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Everything posted by miracleseeker

  1. I'm guilty of being a wordy person too. I guess some of us have a lot to say and ramble on at times. I do understand how people can be turned off by heated exchanges on the forum when all they want are answers. I will remember this for future postings. Thanks.
  2. Stairs are evil. People who say they love a 2 story house will know how bad it is when they start to have trouble lifting their feet to walk. Healthy people can fall from them too. I heard an ex-coworker's husband died after falling down the stairs at their house. He was only 31.
  3. What I mean is even though you are just a year older you have knowledge way beyond your years. It's a complement.
  4. My mom and I just moved into a house that I had renovated the master bathroom so it would have a big walk in shower and enough space for the toilet to have grab bars attached to the wall. As much as I tried to prepare for everything it never ends up being exactly how I wanted. We have a small backyard and I had all the grass taken out and put in paver stones so she could walk on it easier and the wheelchair can move better too. My front porch has steps and there is not enough room to do a ramp so I have to leave it alone. My mom can exit through the master bedroom's sliding glass door that leads to the backyard because it's leveled. I wish she can get out through the front like normal folks. I had all the carpets take out of the bedrooms and put in hardwood floors that were suppose to be textured to avoid slipping but she's still sliding when she walks. Due to the wheelchair being used outside and coming in with it I thought hardwood would be easier to clean up. When I win the lottery and not if I will buy a giant house that I can do anything to make it completely accessible for my mom and money would not be an issue.
  5. My mom loved the casinos. She could sit at a slot machine for hours while seeing the coins roll out when she either pushed the button or pulled the lever when she got lucky. That was the older machines that she liked. Once the casinos started to phase them out and put in the ones where you just accumulate points and get tickets she was totally lost and then didn't have interest anymore. Anyways.. I used to make sure she was medicated before she started playing and it never failed that she would start to shake once she sat down. I think the adrenaline just pumped up and everything went into over drive.
  6. Hey Stump. Happy Birthday. One year older and 50 years wiser.
  7. Oh yes I used to buy those stretch over the head type bralette for my mom. She would struggle with me while I got it on her that they usually ended up being inside out when I thought I was done. Now she just wears jockey tank tops under her tees. So much more practical and it adds warmth and an extra layer of protection.
  8. You are not the first person to over react and you certainly won't be the last. Take care.
  9. Essential tremor or PD. How does your life change if you have one or the other? What I'm saying is just take things one day at a time. If you really have PD it will show up sooner or later. As Patriot suggested please live your life and don't analyze it so much.
  10. I admire how you are taking this. I hope you get better really soon.
  11. Sorry to hear this Afroney. My mom is sort of in remission from the C-Diff (KNOCK ON WOOD) but she is having problems gaining back the lbs she lost during this time. My mom weighs less than 100 pounds now so she's skin and bones. She lost about 20 pounds from this horrible disease. We all take a lot of things for granted or react negatively to certain things. When I see someone complaining how they need to lose a few pounds I tell them they should be thankful that they can have the pleasure to eat what they want and have some reserved weight on their bodies for when they get sick they can afford to let it go. My aunt is very petite and has always been under 100 pounds due to strict dieting. I told her if she ever gets a disease like C-diff there would be nothing left of her so she better start eating and enjoy it while she can. No one is going to be on their death bed relieved that they lost those last 5 pounds and had focused their time and energy doing so.
  12. Must be nice to have the resources to do this. Good for you! I hope you get what you set out to do.
  13. Everyone reacts differently to medication so unless you try it you will never know. If you do not have trust in the doctor you just visited then please find another one. My mom takes Mirapex and she gets super sleepy but it works for her. That's another opinion and now you have good and bad so I wouldn't base my medical guidance from a forum if I were you. We are only here to share experiences and vent our frustrations as a PWP or CG. One thing I do know is you should start slow and take your time. There is no way to foresee what will happen to you from what others have tried and reacted as a result. I hope that makes sense. Please continue to post and let us know how you are doing. Take care.
  14. Afroney - I thought you had C-diff like my mom. Did I mistake you for someone else?
  15. Good post Stump. I also believe a major event in life brings it out. My mom had her appendix removed at the verge of it bursting. Shortly after that she started to have a shaky pinky finger whenever she was stressed. I always wondered if the anesthesia used during surgery was too strong and woke it up. Who knows!
  16. I think Dr Okun is extremely cautious and rarely rave about anything unless it's been around for a long time and have a proven track record. Actually the only 2 things that comes to my mind are Sinemet and DBS surgery. It would be interesting to see what he has to say.
  17. Love that! Don't you wish you can repeat today over and over again or at least find out the reason why he's so awake today and keep doing it?? I do believe the more they sleep the less their brain functions from lack of stimulation. My mom was also pretty awake today. I increased her Stalevo slightly with the afternoon dose and it seems to be helping a little. Only time will tell if it keeps up.
  18. Oh yeah. It happens to her when the meds are at the full concentration mode. When she had her real teeth it was so bad and a lot fell out as a result. It was painful to listen. At one point I would give her almonds to chew on so it would lessen the itch so to speak. It worked but I neglected to brush her teeth afterwards so it was my fault that her teeth were ruined.
  19. Thanks Genden but I feel fine. I told my doctor it's just one of those things that people get that is harmless but yes I have scheduled the ultrasound for next Friday. it's weird but I feel better now then before I was my mom's CG. I just don't have time to think about every little aches and pain that comes up and wonder what is wrong with me. It's probably a good thing that I don't have time to analyze so I can concentrate on work and my mom.
  20. It's dyskinesia of the mouth for my mom. She grinds her remaining 4 teeth after her partials are removed.
  21. When I was younger this never occurred to me that my mom would get old and sick and I would be taking care of her. I'm the youngest of 4 children so I always thought my older siblings would do most of the work. I feel like an only child but never had the expectations of doing the work as if I am. My sister said she felt guilty for neglecting her husband during a stressful time for him at work. I don't know what she isn't doing for him being that she is not here with us, does not have to work,and her kids are grown and out of her big house. I finally went to my doctor yesterday to get a refill of xanax for calming my nerves. She felt a growth in my abdomen and told me to get an ultrasound right away. Well if she feels it then it's probably there. Now what? Surgery?? Who will take care of my mom during recovery? I can't count on family to help me so the burden is on me. Yes being a caregiver is the ultimate sacrifice of our existence in this world. Was I born to have no life and do this job until I'm disabled and alone? I get so angry when new forum members who are recently diagnosed post that we don't know what we are talking about and we should basically shut up and go away. Who will spoon feed you and change your diaper when the time comes? Again this may not happen for most people for a very long time to come but when it does someone will have to do it. CG's do this and then who returns the favor to us? Silent55 - please keep posting. We feel your pain and we are here to listen. Vent vent vent. Take care.
  22. And... it's done. Oops not talking about Shakes. Please rejoin what you started. We want to help you. Come back.
  23. Yup. You really get what you pay for. I need to look into the disability insurance you bought. Sounds like a win win.
  24. My mom has govt assistance and could have free dental care from dentists that participate in the program. The problem is she is not getting the best care from them because they do work in volume. One time I tried to time her medication and took her there when she was alert and on. They gave her a shot to numb her mouth and that dentist didn't come back until 40 minutes later because he was working on 2 other patients at the same time. By then my mom's meds were starting to wear off and she was shaking like a leaf. I then decided to change her to a dentist that did excellent work and only helped one patient at a time. I pay cash for her services and it's very expensive but she is really worth it. Free isn't always better.
  25. Thank YOU! Welcome to our forum and you definitely will fit in.