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  1. tedybrs

    Morphine in hospice care

    My husband had PD for over 30 years. When he stopped eating and told me he was tired of fighting as well as having stomach problems,hospice began the morphine. It took about a week for him to pass. It was a blessing to him and his family.
  2. tedybrs

    Sleeping with your Parkie

    I have been sleeping in our guest room on the same floor as my husband. If you become sleep deprived you will be no help to anyone. Please believe me as I have become sick and needed to call in support people from the outside.
  3. Hello Helen- my husband was diagnosed with PD. At age thirty eight, and is now 67. As a caregiver I have learned so much! Doctors, therapists, friends and family are there to help you. First you need to breathe, just like they say on an airplane you need to take a breathe before you give the oxygen to the person next to you. You the caregiver MUST ask for help! Join a support group, Find someone to talk to, a minister, doctor, The Parkinson's Foundation or Michael J Fox Foundation. If you don't get help it will make you sick! I KNOW! I have gone through it all! One person can't do it all. Are you working, raising children? You are only one person! Try to call the Dept. Of Aging and see if they offer ideas. You are in my thoughts
  4. I hired someone to stay with my husband 3 days a week for 4 hours, so that I can run errands. I go for lunch, meet up with friends etc. After six weeks of listening to "what are we supposed to do" ( the caregiver and him) I let her go. So I am back to square one. I do the laundry, cook the meals, do the shopping, bills, mail,and am the chauffeur etc. So when is the right time to get help? Thank you. Harolyn
  5. tedybrs

    Urgent question need advice

    Hello Ray, Your wife is very lucky to have you! Please don't give up on her! She continues to need you, her rock! I am my husbands caregiver and believe me I don't enjoy it, and I know Rick doesn't love it either. Neither one of us asked to be touched by this awful disease,however I will always be here with him! I am in the process of getting help. 2-3 days a week for a few hours so that I can do something for me. My husband is constantly needing help. He wets himself and the bed so I am up several times each night to change the sheets. I begin the day at 4 am getting Rick's medicine. He then wants breakfast and we start the day. I write this so that you know you are not alone! There are many of us including you that are angels on this earth and we are here to help our loved ones. The idea of satin sheets and pillow cases was a grat idea. Good Luck and hang in there! Harolyn
  6. Am looking for suggestions for motorized scooters. Make, and place to buy. Thank you.
  7. tedybrs

    How to lift properly

    :!: I had a physical therapist show me how to lift my husband. Our neurologist set me up with a physical therapist and it was a great help. I lift under my husbands arms with my upper arms. Are you part of a caregivers group? Maybe through a local house of worship. Sure hope this helps. Also try the Parkinson's Foundation or the Michael J Fox Foundation may have resources in your area. Google them get a phone number, maybe they can help. I know how you feel, It Stinks!
  8. tedybrs

    Join The Club!

    As I am reading posts under Caregivers,I realize we are in this together. When I am up at 2a.m., 4a.m or I am exhausted from the night before I turn to the posts and they give me strength. Thank you to all that post. It really helps to see that you are not alone. I am amazed how many caregivers feel the same way as I do! I will continue to check back often to read about your experiences, as I will do the same. Try to have a good day. Harolyn
  9. tedybrs

    time away vs. getting away from pwp

    Dear Confused Caregiver, I know exactly how you are feeling. You are NOT alone! Always remember you are not complaining, you are reporting. I have found a therapist to talk with, and that has really helped. We as caregivers are enabling our loved ones by always doing for them and not thinking about ourselves. If you have siblings, cousins, older children, friends, neighbors, or hire someone to stay with your loved one. You need to take a break to recharge yourself. It took a bad infection for me to be put into the hospital and I felt I was on vacation. Now I treat myself to a weekend away every 6 weeks, so that I can stay strong and be more helpful. Let's stay in touch.
  10. tedybrs

    To our 'First-timers': WELCOME

    Glad to have found this site as my husband was diagnosed with PD 25 years ago. Our son was 3 and our daughter was 6 years old. Rick was 38, young onset. I raised the kids for the most part, took care of DH through depression and all the changes that PD cause, and worked full time. I have come to too many hurdles,and am now mentally as well as physically exhausted. Now I am looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. HELP! Thank goodness I am retired. DH is my full time job. Thanks for any input you can give. Over whelmed!
  11. tedybrs


    Good Morning, My wonderful husband of 32 years has Parkinsons Disease. He was diagnosed 25 years ago, and is now 65. I am over whelmed and emotionally and physically drained. I have been searching for a social worker, therapist to help us , however have had no luck. PLEASE HELP US! We live in Northern Va. near Washington D.C. If someone can direct me to a resource that can help, it would be wonderful! I began a support group for caregivers where we live, however I need more. Thanks for listening.