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  1. Just got the news 😕

    The thing about second opinions is what do you do when it is different from the first? Who is right? What do you do about that? 3rd opinion and so on and so on?
  2. New hope for parkinson disease patients.

    If you go on the website it gives testimonials from users. One of them was Ashton Kutcher.
  3. Good morning!!

    Thinking of you Dianne. Take care.
  4. New hope for parkinson disease patients.

    Interesting. Do you know what exactly is in the mixture?
  5. EXACTLY!!! Thank you. It's probably easier to use the $ to find out if pollution can cause PD. Uh... I'm sure to a certain degree it does but what do I know?
  6. Caretaker tip

    Very informative. You are one smart cookie G.
  7. Well we know pollution is not good period. Ok... so let's say the 4.37M is spent and they discovered yes it does cause damage (big shocker) then what? Smoking is bad for you too but oh well!
  8. Parkinson's patient abusing opioids?

    To me there is a difference between taking more than needed and when someone needs a drug and is terrified of not getting them when needed. If your mom is taking what was prescribed and it works for her then she know her body. I don't think there is anything wrong with making sure she has her pills with her at all times in case someone neglects to give them to her. When my mom was hospitalized last year we had to write down every pill she took and show them. I was allowed to administer the meds to my mom so I wouldn't have to worry about her missing one. Perhaps your dad can be the gate keeper for her so everyone will have peace of mind with this.
  9. Getting to thankfulness

    Hi Gardener, My mom was independent up until 5 years after getting diagnosed. This is her 20th year. Dementia was lurking all along and just blew up in our faces. Together with PD she was totally helpless. No parent wants their children to sacrifice their freedom to care for them but I think it's the right thing to do. I know people who do what I do and people who do not. Everyone has their own sob story and solution. I got tired of judging people who sent their parents to the home because I am not in their shoes. It's one thing to be cared for with basic needs but it's another to have a loved one close to you to give you that emotional bond and security. My sister married young and moved out soon after. I was always with my mom so it's natural that we cling to each other. What's ok with her is not ok with me. The only solution is to handle it myself because in the end the only person who will suffer is my mom. I will probably end up with the life that I didn't want for my mom but I will worry about that later. Thanks for asking.
  10. Getting to thankfulness

    I can think of many things to be thankful for from only lessons learned. Parkinson's is a dreadful bottomless pit of a disease that only gets worse. The only thing to be thankful for in the stage you are at now is that it is downhill from here on so cherish how you are feeling now because you will look back later and say "boy those were the good old days" I cannot understand why people keep saying you should be happy that you don't have other diseases as if it's a competition. They are all equally dreadful and make you and your loved ones suffer. Everything you have planned out for yourself prior to getting this will be stalled or cancelled. My mom started off with just a tremor in her left pinky. No big deal right? Sorry but it doesn't just stay like that. We have been through hell in this journey that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. Along the way friends and family leave as if it's contagious. There is no sunny side to this. You either face reality and keep moving or hide under a rock.
  11. Summer adventure season starting

    I would not enjoy a vegetarian diet mostly due to choice and that I'm borderline anemic. Of course I would be a hypocrite if I said I'm against the killing of animals. When I was small I used to tell my mom how cruel it was to see chickens getting killed in open markets. She then asked me if I was in the ocean and a shark swam by do I think it would leave me alone? She told me as long as it was for survival then it's kill or be killed. However what I object to is killing an animal as a sport for fun. The poor thing was in his/her own surroundings and was butchered without a legitimate cause. That's my opinion. On that happy note please go back to your fun adventures!
  12. Summer adventure season starting

    oh Stump.. I really did not see that coming. Not cool. Sorry.
  13. Some advice please

    My mom has gone downhill since she had C-Diff last year around this time. When she had UTI's she was able to bounce back before but this one really knocked her down. It's bad enough to be elderly and get sick but when you add something major like PD to the mix it gets worse. Hang in there.
  14. Motrin for stiffness

    Dr Okun, Is it safe to take 100mg of Motrin before bed nightly? I've done this for my mom for the past week and she seems to move a little better than usual. She has dementia so she cannot tell me how she feels so I have to see by her actions. I also understand that it might help with inflammation of the brain too? Her doc prescribed Mobic years ago but it was too strong.
  15. Good morning!!

    Thanks Marcia. I accidentally erased my post when I was going to add to it. Bottom left after the mad face. Yup it's a whole darn tree. I just hope it doesn't grow all year long.