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  1. Nupro patch vs mirapex

    Why can't all PD meds be administered as a patch? It sounds so much more effective than a pill in regards as to how they are absorbed.
  2. Problems that repeat

    Your topic was posted twice but one has now been deleted. It was ironic that your question was about repeating things. I re-read what you asked and it's too vague to know what you are talking about. You need to give examples please or else we are pretty clueless or at least I am.
  3. Big News?

    Johnnys is that you? Did you reincarnate into bill 1991??
  4. Predisposed to Parkinson's

    Dr. Okun, Are you saying your answer is that you don't know? My mom is the only member of her family and their relatives to have Parkinson's. How did she get so lucky??
  5. Big News?

    Everything takes time. The question is will you be around to witness a cure? If MJF and Ali didn't have PD they wouldn't have cared as much. No one does anything only out of the goodness of their heart. Saints maybe but I haven't met any. Nobel peace prize is a goal for many Scientists to achieve if they are the first to discover it. I'm all for the competition from the Scientists around the world because we all win in the end. But when? Saw on the news this morning that "God bless America" was sung right before the Massacre in Las Vegas. Just an observation.
  6. Big News?

    What diseases are curable now? From my understanding there is a bigger focus on prevention than a cure for PD. Every time someone says I think I'm on to something but please fund us so we can keep looking means give me about 25 years of gainful employment until I retire please. Doctors seem to be more skeptical than the average patient whenever something big and better is announced. They must know something we don't.
  7. Problems that repeat

    Doing what things? Like... posting the same question twice?
  8. Husband keeps falling need suggestions

    Same here. I meant no disrespect Maral. We are all being frank and honest with our suggestions and perceptions of how these situations are handled. Yes indeed there are worse things than death. It's the road getting there that sucks. My uncle had a sudden heart attack a year ago. He died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. It was short and quick and his family never had to deal with what we are going through now as CG's. Only people in our shoes will know what I'm talking about. Death to me is the only way this can finally end. No more worries, planning, and second guessing.
  9. Husband keeps falling need suggestions

    Oh I see. Yes it's convenient for the workers but restrictive for the patients. It's also still a matter of being short handed. There are way too many patients per worker to look after. Even if someone is right in front of you they can still get hurt. Did I miss something or why can't they put soft mats on the ground by the beds so when they fall at least they land protected? My mom sleeps on her side and only faces the right side of her queen size bed so she sleeps on the left side with plenty of space for her to inch over until she's comfy and then she sleeps. A few times her legs will come off the bed from her sleeping in a diagonal position so I have to keep watch to scoot her back in before she falls out eventually. When patients are in the later stage of the disease it really is very hard to keep them safe at all times.
  10. Husband keeps falling need suggestions

    Genden - What's wrong with physically restraining someone? There are seat belts on wheelchairs and car seats that prevent people from falling over or out so why not a chair or bed? They don't have to be tight where it cuts off circulations. When I have my mom in the wheelchair and walk her around the park she likes to take her legs off the feet stand so I use a pair of socks and tie her ankles to them and off we go without any problems. Would I be cited for that?
  11. Husband keeps falling need suggestions

    Sorry Maral but in a NH he is not getting one on one attention like he was at home with you so unless you wrap him in bubble wrap there is nothing much that they will do for him. It is a very scary thing of course. My co-worker's grand mother was in a home. She fell out of bed and had a concussion and eventually passed away as a result. I thought of getting bed rails for my mom's bed but saw a very scary picture of someone's head getting wedged in between them so that was out of the question. There are always pros and cons for everything. Please keep us posted.
  12. New guy here - a journey I'd like to avoid

    This forum has loads of information. Please do searches for what you want to know and chances are you will find a few posts with what you are asking. People join and asks basically the same questions over and over. Some people repeat their suggestions and new people give their input so there is a lot to look into. Good luck.
  13. Not Diagnosed, However Need Advise

    Ella - Are you on any forums for people with Anxiety? You may be of tremendous help and comfort to them because you have actually lived with it. Speaking as someone who does not have PD even though I take care of my mom who has it, I was once told by someone who was banned from this forum that I don't know what I'm talking about because I don't have it. That hurt my feelings a lot because it made me feel like I was blowing hot air and not contributing a whole lot. So in that respect if you still feel that you can give support to people even though you never had PD then go for it. However I must add that reading what "experts" say are clues to having or not having PD is rubbish because a lot of which didn't apply to my mom yet she has it. I think people tend to take advice more seriously from actually PD sufferers for obvious reasons. I totally respect that and I do not take offense. Therefore.. I give my 2 cents as how it relates to my mom or what I have witnessed first hand from her. I hope that makes sense. Have a great weekend everyone!
  14. Not Diagnosed, However Need Advise

    Yes Ella. Anxiety is a very serious condition best looked at by a Psychiatrist and not a Neurologist when it's all in your mind. You can't live your life fearing PD especially when NO ONE is telling you that you have it so why the anxiety about it? You may get it someday but for years now you still haven't been diagnosed so be thankful and let it go. The mind is very powerful. You can control how you react to things and choose to live in fear or break away from it. I'm a woman so would it make any sense for me to fear getting testicular cancer? Hey it still might happen but I am not going to anticipate it happening. I'm not mocking you but just trying to get you to see things from a different perspective. Sometimes we really do over think things. I'm very guilty of that and it does take an outsider to get the point across and really make you think. Of course we can always say oh... you don't understand or you are not in my shoes and that is very true. Live your life the best way you can because we are not getting any younger. If you must insist that you have it then do what you can to out smart it. Exercise like Patriot said and keep moving. It will give you endorphins that will make you happier at the same time and lose extra pounds that most of us all carry. I wish you peace of mind. For me I take Xanax and that does wonders for me. We all do what we can to push forward. You can do it Ella. You are a strong woman.
  15. Good morning!!

    I see. Thanks for the clarification. This must be very hard for you all.