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  1. Bipolar and parkinsons

    So sorry to hear this. It's bad enough to be bipolar but now to have something else must be devastating. Please take things slow and maintain your meds on time. You need to be on top of things even more so from now on.
  2. Loving Parent

    My mom worried non stop about all her kids. Now that she has dementia she won't do it anymore.
  3. inhaled levadopa

    Same as my mom. She eats more than me but it goes nowhere.
  4. Loving Parent

    You are a mom. It's probably in your DNA to worry forever. Take care.
  5. Dad newly diagnosed

  6. Dad newly diagnosed

    Very true Pdmanaz. I hope you will stay at the level you are at for years to come. My mom was still driving and gossiping with girlfriends at year 3. Ah.. the good old days.
  7. inhaled levadopa

    This is about time. I'm sure it will work great on people with digestive issues. Not useful for my mom with dementia who would not know how to inhale. I'm still waiting for a melting strip that you put under the tongue.
  8. Good morning!!

    I read that only Florida, Arizona and California are the states that are not getting blasted. I'm in So Cal so I'm not complaining. We had sunshine and 70 something degrees today.
  9. To our 'First-timers': WELCOME

    Welcome Lucypaj! Your family is very lucky to be together. You will be great at this.
  10. Dad newly diagnosed

    My mom has always lived with me. She used to drive and do everything by herself and then she couldn't. She needs assistance in everything 24/7 for years now. She also has dementia which added on the misery.
  11. Dad newly diagnosed

    Hi NickP1225, My mom was diagnosed at 59 and is now 78. She was independent for about 5 years.
  12. It's scary to read that this man's doctor believes Amantadine and Entacapone are similar drugs. Should he look for another doctor?
  13. forming and keeping relationships

    You have to be the one to make the effort to change how you react to people. There is only so much a person can take or is willing to be someone's emotional or physical punching bag. We all have some form of demon that we are facing. It's up to us to break free and look beyond our own problems. I do a lot of boo hooing of my life and how it's been going but I made the choices and I live with it. Whatever you are going through now you are still better off than a lot of people in the world. I see it that way. Take care.
  14. How to plan your own future

    Good luck to you!
  15. How to increase Energy PD patients

    Very good question. I want to know too. Exercise is probably the most obvious one but it just wipes my mom out and does not make her more awake overall. I know it's the PD meds that is causing the problem. Unless that's removed it seems to be a losing battle.
  16. How to plan your own future

    When my mom found out she had PD she immediately applied for Medicaid which she qualified for. That helped a lot because most of her doctor visits and medications were free of charge to her and that lessened my burden tremendously. I wish I can tell you that you won't need your family's help down the road but we all need help sooner or later. Don't feel bad about that. Whether they will help you is another story but do as much as you can and think positive.
  17. How to plan your own future

    It's great that you want to plan ahead but things do not go according to how you think will progress. You can get cancer or become disabled from a car accident or worse. Not trying to cause fear for you but just saying that there is only so much you can do. Common sense planning is always a good thing whether you have a disease or not. Save your pennies and eat right/exercise.
  18. Best way to lift someone off the floor when you are alone

    I moved about 8 months ago so I no longer have the neighbors I'm used to that were more than willing to help me. The nice man that helped me the other night has health issues. I was not that comfortable asking him for assistance. I saw his son's car parked on the street so I assumed he was home but he wasn't so the dad was the only person around that could help me. We had to do it together because he had problems with one of his arms. I got an earful from him lecturing me about how I should have a live in helper and that he sees me walking my mom in the morning with my daytime helper and that he didn't think my mom was in good enough shape to walk. I didn't want to bother explaining how exercise is crucial for people with PD. My mom needs time to warm up and then she's pretty good but no one cares to listen to that part. They see what they want to see and make judgement. Lifting my mom has taken a toll on me already. My scoliosis is pretty severe now. I hurt all over but that's just life.
  19. My mom has been falling down a lot recently. Some days she is more cooperative and will help me when I lift her up but other times when she's taken her meds and start to get drowsy then I'm on my own and she weighs a ton. What do you guys do in that situation? Do you use any type of gadgets to get them up? Like say an inflatable bed? Will that work? I saw on you tube about the ELK but I think it costs a great deal of money. There is also something like a gait belt but looks like it would work better with 2 people. It still requires lifting and my mom will not budge to help me. I need something that will pump her up high enough so I can then do the rest. I've seen videos where someone goes behind the person and lift them up from under the arm. It never works for me because I'm not big enough. Getting the person on the side and then on their hands and knees look easy enough but again my mom would not do as I ask because of her dementia. What do you do?
  20. Best way to lift someone off the floor when you are alone

    Yesterday night I could have used that inflatable chair. My mom has a sprained ankle of some sort so it was hard to walk her. I used the wheelchair for her and I got stuck trying to get her in from the bathroom due to the limited space in there. Long story short. She went limp and I had to slowly let her down on the floor. I couldn't get her up with repeated tries so I left her there while I ran for help from a neighbor. I felt so useless and alone that I couldn't do by myself. I have had no trouble for almost a year now doing it by myself knowing how to hold her and how to make her do her part but I underestimated how much strength I really have and that I wasn't able to do it alone last night. It really sucks to not have an extra helping hand at all times. Even if I did have that chair I wouldn't have the space needed to get that together and get my mom in it. Nothing beats human support.
  21. Just got the news 😕

    The thing about second opinions is what do you do when it is different from the first? Who is right? What do you do about that? 3rd opinion and so on and so on?
  22. New hope for parkinson disease patients.

    If you go on the website it gives testimonials from users. One of them was Ashton Kutcher.
  23. Good morning!!

    Thinking of you Dianne. Take care.
  24. New hope for parkinson disease patients.

    Interesting. Do you know what exactly is in the mixture?
  25. EXACTLY!!! Thank you. It's probably easier to use the $ to find out if pollution can cause PD. Uh... I'm sure to a certain degree it does but what do I know?