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  1. Can high doses of manganese in well water cause parkinsons Disease? We recently found out that water supplied to our neighborhood was contaminated with Manganese in high levels as high as 15-20 times higher than the federal recommended levels ! We lived here and drank the water and showered on this stuff some times showering 3 times s day! Four about 8 years prior to my symptoms presenting!
  2. derwin88

    Baclofen side effects

    Good deal I’m in the process of tapering off now, if I can get thru these killer foot and shoulder cramps!Thanx fotvyour input! Dan
  3. derwin88

    Baclofen side effects

    Have you heard of any issues with baclofen I have been taken with my PD meds started with sinemet,then with stalevo and now with rytery ! Had dbs surgery in September 2016 have tried to cut back but would experience severe foot cramps ! My dystonia is mainly on the left side and has been better sinse dbs , but I had dbs to be able to cut back on meds so I was shock when my wife googled baclofen side effects where and heck it seems this stuff is more addictive than cocaine! What are your thoughts on if it should be used for dystonia and what alternatives would you suggest! Dan
  4. Is there a safe pesticide for us to use in our new house ? We bought a new house and we are being over run with spiders and need to get rid of them. We heard much about the damage done by pesticides ,but there has to be a safe , people friendly spray out there any suggestions?
  5. derwin88

    Ketogenic Diet

    Anybody heard much about ketogenic diet?
  6. derwin88

    Disability insurance after DBS

    This is crazy I went on disablility 1/1/2015 had a term life policy ,I didn't realize that it disability rider filed and it was harder to proof than SSD but it went through. Now since I had DBS surgery they are giving me grieve. And like I said this just pays the insurance policy! Any advice on how to handle ? Oh and the the programmer MDS Dr is also kind of missing up things with her verbage !
  7. Anybody had DBS still taken or using dopamine agonists i.e. neupro.or requip? My MDS said not to put neupro patch but find I'm having spasms without just wondering?
  8. derwin88

    DBS Screening

    First surgery recovery is about a week , 2nd is not so bad I don't work but you just can't lift anything over like ten pounds for 3-4 weeks! Oh by the way if you cough or sneeze you may hear a gurgle in your head it's normal it is air from displaced cranial fluids will disapate quickly but nobody tells of me and scared me the first time!
  9. derwin88

    Surgeon recommendations in Tri-State area

    Just had DBS @ Baylor in Houston! Everything going well, tweaking program for next few months but glad I did it works great!
  10. derwin88

    Anybody have DBS @ Baylor I'm Houston?

    That sounds good about what I had anticipated. The visit I had off Meds was bad, kind of like a dog and pony show! Filmed off meds and then took Meds waited for them to kick in and repeated the fun! Did they say anything about how long after the implants before you can drive? I also do rock steady at our getaway in the mountains! Coming back down to the flatlands I'll have to see if I can find a place to box. Also enjoy riding my bike , it helps a lot with my gait. My tremors are not that bad it's the dystonia that kicks my butt mainly left side, from my left ear to my big toe. I take so much Meds and muscle relaxers, I end up falling asleep in the afternoon, so it will be nice to be able to cut back on Meds!
  11. Wonder how the vetting process goes and what all to expect .? Last visit to MDS Dr off Meds for two days frightened the heck out of me , first time off Meds since diagnosed in Nov 2010. Don't want to do that again, how is the pre testing and psych evaluation? What do I need to know going in?
  12. derwin88


    Take balofen 20mg am 20mg at noon and 40mg at nite to help sleep also just started dry needle theorpy and love it! Have done Botox for 3years and has become less effective!
  13. derwin88

    Anybody fall into the donut hole

    Has anybody hit the donut hole I did , first year on medicare have aarp supp and rx didn't under stand about donut hole til Neupro and Stalevo rx went into orbit!
  14. derwin88


    And also just thought about Botox ?
  15. derwin88


    ALT-56 /AST-44 it concerned my GP since she knows I don't drink or use drugs! Are there any other medicine to be concerned about ie mobic or typical MDS medicine