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  1. Anytime.
  2. No offense taken. The bad apples of this forum always gets removed sooner or later. I hope you will stay and contribute for a long time to come. Have a nice day.
  3. Cyber hug coming at ya!!! Thanks P. We should move along though... CG's do not have PD so our opinions do not matter. shhhh... let's go.
  4. Ah... Thanks D. You get me!
  5. Yeah ok... everyone sticks around no matter what right? Good luck with that one Luke! The person with the disease is at a disadvantage as harsh as it may sound but it's reality. As you get worse over time you will need someone to take care of you. I'm a caregiver so I'm your future unless of course you can do it all and a cure will be around the corner. Many times people react and lash out at their loved ones without even thinking. Appreciate the person that you cannot do without because that day will come before you know it.
  6. Your wife is under tremendous stress but is still relatively young and not the one with the disease. I would be nicer to her if I were you. She has every reason to bail on you and could do it. I understand you are confused and scared about the future but keep in mind that you are not the only one this is affecting. Please check your meds with your doctor. Sometimes too much can make your mind go blank. It is so tough to have this happen to anyone. Nothing will be the same ever again and what you planned on will change now. Hang in there.
  7. My mom's doc decreased her BP med by half last week. She actually shouldn't have been taking any at all now that she's so underweight and her BP is low. She told me it's only for when it goes back up so for now she's off them. Well.. the less meds the better is so true. She seems a little more aware of her surroundings and not so drugged out. Medication are powerful stuff and can really make or break you. So glad you didn't hurt yourself from the fall. That must have been very scary. As for the friend of yours who let your DH drive.. uh that was not a smart move. Too much stress is right. Take care.
  8. My mom has been on it for years. If your insurance covers it and you can swallow the pill whole and you don't get sick from it then go for it! It was great for her up until she stopped swallowing pills so now I crush it. It is being absorbed too much too fast but still better than Sinemet for her. I thought you take Rytary
  9. Are you saying that you have Lyme and not PD?
  10. Only one way to test it out. Eat a full meal and see if it makes a difference.
  11. I thought you said you take saltines though right? That's not empty stomach.
  12. i don't think it's just you. My mom used to take her meds right after meals and it didn't matter at all back then. Still... curious to know why the C/L is making you sick all of a sudden.
  13. Hi Fred, How are you doing? Do you feel your PD has progressed since 2013?
  14. Check and see if you are still taking the same Sinemet from the manufacturer that you started with. Sometimes the Pharmacy can change brands and not let you know. It happened to my mom with her Mirapex. She was switched from name brand to generic without my knowledge. Since there are so many makers of generic Sinemet the same thing could be happening to you too.
  15. I think it would be rare to find someone who doesn't have a pre existing condition of something. I'm sure this will be a hot debate and something will be done about it.
  16. I suppose I'm in the minority group of people who don't make huge sums of $ yet always had insurance covered by work. This is not to say that it won't change tomorrow. My BIL is not even 60 yet but he wants to retire and do something meaningful while he is still able but he can't because paying for private insurance will eat a big chunk of his retirement monthly. For now he will keep working just like a lot of us will do to keep up.
  17. Oh...I don't know about that. I do like your way of thinking though.
  18. Those who will lose coverage will scream the loudest of course. The best and most consistent way to get insurance is still to have a job that provides it. A lot of people at my work are beyond retirement age but will stay put for this reason alone. Easier said than done I know but.... get a job that has coverage. Is it hard to work for Walmart? I believe their workers get health insurance. Nowadays getting insurance with your job is the best perk of them all. There really is no other way to get what you need unless you work for it. For those who are beyond the ability to hold a job then I'm sure Trump will do something about that. This is still America - Land of handouts.
  19. My sister screamed profanity at me and threw stuff in my direction while yelling at the top of her lungs. I on the other hand talked to her quietly and focused on keeping calm to get my point across to her. Which is the action of a God loving woman? I'll never understand it.
  20. Thanks for the support. You may be new but you sure show a lot of compassion for everyone. Pathfinder and Genden - You guys are true caregivers!
  21. My mom was kicked out of the daycare center a few years back because she won't follow directions. They do boring exercises daily that require step by step process and my mom couldn't follow or didn't care to follow. She just likes to walk and I have told them that before but they didn't have the man power to get someone to walk with her around the center so they decided to drop her. The PT that was offered through her insurance was not for home care. She would have to go to there and the effort involved to get her inside and even lift a finger would be more trouble than it's worth.
  22. Personal opinion here and you can agree or disagree. While this forum has been a great help to a lot of people here I do notice a lot of members do not post much any more and I hope it's because they are out there living their life and being active which is a positive thing. I feel we should come here for info and offer support to others but get off the computer and do something else too. Life is too short.
  23. I can relate to your frustration and the feel of helplessness. It seems no one cares like we do right? Your poor DH is in such distress and you want to make it go away and just let you take care of him in peace and live day by day. I emailed the neuro about the new PD med that was just approved and he basically said don't bother because my mom is hopeless and the main thing to do now is that she's comfortable. Well.... my mom is not laying in bed with tubes up her nose but at the same time she's stiff as a board because I know she's under medicated but can't express how she feels. I'm trying my best to get her up and walking around but it is so hard when she weighs a ton from the stiffness. Add to the fact that I have a sister who does not want to help so I'm doing this alone. I have a paid caregiver who does everything by the clock and I know is not walking my mom around the house when I'm at work so it's all up to me. Where is the compassion and understanding? The only way people will get it and give a crap is when it happens to them personally.
  24. Incontinence is something that can happen to anyone anytime for many reasons. However for my mom it was PD related for sure and luckily with her dementia she never refused wearing pull ups because she doesn't know any difference from regular panties and she will go whenever so it has to be done. It is always a big deal because it's not something that has been happening for long so the shock is not wearing off yet. We see what aging and disease and stress can do and it's never pretty.
  25. Thanks Genden. Only a CG realize what we do. My sister and I had a huge fight last night. She insisted that I send mom to the NH so we can all have our lives back. She lives with a guilty conscience knowing I do everything and she does zip and enjoy her fabulous life. I wanted to slap her so bad last night and give her a serious tongue lashing. She wouldn't have this great life if it wasn't for mom giving birth to her and sacrificing so much for her. I'm so glad that mom has dementia and was not aware of what we were talking about because she would have died of a broken heart right there and then. It is one thing to have a parent voluntarily say they want to be placed in a home but when it's the child who decides to do it to be free of responsibility then we live in a pretty pathetic society in my opinion. My sister complained that she cancelled 3 trips abroad last year due to having to come and help me with mom when she had one infection after another. What kind of daughter would see this as a burden? I have a co-worker who took off for Israel in an hour's time to be with her sick mom after hearing she was not well. She took 2 weeks unpaid leave from work to do it. People like us do exist. My sister thinks what I do is not normal and that no one does as much as I do for my mom. She's wrong! She only knows people who are worse than her. She calls herself a Christian woman yet act like the devil.