for you. Have you added any new meds recently that could interfere with Mirapex? That could happen too
  10. Good for you! I am very impressed. If you were good with 2mg Mirapex at bedtime then why did your doctor put you on the patch? Are you on both now? Do you use the patch just once a day? I always wonder how you put that on your body and what if it falls off.
  11. I am pleasantly surprised with how it's working for you. After reading what you had to go through with this patch I thought you were just giving a warning to stay away but instead it started to do it's thing. It really makes me wonder how long people should stick with a medication until you finally realize you are beating a dead horse or if you just have to hang in there.
  12. I must be dimmer than I thought cause all I got out of the thread that was locked up was about what is wrong with our country and how the past and current president is making it worse. Ok then.
  13. Sure thing as long as it doesn't spread to bashing our president again.
  14. I think I deserve brownie points for even seeing this post. Yes it's very confusing to me as well. I think it's too... busy.
  15. Both make valid points. Religion and politics often bring on heated discussions. Everyone thinks they are right and no one ever backs down gently. Let's all focus on what this forum is about. We are here to support, offer suggestions, and learn about PD. Life is hard enough without adding more unnecessary stress.