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    Space is your best friend

    A co-worker recently came into some inheritance money. She finally was able to buy a house for herself and her small son. Houses cost a lot in our area so she bought what she could afford. It only had one bathroom but it was a good size one. Her 82 year old mother will be living with her later this year and she's not that mobile. I think it was a bad idea that she decided to turn that one bathroom into 2 small ones just so they would have an extra bathroom. Sooner or later a wheelchair may be needed for her mom. The bathrooms will not have enough square footage to even fit 2 people at the same time when she needs assistance going in much less a whole chair. When I mentioned it to her while the renovation was progressing she went into denial mode and told me she didn't want to think about it. I know first hand how hard it is when you don't have enough space to move someone around. When I renovated my bathroom at my new house I thought I had everything covered but I was wrong. The freedom to move around is just a necessity. You can never have too much room. My aunt and uncle's house has 3 levels. The hallways are narrow and there are steps everywhere. I could barely close the bathroom door when I took my mom in there. My uncle is 80 and my aunt is 73. They are both in pretty good health for now and can walk just fine. I asked her how she is preparing for the day when one or both of them can't handle the small space and steps. She made all kinds of excuses that it's just one step here and there and they don't have problems getting in and out of the bathroom cause they are used to it. A drastic solution would be for them to move into a more suitable house while they still can but you know how hard it is to get someone to move when they get older. Until you are in the situation you will not understand and then it's too late. Please plan ahead and think about your future. My mom can barely lift her feet to step over a flat bathroom rug now. Little things like this seem so impossible a few years back but it happens.
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    Yes he knows the max dose is 28mg but he thought it was too high for anyone to take based on experience and feedback he received from his colleagues and patients. It's been a week since the decrease for my mom and she seems... sleepier than usual but is strange since she lowered the dosage and not increased it. Maybe it will take a few weeks for her body to adjust and I really don't know if it's doing any good for her anyways on this med as a whole. I tried to remove it once a few years ago and she was more confused so I had her back on it again. It's a total mystery to me. Thanks for the info.
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    Sleep Number Bed

    That's something you may need down the road so it can wait I suppose. I'm just afraid of my mom falling off the bed when it's reclined because she has poor balance. Otherwise I think it's pretty useful to have.
  4. miracleseeker

    Sleep Number Bed

    I heard Sleep number beds are very expensive. I was thinking of getting a memory foam bed with the adjustable base for mom. If you can afford it I think it's a good idea and fun too.
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    Mark, My mom has been on 28mg XR for the past 3 years. A new family doc saw my mom yesterday at the clinic she goes to and he told me that 28mg was too much for anyone to take. He said he does not know of another doc that prescribes such a high dose so he wrote a new prescription for 21mg instead. Do you think there is much difference from 28 to 21? How long does it last in the body if I took it away from her. Is it gone after a day or does it linger for a few days? Do you have much experience with this drug? What are some common side effects you know about it? Thank you.
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    Parkinson's Disease & Dementia

    Maral - I don't know what to say other than take care. Your husband had a great wife and companion for many years. He will indeed watch over you I'm sure. Be well.
  7. miracleseeker

    Space is your best friend

    There are only so many places that have good weather so that's not something you can do much about. Having support to me is a no brainer. The CG or PWP cannot do it alone sooner or later.
  8. miracleseeker

    Space is your best friend

    My way of thinking has always been to be close to family so they can help when needed. Hired help has been a nightmare for me from the start. I have become skeptical of the level of care they give to my mom and how the truth is that they don't give a damn about her. Carpet vs floors. Love floors for the look but I do like the feel of carpet and some are fine with wheelchairs. It's easier to keep floors clean which is why I only have floors in my house. However... they can be slippery. This is a very important topic indeed. I hope more people will chime in. Thanks.
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    Space is your best friend

    My aunt barked after finding out that a spicy chicken sandwich at McDonalds was not under a $1. So imagine her moving out of her house of 30 years to somewhere that costs thousands a month. Reality bites.
  10. miracleseeker

    Space is your best friend

    My aunt's solution to me was that they will move to a nursing home. Really? Don't they cost over $50K a year for a private facility? People say all kinds of things because they don't think it will ever happen to them so they give an answer that is easier said than done. I know size is limited for a lot of folks but like Genden said at least see what can be done to make life easier.
  11. miracleseeker

    inhaled sinemet

    Dr Okun, Do you think this could eliminate or postpone the need for DBS for some people who have to get the surgery because they have a hard time with it getting absorbed in the intestine? If an inhaler is being considered then what about something like a melt strip or injections? Anything other than pills is what I'm getting at.
  12. miracleseeker

    Apathy - any suggestions

    So true Johnny! So true.
  13. miracleseeker

    Loving Parent

    My mom worried non stop about all her kids. Now that she has dementia she won't do it anymore.
  14. miracleseeker

    inhaled levadopa

    Same as my mom. She eats more than me but it goes nowhere.
  15. miracleseeker

    Loving Parent

    You are a mom. It's probably in your DNA to worry forever. Take care.
  16. miracleseeker

    Dad newly diagnosed

  17. miracleseeker

    Dad newly diagnosed

    Very true Pdmanaz. I hope you will stay at the level you are at for years to come. My mom was still driving and gossiping with girlfriends at year 3. Ah.. the good old days.
  18. miracleseeker

    inhaled levadopa

    This is about time. I'm sure it will work great on people with digestive issues. Not useful for my mom with dementia who would not know how to inhale. I'm still waiting for a melting strip that you put under the tongue.
  19. miracleseeker

    Good morning!!

    I read that only Florida, Arizona and California are the states that are not getting blasted. I'm in So Cal so I'm not complaining. We had sunshine and 70 something degrees today.
  20. miracleseeker

    Dad newly diagnosed

    My mom has always lived with me. She used to drive and do everything by herself and then she couldn't. She needs assistance in everything 24/7 for years now. She also has dementia which added on the misery.
  21. miracleseeker

    Dad newly diagnosed

    Hi NickP1225, My mom was diagnosed at 59 and is now 78. She was independent for about 5 years.
  22. It's scary to read that this man's doctor believes Amantadine and Entacapone are similar drugs. Should he look for another doctor?
  23. miracleseeker

    forming and keeping relationships

    You have to be the one to make the effort to change how you react to people. There is only so much a person can take or is willing to be someone's emotional or physical punching bag. We all have some form of demon that we are facing. It's up to us to break free and look beyond our own problems. I do a lot of boo hooing of my life and how it's been going but I made the choices and I live with it. Whatever you are going through now you are still better off than a lot of people in the world. I see it that way. Take care.
  24. miracleseeker

    How to increase Energy PD patients

    Very good question. I want to know too. Exercise is probably the most obvious one but it just wipes my mom out and does not make her more awake overall. I know it's the PD meds that is causing the problem. Unless that's removed it seems to be a losing battle.
  25. miracleseeker

    How to plan your own future

    When my mom found out she had PD she immediately applied for Medicaid which she qualified for. That helped a lot because most of her doctor visits and medications were free of charge to her and that lessened my burden tremendously. I wish I can tell you that you won't need your family's help down the road but we all need help sooner or later. Don't feel bad about that. Whether they will help you is another story but do as much as you can and think positive.