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      Línea de Ayuda 1-800-473-4636   ¿Qué es la línea de ayuda 1-800-4PD-INFO (473-4636) de la Fundación Nacional de Parkinson? Es un número de teléfono gratuito que ayuda a las personas con la enfermedad de Parkinson, sus familiares, amigos y profesionales de salud, a solucionar diferentes inquietudes.   La línea de ayuda ofrece: Información actualizada Apoyo emocional Referidos a profesionales de salud Recursos comunitarios Amplia variedad de publicaciones gratis    


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  1. My wife who doesn't have PD experiences similar minor memory problems .Mine has definitely better since i got my daily life more organized . Dr.Low talks about the attention mechanism and how it can be strengthened for everybody not just PD. Think,plan and act was the spot.
  2. Hi I use to suffer from TMJ pain.It is another tension point in our body as I have found it to come during stress.I look upon it as another stress symptom which I use "distressing but not dangerous". Of course using the method from Dr.Low helps much so i don't get these symptoms very often now
  3. After the election I bought Bernie Sanders book"Our Revolution".It's a BIG Eye Opener.You can try and stay positive but it's not going to change the system becoming so imbalanced to the rich.The last time we had such disparity we got the Great Depression.Seems history repeats itself all to often.Detroit was once our wealthiest city today thanks to corporate greed it is one of our poorest with 65% of children living in poverty Our area has also been hit very hard.Most of the major companies like Kodak and Xerox have laid off most of the thousands of workers .Xerox has divested its wealth overseas to shelter from taxes.It can be reversed if people have to will to do it.
  4. Today insurers are just one part of the medical corporate state.They are basically the collectors for medical establishment.Its one giant pool of money of which most of it is invested in the stock market like other insurers.The last thing they want is government control. On a personal note I have two insurances now .But having insurance doesn't equate that you will get good care.If I hadn't taken charge in my care I would probability be much worse off like others i know. maybe this is a little critical but without critics where would we be.
  5. Hi Mark I read a article overseas recently about patients should reduce sinemet somewhat if losing weight.It went on to mention how body fat had some bearing in how much meds we need.Id like your input on this.The jerks still have not comeback and thanksfor your input . best john
  6. Hi Luke I haven't had any jerks pertaining to my jaw.Mine usually came after I stopped movement.They have gotten much better since switching brands of c/l. The shock like pain before they came also has diminished. I thought the brand that gave me trouble(imprint R539 was Actavis.Since then I found there are many sources which use the same imprint. Drug stores shop around through many dealers for the best price.The customer never knows who makes itor how good it is.. Why this certain pill gave me so much problems( I might never know?I just hope it doesnt happen again This experience has made me question the drugs Ill be using as while one brand may work and another not so well. My panic when waking up is minimal as long as Im using my CPAC for sleep apnea.I did hear the new belt you can wear to prevent you sleeping on your back works well also. john
  7. A good laugh on these tests. Ive gone out of state and found they use the same words. I visit many people and found remembering names is getting easier. memory problems like alot of our problems can be overstated Best john
  8. Hello, I heard there was a new development of having DBS and not being awake for it.I wonderd if there were others here who had it. Thanks John
  9. so true.Our thoughts are what we are. Ive also found great help with doing good things like visiting others worse off. My PD has advanced somewhat but very little Hope your also. best john
  10. The vote in the house is schueled for tomorrow to celebrate the anniversary of the original AHA seven years ago.On a good note many republicans are speaking out against the bill Most say there is a lot more work to be done so no one needlessly goes without care.So if you haven't called your congressman please do. john Im sure you all heard that the ACa bill was repealed.That was a good thing for many people.Now there is work to be done to improve the old bill. My feeling is healthcare is far to costly for what it should be and maybe price controls wouldnt be a good place to start. Thanks for all you did their part in this effort.
  11. The vote in the house is schueled for tomorrow to celebrate the anniversary of the original AHA seven years ago.On a good note many republicans are speaking out against the bill Most say there is a lot more work to be done so no one needlessly goes without care.So if you haven't called your congressman please do. john
  12. Adam, The drugs should be fairly close carbidopa ingredients.I know there are different inert ingredients but I doubt they cause so much disparity.I have a outside doctor who works with drug problems and he says the problem more has to do with where they are made. Actavis brand was made either in China or India.The FDA does not have the capability to check these facilities due to budget constraints.USA reported a large surge in yesterdays paper on complaints with side effects on drugs. At least I know the Mylan brand can be relied on,so far,keep my fingers For others who are doing as well I wonder what they might be taking also.
  13. Congress is set to vote next week on the replacement healthcare law.This law if enacted will not help anyone of us.Insurance rates will climb if you afford having insurance.The only beneficiaries will be insurance and pharmaceutical companies who will not have to pay into the old plan.All the 14 million medicad will lose their care in one year. All it takes is a call or letter to your congressperson to let them know how you feel about the sellout. have a pleasant weekend john
  14. hI GARDNER Mine are more in the arms and shoulder shrugs.Well for the past three weeks they have settled down to seldom occurrences. Im still hoping the change in prescription did the trick.
  15. I found these entries.