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  1. Incontinence is something that can happen to anyone anytime for many reasons. However for my mom it was PD related for sure and luckily with her dementia she never refused wearing pull ups because she doesn't know any difference from regular panties and she will go whenever so it has to be done. It is always a big deal because it's not something that has been happening for long so the shock is not wearing off yet. We see what aging and disease and stress can do and it's never pretty.
  2. Thanks Genden. Only a CG realize what we do. My sister and I had a huge fight last night. She insisted that I send mom to the NH so we can all have our lives back. She lives with a guilty conscience knowing I do everything and she does zip and enjoy her fabulous life. I wanted to slap her so bad last night and give her a serious tongue lashing. She wouldn't have this great life if it wasn't for mom giving birth to her and sacrificing so much for her. I'm so glad that mom has dementia and was not aware of what we were talking about because she would have died of a broken heart right there and then. It is one thing to have a parent voluntarily say they want to be placed in a home but when it's the child who decides to do it to be free of responsibility then we live in a pretty pathetic society in my opinion. My sister complained that she cancelled 3 trips abroad last year due to having to come and help me with mom when she had one infection after another. What kind of daughter would see this as a burden? I have a co-worker who took off for Israel in an hour's time to be with her sick mom after hearing she was not well. She took 2 weeks unpaid leave from work to do it. People like us do exist. My sister thinks what I do is not normal and that no one does as much as I do for my mom. She's wrong! She only knows people who are worse than her. She calls herself a Christian woman yet act like the devil.
  3. Until someone needs a CG will they truly know what a sacrifice it is to be one and how it takes commitment and energy and the love of the person to want to do this. My own sister doesn't get what I do and it's just sad that I do not have the support needed to do this job. One day she will understand when it's her turn. For now she freely says she wants her kids to send her to the home when the time comes. It is so easy to make that statement but I know when she gets near that point she will try her hardest to find other options. I'm crazy and I'm stupid to keep doing this. Whatever...
  4. When will we have a new drug that is not a rehash of what we already have? It is very frustrating.
  5. I speak for myself only but I rather suffer the pain and discomfort for my mom. Growing old and getting sick really sucks. Watching it happen in front of you is pure torture. I'm thinking of you Genden.
  6. This too shall pass. I always have to remind myself of this. Drama happens when we react to things rather than let it go. So many people have come and gone from this forum since I joined. Yesterday's confrontations are now a distant memory.
  7. Well said G. People can do a great job but the connection and bond is not there. I wish everyone can realize that we are all getting older and yes I'm also going to be alone in my journey to old age. Perhaps one day in the near future we have the option to go in our sleep peacefully and without worries.
  8. Why start another thread when Admin should just open the original one back up? That makes no sense if the discussion will be the same anyways.
  9. Unfortunately Caregivers are so hard to find. People love babies so there are plenty of babysitters but get someone who will look after a grown adult with an illness? Babies grow and get better while we just go downhill. Who wants to see that everyday right? When my mom was in the hospital last year a young male orderly had the dirty job of cleaning my mom after she made a mess in her diaper. I asked him why he was doing that job and he said because he came to this country 6 months ago and couldn't find work so this was it. He was pretty numb to what he has to do day in and day out and just do it. Even if you have all the money in the world to hire a good one he/she is still a stranger and they can only care so much. It's a shame.
  10. Likes I said before. You are the brother/son we all wish we had in our lives. You are a good man!
  11. So true about the advantage of living in small spaces. I've broken some near falls a few times while lifting my mom by leaning against the wall. I'm moving soon to a much bigger space so I'm stressing out somewhat on that. Safety in numbers I always say. If everyone has someone living with them then there would be less accidents to report.
  12. A big man requires an even bigger man to assist. Good luck with that. My fear is having a stranger live at my house and in your case since you would need a man to do the job it would be even more frightening. I hope you find a good honest one. I'm sure they are out there.
  13. That statement would only make sense if someone asked for your opinion right? Looks like BIg Brother is watching very closely now.
  14. Looks like a spam Roger. It's posted everywhere.
  15. That is FANTASTIC!!! You are giving me something to think about for my mom since she takes Mirapex and has been in a near coma like state for years.